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Wikidata:WikiProject Random

The inspiration behind this project is that it can be rewarding and interesting to research and flesh out random Wikidata items. Each week items, properties and lexemes are generated at random. All are encouraged to collaboratively improve the random selection as they see fit.

For those who enjoy collaboration, this project may serve as a different way to contribute to Wikidata and generate discussion. This can bring to attention areas where new properties are needed or item modelling is weak. It's also a great way to expose yourself to new information and ideas.

Random SelectionEdit

How to contributeEdit

Obviously standard Wikidata contribution rules apply, but here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Add yourself to Wikidata:WikiProject Random/Participants. This way an additional five items will be added to the list on the next update
  • Watch the generation page to be notified of updates.
  • Only contribute what you're comfortable with. Some items may be difficult to model and require in-depth discussion. Some items may be difficult to research or require specialist knowledge to really improve. Feel free to leave them be.
  • Try picking a single item and aim to add as much detail as you can - alternatively try adding one piece of information to each item.
  • There are many small and large ways to contribute.
    • Check instance of (P31) (or subclass of (P279) )
    • Add applicable name in native language (P1559) (people), title (P1476) (works), native label (P1705) (places)
    • Research the subject and add new sourced statements. human (Q5) items in particular are a treasure trove of information.
    • Add sources to existing statements. Much of Wikidata currently lacks proper sourcing. Statements imported from Wikipedia are a great place to start improving since the sources should be given in the article.
    • Fix constraint violations on items. This can vary from a simple change of value, to changing the constraint itself or even digging deeper and changing the modelling of the item.
    • Add new constraints to properties. This can be a quick way to make a wide reaching change which will improve the data on other items. See Help:Property_constraints_portal.
    • Use the search links, e.g. search Mix'n'match for external identifiers that match the item. Can provide valuable sources of information and increase notability of the item with interlinked information.
    • Try to link the item from relevant other items (e.g. author of a publication, location of some event)
  • If properties to add relevant information are missing, please formulate a property proposal
  • If you identify an issue with an item that could apply to a hundreds or thousands of similar items, attempt to formulate a bot request to improve them. If items were initially created by bot, draw the attention of the item creator to the point.
  • Make use of item talk pages! Learn from the experience of others and seek group consensus when uncertain. This also leaves a discussion footprint for anyone who may have the same questions further down the line.

Random findsEdit

finds/requests elsewhere, most recent first

generation 9 September 2019Edit

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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Random}}

Generation GuidelinesEdit

Generation should be done once per week on Sunday. For the time being, SilentSpike, is performing this process. If for some reason it has not taken place by Monday, feel free to do so. Perhaps the task can be automated at some point.


A generation script written in Python is available. It only uses the Python 3 standard library and will output results into an output.txt file for convenient pasting into the generation page.

Manual Method

To manually generate items, properties and lexemes use

Generation RulesEdit

In the interest of variety, some item generation rules are applied

  1. Items which are instances of any of the following are limited to 1 item per 10 (keeping the first encountered instance)
  2. Items which have only one sitelink which is to any of the following are limited to 1 item per 10
    • cebwiki
    • svwiki
  3. Items which are instances of the following are always discarded

If you're familiar with Python check out the generation script to see the actual rule implementations.

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