Wikidata:Status updates/2014 04 26

This is the Wikidata summary of the week before 2014-04-26.



Other Noteworthy StuffEdit

  • Time and geocoordinates have been reworked and need some testing at Found issues? Let Lydia know.

Did you know?Edit


  • Worked on making it possible to use languages not supported by MediaWiki in Wikidata
  • We now also display statements with "no value" or "unknown value" on the client (when using the parser function or Lua)
  • Created another maintenance script to fix data integrity issues
  • Finishing touches on the first version of the new entity suggester
  • Simple queries are starting to work (If you want to see a demo attend the WMF Metrics and Activities meeting)
  • Worked more on making error messages localizable
  • Released Wikibase DataModel 0.7.4

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Monthly TasksEdit

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