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Descriptionimage of the artist's mark on the work identifying themselves as such: name, initials or monogram; sometimes including "fecit", "sculpsit" or "pinxit"
Representssignature (Q1373131)
Data typeCommons media file
Domainpaintings and other works
Allowed valuesimage of artist's signature only
Example 1Adam (Q27697307)File:Duerermonogramm Adam 1507.jpg
Example 2Landscape with a Footbridge (Q3888854)File:Albrecht Altdorfer monogram (Footbridge Landscape, in the sky).jpg
Example 3Q69773698File:Suzette Holtens monogram 1932.jpg
Example 4Repair work on the railway (Q16691862)File:Savitsky Repair work on the railway gtg signature1.jpg
Example 5Teodelapio (Q3983835)File:Firma_di_Alexander_Calder_sul_Teodelapio_a_Spoleto.JPG
Example 6Sgraffiti of Ludwigstraße 14 (Bad Kötzting) (Q70919212)File:Bad Koetzting Ludwigstr 14 005.jpg
Example 7Margrave Christoph I of Baden (Q29480571)File:Hans Baldung - autograph in the painting Markgraf Christoph I. von Baden.JPG
Example 8Altar of St. Maria (Auhausen) (Q70919615)File:Auhausen_St._Maria_475gf.JPG
Example 9Bronze knight (Q70919879)File:Klagenfurt_St._Peter_Welzenegg_Gottscheer_Strasse_1_Filialkirche_hl._Ulrich_Monument_Baron_Kaiserstein_Detail_29122016_5914.jpg
Example 10Gustav-Adolf-Brunnen (Q20480097)File:MelvilleSignatur.JPG
Example 11Musikantenbrunnen, Oberhaching (Q65517779)File:Oberhaching Musikantenbrunnen (4).jpg
Example 12Copper statue of Saint Thomas (Q70920699)File:Villach Obere Fellach Kupferblech-Statue hl Thomas Monogramm des Kunstschmieds 26062017 9883.jpg
Example 13Landscape with Woodcutter (Q70921444)File:Albrecht Altdorfer monogram (Woodcutter Landscape, cut into a tree).jpg
Example 14Christ and the Adulteress (Q70921935)File:Alessandro allori, cristo e l'adultera, 1577 (s. spirito) 09 firma.jpg
Example 15The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius (Q642198)File:Carlo crivelli, annunciazione con sant'emidio, dalla chiesa dell'annunciazione ad ascoli 12 firma.jpg
Example 16Saint Jerome in His Study (Q1989202)File:Albrecht dürer, san girolamo nello studio, 1521, 03 libri con firma.jpg
Example 17Assumption of the Virgin (Q70922928)File:Andrea boscoli, assunzione della vergine coi ss. francesco e caterina da siena, 1605 ca. (san ginesio, chiesa di s. francesco) 11 piede e firma.jpg
Example 18Venus and Cupid (Q70923347)File:Alessandro allori, venere e amore, 1575-80 ca. (montpellier, museo fabre) 09 firma.jpg
Example 19Argenteuil (Q2860945)File:Edouard manet, argenteuil, 1874, 04 firma.jpg
Example 20Annunciation (Q3618170)File:Bartolomeo vivarini, annunciazione, 1472 (modugno, chiesa matrice) 03 firma e data.jpg
Example 21Q70970430File:Boccaccio boccaccino, madonna in trono tra i ss. vincenzo e antonio da padova, 1518, da s. vincenzo, 06 firma.jpg
Example 22Self-portrait (Q70970953)File:Cagnaccio di san pietro, autoritratto, 1938, 03 firma.jpg
Example 23Q70972122File:Cagnaccio di san pietro, primavera, 1923-25, 03 firma.jpg
Example 24Q70972435File:Felice damiani, cristo nutrito dagli angeli, 1598, 03 firma e data.jpg
Example 25Q70972929File:Galeazzo e giovan battista ghidoni, resurrezione del bambino annegato, 1620-25 ca. 08 firma.jpg
Example 26Q70973369File:Georges seurat, la riva sottovento a honfleur, 1886, 02 firma.jpg
Example 27Q70973703File:Giampietro silvio, cristo morto sostenuto da tre angeli, 1520-50 circa (san giacomo a serina) 05 firma.JPG
Example 28The Flageolet Player on the Cliff (Q70974892)File:Paul gauguin, il suonatore di zufolo sulla collina, 1889, 02 firma.jpg
Example 29Q71003533File:Augsburg Schaezlerpalais Mattes 2013-05-05 (5).JPG
Example 30Q71003837File:Balthasar van der ast, natura morta con frutta, conchiglie e tulipano, 1620, 03 firma e data, pesca.jpg
