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At 25th August 2018 there are

Detailed count:

SELECT ?cat ?catLabel ?ct
    { SELECT ?cat (count(*) as ?ct)
     { ?item wdt:P31 ?cat . ?cat (wdt:P279)* wd:Q4167836 }
    GROUP BY ?cat
    ORDER BY DESC(?ct)
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" }
ORDER BY DESC(?ct) ASC(?cat)

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Some statistics about items with Wikimedia category (Q4167836), category's main topic (P301) and category combines topics (P971)

This list is periodically updated by a bot. Manual changes to the list will be removed on the next update!

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?sort Aspect description ?ct ?statements_ct
1 number of category items 4462193
2 number of items with "category's main topic" property 608013 609385
3 number of items with "category combines topics" property 724973 1208783
4 number of items with combines topics or main topic property 1296976
5 number of items with combines topics and main topic properties 36010
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