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Wikidata:WikiProject Visual arts/AAT Objects Facet Mapping

This page shall deal with two problems:

  1. mapping of c:Template:I18n/objects to Wikidata items,
  2. establishment of a meaningful classification tree for Wikidata by mapping the Wikitata object classes to the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) object classes.

I have begun with mapping the Commons object values to AAT by searching the AAT for them. This page tries to solve the problems mapping by bringing together everything in one synopsis. The Art & Architecture Thesaurus (Q611299) appears to be the most advanced classification system for the objects concerned. The use of the AAT was discussed or announced here.

Please simply change this page. For points to discuss etc. you might use the talk page.

Some interesting resourcesEdit


  1. (somewhen before filling of the Wikidata column) move data here from c:Template:I18n/objects/wikidata
  2. empty the subcategories listed at c:Template talk:I18n/objects#Deprecated values by replacing the values setting them
  3. fill the Wikidata column[2]
  4. add AAT ID (P1014) to the Wikidata items
  5. add subclass of (P279) to the Wikidata items[3]

A template to denote the scope of WPVA?Edit

It might be useful to have a template like {{WPVAscope}} with a text "This item is in the scope of Wikidata:WikiProject Visual arts. For questions – especially referring to the properties instance of (P31), subclass of (P279) and AAT ID (P1014) – please contact the project, in case of doubt at Wikidata talk:WikiProject Visual arts."


  1. Cf. Editorial issues, contributions, and LOD (revised 29 January 2013, PDF, 9.8 MB, 94pp), pp. 7 and 22.
  2. Items for those AAT records which are not only for structural need might be created, probably all "concept" type records. The upper record types "hierarchy name" and "facet" need to have some form of representation in Wikidata anyway. Most "guide term" type records probably should not have Wikidata items (cf. here).
  3. There seem to be some inconsistencies in the AAT which might cause problems in using it for Wikidata:
    • The "guide term" record type seems not to be well-defined (see above), cf. e.g. <costume accessories worn> and <jewelry worn on costume>. This issue is addressed at Editorial issues, contributions, and LOD (revised 29 January 2013, PDF, 9.8 MB, 94pp), pp. 28f., it will hopefully change.
    • The relationships in the classification system are not clear in parts, cf. e.g. the super- and subclasses of <gravers: printmaking tools> and <knives: culinary tools>.


Every value of c:Template:I18n/objects in the version of Jan 9 2014, 10:28 UTC and c:Template:I18n/objects/additional Wikidata links in the version of Jan 4 2014, 13:58 UTC is indexed by an entry in one of the tables below!

