catalog code

catalog name of an object, use with qualifier P972

  • astronomical catalog
  • register
  • opus number
  • catalogue code
  • catalog number
  • catalogue number
  • cat. no.
  • identifier in catalog
  • cat#

Data type



Skal ha P972 som kvalifikator (Norwegian Bokmål)
0 references
Use with qualifier P972 (English)
0 references
Da usare col qualificatore P972 (Italian)
0 references
Käytetään tarkenteen P972 (luettelo) kanssa (Finnish)
0 references
Uzu P972 kiel kvalifilo (Esperanto)
0 references
Skal have P972 som kvalifikator (Danish)
0 references
Utiliser P972 comme qualificatif (French)
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Verwende mit Qualifikator P972 (German)
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与限定符P972一起使用 (Simplified Chinese)
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Använd P972 som bestämning (Swedish)
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