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Wikidata:Partnerships and data imports

Partnerships and data imports
This page provides a space to discuss importing data from external sources and forming partnerships with external organisations.

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ISO 639-3 Change RequestsEdit

The registration authority for ISO 639-3 language codes maintains a database of published change requests. Since these documents provide background about languages for which there’s often very little information, it would be nice to have metadata about these documents in Wikidata. Then, they could be used as reference for claims via stated in (P248). Each ISO 639-3 change request gets published as a PDF file (example); the database is here. Could the metadata be imported into Wikidata? How? New documents get published (and later approved or rejected) all the time. So it would be good to set up some permanent process that sync with the database. I can establish the contact with the registration authority if needed. Please advise how to proceed, eg. on which server the database import bot could run, how to best write it, any legal concerns to resolve, etc. Perhaps this can be implemented like the import for RFC Editor Repository (Q33133762) which creates items like RFC 4646: Tags for Identifying Languages (Q47470453); how can I find out how this works? Thanks for any pointers. — Sascha (talk) 11:58, 16 January 2019 (UTC)