Commons – AAT – Wikidata mappingEdit

AAT R WikidataCommons comment
*Top of the AAT hierarchiesH
:*Materials FacetF
::*Materials (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*materials (matter)CG
::::*<materials by composition>GG
:::::*inorganic materialCG
:::::::*<clay products>GG
::::::::*<ceramic and ceramic products>GG
:::::::::*<ceramic products>GG
::::::::::*ceramic tileC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gdouble classification in two facets
:::::::::::*<ceramic tile by form>GG
::::::::::::*pinakesC (preferred out of 3 parents)Gdouble classification in two facets
:*Objects FacetF
::*Built Environment (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*Single Built Works (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*built worksC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::*architectural elementsC (N)P
::::*<single built works (Built Environment)>GG
:::::*<single built works by specific type>GG
::::::*<single built works by function>GG
:::::::*ceremonial structuresCG
::::::::*<religious structures>GG
:::::::::*religious buildingsCG
::::::::::*religious building fixturesC (N)G@AAT: shouldn't this be part/whole relationship type?
::::::::*<funerary structures>GGQ16423655
:::::::::*gravesCGgrave (Q173387)grave - graves
:::::::::*sepulchral monumentsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gsepulchral monument
:::::::::*tombsCGtomb (Q381885)tomb
:::::::*hydraulic structuresCG
::::::::*<hydraulic structures by function>GG
:::::::::*water distribution structuresCG
::::::::::*fountainsCGfountain (Q483453)fountain
:::::::*monumentsCGmonument (Q4989906)monument
::::::::*<monuments by form>GG
:::::::::*stelaeCGstele (Q178743)stele
::::::::*<monuments by function>GG
:::::::::*sepulchral monumentsC (N)G
::*Components (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*components (objects)CG
::::*<components by general context>GG
:::::*alterations (object components)CG
::::::*pentimentiC (N)G
:::::*fastenersCGjoining technology (Q266328)
::::::*buckles (strap accessories)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gbuckle (Q1135567)buckle
::::::*pins (fasteners)CG
:::::::*fibulaeCGfibula (Q324926)fibula
:::::::*hairpinsC (N)G
:::::*layers (components)CG
::::::*paint layersC (N)G
::::*<components by specific context>GG
:::::*architectural elementsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Garchitectural element (Q391414)
::::::*<structural elements and structural element components>GG
:::::::*<structural elements>GG
::::::::*<supporting and resisting elements>GG
:::::::::*<columns and column components>GG
::::::::::*<column components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::::::*<capitals and capital components>GG
::::::::::::*capitals (column components)CGcapital (Q193893)capital
::::::::*<spanning and projecting structural elements>GG
:::::::::*corbelsCGcorbel (Q12537)corbel
:::::::*<structural element components>GG
::::::::*<column components>G (N)G
::::::*<surface elements and surface element components>GG
:::::::*surface elements (architectural)GG
::::::::*<coverings and hangings for surface elements>G (N)G
::::::*<culminating and edge ornaments: architectural>GG
:::::::*acroteriaCGacroterion (Q421214)acroterion
::::::*<architectural elements by building type>GG
:::::::*religious building fixturesC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*<altars and altar components>GG
:::::::::*<altar components>GG
::::::::::*tabernacles (liturgical containers)C (N)G
::::::::*Christian religious building fixturesCG
:::::::::*tabernacles (liturgical containers)C (N)G
:::::*<costume components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*buckles (strap accessories)C (N)G
:::::*<tool and equipment components>GG
::::::*bifaces (stone tools)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gbiface - bifaces
::::::*unifaces (stone tool)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Guniface (Q7884879)
:::::*<weapon components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*<edged weapon components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*bifaces (stone tools)C (N)G
:::::::*hiltsCGhilt (Q1593696)hilt - hiltsonly for weapons in AAT
::::::*unifaces (stone tool)C (N)G
