Wikidata:Menu Challenge

Menu Challenge
May 8 - May 27, 2015

Welcome to the Wikidata Challenge around items on menus!

  • When: The challenge will run from 00:01 8 May until 23:59 27 May 2015 (CEST (UTC+02:00)).

  • How: The contest is simple in structure, based on a KISS point system: You get points while adding labels, images and pronunciations, with the goal for each participant to gain as many points as possible.

  • Who: Everybody can help in any language with translating or by adding pronunciations or images of the food and the ingredients. Anyone with an account can participate. To participate you just need to sign up on the Participants section.

  • Why: The contest is organized and led by Wikimedia Sverige (Q15279144), with support from Vinnova: We want to try out the power of Wikidata in Sweden as we believe that Wikidata could be a fantastic tool to make the city as easily accessible for tourists and immigrants as possible! At the food festival we will reach a lot of people and increase Wikidata's visibility and gather their comments and ideas. We will use the lessons learned and continue with other Wikidata projects to create useful products for different partners![1] Help us make this a success!

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Wikidata:Menu Challenge
Wikidata:Menu Challenge
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  1. Such as thesaurus for the GLAM sector.