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An art movement can (among other things) include the following properties:

Art movements for artists and for works of artEdit

Art movements can be added to persons and artworks, using the property movement (P135). Examples (see also the photos on this page):

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Article description field of work country location inception end time Commons category influenced by discoverer or inventor Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID Freebase ID
Renaissance cultural movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century Western Europe 16th century Renaissance 300021140 /m/06cvx
Dada avant-garde art movement in the early 20th century 190s Dada Ubu roi
anti-war movement
African art
300021500 /m/0298q
neoclassicism Western cultural movement inspired by ancient Greece and Rome 1830 Neoclassicism 300021477
Art Nouveau international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art 1890 190s Art Nouveau 300021430 /m/0g6pl
Romanticism period of artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that started in 18th century Europe 180s 19th century Romanticism 300172863 /m/06hsk
Baroque cultural movement, starting around 1600 170s Baroque art Council of Trent 300021147 /m/0194x
African studies field of academic study of Africa, especially the continent's cultures and societies Africa 300389815 /m/07x0yp
modern art artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s Modern art /m/015r61
surrealism international cultural movement that began in the early 1920s 190s 190s Surrealism Dada
metaphysical painting
300021512 /m/073_6
Impressionism 19th-century art movement 180s Impressionism Louis Leroy
Francesco Filippini
Claude Monet
300021503 /m/03xj1
Cubism early-20th-century avant-garde art movement France 1907 Cubism Paul Cézanne
African art
300021495 /m/09ff3
Romanesque art artistic style of Europe from approximately 1000 AD to the 13th century Europe 12th century Romanesque art Byzantine art
Insular art
300020768 /m/08bx3w
Gothic art style of Medieval art developed in Northern France France
Holy Roman Empire
Ancient Rome
150s Gothic art 300020775 /m/03mmhl
postmodernism broad movement that developed in the mid- to late 20th century across philosophy, the arts, architecture, and criticism Postmodernism 300022208 /m/05wkc
Naturalism art movement Naturalist paintings 300311115 /m/06wdmm
Caravaggisti followers of the 16th-century Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio Caravaggeschi 300386054 /m/0c3v8gh
expressionism modernist art movement Expressionism The Blue Rider
Die Brücke
300021502 /m/0pybl
avant-garde works that are experimental or innovative Avant-garde art 300055775 /m/0k345
Fluxus international network of artists, composers and designers performance art
visual arts
urban planning
190s Fluxus John Cage
Marcel Duchamp
George Maciunas 300022168 /m/0lvd8
Rococo 18th-century artistic movement and style art of painting
art of sculpture
interior design
170s Rococo art 300021155 /m/096jl
Bauhaus school in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts Germany 1919 Bauhaus Deutscher Werkbund
De Stijl
300021432 /m/018cy
abstract art art with a degree of independence from visual references in the world Abstract art 300417511
futurism artistic and social movement Italy
1909 Futurism (art) Cubism 300021374 /m/01hl64
mannerism style of European art 1520 Mannerism 300021144 /m/05095
pop art art movement 190s Pop art Dada
popular culture
abstract expressionism
300022205 /m/0q4mn
Zero group of artists 1958 1966 ZERO Color Field /m/0h3r32j
Barbizon school artistic movement of landscape painters of the first part and mid-19th century Barbizon 1825 Barbizon School 300264658 /m/01yfx3
magic realism artistic movement 300021351 /m/0127jb
neo-impressionism art movement Art Institute of Chicago Neo-Impressionist paintings Félix Fénéon 300021505 /m/049xrv
Die Brücke German expressionist artist group Germany 1905-06-07 1913 Die Brücke Albrecht Dürer
Matthias Grünewald
Lucas Cranach the Elder
Biedermeier art movement Biedermeier 300021434 /m/05gnv8
degenerate art term used by the German Nazi regime to describe modern art Germany Entartete Kunst 300021341 /m/017mfk
Carolingian Renaissance 8th-9th century renaissance within the Carolingian Empire 09th century /m/0vjmf
New Objectivity attitude of public life in Weimar Germany as well as the art, literature, music, and architecture created to adapt to it New Objectivity Art Deco 300056541
Group E group of Attic vase painters of the black-figure style Group E /m/0h97tv2
Symbolism art movement France
Russian Empire
1857 Symbolism (arts) 300021514 /m/0nk1p
fauvism artistic style that emphasized painterly qualities and strong color over the representational or realistic values retained by Impressionism 1904 Fauvisme 300021300 /m/04lx1
post-impressionism predominantly French art movement that developed roughly between 1886 and 1905 Post-Impressionism 300021508 /m/015xrq
classicism art movement; architectural style 1840 Classicism 300056513 /m/0pbzd
minimalism movements in various forms of art and design Minimalism modernism 300065758 /m/057k3
Art Deco influential visual arts design style which first appeared in France during the 1920s applied arts
interior design
industrial design
graphic arts
France 190s
Art Deco Société des artistes décorateurs
modern architecture
Eugène Grasset
Georges Braque
Paul Cézanne
300021426 /m/0tyq
Thirties Generation art and literary movement in Greece Greece
abstract expressionism World War II art movement in America Abstract expressionism 300022099 /m/012yb9
socialist realism Soviet style of realistic art depicting communist values Soviet Union 1932 Socialist realism AKhRR
300021404 /m/0hkjj
op art style of visual art that uses optical illusions 190s Op art 300022195 /m/018dgm
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood group of English painters, poets, and critics, founded in 1848 1848 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood John Ruskin 300021225 /m/0q245
ukiyo-e Japanese art genre, fl. 17th–19th c., consisting of woodblock prints and paintings of such subjects as female beauties, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, scenes from history and folk tales, travel scenes, landscapes, flora, fauna, and erotica Japan 17th century 19th century Ukiyo-e Hishikawa Moronobu 300106769 /m/0bwbv
academic art style of painting and sculpture produced under the influence of European academies of art Academic art 300056465
Brazilian academic art art movement in Brazil Brazil Academic paintings in Brazil academic art /m/05mqmkr
Empire style 19th-century art movement and style of architecture and interior design Empire architecture 300021269 /m/05rj4y
suprematism early 20th-century art movement Russian Empire 1913 Suprematism Cubism 300021405 /m/01qvqj
conceptual art contemporary art movement 190s Conceptual art Marcel Duchamp
found object
constructivism artistic and architectural philosophy Constructivism Cubism 300021393 /m/07fzg6
De Stijl Dutch artistic movement abstract art Netherlands 1917 1932-01 De Stijl Cubism
