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To add references for a statement in Wikidata using Quickstatements:

Q36504420 P21 Q6581072 S248 Q28948401

Note "S" instead of "P" for "stated in" property. To see the result in Wikidata see Andreja Kofol-Seliger (Q36504420).


= SpecimensEdit

Authority controlEdit

Authority control


Wikidata:List of properties/geography

Taxonomic propertiesEdit

See also Template:Taxonomy_properties.

Properties of a taxon (Q16521)    

taxon name (P225)   taxon rank (P105)   parent taxon (P171)   taxon common name (P1843)  

taxon synonym (P1420)   taxon range map image (P181)   parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar (P1531)  

taxon author (P405)  

Examples: Synalpheus pinkfloydi (Q29367343)


nomenclature entitiesEdit

protonym (Q14192851)     basionym (Q810198)    

taxon identifiersEdit

ITIS TSN (P815)   Encyclopedia of Life ID (P830)   NCBI Taxonomy ID (P685)   Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID (P846)   IPNI plant ID (P961)   PlantList-ID (P1070)   IUCN taxon ID (P627)   Tropicos ID (P960)   WCSPF ID (P3591)   Avibase ID (P2026)   MSW ID (P959)   BOLD Systems taxon ID (P3606)   MycoBank taxon name ID (P962)   Index Fungorum ID (P1391)  

bibliographic identifiersEdit

(see also Template:Bibliographic_properties )

Handle ID (P1184)  

Zenodo ID (P4901)  


(see also Template:Bibliographic_properties and Wikidata:WikiProject_Books)

IUCN conservation status (P141)   BHL Page ID (P687)  

zoological specimen (Q2114846)    

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