Discord server numeric ID

numeric identifier for a Discord server; use as main value with qualifier P9078 "Discord invite ID"

  • Discord server numeric identifier
  • Discord ID

Data type

External identifier


The server ID can be taken from URLs/message links in Discord, the JSON data page for each invite ID, and images from the server (including the icon and the banner). Turning on Developer Mode in Discord (Settings > Appearance > Advanced) allows IDs to be copied from the context menu. Third-party websites that advertise Discord servers also use these IDs. (English)
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only works for servers with widget enabled (English)
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only works for users who are already in a particular server (English)
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no value
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API JSON dictionary keys to property name correlation: code=Discord invite ID; vanity_url_code=Discord invite ID; id=Discord server numeric ID; name=named as; features=has quality (such as `community server`); username~=Discord username (#four-digit identifier is only available in-server); approximate_member_count=member count (with `point in time` for when retrieved) (English)
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