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How to add references Help:Sources


Data qualityEdit

See Wikidata:WikiProject_Data_Quality


See User:Succu/SPARQL for lots of relevant examples.


See Help:Deprecation. One example of using this would be to correct dates of articles where CrossRef has got the date wrong (e.g., Wiley metadata).

Withdrawn identifiersEdit

e.g. if an ISSN has been cancelled use reason for deprecation (P2241) withdrawn identifier value (Q21441764)


Trying to clean up Zootaxa, first example The type specimens of Tachinidae (Diptera) housed in the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia”, Buenos Aires (Q29469527) and The type specimens of Tachinidae (Diptera) housed in the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia”, Buenos Aires (Q35800184)

Problem is that Revision of the neotropical Exoristini (Diptera, Tachinidae): the status of the genera Epiplagiops and Tetragrapha. (Q35950285) cites both, but they are not merged in that references list of cited works.

I got bored and manually fixed the duplication.

Another test case: Revision of Zorion Pascoe (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), an endemic genus of New Zealand (Q79429489) and Revision of Zorion Pascoe (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), an endemic genus of New Zealand (Q28939048), where one has CrossRef DOI and is cited by A checklist of New Zealand Cerambycidae (Insecta: Coleoptera), excluding Lamiinae (Q56166058), the other has Zenodo DOI, has authors instead of author strings, and is linked to a taxon Zorion taranakiensis (Q14848194).



Notes on de-duplicating Zootaxa. The counts here come from a local database I made, and will be out of date, especially as @Succu: is working through duplicates manually. "x" is not entered yet.

Year No. articles in WD at start Duplicates No. in CrossRef Query Notes
2001 17 0 20 https://w.wiki/WJ8
2002 105 0 107 https://w.wiki/WJD
2003 258 0 269 https://w.wiki/XMP
2004 261 0 388 https://w.wiki/XA6
2005 424 1 583 https://w.wiki/XAQ Duplication is ZENODO DOI record Q79429489 of record Q28939048
2006 10 0 851 https://w.wiki/XAY Q88363212 has only a Zenodo DOI
2007 167 0 1067 https://w.wiki/XDb
2008 22 0 1111 https://w.wiki/XE2
2009 19 0 1466 https://w.wiki/XHJ
2010 59 0 1416 https://w.wiki/XJV
2011 47 0 1650 https://w.wiki/XMW
2012 43 0 1893 https://w.wiki/XMZ Q29470959 has two PMIDs both valid but clearly duplicates
2013 2144 1237 2123 https://w.wiki/XMb Q29468684 had duplicate PMIDs, one wrong. Q30860840 has a DOI but CrossRef metadata is wrong (title is that of preceding article). A number of 2013 articles have DOIs that don't resolve and hence DOI field in Wikidata is not populated.
2014 2017 3 2027 https://w.wiki/XMc
2015 2338 0 2341 https://w.wiki/XMd
2016 2315 5 2334 https://w.wiki/XMe Q28821788 has two PMIDs both valid but clearly duplicates
2017 2241 9 1859 https://w.wiki/XMf Note that Wikidata has more than CrossRef, check what happened here.
2018 2231 814 2322 https://w.wiki/XMg
2019 2408 9 2505 https://w.wiki/XMh
2020 1242 0 1106 https://w.wiki/XMj


To add references for a statement in Wikidata using Quickstatements:

Q36504420 P21 Q6581072 S248 Q28948401

Note "S" instead of "P" for "stated in" property. To see the result in Wikidata see Andreja Kofol-Seliger (Q36504420).




Lots have been uploaded to Wikicommons by various museums, often unconnected to anything else.


Authority controlEdit

Authority control


Wikidata:List of properties/geography

Can store GeoJSON in Wikicommons, e.g. Commons:Data:BioStor/95684.map. Need to create page manually then add data (create page via a red link).

Can link to Wikidata using geoshape (P3896)  

Need to figure out how to retrieve GeoJSON for use in applications.

See also Wikidata:Property_proposal/distribution_map_of_taxon

Taxonomic propertiesEdit

See also Template:Taxonomy_properties., Wikidata:WikiProject Taxonomy, and Wikidata:WikiProject Taxonomy/Tutorial


Wikidata conflates names and taxa, see wikipedia:User:Peter_coxhead/Wikidata_issues, Wikidata:Property_proposal/taxon_synonym_string, is it possible to resolve this?

For a summary of properties see Template:Taxa Versus Names.


Properties of a taxon (Q16521)     

taxon name (P225)   taxon rank (P105)   parent taxon (P171)   taxon common name (P1843)  

taxon synonym (P1420)   taxon range map image (P181)   parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar (P1531)  

taxon author (P405)  

Examples: Synalpheus pinkfloydi (Q29367343)


type localityEdit

type locality (biology) (P5304)  

Locality must be a Wikidata item. Qualifiers include stated as (P1932)   and point in time (P585)   and coordinate location (P625)   (e.g., Solanum aspersum (Q1305990).

