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List of food related properties to sortEdit

Scholarly articles related to FoodEdit

Alcohols and winesEdit

Open Food FactsEdit

Open Street maps (for IGP, localized food)Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Open Food Facts food additive idP1820StringOpen Food Facts: represents a food additive on Open Food Factscarmine <Open Food Facts food additive id> e120-cochineal-
Open Food Facts food category IDP1821External identifierrepresents a food category on Open Food Factsapple juice <Open Food Facts food category ID> apple-juices-

National nutrition profilesEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
OSM relation IDP402External identifierOpenStreetMap: identifier for a relation in OpenStreetMapBerlin <OSM relation ID> 62422-
OSM tag or keyP1282StringOpenStreetMap: OpenStreetMap tagging schema (a Key:key or Tag:key=value) for classes, properties, and valueslighthouse <OSM tag or key> Tag:man_made=lighthouse-


National propertiesEdit

Findsmiley ID (P3152):identifier for Danish companies serving food

For ingredientsEdit

List of all spices and peppers with their Scoville grade



  • GS1 country code (P3067): GS1 Prefix - 3 digits at the start of a barcode, usually identifying the national GS1 Member Organization to which the manufacturer is registered (not necessarily where the product is actually made)
  • GS1 Manufacturer code (P3193): company or organisation code, used in GS1 barcodes

For celebrations involving foodEdit

Properties to createEdit

For food (using Cheese as an example)Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
USDA NDB numberP1978External identifierUSDA National Nutrient Database: identifier for a food item in the United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Databaseapple <USDA NDB number> 09003-
AUSNUT food IDP2759External identifierAustralian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database: identifier of a food in the Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database (AUSNUT) managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)kangaroo meat <AUSNUT food ID> 08B10068-
NUTTAB food IDP2760External identifierNutrient Tables for use in Australia: Identifier of a food within the Nutrient Tables for use in Australia (NUTTAB) which is managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)lemon juice <NUTTAB food ID> 01B30288-

Other propertiesEdit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and member (subject typically an individual member with a proper name label); different from P279; using this property as a qualifier is deprecated—use P2868 or P3831 insteadchabichou du Poitou <instance of> chabichou-
subclass ofP279Itemsubclass of: all instances of these items are instances of those items; this item is a class (subset) of that item. Not to be confused with P31 (instance of)chabichou du Poitou <subclass of> natural-rind soft cheese-
material usedP186Itembase material: material the subject is made of or derived fromchabichou du Poitou <material used> goat milk-
country of originP495Itemcountry of origin: country of origin of this item (creative work, food, phrase, product, etc.)chabichou du Poitou <country of origin> France-
location of final assemblyP1071Itemplace where the item was made; location of final assemblychabichou du Poitou <location of final assembly> Seuil du Poitou-
product certificationP1389Itemproduct certification: certification for a product, qualify with P1001 ("applies to jurisdiction") if neededchabichou du Poitou <product certification> appellation d'origine contrôlée-
manufacturerP176Itemindustrialist: manufacturer or producer of this productThe Laughing Cow <manufacturer> Groupe Bel-
inceptionP571Point in timedate of establishment: date or point in time when the subject came into existence as definedThe Laughing Cow <inception> 1921dissolved, abolished or demolished
shapeP1419Itemshape: shape of an objectchabichou du Poitou <shape> frustum-
imageP18Commons media fileillustration and image: image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image); only images which exist on Wikimedia Commons are acceptablechabichou du Poitou <image> Chabichou2.JPG-
Commons categoryP373StringCommons category: name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:")fourme d'Ambert <Commons category> Fourme d'Ambert-
brandP1716Itembrand: commercial brand associated with the itemLevi's 501 <brand> Levi's-
Open Food Facts food category IDP1821External identifierrepresents a food category on Open Food Factsapple juice <Open Food Facts food category ID> apple-juices-
Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
edibilityP789Itemwhether a mushroom can be eaten or notShiitake mushroom <edibility> choice mushroom-
main food sourceP1034Itemspecies, genus or family that an organism depends on for nutritiongiant panda <main food source> Bambuseae-
FAO risk statusP2371ItemFAO risk status and FAO risk classification system: UN Food and Agriculture Organization designation of status for a domesticated breedabondance <FAO risk status> not at risk-
Scoville gradeP2658QuantityScoville scale: scale measuring pungency of chili peppers (values from 0 to 16,000,000,000)nonivamide <Scoville grade> 9,200,000-