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Block extended to indefinite

Rschen7754 (talkcontribs)

Noting the indefinite blocks on ruwiki and commonswiki for straight up crosswiki harassment, I have extended this block to indefinite.

Talk page access revoked

Jasper Deng (talkcontribs)

Your closure of the "Blocked 1 month" with a topic summary that clearly attempts to disparage another user has resulted in loss of talk page access for the remainder of your block.

Rschen7754 (talkcontribs)

I have blocked you for 1 week for incivility and disruption concerns, including comments made here, here and here, and concerns raised by the community over disruptive reverting at . You are of course welcome to appeal using {{Unblock}}.

Even if you think that you are right or that you are more competent than other users, that does not exempt you from listening to consensus and treating other editors with respect. That is the core of Wikimedia projects and the whole purpose of Wikimedia - working together to share knowledge. I hope that you will consider this and adjust your behavior after the block expires.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)
  1. No person should spend their time with methods utilized by @Andreasmperu: at Talk:Q9332
  2. Nobody was able to object resumably animals don't have sports
  3. Discussion comes from my side, not from side of "community"
  4. @Andreasmperu: should learn to respect his personal time before he goes against time of other users
  5. I'm not going change my habbit to have social internationtypical discussion with me or anywhere if opponent doesn't throw toys everywhere. I can understand bad streak by @Andreasmperu:, everyone is human and needs sleep and not to make mess here and here ;-)
  6. I don't think that Wikidata as project need a single person who insist to keep "white is black" statements An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment - clearly occupation (Q12737077) and every person to does says something different should bring sources or leave project, really.

"I play tennis" means he play tennis as hobby (Q47728) or professionally: common denominator between these is occupation (Q12737077)

I cannot think about sentence "I <?> <sport>" where <sport> means "only event, change of state" activity (Q1914636) -

don't read caption "activity", read definition "event; actions that result in changes of state"

I won a tennis? Insane. I won a tournament. tournament (Q500834)

  • No reasonable person should explain this.
  • No reasonable person should argue against this.
  • No professional should spend their time on "community consensus" where all data can be extracted in better form from raw Internet with 0 human actions.

d1g (talk) 04:41, 16 September 2017 (UTC)

I'm not going change my habit to have social interaction with productive users: here or anywhere. d1g (talk) 12:17, 16 September 2017 (UTC)

Jasper Deng (talkcontribs)
Unblock request declined

This blocked user asked to be unblocked, but one or more administrators has reviewed and declined this request. Other administrators can also review this block, but should not override the decision without good reason.

block logipblocklistcrossblockluxo'sunblockremove gblock • contribs: +/-

Request reason:
No reason given
Decline reason:
Unblock requests that do not address your behavior, and not that of others, will not and cannot be considered.


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Thanks for example on Wikidata Query

Fuzheado (talkcontribs)

Thanks for including my "cartridges" query in the Wikidata Query examples. I didn't realize you had added it, so imagine my surprise when I searched for an example of "wdt:P279+" for a demo and my own example came up. :) Cheers.

Summary by D1gggg

which word would you use to describe that user?: 1 2 3 4

Rschen7754 (talkcontribs)
Jasper Deng (talkcontribs)

@Ymblanter: To avoid a possible language barrier, it would be nice if you could translate this block notice into Russian.

Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Вас заблокировали за оскорбления (пример:) и угрозы (пример: ). В нашем проекте ни угрозы, ни оскорбления не допускаются, и наши редакторы не особенно хотят сотрудничать с Вами, если они знают, что любое несогласие Вы сопровождаете комментариями об их профессиональной пригодности. Пожалуйста, отнеситесь к этому серьёзно и измените Ваш стиль общения в Викиданных, так как следующая блокировка может быть бессрочной.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Жаль что у Викиднных нет стандартов насколько некачесвенными могут быть правки и насколько асоциально-аргессивными могут быть отдельные редакторы.

Из 100-1000 участников с кем я работал возмущение возникает у скольки?

Делайте выводы сами.

Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Это не имеет абсолютно никакого значения. В интернете полно проектов, где угрозы и оскорбления являются нормальными и вопсринимаются совершенно спокойно. Викиданные к ним не относятся.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)
Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Я боюсь, Вам не следует участвовать в нашем проекте.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Я привык обсуждать правки и улучшения, а не самих пользователей.

Если пользователь не может ничего обсуждать, а его правки - никто не поддерживает, то я искренне считаю что такому пользователю не место в Викимедиа проектах.

Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Пока что всё наоборот - Вы взялись обсуждать других пользователей, и не смогли никого тут убедить, что Ваши правки полезны.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

> Вы взялись обсуждать других пользователей

Любой может увидеть что на самом деле я обсуждаю на Talk:Q850210

> Вы взялись обсуждать других пользователей

Асоциальное поведение других пользователей, да.

Вопрос задал "please define "revenue" and how it could possibly not mentioned here" 9 September 2017, а он остался без ответа.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Когда такой ералаш происходит на протяжении 9 September 2017-28 September 2017

У кого нервы-то железные будут?..

Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Ну, опять же, если все пользователи вокруг асоциальны, вероятно, Вам стоит подыскать для работы другой проект, где их не так много.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

> Ну, опять же, если все пользователи вокруг асоциальны

Уважаемый, читайте внимательно!

Один пользователь игнорирует вопросы, создаёт проблемы и его правки не поддерживают.

Ни в коем случае не считаю асоциальными людей с которыми я работал и общался. Может кто-то другой скажет такое, не я.

Ymblanter (talkcontribs)

Ну, как скажете. Один - так один.

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Хочу спросить что @Infovarius: думает о более подробном объяснении на Talk:Q7075

и сколько тысяч контр-примеров можно найти к этой правке

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Если хоть кто-то считает что школьная библиотека это организация - дайте мне знать.

Это будет что-то новое

https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/library "1.1 A collection of books and periodicals held in a library."

https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/library "1. A building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution."

User:D1gggg : „I also may ask for a global block for anyone who will support this behaviour“

Summary by D1gggg

No casual and friendly discussion from @Andreasmperu: (as always)

Succu (talkcontribs)

Please have a look at AN.

Canley (talkcontribs)

I think they are going by the Spanish label and description, "oficio", an activity requiring a particular skill which can also mean job or occupation. However the English equivalent for that item "craft" for driving a bus is patently ridiculous. --~~~~

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

>equivalent for that item "craft" for driving a bus is patently ridiculous

Same with Russian: russian "craft" only applies when person created something real like blacksmith (Q1639825).

Just "occupation" is better common ground in most languages.

Summary by D1gggg

User unable to collaborate: "Finally, please avoid pinging me constantly" Wikidata:Administrators'_noticeboard#Unhelpfull_edits_.40Andreasmperu:

Andreasmperu (talkcontribs)

If somebody thinks that you are wrong, chances are that you are wrong. So you need to check your edits, read the Wikipedia articles and external identifiers, understand the statements, etc. Doings all that takes time, but it is the only way to be sure you are not wrong. If more than one person think you are wrong, you are most likely wrong. In both cases, you need to assume you could be wrong out of respect to the other/others taking the time to fix the mistake. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes (it is probably impossible to be always right), but it is wrong not to listen and persist.

I don't think I am the only one, but I can only talk about my work. Normally, I take a long time to establish a relationship between one item and another. Mostly, I found other problems that need solving before I can actually move forward with the original task (item needs to be split into two or more, old vandalism, etc). I found quite concerning that you radically change items (specially when using P279) without stopping to reflect on the changes, and that you seem to have a free interpretation of how to use references.

It looks like you have plenty of free time, but there is no rush here, no need to accumulate edits in a short period of time. Just take longer before making a change. Because, unless you changed your attitude, you would end up being banned. Finally, please avoid pinging me constantly, I am already wasting a lot of time reviewing your edits (which appeared all over my watch list, by the way).

Could we merge secretion (Q29901725) together with secretion (Q84230) ?

Summary by D1gggg

same as Talk:Q84230

Scoid d (talkcontribs)

Is there a reason, why not doing this? 07:50, 23 September 2017 (UTC).

Please join this talk . --Scoid d

D1gggg (talkcontribs)

Q84230 is about process; Q29901725 is a result of Q84230 and any other process

alternative ingredients for P:186

Scoid d (talkcontribs)

I am glad to see, regarding my question Wikidata:Project chat/Archive/2017/09#Definition of alternative ingredients in Material .28P:18.29, that you feel the need for another qualifier for P:186 too. I would not go so far to state "We need a qualifier for "typical" parts and materials from "possible" and "compatible"." as you did. I simply need to define, that e.g. fabric for trousers can be made of linen, silk, cotton or wool or a frame for a window could be made out of wood, aluminum, iron or plastic.

How can we go through the accreditation process in wikidata, I am not used to? Would you trigger this?

D1gggg (talkcontribs)