::::::*<projectile weapon components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*<arrow components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*arrowheadsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Garrowhead (Q1643900)arrowhead
:::::::*projectile pointsCGprojectile point (Q2308299)
::::::::*arrowheadsC (N)G
:::::*<visual works components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*<painting components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*brush strokesCG
:::::::*paint layersC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*pentimentiC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::*<information form components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*<gathered matter components>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*fore-edge paintings (components)C (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*layout featuresCG
:::::::*<images and ornament: layout features>GG
::::::::*illuminations (visual works)C (N)G
::*Furnishings and Equipment (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*Furnishings (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*furnishings (artifacts)CG
:::::*<furnishings by form or function>GG
::::::*<coverings and hangings>GG
:::::::*<coverings and hangings by specific type>GG
::::::::*<coverings and hangings by location or context>GG
:::::::::*<coverings and hangings for surface elements>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::::*wall hangingsCG
:::::::::::*tapestriesC (preferred out of 3 parents)Gtapestry (Q184296)tapestry
::::::*furnitureCGfurniture (Q14745)
:::::::*<furniture by form or function>GG
::::::::*seating furnitureCGQ2731419
:::::::::*<single seating furniture>GG
::::::::::*chairs (furniture forms)CGchair (Q15026)
:::::::::::*<chairs by design>GG
::::::::::::*folding chairsCGfolding chair (Q1744391)
::::::::::*stools (seating furniture)CGstool (Q33163)
:::::::::::*<stools by location or context>GG
::::::::::::*barstoolsCGbar stool (Q376339)
:::::::::::*<stools by design>GG
::::::::::::*folding stoolsCGfolding stool (Q15479103)folding stool
::::::::*<sleeping and reclining furniture>GG
:::::::::*beds (furniture)CGbed (Q42177)
::::::::::*children's bedsCG
:::::::::::*cradles (children's beds)CGcradle
::::::::*<storage and display furniture>GG
:::::::::*case furnitureC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::::*chests (case furniture)CGchest (Q366134)
:::::::::::*arcaeCGcista (Q867621)cista
:::::::::::*caskets (personal gear)C (N)G
::::::::::*desksCGdesk (Q1064858)deskweird superclass
::::::*lighting devicesCG
:::::::*<lighting devices by form>GG
::::::::*lamps (lighting devices)CGlamp (Q1138737)
:::::::::*<lamps by method of illumination>GG
::::::::::*oil lampsCGoil lamp (Q821952)oil lamp
:::*Costume (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*costume (mode of fashion)CG
:::::*<costume by function>GG
::::::*ceremonial costumeC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*<liturgical costume>GG
::::::::*birettasC (N)G
::::::*<protective wear>GG
:::::::*armor (protective wear)GG
::::::::*<armor by form>GG
:::::::::*body armorCG
::::::::::*<body armor: lower extremities>GG
:::::::::::*greavesCGgreave (Q814824)greave - greaves
::::::*sports clothingCGsportswear (Q645292)
:::::::*baseball capsC (N)G
:::::*costume accessoriesCGcostume accessory (Q1065579)
::::::*<costume accessories worn>GGperhaps possible as concept record type
:::::::*belts (costume accessories)CGbelt (Q134560)belt@Commons: c:Template:I18n/objects refers to this meaning, not belts (tool components).
:::::::*jewelryCGjewellery (Q161439)jewellery
::::::::*<jewelry by form>GG
:::::::::*pendants (jewelry)CGpendant (Q2111434)pendant
::::::::*<jewelry by location>GG
:::::::::*<jewelry worn on the head>GG
::::::::::*ear ornamentsCG
:::::::::::*earrings (jewelry)CGearring (Q168456)earring - ear-ring - earrings - ear-rings
:::::::::*<jewelry worn around the neck or on the upper body>GG
::::::::::*necklacesCGnecklace (Q189299)necklace - necklaces
:::::::::::*torques (necklaces)CGtorc (Q397447)torc - torq - torque
:::::::::*<jewelry worn on arms and hands>GG
::::::::::*bracelets (jewelry)CGbracelet (Q201664)bracelet
::::::::::*rings (jewelry)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gring (Q46847)ring (jewelry)
:::::::::*<jewelry worn on costume>GGperhaps possible as concept record type
::::::::::*pins (jewelry)CG
