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В татарском языке нет такого словаEdit

Hi! What word does not exist in Tatar language? Awıl (Q20571989) (tt:«Авыл» газетасы) is, as far as I understand, a journal; but certainly not a settlement type, while Q28520650 (tt:Казан (Томск районы)) is a settlement, so its instance of (P31) statement should be a settlement type. —Tacsipacsi (talk) 18:58, 18 February 2020 (UTC)

Tacsipacsi, Авыл is a village, the word сала is not, it is an incorrect pronunciation of the word село (village) of the Russian language--Ilnur efende (talk) 19:34, 18 February 2020 (UTC)

But tt:«Авыл» газетасы is not about village in general, it’s about a journal named Awıl. If you think hamlet (Q5084)’s Tatar label is wrong, feel free to correct it, but Awıl (Q20571989) is about a journal and it should remain being about the journal. —Tacsipacsi (talk) 20:02, 18 February 2020 (UTC)