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See Wikidata:WikiFactMine for the previous ContentMine project. Contact User:Charles Matthews for more information.

ScienceSource workshop 23 March 2019
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ScienceSource (Q55439927) is a project of ContentMine, to carry out data mining on a Wikibase site, and develop an algorithmic form of the MEDRS guideline for reliable sources on the English Wikipedia. It relies heavily on Wikidata's scientific bibliography: the project makes systematic use of Wikidata items about biomedical articles. It employs SPARQL queries, QuickStatements2, and its focus list (tagged with on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008)) as a staging area here. Other custom tools are involved, and details are given in the "Tools" box below.

To qualify for ScienceSource, an article must have a Creative Commons license, be a review article (in the sense of PubMed), and have a disease main subject entered here.

The links in the expandable box below relate mainly to the project's activities on Wikidata. Those support the effort detailed at /ScienceSourceIngest notebook, to carry out fact-mining imports at the ScienceSource Wikibase site,

The review tool is now in action.