M. H. J. Schoenmaekers
Hendrik Petrus Berlage
Frank Lloyd Wright
Kazimir Malevich
300021259 /m/01g_xm
Vienna Secession group of Austrian artists and architects Austria
1897-04-03 Vienna Secession /m/04zh55
COBRA artist collective and art movement Belgium 1948-11-08 COBRA (movement) James Ensor /m/01gd5x
Quattrocento Italian Renaissance Republic of Florence
Republic of Venice
Zopf style variant of late Baroque in Central Europe in the 18th century 300108106
Hellenistic art art movement Hellenistic art 300020101 /m/0g37f_
Viking art term for art of Scandinavia and Viking settlements of 8th-11th centuries CE Scandinavia 08th century 11th century Viking art 300021010 /m/06p86p
Transavantgarde art movement Italy /m/03nps28
Delft School school in 17th century Dutch painting Dutch Republic /m/03chyfd
Kanō school school of Japanese painting, late 15th century until Meiji Period, 1868 Japan 15th century 1868 Kanō school Chinese painting 300018653 /m/029wkm
aestheticism art movement emphasizing aesthetic considerations over social values United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 180s Aestheticism 300018124 /m/0182g8
Incoherents 19th-century French art movement France 180s Arts incohérents /m/0bdczx
École de Nancy art movement Nancy 1901 École de Nancy /m/0fp_6q2
School of Paris art movement École de Paris /m/06b94t
Nouveau réalisme artist group and art movement 1960 1970 Dada 300112105 /m/0543z4
Sots Art Soviet Union Socialist art /m/03gr_jv
historicism art and architecture movement Historicism 300391347 /m/03d0c1k
naïve art art movement Naïve art 300263555 /m/01b8q0
Beuron Art School 1868 Beuroner Kunstschule /m/027btt8
Munich School Munich School /m/02w9zjj
land art form of art creation in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked Land art 300047857 /m/018q2s
Arts and Crafts movement international design movement decorative arts 1910 Arts and Crafts Movement 300266319 /m/0d28s
New Figuration 300022191
hard-edge painting movement in painting 1959 Jules Langsner 300022175 /m/01rg39
auricular style style of ornamental decoration Auricular style /m/0j7kclp
agitprop political art from Soviet Russia Soviet Union 1991 300055540 /m/01c6hm
new media art type of art that uses media technology New media art 300386814 /m/04z_yl
Pont-Aven School art movement 1850 Paintings of Pont-Aven /m/09d_w1
European comics comics produced in Continental Europe /m/05_mqv
neo-romanticism movements from the era of Romanticism 300021476 /m/01f56t
Nazarene movement early 19th century German Romantic painters Confederation of the Rhine 1809-07-10 Nazarener /m/03m3nw
Neo-geo art movement 300265635 /m/05myvf4
Early Netherlandish painting work of artists active in the Low Countries during the 15th- and 16th-century Northern Renaissance art of painting
art of drawing
Burgundian Netherlands
Habsburg Netherlands
City of Brussels
150s Early Netherlandish painters 300387753 /m/03d02m
American Renaissance art movement and architectural style United States of America 1917 /m/01vztg
American scene painting art movement 300164372 /m/07ftr1
environmental art genre of art engaging nature and ecology Environmental art 300121451 /m/025ss97
Antwerp Mannerism style of painting and drawing practiced by artists working in Antwerp during the period from circa 1500 to 1530 Southern Netherlands Antwerp 15th century /m/0c1qv2
Amsterdam Impressionism art movement Netherlands /m/0c2n08
purism French art movement art of painting
France 1918 1925 Purism 300122664 /m/06kl18
Les Nabis artist collective 1888 /m/015ym8
Young British Artists loose group of visual artists installation art United Kingdom 1988 Young British Artists Freeze
East Country Yard Show
300263412 /m/014wxs
Orphism art movement abstract art 1912 Orphism fauvism
Paul Signac
Michel Eugène Chevreul
Charles Henry
Guillaume Apollinaire 300134101 /m/03rgzj
Photo-Secession group of photographers and art movement photography United States of America 1902 Photo-Secession The Linked Ring 300108181 /m/027bcpb
process art art movement Brazil 300022209 /m/02q0l5r
Activism art movement in Hungary (1910s-1920s) Kingdom of Hungary
public art art genre, created to be in a public space public space Public art 300056501 /m/01v7lm
Art & Language american, australian and british artists United Kingdom
United States of America
1968 Art & Language modern art
Clement Greenberg
Wu School /m/0djdnl
Macchiaioli art movement art of painting 180s Macchiaioli /m/07xq2x
Eurasiatic animal style Iron Age art movement characterized by the use of animal motifs -00th millenium Animal style /m/0492g2
Arte Povera Italian art movement Italy 1967 1972 Arte Povera Germano Celant 300047851 /m/04_d7p
neoclassic painting Neoclassical paintings
School of Fontainebleau art movement by artists active at Fontainebleau 1530s-1610 École de Fontainebleau /m/034ltq
Danube school art movement Danube School 300263782 /m/04lh89
neo-expressionism art movement 300022189 /m/03r8n4
outsider art art created outside the boundaries of official culture by those untrained in the arts Outsider art 300056472
New Romantic 1970s British pop culture movement 1979 /m/01b4p4
subjective photography photography genre 300181199
Bloomsbury Group influential group of associated English writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists Bloomsbury Group /m/0bjkt
Venetian school Renaissance art movement Venetian school /m/080c2h7
Northern Renaissance Renaissance that occurred in the European countries north of the Alps 300252246 /m/03mgmk
Insular art style of art produced in the post-Roman history of the British Isles manuscript illumination
art of sculpture
British Isles 05th century
07th century
11th century Insular art Celtic Christianity
Celtic art
Anglo-Saxon art
Carolingian art art of the Frankish empire, ca. 780–900 Carolingian art 300020764 /m/06qtv2
Russian Futurism movement of Russian poets and artists /m/0c_q4g
archaic sculpture -0480 Archaic Greek art
Realism sculpture France
Neue Wilde German art movement Germany /m/03r8n4
literary realism literary movement 1900 Literary realism /m/026llv5
intimism art movement of paintings and drawings of quiet domestic scenes
Madí Argentinian art group and art movement Argentina 1944 /m/04q1mxy
Viennese Actionism movement in 20th-century art performance art
art of painting
body art
Austria Vienna 1960 1971 300047933 /m/029m7b
Vormärz Period of German history before the 1848 revolution /m/026dkl1
pre-Romanesque art art style of Europe between the fall of Rome and the 11th century Pre-Romanesque art 300020760
Ashcan School American art movement United States of America 1910 Ashcan School 300120324 /m/039wln
graphic novel book with primarily comics contents 300265568 /m/0py0z
Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne organization, network and series of congresses about the Modern Movement in architecture 1928-06 Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne /m/02322_
Pompeian Styles artistic styles of Roman murals Ancient Roman frescos of Pompeii 300020605 /m/0dtv_q
hyperrealism art movement Hyperrealism /m/0f404j
