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Xabi22 (talkcontribs)

Hola Roberpl,

Has eliminado una contribución que efectué en el ítem "Euskararen jatorria". Concretamente, cambié una propiedad de la página llamada nación, de España a Euskal Herria, no entiendo que incorreciones tiene ese cambio, ya que, debo recordarte que las lenguas no tienen una pátria especifica y además, en el caso del euskera, poner a España como su nación originaria me parece vergonzoso para todos los vascos. Es de remarcar que tampoco entiendo porque se pone el estado español como la "nación" del euskera, cuando este idioma es miles de años mas antiguo que el mencionado estado y cabe destacar que se ha hablado y se habla en muchos mas estados, como en el Reino de Navarra, Francia, Reino de Pamplona, Corona de Aragón, etc.

Roberpl (talkcontribs)

En nación se deben indicar estados soberanos y Euskal Herria no lo es. Lo oportuno sería indicarlo en "Ubicación". El hecho de que indique "España" en el país es porque es donde se ubica actualemente, aunque también aplicaría añadir Francia. ~~~~

Reply to "Euskararen jatorria"
El Caro (talkcontribs)

French cannot be the "original language" because Hix exists before French became in use at Hix. In Pyrénées-Orientales (but Fenouillèdes), the "original language" is catalan. Even in late 19th century only "educated" people spoke French, which is the only official language, is become the main language but is not any "original language". Please, could you read some sources about Hix and Pyrénées-Orientales? For example, have a look at French official Geoportail , search for Hix and you'll find "Forques Llargues", "Campori", Càldegues, etc just next door, all catalan names (the books read the same). Bourg-Madame is different: there is an official name because it is a commune (and an "original language" name in French, for once, because this name was created from scratch during the 19th s).

In short for Pyrénées-Orientales "original language"=Catalan", "official name"=French (when there is any offical name). We shouldn't revert without any reading any source before.

Roberpl (talkcontribs)

The problem here is in the ambiguous definition of native label (P1705): "label for the items in their official language (P37) or their original language (P364)", Ix is be the original name and Hix the official name. Therefore both apply to this property. Do you agree to add both, Catalan and French?

El Caro (talkcontribs)

I don't think Hix (nor Ix) is an official name. What do you think of "P37=Hix (French)" and "P364=Ix (Catalan)"?

Roberpl (talkcontribs)
Reply to "Hix"
Asqueladd (talkcontribs)
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