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Harvesttemplates, your best frenemy

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vigneron.nicolas at
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as volunteer

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  • Lightning talk (10min, on non-technical topics)
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10 minutes (in time for questions included ?)
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20 (?)


Harvesttemplates is a tool to edit Wikidata made by Pasleim (Harvest Templates (Q21914398)). It is quite unknown and often misunderstood. This is a shame as it is a great and useful tool for non-technical people to harvest templates (hence the name) on Wikimedia projects. As such, he can be your best friend, and can easily (for example) add images for all the churches of your country. But there is a lot a traps: templates are not always correct or even consistent, the alignment with Wikidata maybe not be perfect, etc. As such, it can lead to tragedy (as I painfully learned myself).

I want to share some of my experience and experiment about this tools and how I tame it so that it became my best frenemy.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. know how the tool works,
    1. know what can be done and what can't (or shouldn't)
    2. know the pitfalls to avoid
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