Japonisme European imitation of Japanese art during the 19th and 20th centuries Japonisme Japanese art
music of Japan
300055785 /m/05xkth
metaphysical painting painting movement 1917
1920 Metaphysical art 300021376 /m/06r_26
art of the Paleolithic oldest form of prehistoric art Cave art /m/063ymzj
Renaissance of the 12th century era in European history /m/08_l2z
ink wash painting painting technique Ink and wash paintings 300114433
Lettrism French avant-garde movement founded by Isadore Isou in mid-1940s Paris 1945 Lettrism Dada
Bergen School /m/05c4hcx
en plein air act of painting outdoors Painting en plein air 300266829 /m/064s0
Harlem Renaissance African-American cultural movement in New York City in the 1920s Harlem Renaissance Great Migration 300121558 /m/019y_2
Etruscan art art movement Etruscan art 300020499 /m/02rlc6k
Inuit art Art created by Inuit peoples of the Arctic Inuit art /m/02z1j3b
Kerch style art movement Kerch style 300020202 /m/0g8dw5
social realism art showing conditions of the working class Weimar Republic 300061066 /m/01p0s6
shin-hanga Japanese printmaking style, ca. 1915 to 1950 woodblock printing Japan 1915 190s Shin Hanga ukiyo-e Shōzaburō Watanabe 300262954 /m/07gjf9
Mail art art movement Mail art Fluxus 300121462 /m/01h8m6
neoplasticism art theory Neo-plasticism 300021262
Decadent movement late 19th century artistic and literary movement of Western Europe 300021439 /m/0dzpjp
cinquecento the 16th century as a period of Italian art, architecture, or literature Republic of Florence
Republic of Venice
primitivism art movement Primitivism 300174254
pictorialism photography movement 180s Pictorialism 300111559 /m/01cwxk
neorealism art movement /m/0955rx
Company style hybrid Indo-European style of paintings made in India by Indian artists in the 18th and 19th centuries 18th century Company style 300018959 /m/02qt5pc
International Gothic art style International Gothic 300020786 /m/01fg2w
New Leipzig School art movement art of painting Germany Leipzig 190s Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig
German reunification
modernism movement of art, culture, philosophy and architecture Modernism 300021474 /m/04y41
Cloisonnism style of post-Impressionist painting art of painting Édouard Dujardin 300021297 /m/04xgs1
Nine lyric poets group of humans /m/08kgxd
Bolognese School art movement art of painting Italy Bologna 15th century 16th century /m/08_chs
Migration Period art art movement 04th century Migration period art Roman art 300106978 /m/06n90k
Baroque in Brazil Baroque movement as it manifested itself in Brazil literature
art of sculpture
art of painting
Brazil 16th century Baroque art in Brazil /m/05mslr5
vorticism short-lived modernist movement in British art and poetry of the early 20th century Vorticism Cubism 300021515 /m/01584j
ero guro literary and artistic movement originating circa 1930 in Japan Japan /m/07f9tc
Novecento Italiano Italian artistic movement Italy 300265843 /m/04gspws
Neo-Dada art movement Dada Barbara Rose 300022187 /m/049684
Renaissance sculpture art of sculpture in the Renaissance Renaissance sculptures
muralism global movement inspired by Mexican muralism Murals in Mexico /m/04ycq4h
photorealism art genre and movement Photorealism 300022201 /m/02cywx
Rayonism art movement Rayonism 300021397 /m/020hdb
Hudson River school American art movement United States of America Hudson River School 300379047 /m/023ts6
Bengal School of Art an art movement and a style of Indian painting in the early 20th century Bengal school of art /m/0623x0
Anglo-Saxon art art of the Anglo-Saxon period Anglo-Saxon art Germanic animal style /m/06lh4s
classical Greek sculpture ancient Greece sculpture Ancient Greek sculptures
New Valencian School Spain
Proto-Renaissance cultural movement preceding the Italian Renaissance 12th century 300020787
Merovingian art art of the Franks under the Merovingian dynasty 05th century Merovingian art 300019512 /m/0cs6sw
École européenne Hungary 1945
brutalism 20th century style of architecture 190s Brutalist architecture Reyner Banham
Hans Asplund
300112048 /m/026y56
Mughal painting particular style of South Asian painting confined to miniatures Mughal miniatures /m/06rzv2
Informalism art movement in Europe, parallel to abstract expressionism Europe 190s Michel Tapié 300022176 /m/0wymp9l
Centro de Arte y Comunicación Argentine art organization and conceptual art movement Argentina 1968-08 /m/0g0fgz
Ottonian art art style in Germany under the Ottonian emperors Holy Roman Empire 10th century Ottonian art Carolingian art
early Christian art and architecture
Byzantine art
300020766 /m/06rfl7
Chen-style t'ai chi ch'uan Chinese martial art created by the Chen family /m/041ngr
Section d'Or art group 1911 /m/09n6sv
studio glass the use of glass as an artistic medium to produce sculptures or three-dimensional artworks Glass art /m/0bmhdjq
Catalan modernism architectural and artistic movement originating in late-19th-century Catalonia, Spain Spain Catalonia 1911 Modernisme 300312268 /m/01t1ys
Post-romanticism cultural movement /m/09p_xf
Young Poland cultural movement in Poland visual arts
Poland 1890 Young Poland Positivism in Poland 300266311 /m/02vdrk
Costumbrismo art movement Costumbrismo /m/0886m1
Polish School of Posters art movement Poland /m/06w5f52
Escuela de Vallecas Spain 1927
Luminism late-impressionist or neo-impressionist style in painting art of painting Luminism 300411669 /m/08cvxr
praxeology deductive study of human action action
Color Field art movement emerging in New York during the 1940s, using large fields of flat, solid color, with less emphasis on brushstrokes 190s Color field paintings 300022120 /m/03hmqc
Hague School artistic movement Netherlands The Hague 1860 Hague School /m/05xlq3
feminist art art that reflects women’s lives and experiences Feminist art /m/0_89b15
Glasgow School art movement part of Art Nouveau in Glasgow, Scotland decorative arts
textile art
art of painting
180s 190s Glasgow School 300375728 /m/065sw6
Neue Slowenische Kunst micronation 1984 Neue Slowenische Kunst /m/015gb9
Gothic sculpture Gothic sculptures
food art set of artistic practices using food as a creative material
Jugendstil artistic movement; German equivalent of art nouveau 300021313
ligne claire drawing style Klare lijn /m/01lj9l
Mammen style art movement of Viking Age Scandinavia Scandinavia 10th century 11th century 300021011 /m/03qd1zc
Sienese School Siena 13th century Sienese School of painting /m/0rsfz
Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel artist collective kinetic art France 1960-07
Katsukawa school Japanese art movement ukiyo-e Japan 170s Miyagawa Shunsui 300018655 /m/0glzyc
Spin art /m/03ch4bp
historically informed performance approach to the performance of classical music 190s Historically informed performance /m/01_h9x
Stuckism international art movement 1999 Stuckism 300265674 /m/0fxh8
Roman sculpture Sculpture of ancient Rome Ancient Roman sculptures /m/095ywn
School of Porto art movement of architecture Portugal Porto
ethnofuturism literary genre
Cretan School art movement Greece 13th century Cretan School /m/0272d48
Poetism Czech art and literature movement Czechoslovakia 1923 Dada
