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Example itemsEdit

EU NanoSafety Cluster (Q27949537) 
Example of a entity that is not a project per se, but a "cluster" of project. It has its own webpage [1], logo and contact persons and a list of projects.


We have science project (Q1298668).
Research group 
There may be a close overlap between Project and Research group, consider, e.g., Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (Q27177633) which is currently instanced as a research center, but are closely associated with grant(s) and project(s) funded by the Lundbeck Foundation (Q22329431).


main subject (P921) and field of work (P101) has both been used. There should be a convergence to one property.
A project may have several names and appropriate Wikidata properties should represent the variations and it need to be agreed about what names are used for the Wikidata item label and the aliases. EU projects, including ERC projects, have a long name and a short names. For the short name, the short name (P1813) property could (have have been) used.
Some projects are closely associated with one country where both funder and fundee are located, and one could use country (P17) in such a case. In the case with EU projects and other international projects it is less clear what one such do.
Human connection 
Start and end times may be specified with start time (P580) and end time (P582).
A project will usually have one budget (P2769). The project may be funded by multiple grants.

External identifiersEdit

CORDIS Project ID (P3400) 
EU and European Research Council (Q1377836)-funded projects, where the identifiers can be resolved to a public website with information about the projects, e.g., for eNanoMapper - A Database and Ontology Framework for Nanomaterials Design and Safety Assessment (Q27990087).
GEPRIS project ID (P4870) 
EU project RCN (P5755) 
alternative CORDIS ID
EU Research participant ID (P5785) 
for organizations participating in EU projects
Dimensions grant ID (P6854) 
for grants that fund research projects

Possible propertiesEdit

principal investigator 
We can express the notion of principal investigator (Q7245082) (PI) with the property director/manager (P1037) or the property participant (P710) with subject has role (P2868) as qualifier [2]. But it may be better to have an individual property for this notion.
is funded under scheme/initiative 
The type of funding scheme. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Q655286) calls this "initiative", e.g., "Grand Challenge Brazil", "Grand Challenges Explorations" [3]. European Research Council (Q1377836) has, e.g., "Starting Grant" and "Advanced Grant". The notion may also be called "Funding programs", see Wikidata:WikiProject Wikidata for research/Data models/Funding programs. The genre (P136) has been used for the relation [4], but that might be stretching the scope of the properties? We now have funding scheme (P6195).

Related itemsEdit


CORDIS (Q763756) 
Online database of EU/ERC-funded projects.
OpenAIRE (Q25106053) 



The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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