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Property Value Usage note
Label Person's name as given on university website language = English
Description "academic" language = English
instance of (P31) human (Q5)
occupation (P106) academic (Q3400985)

Property Value Value may be new entity? Usage note
instance of (P31) human (Q5) no
occupation (P106) film director (Q2526255) no
sex or gender (P21) sex or gender identity of subject: male (Q6581097), female (Q6581072), intersex (Q1097630), trans woman (Q1052281), trans man (Q2449503) no
ISNI (P213) International Standard Name Identifier for an identity yes
has works in the collection (P6379) Harvard Film Archive (Q14715515) no
on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008) Harvard Film Archive Project; to do: create/add Q number no
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