coordinate location

geocoordinates of the subject. For Earth, please note that only WGS84 coordinating system is supported at the moment

  • coordinates
  • co-ordinate location
  • co-ordinates
  • coords
  • co-ords
  • geographic coordinate
  • gps coordinate
  • gps co-ordinate
  • gps coordinates
  • gps co-ordinates
  • gps location
  • geotag
  • wgs 84
  • wgs-84
  • wgs84
  • position
  • longitude
  • latitude
  • gps
  • geographical coordinates
  • geo
  • location
  • point on a map
  • point on the globe
  • point on earth
  • location on earth
  • geolocation
  • geocoordinates
  • location on map
  • geographic coordinates

Data type

Geographic coordinates


coordinates (English)
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Koordinaten (German)
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koordinat (Indonesian)
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coordenadas (Portuguese)
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koordinater (Swedish)
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koordynaty (Polish)
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koordinat (Malay)
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coördinaten (Dutch)
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only WGS84 coordinate system is supported at the moment (English)
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目前仅支持WGS84坐标系 (Simplified Chinese)
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nesti momentu sólo hai encontu pal sistema de coordenaes WGS84 (Asturian)
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現時点ではWGS84座標系のみサポートされています (Japanese)
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目前只支援WGS84坐標系 (Traditional Chinese)
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目前只支援WGS84坐標系 (Chinese (Taiwan))
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value is of a complex data type, see [[Help:Data_type#globe-coordinate|documentation]] for details. (English)
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De momento solo se soporta el Sistema Geodésico Mundial 1984 (WGS84 por sus siglas en inglés) (Spanish)
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Det er berre WGS84 som blir støtta til no (Norwegian Nynorsk)
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jedynym wspieranym systemem na chwilę obecną jest WGS84 (Polish)
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zur Zeit wird nur das Koordinatensystem WGS84 unterstützt (German)
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derzeit wird nur das WGS84-Koordinatensystem unterstützt (German)
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matches https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-122.3537/centery:47.61355/zoom:10/mmsi:212259000/shipid:144781 (English)
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Use "coordinates of depicted place (P9149)" & " coordinates of the point of view (P1259)" on files on Commons (English)
Gebruik "geografische locatie van gezichtspunt (P1259)" & "coördinaten van afgebeelde plaats (P9149) " voor bestanden op Commons (Dutch)
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