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Estamos diligenciando solamente el top 10 de todas las clasificaciones. Solo la clasificación final la dejamos con un top 20

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To translate from French to Spanish :

On pourrait peut-être changer les modèles de sorte à ce qu'ils prennent seulement les dix premiers, mais qu'on garde tout le monde si on veut un jour connaître le classement entier. Non ?


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It is not necessary. If you see all classifications have references in order to someone who want to investigate can go to the original source. Also one pillar of Wikipedia is to have encyclopedic relevance, not to be an specialized cycling database.

On the other hand, we have hundreds races data filled, many colaborator have decided the current way to data fill races (just final top 20) and one community to deal data filling issues and "Cycling race Module changes". So the best place to discuss your proposal should be d:Module talk:Cycling race.

King regards

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This is Wikidata, an independent project from Wikipedia.

When you state "many colaborator have decided", please provide direct links to the discussions and decisions.

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OK I will see.

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