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This project is used as repository for all actions about Switzerland (Q39).


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  Info Association Authors of Switzerland ID (former scheme) (P1291) is present, but it is deprecated.


Dealing with former municipalitiesEdit

Update (June 2020)Edit

As of Jan 2020, there are 2202 municipalities in Switzerland (down from 2212 a year earlier). As of June 2020, there should be 4 less (5399 Verzasca) and the total should be 2198.

This means that there is a differential of 16 municipalities that are listed in Wikidata as current but are not actually current municipalities. There is a list of recent mutations of Swiss municipalities published by Amtliches Gemeindeverzeichnis der Schweiz (Q480253) here: hist. Gemeindeverzeichnis.

    • Update: the above mentioned errors are now fixed and the list has been checked against the official publication. For the final query that adds 3 territories that are not municipalities but have BSF numbers see

First analysisEdit

According to there are 2352 Swiss municipalities per 1.1.2014