:::::::::::*broochesCGbrooch (Q499916)brooch
::::::::::::*disc broochesCGdisk brooch (Q2232513)disk brooch
:::::::*phaleraeCGphalera (Q740151)phalera - phalerae
:::::::*<accessories worn on the head>GG
::::::::*<hair accessories>GG
:::::::::*hairpinsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Ghairpin (Q1566584)hairpin - hair pin
::::::::*headgearCGheadgear (Q14952)
:::::::::*caps (headgear)CGcap (Q6147804)cap
::::::::::*<caps by form>GG
:::::::::::*beretsCGberet (Q211718)
:::::::::::*flatcapsCGflat cap (Q15603247)
:::::::::::*Phrygian capsCGphrygian cap (Q213240)
:::::::::::*shakos (caps)CGshako (Q153389)
::::::::::*<caps by function>GG
:::::::::::*baseball capsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gbaseball cap (Q639686)
:::::::::::*birettasC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gbiretta (Q865162)
:::::::::*hatsCGhat (Q80151)
:::::*<costume components>G (N)P
:::*Tools and EquipmentHG
::::*equipmentCGtool (Q39546)item not fully fitting, now tools has no item left
:::::*<equipment by context>GG
::::::*appliancesCGhome appliance (Q212920)
:::::::*coffee makersC (N)G
::::::*culinary equipmentCG
:::::::*<culinary containers>G (N)G
:::::::*<culinary equipment for preparing and cooking food>GG
::::::::*<cooking tools and equipment>GG
:::::::::*<cooking and heating devices>GG
::::::::::*coffee makersC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gcoffeemaker (Q211841)coffee maker - coffeemaker - coffee machine
::::::::*<culinary tools and equipment for cutting>GG
:::::::::*cleaversCGcleaver (Q938509)cleaver (knife)
:::::::::*knivesC (N)G
:::::::*<culinary equipment for serving and consuming food>GG
::::::::*<containers for serving and consuming food>G (N)G
:::::::*flatwareC (preferred out of 3 parents)G
::::::::*spoonsCGspoon (Q81895)spoon
:::::::*kitchenwareC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*flatwareC (N)G
:::::::*tablewareC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*cupsC (N)G
::::::::*flatwareC (N)G
::::::*<equipment for personal use>GG
:::::::*<equipment for personal use: grooming, hygiene and health care>GG
::::::::*<containers for personal grooming and hygiene>G (N)G
:::::::*<containers for personal use>G (N)G
::::::*vehicle equipmentCGvehicle equipment (Q15710834)
:::::::*watercraft equipmentCG
::::::::*paddles (watercraft equipment)CGpaddle (Q599797)paddle
:::::*<equipment by process>GG
::::::*agricultural equipmentCGagricultural tool (Q3629395)
:::::::*hoes (agricultural tools)CGhoe (Q131154)hoe
::::::*cutting equipmentCG
:::::::*cutting toolsCGcutting tool (Q1760958)
::::::::*axes (tools)CG
:::::::::*<gravers: printmaking tools>G (N)G
::::::::*knivesC (preferred out of 3 parents)Gknife (Q32489)knife
:::::::::*<knives: culinary tools>GG
::::::::::*daggers (weapons)C (N)G
:::::::::*<knives: weapons>GG
::::::::::*daggers (weapons)C (N)G
::::::*<data processing equipment>GG
::::::::*pocket calculatorsCGcalculator (Q31087)calculator - pocket calculator
::::::*<grinding and milling equipment>GG
:::::::*<grinding and milling tools>GG
::::::::*mortars (grinding tools)CGmortar (Q45778)mortar
::::::::*pestlesCGpestle (Q907209)very similar to Q1316130
::::::*<image-making equipment>GG
:::::::*drafting, drawing and writing equipmentCGwriting implement (Q121916)
::::::::*<drafting, drawing and writing equipment by specific type>GG
:::::::::*pencil sharpenersCGpencil sharpener (Q193811)pencil sharpener
:::::::*photographic equipmentCG
::::::::*mattes (photographic equipment)CG
:::::::::*matte paintingsC (N)G
:::::::*<printing and printmaking equipment>GG
::::::::*<printing surface preparation equipment>GG
:::::::::*<printing surface preparation tools>GG
::::::::::*<gravers: printmaking tools>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::*<piercing tools>GG
:::::*<equipment by profession or discipline>GG
::::::*<equipment for music>GG
:::::::*musical instrumentsC (N)G
:::::*<equipment by material processed>GG
::::::*<textile working equipment>GG
:::::::*spindles (textile working equipment)CGspindle (Q213761)spindle
:::*Weapons and AmmunitionHG
::::*weaponsCGweapon (Q728)
:::::*edged weaponsCGedged and bladed weapon (Q15407649)
::::::*arrowsC (N)G
::::::*axes (weapons)CG
::::::*daggers (weapons)C (preferred out of 3 parents)Gdagger
::::::*<edged weapon components>G (N)P