Ottonian Renaissance renaissance of Late Antique art in Central/Southern Europe under the first 3 Ottonian dynasty Holy Roman Emperors Holy Roman Empire 1002 /m/0bxqv_
Cubo-Futurism Russian art movement art of painting
art of sculpture
Russian Empire 1913 Cubo-Futurism 300021394 /m/07fsyb
Russian avant-garde influential wave of modern art that flourished in Russia about 1890 to 1930 Russian Empire
Soviet Union
180s 190s Russian avant-garde /m/05jm04
School of Ferrara painter and book illuminators who follow the style of Cosimo Tura Ferrara Italy Ferrara /m/08_0_q
Vienna School of Fantastic Realism art group Austria 1946 300022160 /m/02vjkc
filk folk music of science fiction fandom Filk /m/02wm1
dark romanticism romanticism sub-genre /m/09g39h
Seicento Italian history and culture during the 17th century Republic of Venice /m/0dctrr
Franco-Saxon School West Francia 09th century Franco-Saxon School 300106976
Neo-Attic art movement 300020212 /m/0f71vg
Franco-Belgian comics comic of the classical franco-belgian style Bande dessinée /m/0l_89
Neue Frankfurter Schule Group of satirical artists and writers Germany Neue Frankfurter Schule
Superflat art movement Japan 2000 manga
'Lolita' complex
Takashi Murakami 300266360 /m/03y7_9
Early Renaissance art movement 140s 1500 300021141
High Renaissance short period of the most exceptional artistic production during the Italian Renaissance. 1527 Renaissance paintings 300021142 /m/01z__d
sōsaku-hanga art movement in early 20th-century Japan Empire of Japan 1904 Sōsaku-hanga ukiyo-e
art for art's sake
300310626 /m/07gjpf
Tingatinga contemporary painting style in Tansania Tingatinga /m/0dln815
Gustavian style art movement Sweden
internet art art that uses the internet as a medium or subject Internet art Internet culture /m/019vtn
Precisionism art movement Cubism
Hellenistic sculpture Hellenistic sculptures
Utrecht Caravaggism art movement Dutch Republic Utrecht 160s 1630 Utrecht Caravaggisti Caravaggio /m/06rbhl
Ishizuri-e Japanese woodblock prints Japan Ishizuri-e 300114411 /m/01082srd
Cologne Progressives Left wing art movement in Germany in the 1920s-30s Germany Cologne Progressives /m/0123lr01
nishiki-e Japanese multi-colored woodblock printing woodblock printing Japan 170s Nishiki-e Suzuki Harunobu 300114379
Junk art genre of art made using rubbish or found objects
Ringerike style art style from Scandinavia Scandinavia 11th century 12th century 300021012 /m/03nxgys
Urnes style Viking Age style of ornament 11th century 300020939 /m/03nx27r
Capitalist realism term for commodity-based art, from Pop Art in the 1950s and 1960s to the commodity art of the 1980s and 1990s 300253478 /m/0260tsd
Fantastic Realism art movement in Austria and Germany Austria
1960 surrealism
Hans Bellmer
Salvador Dalí
severe style term for a period of of Greek sculpture Severe style Greek sculptures 300020221 /m/03m7vrk
concretism movement in arts and literature
Lowbrow art movement arose in Los Angeles, California Lowbrow art 300375132 /m/057_ny
Tonalism 19-20th-century US artistic movement using landscapes with colored atmosphere or mist, often gray, brown or blue 300132908 /m/05_7nw
Neues Sehen 1920's photography and art movement 190s Bauhaus
New Objectivity
300263414 /m/0j65v8v
Laren School Netherlands
ledger art Native American narrative art Ledger art /m/05f30fc
Animisme Belgium
prehistoric art art produced in preliterate cultures -350th millenium Prehistoric art 300019257 /m/01xbqw
Bruges School Belgian artistic movement Belgium
Russian symbolism activities and events of the Symbolist movement in 19th-century Russia /m/06jl5k
straight photography photography 300134613 /m/022j_x
Czech Cubism avant-garde art movement Czech Republic
1912 Czech Cubism 300265838 /m/02q53zv
Merz term used by Kurt Schwitters 300021345 /m/0zwnhst
Scapigliatura Milanese artistic and literary movement of the sixties of the 1800s Scapigliatura 300122761 /m/0g7xlp
Molse School Belgium /m/0gmc_hv
Stroganov School Stroganov School /m/079y3s
Flemish Baroque painting painting movement Belgium 1585 1700 Flemish Baroque painters /m/03cv6h0
return to order European art movement /m/053yjq4
Visigothic art art of the Visigoths Iberian Peninsula 05th century Visigothic art 300019494 /m/08k80d
Brabant fauvism Belgian art movement
surimono genre of Japanese woodblock print woodblock printing Japan 170s 180s Surimono 300041296 /m/04grdfx
Pioneer Group a number of red-figure vase painters working in Kerameikos or the potters' quarter of Athens around the beginning of the 5th century BCE Pioneer Group /m/0g57_1
Kapists Twentieth century art movement in Poland Poland /m/02pw3xf
Antwerp school artists active in Antwerp in the 16th and 17th Century Belgium Antwerp 16th century 17th century beeldenstorm /m/02qzz41
Swiss School
absolute schilderkunst
New Hague School movement in the fine arts 1950s and 1960s Netherlands
Groep van de figuratieve abstractie
maximalism art movement /m/04vnk9
Sestigers afrikaans writers' movement /m/02z43cg
Colonie d'Anseremme Belgium
Neo-figurative expressionist revival art movement /m/0d9hlw
Utagawa school ukiyo-e Japan 19th century Utagawa school painters 300018662 /m/01rtyk
Movimento Spaziale art movement 1947 Spatialism Lucio Fontana /m/02wb9qd
Generation of '50 Spanish literary movement Spain /m/011q58gs
Regong arts popular arts on the subject of Tibetan Buddhism
Mao-Spontex Mao-spontex
geometric abstraction form of abstract art involving geometry Geometric abstraction 300056509 /m/05bw0l
Atmospheric impressionism
artistic indianism Brazilian literary and artistic movement Brazil
postminimalism art movement influenced by the aesthetic of minimalism 190s minimalism Robert Pincus-Witten 300112731 /m/01qs5n
interactive art art that involves the spectator installation art Interactive art 300266754 /m/012_28
fairy painting Victorian painting genre and movement Paintings of fairies A Midsummer Night's Dream /m/044tm0
Hasegawa school Japanese painting style, mid-16th to early 18th century Japan 16th century Kanō school 300018651 /m/02796zr
Daedalic style style of Greek sculpture art of sculpture Ancient Greece 300020208
École de Calmpthout Belgium
German Renaissance cultural and artistic movement, part of the Northern Renaissance Germany 15th century Renaissance art in Germany /m/06r8gg
political pop
German Romanticism intellectual movement in the culture of German-speaking countries in the late-18th and early 19th centuries Romanticism in Germany /m/017vjg
Umbrian school Umbrian School of painting
nadaism Colombian counterculture movement Colombia 190s /m/0268ggx
Off-Off-Broadway avant-garde theatrical productions in New York City United States of America 1958 /m/0395tw
didacticism philosophy /m/030h7l
Vendel style
business art
Madhubani art style of painting, practiced in Bihar, India Madhubani painting /m/06sg0q art movement /m/03w22q
relational art tendency in fine art 1996 Relational art Nicolas Bourriaud 300391190 /m/02p_hjr
visual poetry literary and artistic movement Visual poetry 300194347 /m/025t1yk
fundamentele kunst Dutch-Belgian art movement related to minimal art Netherlands
Minimal Art
Synchromism art movement /m/058wt3
