Wikidata Bot This user account is a bot with a bot flag. It is operated by Underlying_lk.
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  • Task: Harvesting infoboxes and categories from Wikipedias (mostly to add claims to items.
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UnderlyingBot navigating a sea of missing claims

Some tasks completed by this botEdit

Date Duration Task
2014-2-25 00.25.48 2m 45s python harvest_template -namespace:0 -lang:af -family:wikipedia -transcludes:'Inligtingskas Monarg' -template:'Inligtingskas Monarg' geboorteplek P19 sterfteplek P20
2014-2-25 01.19.18 17m 50 s python harvest_template -namespace:0 -lang:af -family:wikipedia -transcludes:'Inligtingskas Pous' -template:'Inligtingskas Pous' geboorteplek P19 sterfteplek P20