::::::*harpoonsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gharpoon (Q207574)harpoon - harpoons
::::::*knivesC (N)G
:::::::*<percussive weapons>GG
::::::::*clubs (weapons)CG
:::::::::*batons (symbols or weapons)C (N)G
:::::*<projectile weapons>GG
::::::*<projectile weapon components>G (N)P
:::::::*<projectile weapons with nonexplosive propellant>GG
::::::::*<projectiles with nonexplosive propellant>GG
:::::::::*arrowsC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::::*<arrow components>G (N)P
:::::::::*harpoonsC (N)G
:::::*<weapon components>G (N)P
:::*Containers (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*containers (receptacles)CGcontainer (Q987767)
:::::*<containers by form>GG
::::::*boxes (containers)CGbox
:::::::*caskets (personal gear)C (N)G
::::::*case furnitureC (N)G
::::::*vessels (containers)CG
:::::::*askoiCGaskos – askoi
:::::::*beakers (pouring vessels)CGbeaker (Q187140)
:::::::*bottlesCGbottle (Q80228)bottle
::::::::*<bottles by function>GG
:::::::::*carafesC (N)G
:::::::*bowls (vessels)CGbowl (Q153988)bowlDistinguish from bowls (object components).
:::::::*ewers (vessels)CGewer (Q404785)ewer
::::::::*aquamanilesCGaquamanile (Q378845)
:::::::*hydriaeCGhydria - υδρία
:::::::*jugs (vessels)CGjug (Q2413314)fr:Pichet seems to be a subclass
::::::::*lekythoiCGlekythos (Q579418)lekythos
:::::::*kratersCGkrater (Q476968)krater - Κρατήρας
::::::::*bell kratersCGbell krater (Q1531905)bell krater
::::::::*calyx kratersCGcalyx krater (Q15407662)
::::::::*column kratersCGcolumn krater (Q1779587)column krater
::::::::*volute kratersCGvolute krater (Q11082837)volute krater
:::::::*oinochoaiCGoenochoe - oinochoe
:::::::*paterae (containers)C (preferred out of 3 parents)Gpatera (Q1109404)patera
:::::::*phialaeC (preferred out of 3 parents)Gphiale (Q1151252)phiale
:::::::*pitchers (vessels)CGpitcher (Q132397)
:::::::*pots (containers)CG
::::::::*teapotsC (N)G
:::::::*urnsCGurn (Q11083119)
::::::::*plastic vases (ancient vessels)CG
:::::::::*rhytaC (N)G
:::::::::*cremation urnsC (N)G
:::::*<containers by function or context>GG
::::::*ceremonial containersC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*ceremonial vesselsCG
::::::::*paterae (containers)C (N)G
::::::::*phialaeC (N)G
::::::::*rhytaC (N)G
:::::::*<funerary containers>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::::*sarcophagi (coffins)CGsarcophagus
::::::::*<funerary vessels>GG
:::::::::*cremation urnsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gfunerary urn (Q960844)funerary urn - cremation urn - cinerary urn
:::::::*<liturgical containers>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*<liturgical vessels>GG
:::::::::*situlaeCGsitula (Q1650313)situla - situlae
::::::::*monstrancesCGmonstrance (Q335661)monstrance
::::::::*pyxesCGpyx (Q736513)pyx
::::::::*tabernacles (liturgical containers)C (preferred out of 3 parents)Gchurch tabernacle (Q1670363)tabernacle
:::::::*ritual vesselsCGritual vessel (Q17379796)
::::::::*guiCGgui (Q333904)gui
::::::*<containers for personal use>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*<containers for personal gear>GG
::::::::*caskets (personal gear)C (preferred out of 3 parents)Gcasket
:::::::*<containers for personal grooming and hygiene>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*amphoriskoiC (N)G
::::::::*aryballoiCGaryballos (Q717954)aryballos
:::::::::*globular aryballoiCG
:::::::::*spherical aryballoiCG
:::::::::*piriform aryballoiCG
:::::::::*aryballoi type ICG
:::::::::*aryballoi type IICG
::::::::*unguentariaCGunguentariumcomplicated on WD, cf. here
::::::*<culinary containers>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*<containers for serving and consuming food>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*<vessels for serving and consuming food>GG
:::::::::*dishes (vessels)CG
::::::::::*plates (dishes)CGplate
:::::::::*drinking vesselsCGdrinking vessel (Q2453629)
::::::::::*beakers (drinking vessels)CGbeakerIt should not be connected to the special English article at beaker (Q4876107), but with mug (Q386215), unfortunately this is connected to en:Mug and not to en:Beaker_(drinkware).
::::::::::*cupsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gcup with stem (Q2100893)
:::::::::::*<cups by form>GG
::::::::::::*kylikesCGkylix (Q668349)kylix - κύλιξ
:::::::::::::*<kylikes by form>GG
