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Best regards! --Tobias1984 (talk) 09:58, 9 January 2015 (UTC)Reply

Welcome edit

Welcome to Wikidata:WikiProject Molecular biology. If you want to receive project-wide pings about important dicussions please add your name to this list too: Wikidata:WikiProject Molecular biology/Participants. --Tobias1984 (talk) 10:01, 9 January 2015 (UTC)Reply

Share your experience and feedback as a Wikimedian in this global survey edit

  1. This survey is primarily meant to get feedback on the Wikimedia Foundation's current work, not long-term strategy.
  2. Legal stuff: No purchase necessary. Must be the age of majority to participate. Sponsored by the Wikimedia Foundation located at 149 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA, USA, 94105. Ends January 31, 2017. Void where prohibited. Click here for contest rules.

Your feedback matters: Final reminder to take the global Wikimedia survey edit

(Sorry to write in Engilsh)

Declined Submission edit

Thank you for reaching out to me via my talk page. I submitted a proposal for creating Bibliography of Authors with Published journals at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, in Nigeria. Already, the institution is willing to work with us to ensure this information are available on Wikidata in order to ease citation purpose. As a matter of fact, there is information locked up at University archive that will be released into the public domain if we can embark on this project.

Though the grant was declined as mentioned by Liam in her email to me because i structured the grant in the form of a long project. I am willing to reduce the grant to an event structure with a reasonable Measure of Success.

Please let me know if you could help usOlaniyan Olushola (talk) 15:32, 23 February 2020 (UTC)Reply

Invitation for the WikiProject COVID-19 call tomorrow (Monday, 15 of June) edit

Hello Konrad,

I would like to invite you to the tomorrow (Monday, 15 of June) cal of the Wikiproject COVID-19 at 15:00 UTC!

This is the link for the call: https://meet.google.com/vtp-ighz-npx

This is the link for the etherpad: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/wikidata_covid_notes

The WikiProject seems to be losing momentum. Perception of the size of COVID-19 as an enormous problem is fading (at least in Brazil). That might be a sign of things getting better, but it is also very dangerous (as they might not be that better yet).

In tomorrow's call, I would like to discuss with you two important and related questions:

- How can this WikiProject best serve the anti-COVID-19 effort?

- What can this project offer for the post-COVID-19 Wikidata world?

As usual, if you have any topics to add, you can do so either before at the Project Meeting Page or at the meeting. or at the meeting.

I hope you can make it!

All the best,


TiagoLubiana (talk) 00:03, 15 June 2020 (UTC)Reply

Call for participation in a task-based online experiment edit

Dear Konrad Foerstner,

I hope you are doing good,

I am Kholoud, a researcher at King's College London, and I work on a project as part of my PhD research, in which I have developed a personalised recommender system that suggests Wikidata items for the editors based on their past edits. I am collaborating on this project with Elena Simperl and Miaojing Shi.

I am inviting you to a task-based study that will ask you to provide your judgments about the relevance of the items suggested by our system based on your previous edits.

Participation is completely voluntary, and your cooperation will enable us to evaluate the accuracy of the recommender system in suggesting relevant items to you. We will analyse the results anonymised, and they will be published to a research venue.

The study will start in late January 2022 or early February 2022, and it should take no more than 30 minutes.

If you agree to participate in this study, please either contact me at kholoud.alghamdi@kcl.ac.uk or use this form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSees9WzFXR0Vl3mHLkZCaByeFHRrBy51kBca53euq9nt3XWog/viewform?usp=sf_link

I will contact you with the link to start the study.

For more information about the study, please read this post: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/User:Kholoudsaa

In case you have further questions or require more information, don't hesitate to contact me through my mentioned email.

Thank you for considering taking part in this research.


Kholoudsaa (talk) 16:03, 17 January 2022 (UTC)Reply