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This project is used as repository for all actions about Switzerland.


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Dealing with former municipalitiesEdit

Update (June 2020)Edit

As of Jan 2020, there are 2202 municipalities in Switzerland (down from 2212 a year earlier). As of June 2020, there should be 4 less (5399 Verzasca) and the total should be 2198.

This means that there is a differential of 16 municipalities that are listed in Wikidata as current but are not actually current municipalities. There is a list of recent mutations of Swiss municipalities published by Amtliches Gemeindeverzeichnis der Schweiz (Q480253) here: hist. Gemeindeverzeichnis.

    • Update: the above mentioned errors are now fixed and the list has been checked against the official publication. For the final query that adds 3 territories that are not municipalities but have BSF numbers see

First analysisEdit

According to there are 2352 Swiss municipalities per 1.1.2014