::::::::::::::*droop cupsCG
::::::::::::::*kylikes type ACGtype a kylix - kylix, type a
::::::::::::::*kylikes type BCGtype b kylix - kylix, type b
::::::::::::::*kylikes type CCG
::::::::::::::*lip cupsCG
::::::::::::::*stemless kylikesCG
:::::::::::::*steinsC (N)G
:::::::::::::*tankardsC (N)G
::::::::::*HumpenCGBeer stein (Q1412822)beer stein - steinsimilar to tankard (Q3446398), Maß (Q48680) and steins
::::::::::*kantharoiCGkantharos (Q755706)kantharos – cantharus
::::::::::*paterae (containers)C (N)G
::::::::::*phialaeC (N)G
::::::::::*rhytaC (preferred out of 3 parents)Grhyton (Q828450)rhyton
::::::::::*steinsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gsimilar to Beer stein (Q1412822), tankard (Q3446398) and Maß (Q48680)
::::::::::*tankardsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gtankard (Q3446398)similar to Beer stein (Q1412822), Maß (Q48680) and steins
:::::::::*<vessels for serving drinks>GG
::::::::::*carafesC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gcarafe (Q1104430)
::::::::::*teapotsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gteapot
::::::*<storage containers>GG
:::::::*storage vesselsCG
::::::::*amphorae (storage vessels)CGamphora (Q178401)amphora
:::::::::*continuous curve amphoraeCGbelly amphora (Q11077005)belly amphora - amphora, belly
::::::::::*amphorae type ACGtype A amphora (Q11076343)amphora, type a - type a amphora
::::::::::*amphorae type BCGamphora, type b - type b amphora
::::::::::*amphorae type CCGamphora, type c - type c amphora
::::::::::*amphorae type IaCG
:::::::::*neck amphoraeCGneck amphora (Q11086465)neck amphora - amphora, neck
::::::::::*amphoriskoiC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gamphoriskos (Q477146)amphoriskos
::::::::::*Panathenaic amphoraeCGpanathenaic amphora (Q1277842)panathenaic amphora
::::::::*pelikaiCGpelike - πελίκη
:::*Sound DevicesHG
::::*sound devicesCG
:::::*<sound devices by acoustical characteristics>GG
::::::*membranophonesC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*drums (membranophones)CGdrum (Q11404)drum
:::::*<sound devices by function>GG
::::::*musical instrumentsC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*membranophonesC (N)G
::*Object GenresHG
:::*object genresCG
::::*<object genres by form>GG
:::::*plaques (flat objects)CG
::::::*pinakesC (N)G
:::::*rings (object genres)CG
::::::*rings (jewelry)C (N)G
:::::*tiles (object genre)CG
::::::*ceramic tileC (N)G
::::*<object genres by function>GG
:::::*ceremonial objectsCG
::::::*ceremonial containersC (N)G
::::::*ceremonial costumeC (N)G
::::::*funerary objectsCG
:::::::*<funerary containers>G (N)G
::::::*religious objectsCG
:::::::*devotional objectsCG
::::::::*retablos (panel paintings)C (N)G
:::::::*liturgical objectsCG
::::::::*<liturgical containers>G (N)G
:::::*votive offeringsCG
::::::*ex-votos (religious visual works)C (N)G
:::::*weights (object genres)CGweight
::::*<object genres by location, context or origin>GG
:::::*grave goodsCGgrave good (Q1399692)grave goods
::::*<object genres by material>GG
:::::*ceramics (object genre)CGceramic
:::::*textiles (visual works)C (N)G
::::*<object genres by physical property>GG
:::::*built worksC (N)G
:::::*kitchenwareC (N)G
:::::*tablewareC (N)G
::*Object Groupings and Systems (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*<object groupings>GG
::::*<object groupings by general context>GG
:::::*hoards (groupings)CGhoard (Q164099)
::*Visual and Verbal Communication (Hierarchy Name)HG
:::*Visual Works (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*visual worksCG
:::::*<visual works by form>GG
::::::*diptychsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gdiptych (Q475476)diptych@AAT: superclass overload (same as triptychs)?
::::::*polyptychsCGpolyptych (Q1278452)polyptych
:::::::*diptychsC (N)G
:::::::*triptychsC (N)G
::::::*tapestriesC (N)G
::::::*triptychsC (preferred out of 2 parents)Gtriptych (Q79218)triptych@AAT: superclass overload (same as diptychs)?
:::::*<visual works by function>GG
::::::*models (representations)CG
:::::::*scale modelsCGscale model (Q6498959)
::::::*<religious visual works>GG@AAT: might have religious objects as an additional parent?
::::::::*retablos (panel paintings)C (N)G
:::::::*devotional images (religious works)CG
::::::::*icons (devotional images)CGicon (Q132137)icon
