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Coverage of the Lords is currently substantially behind that of the Commons, so bear in mind that any queries may well return incomplete data.

As the Lords have a different approach to membership than the Commons, there is no need for per-term membership items, though if party affiliation changes then a new P39 item should be created. Each Lord should have:

This last is not very well-developed and may be refined to (eg) indicate the difference between distinct classes of Lords Spiritual.

Anyone entitled to sit is modelled as a member of the Lords even if they are known not to have taken their seat; in this case, a significant event (P793) qualifier is appropriate. However, hereditary peers should not be shown as members of the Lords after 1999 unless they specifically held one of the elected hereditary places.

For lords temporal, the specific details of their peerage[s] should be modelled separately using noble title (P97) with date qualifiers. This can have either a generic value such as baron (Q165503), or the specific title such as Duke of Montrose (Q59106). A follows/followed by qualifier would be appropriate if using the item for a specific title. At some point it would be good to explicitly link the "enabling title" with the Lords membership, but that may require a more complex model.