I put this userpage up for deletion, later it was deleted. Then I made a global user page in hopes that I could use it globally and it worked fine until I started using some Q item, P item and L item templates which didn't work on m:User:LotsofTheories so I once again requested to get this page back and I got it. I'm thankful.

Created this alternate account to be used directly while streaming on YouTube. Main/deprecated(deprecating) account User:Datariumrex while Main/new account is User:RustProton

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el-N Αυτός ο χρήστης έχει ως μητρική του γλώσσα τα Ελληνικά.
sv-N Den här användaren har svenska som modersmål.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
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This account is being used while streaming video/audio content.

My voice typeEdit

Information about my dialect/'way of pronouncing words in English' can be found here:


Teaching people about query.wikidata.org and learning myself about it is important to me because query is an amazing tool since its so user friendly.

Wikidata in any language you prefer without needing to be logged in: Add ie. ?uselang=eo, ?uselang=ia, ?uselang=ie at the end of a url depending on what language you prefer. ie. look at these examples: vivo(Esperanto), vita(Interlingua), vive(Interlingue) etc.

Wikidata work that might go on forever if I don't stop myselfEdit

This is content that follows Wikidata:Notability.

Wikidata Resources to learn about itEdit

Wikidata ToolsEdit

These tools are/were useful to me from this list Wikidata:Tools/Enhance user interface. Press on [activate] to learn how to enable any of the tools:

  • WikidataTrust - It shows who made the edit/edits on a Wikidata page for most properties/elements.
  • UpDown - In items with a lot of entries like ie. software with a lot of software version identifier (P348) entries, this tool allows you to skip a property to the bottom or to the top of a long list of items which one wants to skip.

If identifiers stop working...Edit

Installing toolsEdit

Many of the tools are installed in Special:MyPage/common.js where there is a list. If no other tool has been enabled before it will probably be empty with a "1" and an empty line. For each line one can paste the "activation script link". ie. for 9 scripts you have 9 lines of activation links.