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First off, I want to apologize for how long the process has taken, it really shouldn't have. I've approved the bot since in function, it works, and we shouldn't hold it up due to implementation details.

I've looked into a bit more, and understand what you mean by searchable. Looking at Q106807, the text ("DrTrigonBot:Elo rating:1503014") is currently stored as an alias, so you can search it. Can all of the text be placed on one page? (Or is that what Template:Elo rating is for?)

Another thought was using categories. You could do something like [[Category:DrTrigonBot: Elo rating|1503014]] (placed on the talk page) which would easily be accessible since you can look at the sort key. What do you think? Legoktm (talk) 14:14, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

Good to hear/read - yes it took quite a while, but most important to me is that we progress at all... ;)) I agree that the open points now are (just) implementation details.
I do not understand what you mean by "Can all of the text be placed on one page?" more precise by "all the text"... Do you think of something like w:en:Template:Elo rating whare elo-ratings for all players are stored together on one single page as one big list? That is what I wanted to implement first, but as lists are not supported assumed to be ill-formated for wikidata.
The idea of using categories is a interesting new one. I added an example to Talk:Q106807 containing the ID '424242'. Now the question is how to search for that page? Neither the usual search nor the API gave me the correct item as result for '424242'. Or did I understand your concept completely wrong? Thanks for your answer, the bot flag and your time! Greetings --DrTrigon (talk) 18:45, 7 July 2013 (UTC)
As I understand it, you need a way to get from Q106807 to "1503014". Could you have a page like User:Legoktm/blah with the data stored as JSON, and have all of the Elo ratings on one page, and then another page for some other rating/field, etc.
The API query you want to use is [1]. The "sortkeyprefix" is whatever comes after the | when adding a category. Legoktm (talk) 21:45, 7 July 2013 (UTC)
Aaah, I see... ;) Hmmm I think it could give problems as well... Indeed Template:Elo rating could be used (or some JSON format like in User:Legoktm/blah), but I see following drawbacks:
  • what if you would like to link some data to multiple pages? e.g. the update timestamp... consider e.g. "1503014" to be used on Q106807 and on Q???
  • I tried to use the same format as on wikipedia in order to have a simple transition from there - may be JSON should be accepted in addition
You're the best! This API call is exactly what I was looking for! (but too stupid to find... ;) Yes the category solution would be another possibility, only drawback I can think of at the moment is that it is somewhat hidden from user because it's located on the talk page. But in fact here holds; "Is it a bug or a feature?" :))
--DrTrigon (talk) 22:10, 7 July 2013 (UTC)

Ok, the category and sort key option was implemented in pyrev:11749 (together with pyrev:11748) as additional data-link. I'll keep the alias option for the moment, also because some of them are still configured. The JSON thing is an interesting idea - thought I have to think a little bit more about this first. So check it out on Q106807 and tell me what you think. Greetings! --DrTrigon (talk) 09:23, 13 July 2013 (UTC)

Sandbox-string and odd aliasesEdit

Your bot seems to have added numerous uses of Sandbox-String (P370) as well as aliases like "DrTrigonBot:Exchange Rate Data:JPY" to items. Do you intend to remove these? --Yair rand (talk) 21:02, 28 November 2013 (UTC)

No. The labels are an essential part of how the bot works - it needs the labels to find the items he needs/should modify. The Sandbox-String are used, because the bot sometimes starts to add data even before the correct property was created - therefore it needs a "dummy" property it can use in such cases. Thanks for your questions and Greetings --DrTrigon (talk) 12:01, 22 February 2014 (UTC)
These are pretty strange here: Danish krone (Q25417) Why? — Finn Årup Nielsen (fnielsen) (talk) 22:56, 9 February 2016 (UTC)

Elo rating (P1087)Edit

Just created Elo rating (P1087). --Tobias1984 (talk) 07:19, 31 January 2014 (UTC)

Thanks! Have you also started setting up items with those data? --DrTrigon (talk) 12:03, 22 February 2014 (UTC)


Hello, You participiated in the discussion of the property Elo rating (P1087), so you might be interested to know that there now is a proposal for a property of a related topic: FideID. It is discussed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Person#FideID. Regards, Dipsacus fullonum (talk) 04:34, 3 August 2014 (UTC)


Your bot has been listed at Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Removal/Inactive bot accounts as being inactive for over two years. As a housekeeping measure it's proposed to remove the bot flag from inactive bot accounts, unless you expect the bot will be operated again in the near future. If you consent to the removal of the bot flag (or do not reply on the deflag page) you can rerequest the bot flag at Wikidata:Requests for permissions/Bot should you need it again. Of course, You may request retaining your bot flag here if you need the bot flag. Regards--GZWDer (talk) 12:34, 26 June 2017 (UTC)