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describes a project that uses
essential component or tool that was used in the project described in this publication
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Type “publication (Q732577), fictional document (Q79250806): element must contain property “instance of (P31)” with classes “publication (Q732577), fictional document (Q79250806)” or their subclasses (defined using subclass of (P279)). (Help)
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist.
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P4510#type Q732577, Q79250806, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
Scope is as main value (Q54828448): the property must be used by specified way only (Help)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P4510#scope, hourly updated report, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)


I don’t really like the idea that there is no item about the project described by the publication, and properties that are shortcut for a sequence of properties in general. Is there a motivation besides avoiding an item creation ? author  TomT0m / talk page 15:39, 10 January 2018 (UTC)

Most projects are not defined explicitly but only documented through the publication. All one can say about such project is "it's what the researchers did as described in the publication". I'd strongly object creation of such artificial items without further references (project homepage, entry in funding agency database...) -- JakobVoss (talk) 10:43, 5 March 2018 (UTC)
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