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nn-1 Denne brukaren meistrar nynorsk på eit grunnleggjande nivå.
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When online at Wikidata, I am often logged in with the nic: DanKoehl on different channels, like IRC channel #wikidataconnect


First edit 1st of March: connected Q135619 to the article Myrvisslare on Swedish Wikipedia and 12 days later created my first item Q15927160.


Established Project Wikidata on Wikispecies on Wikispecies, with the mission to discuss integration of Wikispecies with Wikidata, and serve as a collaboration platform with Wikidata:Wikispecies.


With a growing interest for Wikidata, I started to learn more about Wikidata, patrol for vandalism, and focusing on fixing as many Wikispecies Pages not connected to Wikidata items as possible.


Translated the page with Information about admins into Swedish, increased Vandalism Patrolling on Wikidata, and 2018-02-13 I joined WikiProject Counter-Vandalism. Increased usage of RTRC and Huggle as well as reporting to Administrators' noticeboard and Wikidata:Requests for deletions. Continued with fixing as many Wikispecies Pages not connected to Wikidata items as possible, and creating new items. Granted Admin rights 19 September


Busy IRL, and due to Admin inactivity, my admin rights were removed 4th July 2019.


Increased the activity again, and again rollbacker 23rd May.


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