existentiële kunst
Baroque sculpture sculpture of the Baroque movement art of sculpture Baroque sculptures Hellenistic period /m/03m3slf
Scottish Renaissance literary movement of the early to mid- 20th century 190s /m/03xns2
Biomorphism art movement /m/06c8jp
africanism artistic movement
Aizuri-e Japanese woodblock prints woodblock printing Japan 180s Aizuri-e Prussian blue /m/04zwhxw
Aka-e Japanese woodblock prints Japan
Anti-poetry art movement
cybernetic art contemporary art form 1956 cybernetics 300047918 /m/0wy0gm3
Art singulier art movement
Art sous l'iconoclasme
Sociological art /m/03cst43
Solar artwork
equitable art 2000s art movement
Novgorod School Russian school noted for its icon and mural painters Novgorod Republic
Grand Duchy of Moscow
Veliky Novgorod 11th century 15th century Byzantine art
Theophanes the Greek
Bad Painting art movement United States of America 300263413 /m/05c1crd
Belgian comics distinct subgroup in the comics history Belgium Comics of Belgium /m/08h0gv
Abstracción constructiva Spain
Benizuri-e type of Japanese woodblock prints woodblock printing Japan 170s Emiya Kichiemon 300041515 /m/05b5dd_
Antropophagia Brazilian cultural movement Brazil 190s Oswald de Andrade
Tarsila do Amaral
Tosa school Japanese art movement Japan 15th century Tosa school paintings 300018660 /m/0578k9
Nanga school of Japanese painting Bunjin 300018580 /m/0h7c7d
Massurrealism Art movement started in the 1990's /m/03m18d
radio art /m/043qdmm
analytical cubism early phase of cubism (ca. 1908–1912) 1908 1912 300133798 /m/070vcg
synthetic cubism later phase of cubism (ca. 1912–14) 1912 300021499 /m/07pcpz
Heidelberg School late 19th century Australian art movement focusing on Australian life, the bush, and the harsh sunlight that typifies the country Australia 180s Heidelberg School Impressionism /m/01y0kv
Torii school school of ukiyo-e artists art of painting
woodblock printing
Japan 160s 300114385 /m/0gv66q
Figuration narrative
Yokohama-e Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock prints depicting foreigners and scenes of Yokohama woodblock printing Japan 1859 180s Yokohama-e 300114356 /m/05b2gcl
Forma 1 Italian artistic group active 1947–1961 1947
Kappazuri Japanese art genre woodblock printing Japan /m/05b4z7b
Andean Baroque architecture Viceroyalty of Peru
1680 1780 /m/0h1d74h
Cuzco School Roman Catholic art movement from Cusco, Peru Peru
1534 Cuzco School 300018086 /m/02vxydp
Group of Thirteen France 1912
Rimpa school major historical school of Japanese painting Japan 16th century Rimpa school paintings 300106734 /m/06ndg9
Belgische affichekunst
L'art pompier derogatory term for some academic art /m/0268fjx
polystylism use of multiple styles or techniques in literature, art, film, or, especially, music /m/03gmpy
Matterism a style of painting featuring heavy impasto.
Mec Art 20th-century art movement
Onirism Literary trend Romania surrealism /m/02vyntb
Flemish School art movement of Flanders of the 16th and 17th centuries Belgium
Southern Netherlands
Mingei Japanese folk art movement Japan Mingei 300260035 /m/0fqv9s
Mono-ha group of 20th-century Japanese artists Japan /m/0h3l76s
Peintres de la Réalité /m/012nvqpy
Movimento Arte Concreta art movement Italy 1948 Movimento Arte Concreta 300265840
Musicalism artistic movement
Nieuwe Kunst
nikuhitsu-ga Japanese paintings in ukiyo-e style art of painting Japan Ukiyo-e paintings /m/027bkz3
Nouvelle école d'Avignon Nouvelle école of Avignon
neo-pop postmodern art movement of the 1980s and 1990s 300251301 /m/027xgnf
Florentine School Italy Florence 13th century Florentine school 300386003 /m/02q1f4l
metamodernism movement which emerged from and reacts to postmodernism /m/0gffw49
italian primitives artistic movement and painting group from the beginning of italian Renaissance
productivism Soviet Union /m/09nbc_
Pre-Code Hollywood US cinema before the Motion Picture Production Code introduction Hollywood 1934-07-01 /m/087lqx
Proto-Cubism transition phase in art history toward Cubism 1906 1910 /m/0rpg1yc
Medieval renaissances cultural renewal across medieval Western Europe 12th century /m/0gtv2cp
French sculpture Sculptures in France
Seiz Breur Breton art movement France 1923 Seiz Breur /m/08x6mr
Permian animal style toreutics Perm Permian animal style /m/0gjdcdm
simultanism movement in abstract painting 1910 Michel Eugène Chevreul
Henry II style artistic movement in sixteenth century France Kingdom of France /m/043qhnx
Troubadour style French historical painting of the early 19th century with idealised depictions of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance France Troubadour style /m/0403q1m
Supports/Surfaces art movement
Belgian surrealism
Manipravalam Lilatilakam /m/06z8qd
Uki-e genre of Japanese images Japan 170s 19th century Uki-e Okumura Masanobu 300114381 /m/0bmc86t
Volcano School Hawaiian art Volcano School painters /m/02qp_2l
Iberian art Pre-Roman Iberia art
Shijō school Japanese school of painting. Shijō school /m/0992hs
School of Brussels comics movement comics Belgium
Crozant School 1870 /m/0j264tt
École de Dakar Senegal Dakar 1960
École de Metz 1870
Rouen School art of painting France /m/0j7lsnx
Bay Area Figurative Movement American art movement United States of America 190s /m/0g8_x5
École de Tunis art movement in Tunisia art of painting Tunisia 1949
Brussels School of Sculpture art movement Belgium /m/0h3r56z
École des Pâquis Switzerland
École romaine Rome
Scuola Romana art movement in Italy, 20th Century /m/0gtsz0f
Veronese school
Baroque art art movement Baroque art
Flavian art Roman Empire artistic production
arte nucleare art movement /m/0glpc3y
medieval art Epoch of European art Medieval art /m/01xzhr
Pahari painting form of Indian painting Pahari painting 300018997 /m/07d0v9
Baroque in Milan Italy 16th century Baroque art in Milan
Cynical realism contemporary movement in Chinese art /m/03cb0_8
Chiarismo Milan
Moscow Conceptualists Russian artistic movement Russia 190s /m/02q6gxt
Cracking Art art movement, Italy
gothique international italien Italy
In arte libertas Kingdom of Italy Rome 1886
Northern Mannerism art movement /m/05ms7jy
new genre public art type of activist public art
pittura colta 300073920
Lombard painting Lombard paintings
Proun artistic style
Renaissance art in Lombardy Lombardy 14th century Renaissance art in Lombardy
Italian Renaissance sculpture Renaissance art of sculpture in Italy Italy Renaissance sculptures in Italy
Romanesque sculpture sculpture of Europe from approximately 1000 AD to the 13th century Europe Romanesque sculptures
Genoa school 1960s cultural and artistical movement originating in Genoa, Italy
Nul Dutch branch of the ZERO movement Netherlands 1960 1965 Zero
École iconographique de Vologda
Metarealism A direction in Russian poetry and art /m/06thlw
Mizerabilizm France 190s
Neo-conceptual art 190s conceptual art /m/0264tfg
neosurrealism cultural movement surrealism /m/0930bg
New British Sculpture Art movement begun in the 1980s art of sculpture
installation art
United Kingdom 190s /m/0bwglsc
Nuevo Cine Mexicano /m/027txtz
Dutch art history of visual arts in the Netherlands Netherlands Art of the Netherlands /m/0d3b3d