:::::::*ex-votos (religious visual works)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gex-voto (Q683010)ex-voto
:::::::*sand paintings (visual works)C (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::*<symbols of office or status>G (N)G
:::::*<visual works by material or technique>GG
::::::*drawings (visual works)CGdrawing (Q93184)drawing
::::::*mosaics (visual works)CGmosaic (Q133067)mosaic
::::::*paintings (visual works)CGpainting (Q3305213)painting
:::::::*<painting components>G (N)P
:::::::*<paintings by form>GG
::::::::*cabinet pictures (paintings)CG
::::::::*double-sided paintingsCG
::::::::*dummy board figuresCG
::::::::*easel paintings (paintings by form)CG
::::::::*matte paintingsC (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*miniatures (paintings)CGminiature (Q282129)
::::::::*panel paintings (painting by form)CGpanel painting (Q55439)
::::::::*scroll paintingsCG
::::::::*shaped canvasesCG
:::::::*<paintings by location or context>GG
::::::::*fore-edge paintings (components)C (N)G
::::::::*illuminations (visual works)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gillumination (Q8362)
::::::::*mummy portraitsCG
::::::::*mural paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*painted glass (visual works)CG
::::::::*porcelain paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*pottery paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*quadri riportatiCG
::::::::*reverse paintings on glass (visual works)CG
::::::::*rock paintingsCG
::::::::*salon paintingsCG
::::::::*stained glass (visual works)CG
::::::::*vase paintings (visual works)CG
:::::::*<paintings by material or technique>GG
::::::::*acrylic paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*bark paintingsCG
::::::::*encaustic paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*finger paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*frescoes (paintings)CG
::::::::*oil paintings (visual works)CG
::::::::*pinakesC (N)G
::::::::*sand paintings (visual works)C (N)G
::::::::*theorems (paintings)CG
::::::::*watercolors (paintings)CG
:::::::*<paintings by subject type>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*fancy picturesCG
::::::::*retablos (panel paintings)C (preferred out of 3 parents)Gretablo (Q2396988)
::::::*photographsCGphotograph (Q125191)photography
::::::*sculpture (visual work)CGsculpture (Q860861)sculpture
:::::::*<sculpture by form>GG
::::::::*totem polesCGtotem pole
:::::::*<sculpture by material>GG
::::::::*jades (objects)CG
:::::::*<sculpture by technique>GG
::::::::*reliefs (sculptures)CGrelief
:::::::*<sculpture by subject type>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::*statuesCGstatue (Q179700)statue
:::::::::*figurinesCGfigurine (Q1066288)figurine
:::::::::*statuettes (statues)CGstatuetteobviously no WD item yet
::::::*textile art (visual works)CG
:::::::*tapestriesC (N)G
::::::*textiles (visual works)C (preferred out of 2 parents)Gtextile (Q28823)textile
:::::*<visual works by subject type>GG
::::::*figures (representations)CG
:::::::*busts (figures)CGbust
:::::::*heads (representations)CGportrait headobviously no WD item yet
::::::*<paintings by subject type>G (N)G
::::::*<sculpture by subject type>G (N)G
:::::*<visual works components>G (N)P
:::*Exchange Media (Hierarchy Name)HG
::::*exchange mediaCG
::::::*<money by form>GG
:::::::*coins (money)CGcoin (Q41207)coin
:::*Information Forms (Hierarchy Name)GG
::::*information formsCG
:::::*document genresCG
::::::*<document genres by function>GG
::::::::*<correspondence by internal form>GG
:::::::::*letters (correspondence)CGletter - list
:::::*information artifactsCG
::::::*<information artifacts by physical form>GG
:::::::*gathered matter (information artifacts)CG
::::::::*<gathered matter components>G (N)P
::::::*<information artifacts by function>GG
:::::::*<identifying artifacts>GG
::::::::*seals (artifacts)CGseal (Q162919)
:::::::::*cylinder sealsCGcylinder seal (Q1123756)cylinder seal
::::::::*<symbols of office or status>G (preferred out of 2 parents)G
:::::::::*batons (symbols or weapons)C (preferred out of 2 parents)G
::::::::::*bâtons percésCGbâton de commandement (Q694094)baton de commandement - bâton de commandement - baton percé - bâton percé - pierced rod
:::::::::*sceptersCGsceptre (Q152065)
:::::*<information form components>G (N)P

