paintings depicting diseases: make more general for (visual) art and groups


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Property proposalsEdit

  • some "folio" property? Commons has c:Template:Folio, see also page(s) (P304), column (P3903)
  • ArchDaily architecture office ID:
  • logic:
    • "statement reference" qualifier (can be omitted for formulas with only one operator type), probably numbered values "1", "2" etc.
    • "statements logics"/"statements relations"(?): as qualifier somewhere? (in the formula the referral statement could be represented by e.g. "THIS" (stupid idea?)) easy to complex formulas like simple "AND" (could be added as a qualifier to several) to "((2 XOR 4) AND 3) OR (1 AND NOT 5)" (how many operators shall be accepted?): not well formalized, but I don't see an alternative; TODO: find good examples and further consider with them (a less powerful alternative would be qualifiers "or" and "and", but really not expressive, error-prone and bad with information in qualifiers, so: no!)
  • museum etc. place identifiers (because new items are stressful, and currently probably partly less structured ("followed by" should be used more (also by me); and "shares border with")):
    • "room reference" (datatype: string; cf. OSM key "ref"; number, letter etc.: format constraint Unicode classes!): corresponds to (superclass of (doc says only number)) |1= of c:Template:Room: is sometimes script-dependent (e.g. Baituna al-Tahami Museum): then only use at the room item with writing system (P282) qualifier
    • "showcase reference": see above; some differentiation for room specific vitrine references?
    • "department": a department property with item datatype instead of the current method with special solution for the Louvre and others at Commons??? see 2018-12-19's Wikidata:Property proposal/organizational unit
  • "patrocinium": use dedicated to (P825)? see Property talk:P825#Religious buildings! source e.g. "Patrozinium" in the Klosterdatenbank (LD)
  • "WBIS ID": see former discussions on User talk:Magnus Manske and perhaps do: better then much other stuff we have! (03:58, 14 August 2018 (UTC))   Not done WBIS: no! it's about documents. and it's good to find sources, but not really as a source itself; Mix'n'match is present
  • "AdBK München Matrikelnummer";;
    digitale Edition der Matrikelbücher der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München;
    über 14.000 Stammdaten (;
    Studierenden der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München in den Jahren 1809 bis 1935;
    GND IDs teils angegeben;
    URLs are difficult, containing years: 05317 Heinrich Mielenz, Matrikelbuch 1884-1920:;
    here one in GND:; the numbers are issued several times, see e.g. -> another solution than a simple "Matrikelnummer" property is needed! One for each of the five books? also not so cool …
  • "stated in official website of" (we often don't and also do not want to a have a separate item for the website I assume?) – Probably this can be simply solved by using "publisher" (or a similar property)?? (also: how to crosscheck with "official website"?) (03:58, 14 August 2018 (UTC))
  • "signature statement", cf., see also for some input for number of pages (P1104)

Julia the Younger problemEdit

Why the "sum of all paintings" isn't such a good scopeEdit

See Paragone (Q392398): Leonardo – Vasari. It is eurocentristic. See de:Kunstgattung#Probleme des Gattungsbegriffs.

Meisterwerke muhammedanischer KunstEdit

Exhibited at Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst according to museum

Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst (Q61615032)c:Category:Meisterwerke muhammedanischer Kunst

location: c:Category:Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum - Halle III + Halle IV, V


Example for stuff on auction: [1]

Classes for works etc.Edit

Interesting items:

visual artwork panel (Q63801378): strange, probably bad modelling

Juan Ramírez Mejandre and Jean Aubert the Elder (DONE)Edit

Jean Aubert (Q3170435) (enwiki: 1680-1741, French architect):

Juan Ramírez Mejandre (Q9015916) (enwiki: Juan Ramírez Mejandre (March 23, 1680 – July 15, 1739), was a Spanish Baroque sculptor.): MIXED SURE Aubert redirects here

Japanese swordsmithsEdit


Visual Art ObjectsEdit

Glasdiasammlung des KHI der HUEdit

Wikidata:WikiProject Visual arts/Glasdias KHI HU

depicts (P180) cat (Q146)Edit

SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P180 wd:Q146 }
# * sort=date
# * columns=number,label:Article,description,P195,P180,P571,P276,P18

Try it!

Pywikibot, PAWS etc.Edit

no documentation, so here Wikibase related source code:

SPARQL queryingEdit


External ontologies, vocabularies and mappingEdit


AAC Mapping Validator: Which namespace should I use for the CIDOC CRM as LOD? – answer:, to look up the rest use

(offtopic: an interesting question:

  • Property mapping (adapted from Wikidata:WikiProject Visual arts/Getty Vocabularies#Ontology mapping):
    SELECT DISTINCT ?wdProp ?wdPropLabel ?relationshipStProp ?relationshipPropLabel ?extProp ?singleValue
    WHERE {
      VALUES ?relationshipStProp { ps:P1628 ps:P2235 ps:P2236 }
      ?wdProp ?a [ ?relationshipStProp ?extProp ] .
      FILTER(STRSTARTS(STR(?extProp), ""))
      ?relationshipProp wikibase:statementProperty ?relationshipStProp .
      BIND(EXISTS { ?wdProp wdt:P2302 wd:Q19474404 . } AS ?singleValue)
      SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
    ORDER BY ?extProp
    Try it!
  • Class mapping:
    SELECT DISTINCT ?wd ?wdLabel ?relationshipStProp ?relationshipPropLabel ?extProp
    WHERE {
      VALUES ?relationshipStProp { ps:P1709 ps:P3950 ps:P2888 }
      ?wd ?a [ ?relationshipStProp ?extProp ] .
      FILTER(STRSTARTS(STR(?extProp), "") || STRSTARTS(STR(?extProp), ""))
      ?relationshipProp wikibase:statementProperty ?relationshipStProp .
      SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
    ORDER BY ?extProp
    Try it!

Italian stuffEdit

have a look at There is a SPARQL endpoint!!! way, and it's Wikidata-mapped with owl:sameAS!!

here are some vocabularies listed: with the search at I've found