abstract impressionism art movement 190s Impressionism
Lyrical Abstraction
Elaine de Kooning 300022107 /m/013367
style sévère
altermodern term for art that reacts against standardisation and commercialism 2009 globalisation
Nicolas Bourriaud /m/04gj8k4
American modernism American philosophical movement /m/09s_zk
American realism style in art, music and literature that depicted contemporary social realities and the lives and everyday activities of ordinary people /m/02r9nsg
Anglo-Japanese style hybrid artistic style 300265613 /m/02r38kg
Angry Penguins art and literary movement in Australia Australia 190s /m/08m6jh
artistic dress medieval-inspired dress reform movement /m/06r8pm
Australian Tonalism 1910s art movement Australia Melbourne 190s Heidelberg School
modern art
Baroque in Poland Poland Poland /m/08gx0f
Benin art art of the Benin Empire art of sculpture Benin Empire 13th century 1897 Art of the Benin Kingdom 300015777 /m/0117_2c_
La Decadència /m/02wbm4k
Bezalel school art school in late Ottoman and British Mandatory Palestine /m/03wdd2s
Billboard Utilising Graffitists Against Unhealthy Promotions Australian artistic movement practicing defacement of billboards billboard hacking Australia 1979 /m/04_k0z
Black Arts Movement African American–led art movement, active between the 1960s and 1970s /m/03hyf8
California Impressionism art movement /m/0c01m6g
California Tonalism 1890–1920 art movement in California /m/0c3xbty
Chicago Imagists group of artists 300116666 /m/02qxbdd
Chicano art movement United States of America Chicano Art Movement Chicano Movement /m/0hr6hjd
Classical Realism artistic movement
Colourist painting art style; way of painting characterised by the use of intense colour /m/09v5t_h
Contemporary Realism art movement New York City 190s Realism /m/09gfs50
Cyberformance Theatrical performances in which remote participants work together in real time through the internet /m/043slqf
electronic art art that uses or refers to electronic media electronic media 300387714 /m/021y9c
artcore anti-art punk movement started in the 1980s
Funk art American art movement United States of America 300047891 /m/02x7x94
Halqa-e Arbab-e Zauq /m/0h_f14t
Heptanese School Artistic Movement Greece 19th century /m/02w921s
costumbrismo andaluz Spain
Generación Doliente Spain
Escuela de Madrid photography Spain
Modern sculpture
expresionismo flamenco
Generación del 45 Generacion del 45 Uruguay /m/0vsg7qz
Hoosier Group American group of painters /m/0d6ncl
Historieta de autor
hypermodernism cultural, artistic, literary and architectural movement /m/03wfjv
Herat school school of Persian miniature painting Art of Herat 300021797
شعر موج سوم
Los Panidas Colombia 19th century
Iberian sculpture various sculptural styles developed by the Iberians Pre-Roman Iberia art /m/05mtdq4
Idyllic school /m/0bby22_
Igbo art visual art by the Igbo people art of sculpture
textile art
Nigeria Southeast Nigeria 08th century Igbo art /m/04g1kd2
Art Nouveau architecture in Cartagena and La Unión architectural movement in Cartagena and La Unión Spain Art Nouveau architecture in Cartagena, Spain
Indochristian art Art in Latin America combining Christian and native influences Mexico
information art emerging artforms inspired by data and information technology /m/027fcl
Intentism /m/0b6nmhy
Italian Baroque art Italian art movement art of painting
art of sculpture
Italy 15th century 17th century Baroque art in Italy /m/09v7wmd
Vesarte Pamplona Spain
Kalighat painting school of Indian painting India Kalighat painting 300018988 /m/079vqz
Escuela sevillana de pintura Spain
Latin American art regional art movement /m/0fn4k3
Light and Space art movement United States of America Southern California 190s John McLaughlin
op art
geometric abstraction
300375712 /m/0b__grn
Little Theatre Movement /m/027wgh0
Ljubljana Graphic School /m/0j29bkl
low-complexity art art that can be described by a short computer program /m/024cj3
minimalism visual arts movement 300065758 /m/0j44lxv
Minjung art South Korea Gwangju Uprising /m/0b4h_g
Mission School art movement in 1990s & 2000s, Mission District, San Francisco, California. /m/02683tp
Modular constructivism 190s /m/026v8gh
Nanyang Style art movement in 20th-century Singapore Singapore /m/0cnw_zg
Neo-Fauvism poetic style of painting /m/0478wk9
New Sincerity artistic and philosophical movement /m/0g1p3n
Northwest School American art movement /m/06mbbg
Nouvelle tendance artistic movement /m/0j7lnyq
Nuagisme /m/064njr3
passionism contemporary art movement in Scandinavia, anti-avantgarde in its approach /m/03hnzgq
Pattern and Decoration /m/07khf0w
Ponce Creole architectural style created in Ponce, Puerto Rico United States of America /m/0by1rcn
Post-expressionism post-war art movement expressionism /m/0gx24nx
Post-surrealism Artistic movement /m/0jplr
Quito School Latin American artistic tradition Colombia Quito School 300107841 /m/080nc95
Rasa Renaissance movement in the art of painting /m/0j679tc
Remodernism /m/0htzd
Rivington School American art movement /m/07s9bmc
Rococo Revival 19th century Rococo revival Rococo 300021466 /m/0l8hs5g
Russian neoclassical revival /m/04jbbcm
Samikshavad India /m/0cfynj
Shock art Form of contemporary art /m/03cq9f3
SoFlo Superflat art movement in Miami, USA United States of America Miami 190s Superflat
pop art
Takashi Murakami
Southern art United States of America /m/025ygpl
The Edinburgh School a group of 20th century artists connected with Edinburgh art of painting United Kingdom Edinburgh 190s 190s /m/0btt7g
Quilts of Gees Bend, Alabama Quilting tradition of Gee's Bend, Alabama /m/03cb00_
Tranimal United States of America
Ukrainian avant-garde avant-garde movements in 20th-century Ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian avant-garde /m/0h54fd6
Vitralism 21st-century art movement that uses broken color (similar to Impressionism) and line extension to achieve a "stained glass" look and effect
Washington Color School visual art movement of the late 1950s through the late-1960s centered in Washington, D.C. 190s /m/09zz5p
Yoruba art art of the Yoruba people art of sculpture
textile art
Sierra Leone
13th century 300016031 /m/03mb0fh
Youthquake fashion and cultural movement United Kingdom 190s /m/06y3jg
Escuela de Barcelona (arquitectura) Spain
Los disidentes Venezuela
Brazilian modernism
Artifizialismus (Kunst)
avant-pop popular music that is experimental, new and distinct from previous styles while retaining an immediate accessibility for the listener
expressionism modernist movement in European culture Germany 1910
Fifth Moon Group chinese painters group in Taiwan island 1957
Arte Nova Portuguese art movement Portugal 300393154
cubismo sintético
Arcadic indianism literary movement Brazil 18th century Brazil
Movimento Armorial Brazil
neo-concrete movement art movement in Brazil Brazil 190s Madí
Gestalt psychology
concrete art
Bridget Riley
Victor Vasarely
neo-primitivism Russian art movement Russian Empire 1913 Neo-Primitivism Paul Cézanne
romantisme du Brésil Brazil
romanesque art in Portugal Portugal
Aemilia Ars organization 1900
Aemilia Ars
