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Introductiong to cross-contributing to Wikidata and Inventaire to build a comprehensive database on books. Unfortunately, this session couldn't be part of the program, so we are going to have it on Monday 30th October (just the day after the end of WikidataCon) at Wikimedia Deutschland from 2pm to 6pm, giving us all the time we need to explore the subject :) Hope you can make it!

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Maxime Lathuilière (User:Maxlath), Vincent Jumeaux (User:Jumtist)
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this graph describe the overlap between Wikidata and Inventaire entities in the world of books

While Wikidata has plenty of data on book (Q571), their author (P50), part of the series (P179), and main subject (P921), etc., there seem to be a consensus that data completeness isn't an objective, as illustrated by the claim ISBN-13 (P212)expected completeness (P2429)always incomplete (Q21873886). But many projects would benefit from a comprehensive CC0 (Q6938433) database on books sharing Wikidata qualities (crazy big knowledge graph, links to other Wikimedia projects, hub of database identifers, data model flexibility, etc), thus the desire to extend Wikidata externally: this is one of the two core missions of the server (Q32844021) project (the other one being offering a top-notch book sharing webapp). Following the talk Inventaire: tale of a Wikidata-centered linked open contributive database on resources/books, this workshop will help participants to learn the basics of how to cross-contribute to Wikidata and Inventaire.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. learn the basics of books data models in Wikidata (see Wikidata:WikiProject_Books) and its adaptation in Inventaire (see Inventaire data contribution guidelines)
  2. make your first contributions to Wikidata on books and to Inventaire
  3. learn how to get data out of Inventaire by querying by ISBN or Wikidata id (see
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