Boeken van voor 1900 door auteurs die in Nederland geboren zijn

De workshop zal in het Nederlands plaatsvinden.

On March 24 in Eindhoven (Q9832), the next Festival van Talent event will be given (see this activity page), aimed at Dutch people with a strong interest in talent (Q467677). The meeting is aimed at Dutch people (all ages) and has as topic the positive aspects of talent (Q467677). At past editions, organizations (e.g. universities) provided information, sold difficult games, and had workshops.

At this meeting the plan is to organize three repetitive one-hour workshops showing how people can use and contribute to Wikidata. This will involve a short tour on adding information (with references, of course), and using SPARQL to explore the data.

Saturday, March 24Edit

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This page is to organize outreach around using Wikidata for during the event. The Festival van Talent is a meeting with a (not too large) entrance fee (2.5 euro). The workshops will be given for free.

Workshop topicsEdit

  • What is Wikidata? (10 minutes)
  • Searching in Wikidata with SPARQL (20 minutes)
  • Using Scholia (15 minutes)
  • Editing Wikidata (15 minutes)


Preparing the room for the workshops

On Saturday March 24 a workshop around Wikidata was organized at the Festival van Talent, held at Eckart College in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The activity was advertised at the festival website ( and in two Wikidata newsletters. During the day, three workshop rounds were held. Each workshop started with a short presentation (, followed by a hands-on session where users explored the functionality of the Wikidata Query Service, supported by three workshop assistants (Egon, Lars, and Mbch331), supported by course material ( Participants of the festival could walk in between workshops to learn about Wikidata too. We took advantage here from the fact that our computer room was at one of the two main squares of the festival.

Practically, while that was optional, no festival participants signed up for a workshop prior to the festival itself. Until a week before the meeting the Google Form was obligatory to be filled out, but empty at the same time. It was decided to make the registration optional. However, because people walk around on the festival, people signed up during the festival. The event had about 40 participants in total, half of them during the workshop hours. The first workshop round at 11am, an hour after opening of the festival attracted 2 people, but by then already 6 people had signed up for the second round. The second round was full-house with 19 people. With just three assistants, in retrospect, a few less in this round would have been better. The third round attracted 4 people.

Between the meetings we had another 18 people joining in. With these people we tended to follow a more personal approach, focusing on searches they were interested in. For example, a boy was interested in nuclear bombs, and immediately commented on missing results. With another participant we made an overview of shark species (which we added to the course material:

The partipants' ages ranged from around 8 to 40-50 years old. While parents typically walked in because of the children, they frequently got quite interested in the platform. For example, one parent clearly saw the usefulness for "profielwerkstukken" while another person was interested in using Wikidata to collect educational materials and laws in the ares of "giftedness", the central theme of the festival. I collected two names of people whom I will follow up with.

Take home messages include:

  1. there is interest in the Wikidata Query Service (Q20950365) independent of age
  2. it may serve as useful tool to support secondary school level education in The Netherlands (e.g. the "profielwerkstuk")
  3. the Wikidata Query Service (Q20950365) example query titles were not translated into Dutch (a start was made now)

The workshop supportive material is written in Dutch, and based on material used earlier at a different meeting and repurposed. It is available under a CC-BY-SA license and people are strongly invited to reuse the material for other workshops.

The meeting was financially supported by Wikimedia Netherlands (Q2406378).

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