Halmstadgruppen Swedish artist group active in early to mid-20th century 1929 /m/0g53fw_
concrete art art movement Concrete art 300021436 /m/027x428
libre art libre licenced artistic movement Libre art /m/04zy0__
realism artistic style of representing subjects realistically Realism 300056550 /m/07sbg7f
late Gothic last years of the Gothic period and style in architecture and other arts in Europe 300020783
Lingnan School art of painting China 190s
neoclassical art term coined in the 1880s to denote the last stage of the classical tradition in architecture, sculpture, painting and the decorative arts
Mavo Art movement in Japan Mavo
Baroque art in the Czech Republic Czech Baroque movement Kingdom of Bohemia 16th century 17th century Baroque art in the Czech Republic
Brussels style commonly used term for artistic style, asserting in architecture and applied arts in Czechoslovakia at the end of the 50s, the 60s and 70s of the 20th century Czechoslovakia Brussels style in the Czech Republic
Kyō-Kanō School Kyoto branch of the Kano School Japan Kyō-Kanō School
Kaga Hōshō
uchiwa-e Japanese art genre, consisting of woodblock prints for hand fans woodblock printing Uchiwa-e /m/0wr7scf
Ikebukuro Montparnasse Empire of Japan Ikebukuro
New Sculpture movement in late 19th-century British sculpture United Kingdom 300021223 /m/0frn_2
دراما سورية
Euskal Pizkundea Spain Euskal Pizkundea
Bansko art school icon and art school, 18-19 c Bansko Art School
Samokov art school art movement Samokov Art School
Skønvirke 1914
Socialist realism in Poland Poland Socialist realism in Poland /m/0288tj1
Russian romanticism
Eclectic architecture in Israel architectural style Israel Eclectic architecture in Israel
Tinerimea artistică artistic organization 1901-12-03
neosymbolism artistic movement /m/0530vdr
pattu movement
Urushi-e two types of Japanese artworks art of painting
Woodblock printing in Japan
Japan Urushi-e 300041550 /m/02q7bl0
Hellenism art movement associated with Germany and England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries /m/026_42m
Mexican muralism 20th century art movement in Mexico Mexico Murals in Mexico 300107850
Mannerist art in Milan Milan Mannerist art in Milan
Regionalism art movement Regionalism 300172866 /m/0b3791
Ghent-Bruges school art of illumination Southern Netherlands 1550 Ghent-Bruges school Joseph Destrée /m/0_gw109
art of Classical Greece
Acción Poética
Neo-Grec Neoclassical revival style of the mid-to-late 19th century 300112469 /m/021jfr
Armenian Renaissance /m/02vzcgl
architettura radicale
Contemporary sculpture Contemporary sculptures
Ton Fan Group chinese artistic movement oil painting
People's Republic of China 1956 Art by movement Cubism
auto-destructive art art movement started in the 1960s 190s Gustav Metzger 300112718 /m/08_tyz
absolute film film movement by a group of artists in Germany in the 1920s (H. Richter, W. Ruttmann, O. Fischinger, V. Eggeling), producing short films that did not reproduce the natural world but instead focused on light and form in the dimension of time 190s
Dresden school art of sculpture
Germany Dresden /m/02xf94
Plasticien Canadian painting movement Canada 1955 /m/02qdp44
Northern Landscape style /m/0g59twg
Chicago Black Renaissance /m/0vpt3sq
Greek academic art of the 19th century Greece /m/0bmk7p6
Baghdad School school of Islamic art Baghdad 12th century 300021542
neo-futurism late 20th-early 21st century movement in the arts, design, and architecture Neo-futurist architecture /m/0ztdsym
New York Dada Dada Art Movement activities in New York City, circa 1913-1923 United States of America New York City /m/0j9mhq9
Mexican Renaissance /m/0zmz8nb
feminist art movement efforts and accomplishments of feminists internationally to produce art that reflects women's lives and experiences feminism /m/0_86smr
Interstitial art /m/0bl28m
Nut art movement art movement United States of America 1960 /m/0105l3yy
London Regionalism art movement centered on London, Ontario Canada /m/0j9q4gf
Makonde art Genre of African art Makonde art Makonde people 300016528 /m/0vxdfj2
Verdadism /m/03cw52r
post-conceptual art theory John Baldessari
conceptual art
300116825 /m/0wbkdgp
Late modernism Term for art and literature produced after 1945 /m/02w8lt8
post-internet movement in arts and criticism /m/010x5jf0
Frankenthal school school of landscape artists living in Frankenthal, Germany, from c. 1586 to the 1620s
Egyptian Revival art movement 1800 Egyptian Revival art 300021448
Interiors of farmhouses in Hälsingland decorative interior painting in Hälsingland, Sweden Sweden Interiors of farmhouses in Hälsingland
The Dutch Wave movement in Dutch garden design Netherlands
Porn Art Movement transgressive Brazilian avant-garde movement that started in 1980 and ended in 1982 Brazil 1980 /m/0tkds7p
Pre Raphaelite women artists Pre-Raphaelite women artists (active 1848–1870s)
Spontanism art movement art of painting
Germanic animal style decorative style of early Germanic peoples 05th century Germanic animal style
Young Figuratives title of a series of exhibitions /m/012hys82
Jewish Painters of Montreal group of Jewish artists in Montreal during the 1930s and 1940s Canada Montreal Jewish Painters of Montreal /m/012c5s05
Yushan School art movement initiated by Wang Hui
Street art in the Land of Valencia Land of Valencia Graffiti in the Land of Valencia
Liberty (style) architectural and artistic movement derivated from Art Nouveau and present in late-19th-century in Italy 300021362
Tiffany (style) artistic movement derivated from Art Nouveau and present in late-19th-century in United States United States of America 300378920
Anti-form art movement from the 1960s United States of America 190s postminimalism /m/03wfwwf
Geometry of Fear group of British sculptors United Kingdom
Escola del Nord
estética alicantina Spain
realisme poètic France
Teatro por la Identidad Argentina
Art Resilience movement 2014
Cyborg art
Haitian Vodou art
Charleston Renaissance United States of America
σύγχρονη Ελληνική ζωγραφική
Deutscher Impressionismus
British School 19th century unknown artist, 1800 - 1899
British School 17th century 1600 - 1699
Vodun art associated with the Vodon religion of West Africa /m/013b7czb
Gothic in Pavia Gothic art in Pavia
Gothic art in Milan Milan Gothic art in Milan
Dansaekhwa Korean painting movement South Korea
San Ildefonso Self-Taught Group Native American art movement
Border art art movement 300262958
Post-cubism Art movement extending from the late 1920s to the early 1950s
Strandzha Iconographic School art movement
abstract realism art movement
Association of watercolorists of Rome Italy 1875
Pre-Eyckiaanse kunst
Writers in Paris France
Animalier school art movement
aesthetic dress historically-inspired fashion movement emphasizing sensuality in dress Medieval clothing
settecentismo 19th century 20th century
Vlaamse expressionisme
Grupo Logicofobista Surrealistic artistic group from Catalonia (1936) Spain 1936
Group X
The YES! Association Sweden 2005
Photoart a kind of fine art Photoart
French Romanesque architecture Medieval architectural style
experimentele glaskunst
Chiprovtsi School Wikimedia category
