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WikiProject Association football!

Welcome to the WikiProject Association football! This WikiProject is dedicated to the creation and upkeep of items related to association football (soccer) on Wikidata.


The association football WikiProject will aim to help decide what data is included and excluded from items, and discuss how the data can be applied to Wikipedias.

Phase 1Edit

During Wikidata's Phase One, this WikiProject is making sure that there are items on:

  • teams
  • players
  • competitions
  • managers
  • seasons
  • stadia
  • referees
  • terminology
  • laws of the game
  • lists

Within these items the WikiProject makes sure that the items:

  • Have interwikis from every Wikipedia to have an article on the subject
  • Have labels in as many languages as possible
  • Have descriptions in as many languages as possible
  • Have aliases in as many languages as possible

In addition, the WikiProject will ensure that the items follow the relevant guidelines, including:

Phase 2Edit

Since the phase 2 is already started, properties can now be added to the items. These data would go into infoboxes. Which properties have to be added to the several items per category can be discussed on the specific sub-pages.

Phase 3Edit

These data will eventually be used to generate lists (Phase Three).

List of articlesEdit

Maintenance lists and toolsEdit

Wanted footballersEdit

Many Wikipedias have these articles. Please create these articles in Wikipedia.

en, ceb, sv, de, fr, nl, ru, es, it, pl, war, vi, ja, zh, pt, uk, ar, fa, sr, ca, no, fi, sh, id, hu, ko, cs, ro, ms, tr, eu

Items without claimsEdit

Items that only have sport (P641)Edit

Report at Wikidata:WikiProject Association football/reports/P641 only.



Useful linksEdit

  • Glossary – an explanation of terms used in Wikidata
  • FAQ – frequently asked questions
  • ItemByTitle – find out if an article is already linked to an item
  • WikiProject Football – Wikipedia football projects in all languages that have them