Example 31Q71004021File:Blick auf Steyr 19Jh Signatur.jpg
Example 32Saint Francis of Assisi and scenes of his life (Q3947103)File:Bonaventura Berlinghieri, San Francesco e storie della sua vita, 1235, 06 firma.jpg
Example 33Neptune's Horses (Q30065510)File:Batch Mattes 20130310 NP (15).JPG
Example 34Max Schmitt in a Single Scull (Q1913390)File:Detail max schmitt in a single scull thomas eakins.jpeg
Example 35Portrait of Edith (the artist's wife) (Q24050831)File:Egon schiele, ritratto di edith (la moglie dell'artista), 1915, 04 firma.jpg
Example 36Q71004456File:Endre1Nemes2.JPG
Example 37Q71004596File:Endre2Nemes2.JPG
Example 38Q71004737File:Fabrizio boschi, cristo verso il calvario e la veronica, 1613, 03 firma.jpg
Example 39Q71005775File:Francesco gioli, contadina con cesta alla vendemmia, 1895, 03 firma.jpg
Example 40Q71005963File:Giovanni fattori, in ricognizione, 1899, 02 firma.jpg
Example 41Napoleon I on his Imperial Throne (Q1282840)File:Jean-auguste-dominique ingres, napoleone I sul trono imperiale, 1806, 11 firma.jpg
Example 42Q71029732File:Giovanni maria butteri, sacra conversazione, 1597, 07 firma e data fiori.jpg
Example 43Charity (Q71030290)File:Il poppi, la carità, 1575-80 ca. (fi, galleria dell'accademia) 06 firma.jpg
Example 44Q71030974File:Jacob philipp hackert, marina piccola di sorrento, 1794, firma.JPG
Example 45Q71031680File:Henry carot su cartone di albert besnard, vetrata con cigni sul lago d'annecy dalla casa del pittore henry lerolle a parigi, 1890, 05 firma.JPG
Example 46Q71032418File:Lorenzo costa, sposalizio della vergine tra i ss. gioacchino, anna e un frate francescano, 1505, dall'annunziata 03 firma.jpg
Example 47Mogliano Altarpiece (Q71032685)File:Lorenzo lotto, assunta di mogliano, coi ss. g. battista, m. maddalena, giuseppe e il beato pietro da mogliano, 1548, predella 04 firma e data.jpg
Example 48The Intervention of the Sabine Women (Q1314013)File:Louis david, le sabine, 1799, 04,1 firma.jpg
Example 49Annunciation with Saints (Q71033815)File:Lorenzo veneziano, annunciazione e quattro santi, 1360-70 ca. 03 firma.JPG
Example 50Susanna bathing. (Q29863003)File:Théodore Chassériau, Susanna al bagno, 1839, firma.jpg
Example 51Q71049570File:Chaim soutine, bouquet de rose à la statue de platre, 1918, 02 firma.jpg
Example 52Chez le père Lathuille (Q1632817)File:Edouard manet, chez le père lathuille, 1879, 05 firma.jpg
Example 53
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See alsoimage (P18), signature (P109)


An image of a painter's signature on a work can make it easier to compare them with signatures of the same painter on other paintings. I don't think the existing signature (P109) would be suitable as it's meant for items about people and its definition of "signature" somewhat differs.

Proposal following discussion with Jane023 at Wikidata_talk:WikiProject_sum_of_all_paintings#Artist's signature on painting. Please add more samples (Add your motivation for this property here.) --- Jura 07:28, 12 October 2019 (UTC)

  • @Sailko: it seems that many images are uploaded by you. --- Jura 06:11, 15 October 2019 (UTC)


  • One downside to that approach: Sometimes sources blow up the signature but have the painting as a whole at a resolution where the signature by itself is not clearly visible. Calliopejen1 (talk) 16:35, 14 October 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support I always try to make a detail of the signature, if I spot. Would be nice to have a field to link that in Wikidata --Sailko (talk) 06:57, 15 October 2019 (UTC)
  •   Comment Would this result in infobox clutter? It would also likely result in more cluttered Commons categories, as conceivably every distinct painting could have its own accompanying cropped signature file. -Animalparty (talk) 04:49, 2 November 2019 (UTC)