Jonathan Groß [ɡʁoː s]
Classicist and Wikimedian (former admin on dewiki, admin on dewikisource)
Me holding a cardboard cup while looking at clay cups.

About me

I'm an open knowledge enthusiast and I love the Wikimedia projects as a means of collecting and connecting knowledge as well as sharing it with others. Meeting others with shared interests in the most obscure things imaginable is, in my opinion, one of the biggest pull-factors of the Wikimedia community. Even more so when chance meetings turn into collaboration.

My work

I mainly work on Greek and Latin themes: Literature, history, mythology, classical reception and history of scholarship. My main project at the time is the WikiProject Manuscripts.
Disclaimer: This is a private user account. Opinions expressed are my own.

Contact me

You can leave a message on my talk page or send me an email.

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