Trash art art movement
Verismo period of artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that started in 19th century Italy
Art Nouveau in Alcoy Art nouveau style in Alcoy (Alicante), Spain Spain Art Nouveau buildings in Alcoi
radical realism
Boychukism 20th-century Ukrainian art movement
Chaekgeori genre of still-life painting from the Joseon period of Korea Joseon
South Korea
18th century Chaekgeori
caipira culture Brazil
Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención Argentinian art movement Argentina
Jape Art
Blaue Rispe ceramics art movement/style 1903 1905 Blaue Rispe
Hurufiyya movement art movement referring to traditional Islamic calligraphy within the precepts of modern art Sudan
Neoclassicism in France overview of Neoclassicism in France
վաթսունականներ 180s
School of London 20th century art movement
Baroque in Genoa Baroque movement as it manifested itself in Genoa 16th century Baroque art in Genoa
Egyptian Finger and Toe stalls Ancient Egyptian jewelry
British School unknown British artists British School
Artists from Great Britain
abject art artworks which explore themes that transgress and threaten our sense of cleanliness and propriety 190s Julia Kristeva
art brut art movement Jean Dubuffet
Black Aesthetic cultural ideology 1968
école de Warmun
Greek late classical period historical period 0323 300020100
Realismo NAS naturalism
original practice theatrical art movement that attempts to stage plays in a manner consistent with their original productions, especially plays by Shakespeare
Denes Group Socialist Republic of Macedonia 190s
Salon Cubism 190s
Art for art
New Figuration
naive symbolism
Cezannian cubism
Modern Ink Painting A late-20st-century, early-21st-century and ongoing global painting movement
École de Concarneau Concarneau
High Baroque full flowering of the Baroque cultural movement n the arts 1675 300021150
Ленинградская пейзажная школа
Late Baroque final years of the Baroque style, from approximately 1675 to 1715 1715 300021151
École de Marseille (painting) Pictorial artistic movement initiated in 1851 by Emile Loubon France 1851-08-28 Marseille school
Rutland Group New Zealand art association formed by students from the Elam School of Fine Arts New Zealand 1935
Unilalianism internet-based, satifical art and aesthetic movement
Art et Liberté Egyptian artistic movement 1938–1948 Egypt 1939
Kharkiv School of Photography School Ukraine
Kikuoka School Japanese group of swordsmiths Japan Kikuoka school
Impossible Sites dans la rue art group 2008 Impossible Sites dans la rue
British black arts movement art movement in the UK, led by African, Caribbean and Asian artists, active from the 1980s 1982 Stuart Hall
Site works
Beatniks art 190s
Otra Figuración
Romanos group artistic movement of the Macedonian Renaissance
Синтетический кубизм
Renaissance Comnène
art protohistorique
Movimento italiano per l'architettura razionale Italian architectural movement Italy 1930 300265841
British School 18th Century British art 1700-1799
Vlaamse School
Escuela de Pamplona Pamplona
Tryavna Iconographic School art movement
Roman School Italian art movement 190s
Deerfield embroidery movement art movement embroidery
Aton Iconographic School art movement
Asturian Baroque Asturias 1700
Khartoum School modernist artistic movement in Sudan Sudan 1960
Chiprovtsi iconographic school iconographic school Bulgaria
Artistas Modernos de la Argentina Argentine group of artists formed in 1952 and active until 1954
elementarism art movement
Queer art Art movement
Praxis Nicaraguan group of painters and sculptors based in Managua and active from 1963 to 1972 Nicaragua
Dutch Italianates school of Dutch painters and draughtsmen active in Rome from the early 17th century
Prairie school of landscape design regional style of landscape design in America United States of America
West Coast Pop art manifestation of Pop art in California during the early 1960s California
Re-figuración Paraguayan art movement active in the 1970s
New Image art art movement in painting and sculpture of the late 1970s and early 1980s 190s
Ugly Realism art movement in Berlin in the 1970s Berlin
worker photography movement international movement that documented social and political conditions from the viewpoint of the working class and flourished from around 1926 to 1939
socialist modernism type of Modernism which evolved in the context of the communist system and ideology in the countries of Eastern Europe after World War II Eastern Europe
Nahda literature
New Empiricism architectural movement in war-time Sweden
saz style of vegetal ornament popular in Ottoman decorative arts of the 16th century and art movement associated with it Saz style
Zaria Rebels Art movement associated with Nigerian modernism 1958
Osogbo Art School Yoruba modernist art movement Nigeria 1962
Romantic Classicism art movement merging of romantic sentiment with subject-matter drawn from Greek and Roman antiquity
cold art branch of Constructivism based on geometric forms of unmodulated color
Der Moderne Bund Art Group of Switzerland (1911) Switzerland 1911
Solentiname primitivist painting style of painting practiced from 1968 by a Nicaraguan group of rural laborers on the island of Mancarrón in the Solentiname archipelago of Lagos de Nicaragua
Récupération art movement in Francophone Africa in the early 1990s Francophone Africa 190s
Semantic art form of painting associated primarily with the Italian artist Luciano Lattanzi and the German Werner Schreib
Escuela cordobesa de pintura
École de Berck 1877
скульптура маньерызму
Cass Corridor art movement Art movement from mid-1960s–1977 in Detroit, Michigan 1963
Murnauer Zeit 1914
Official Salon of Painting and Sculpture annual exhibition event in Bucharest, Romania Romania 1894
Mexican American artists artists of Mexican American descent United States of America American artists of Mexican descent
Transhylism artistic movement 1935
Movimento Architettura Razionale Italian architectural movement Geographical region of Italy 1928
The invisible sculptures series of installation by Salvatore Garau
СМД-методология philosophy
history of philosophy
Filippinisme 19th-century italian art movement Italy Milan 180s Francesco Filippini
Chilean muralism Chile
proletarian art communist art movement
Forces nouvelles artistic movement
Early Baroque 1625 300021149
Pennsylvania Dutch style of art 300018071
De Brug (Kunstenaarsvereniging) artist association Kingdom of the Netherlands 1926 Vereniging De Brug
Group of Modern Painters in Rijeka artistic and social movement Croatia
Posturbanism artistic and social movement Russia
escola de Catí
Women's Art Movement Australian feminist art movement, 1970s-1980s Australia feminism
Gruppo Aleph art movement in Milano
Polish School art movement Poland
Art Spunkt
Mameluke Revival architectural style, art movement (1878– 1914) Iran
Weense school
Zuid Nederlandse school
Allusive Abstractionists art movement 1981
French Impressionism subdivision of impressionism Impressionism in France
Vohou-vohou Ivory Coast 190s
linie art movement Czech Republic
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