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  • GLAM-WIKI Roundtripping- circulation of data from memory institutions to Wikimedia Commons and back to the institutions. Cultural heritage data is enriched in Wikimedia projects, especially Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.


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Political activity and ideologyEdit

  • member of (P463) clubs and organisation to which a person belongs
  • affiliation (P1416) organization that a person or organization is affiliated with
  • political ideology (P1142) political ideology of this organization or person
  • participant (P710) person, group of people or organization (object) that actively takes/took part in the event (subject). Preferably qualify with "object has role" (P3831). Use P1923 for team participants.
  • participant in (P1344) event a person or an organization was a participant in, inverse of P710 or P1923

New World SlaveryEdit

Ending enslavementEdit


ethical considerations?Edit
  • "property" show to show relationship with enslaver?
  • nationalities and citizenship? contemporary nation states ?
  • differentiating systems of enslavement eg: racialised chattel slavery, modern day slavery etc
  • descriptions see: Sarah Gandwell (Q76360350)
  • family trees see:
eg: Oney Judge (Q2024192) enslaved in President's House (Q3402408) and Mount Vernon (Q731635)
how many enslaved people are buried at Mount Vernon?
how many were enslaved and held captive at Mount Vernon?
or resident?

Slave societiesEdit

  • ?

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revolts and rebellionsEdit

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exhibition (Q464980), artist (Q483501)

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Ethnicity and ethnic identityEdit

  • ethnic group (P172) subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it him/herself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such).
  • diaspora (P3833) diaspora that a cultural group belongs to
  • Indigenous names

Artistic and political movementsEdit

  • movement (P135) literary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement associated with this person or work
  • art style (Q1792644) visual appearance of a creative work, shared with other works of the same movement or school



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Slave ShipsEdit

instance of slave ship (Q251355) with home port (P504), port of registry (P532), operator (P137), country of registry (P8047), location of creation (P1071)

Slave Ownership and slave societiesEdit

  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership IDs query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and ODNB ID query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and image query
  • people with Legacies of British Slave-ownership ID and TNA record creator ID query
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