Commons – Wikidata mappingEdit

There are not any records in the AAT for the following objects. But the record of the superclasses have still to be added above. Some items are missing and have to be created.

Wikidata Commons comment
antepagmentum (Q572008) antepagmentum
missing ax preform - axe preform - axe preform - axe preform
bi (Q573870) bi subsubclass of jades (objects)
clay tablet (Q1570005) clay tablet subclass of (P279) tablets
cleaver (Q1099614) cleaver (archaeology) - cleaver (tool) subclass of (P279) bifaces (stone tools)
coin hoard (Q15484785) coin hoard subclass of (P279) denoted
curb bit (Q356740) curb bit perhaps subclass of (P279) horse armor
dolium (Q973597) dolium
enigmatic tablet (Q990865) enigmatic tablet
Golden hat (Q737406) golden hat
laurel leaf blade (Q882259) laurel leaf point - laurel leaf blade - laurel leaf knife subclass of (P279) bifaces (stone tools)
Levallois point (Q9020657) levallois point
lithic core (Q1669978) lithic core
missing lithic core "Levallois" type - lithic core ("Levallois" type) subclass of (P279) <lithic core (Q1669978)>
lunula (Q1637151) lunula (archeology) subclass of (P279) denoted
missing mirror case cf. c:Category:Mirror cases and [1]
ship model (Q1457747) model of ship - model ship - ship model subclass of (P279) denoted
racloir (Q632978) racloir
sceptre (Q152065) ruyi subclass of (P279) denoted
scraper (Q2605626) scraper (archaeology) subclass of (P279) denoted
missing votive weapon subclass of (P279) votive offerings
Q2547695 walzenbeil

@Zolo, Marsupium: Beat Estermann Vladimir Alexiev Ilya Sadads Astinson Strakhov Zeromonk Spinster Wittylama Daniel Mietchen Susannaanas Sic19 Jason.nlw Carlojoseph14 YULdigitalpreservation MB-one Ouvrard MartinPoulter Missvain VIGNERON Ainali Birk Weiberg Pmt Mauricio V. Genta Smallison ProtoplasmaKid 2le2im-bdc Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton Ivanhercaz VisbyStar Patafisik Beireke1 Vahur Puik Ettorerizza Sp!ros Alexmar983 Epìdosis Buccalon Mrtngrsbch Eothan Giaccai NAH

  Notified participants of WikiProject Cultural heritage Patricia Harpring, AAT managing editor: "If the user wants to submit (items to AAT), we can create them here at the office – but only up to 12 terms – by hand if he/she sends them in a spreadsheet. More than that, and the user should become a contributor and use our online contribution form." --Vladimir Alexiev (talk) 06:28, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

Yeah, we should definitely use that possibility! --Marsupium (talk) 12:15, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

Deprecated Commons objectsEdit

The following values should not be used on Commons due to the denoted cause.

Commons cause not to use the value on Commons
ax - axe - axes axes (tools) and axes (weapons) have to be differentiated (perhaps even the subclasses of <axes: woodworking tools>), axe (Q39397) does not seem to do so
bag bags (generic containers) and bags (costume accessories) have to be differentiated
base not specific, should be replaced by other types
blade blade (Q330946) and blade (Q3045036) have to be differentiated, cf. also lames (plates)
bushel There is bushel (Q216658) on Wikidata, but it should probably not be unterstood as an object. We should probably some form of "weight" instead?
cartouche cartouche (Q224104) is obviously narrower than cartouches (ornament). It should probably not be unterstood as an object.
pitcher - jug pitcher (Q132397) and jug (Q2413314) have to be differentiated