We can create a map of type localities: Try it!


nomenclature entitiesEdit

protonym (Q14192851)      basionym (Q810198)     

taxon identifiersEdit

ITIS TSN (P815)   Encyclopedia of Life ID (P830)   NCBI taxonomy ID (P685)   Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID (P846)   IPNI plant ID (P961)   PlantList-ID (P1070)   IUCN taxon ID (P627)   Tropicos ID (P960)   WCSPF ID (P3591)   Avibase ID (P2026)   MSW ID (P959)   BOLD Systems taxon ID (P3606)   MycoBank taxon name ID (P962)   Index Fungorum ID (P1391)  

Taxonomic examplesEdit

User:Achim_Raschka/Erstbeschreibungen has a list of new species descriptions, see also query that generates a timeline: [1]

Nice examples for literature mappingEdit

Interesting casesEdit


Major journal projectsEdit

Acta Botanica Yunnanica (Q5683696)Edit

Several name changes, multiple data sources, Chinese and English, lack of pagination data in some cases, mixed DOI agencies, not all DOIs resolve. PDFs available. Oh the fun we will have...

Acta Botanica Yunnanica
Years Volumes Source Pagination? Notes
1999-2010 21-32 Wanfang Data Yes DOIs, mostly 10.3969 but some 10.3724
2011-2015 33-37 Wanfang Data Yes PLANT DIVERSITY AND RESOURCES, DOIs 10.3724
1979-2020 1-42 http://journal.kib.ac.cn Mostly All called Plant Diversity, some DOIs 10.1016, 10.7677, 10.3724, every article has a URL
1979-2015? Example CNKI No http://www.cnki.com.cn/Journal/A-A6-YOKE-1979.htm
2016-2020 38-42 Elsevier Yes Plant Diversity, DOIs 10.1016
DOI prefixes
Prefix Who Agency Link
10.7677 wangfangdata ISTC https://doi.org/10.7677
10.3969 wangfangdata ISTC https://doi.org/10.3969
10.1016 crossref crossref https://doi.org/10.1016
10.3724 Crossref - Science Press crossref https://doi.org/10.3724

Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica (Q100375972)Edit

Name changes, ISSN changes, etc. Also in CiNii.

Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica
Years ISSN Source DOIs Notes
1932-2001 0001-6799,2189-7050 J-Stage 10.18942/bunruichiri... JaLC Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica / 植物分類, 地理 Acta phytotaxonomica et geobotanica (Q100375972)
2001- 1346-7565,2189-7042 J-Stage 10.18942/apg... JaLC Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica (APG) / 植物分類,地理 Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanica (APG) (Q5656888)
1979-2020 2189-7034,1346-6852 J-Stage 分類 : bunrui : 日本植物分類学会誌 / Bunrui Bunrui (Q40186046)

Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica (Q5656885)Edit

Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica (Q5656885) and Journal of Systematics and Evolution (Q15733644): multiple web sites, multiple DOIs, etc. See Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica: A Bibliographic Summary of Published Volumes (Q28955370) for some earlier history. See http://gb.oversea.cnki.net/kcms/detail/detail.aspx?dbCode=cjfd&QueryID=4&CurRec=1&filename=ZWFX200801001&dbname=CJFD2008 for title change.

Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica
Years Volumes Journal DOIs Notes
2009- 47- Journal of Systematics and Evolution CrossRef DOI 10.1111/ ISSN 1674-4918
2008-2009 46 Journal of Systematics and Evolution ? DOI 10.3724/SP.J... ISSN
2005-2007 43-45 Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica CrossRef DOI 10.1360 ISSN 0529-1526
1951-2004 1-42 Acta Phytotaxonomica Sinica

Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica (Q15761826)Edit

Name changes, ISSN changes, etc. Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica (Q15761826) and Zoological Systematics (Q21386166). Lack of pagination data. Lots of articles already added by @Stevenliuyi: with CJFD journal article ID (P6769) identifier, but these include old articles in Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica (Q15761826) linked to new name for journal Zoological Systematics (Q21386166).

I've started to move the pre-2014 articles to Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica (Q15761826) and adding the Wanfang DOIs. Pagination have to be added later.

2020-11-14 Danger Will Robinson! CNKI and Wanfang article numbering is different, so can't rely on simply mapping Wanfang URL to CNKI even though they look very similar :(. Will need to be cleverer about the mapping...

Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica
Years ISSN Source DOIs Notes
1964- 1000-0739 CNKI Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica (Q15761826)
1998-2013 1000-0739 WanFang 10.3969/j.issn.1000-0739... Not all have DOIs
2014- 2095-6827 http://www.zootax.com.cn 10.11865/zs. DOIs don't seem to resolve?

Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle journalsEdit

See 1802–2018: 220 ans d'histoire des périodiques au Muséum (Q93462644) and Timeline of the scientific publications of The Museum for details.

Sichuan journal of zoology (Q21385429)Edit

Some articles with DOIs, PDFs available, website is a bit sluggish. Has English and Chinese metadata.

Multilingual titlesEdit

If you have a Chinese title (e.g., "西北植物学报") and a transliteration (e.g., "Xibei zhiwu xuebao") then you can connect the two using pinyin transliteration (P1721). See Acta botanica Boreali-Occidentalia Sinica (Q27721266).

Full textEdit

Note document file on Wikimedia Commons (P996) e.g. for A new cryptic species of Anolis lizard from northwestern South America (Iguanidae, Dactyloinae) (Q58700998) which essentially embeds a PDF in Wikidata!

Author matching and related issuesEdit

Matches without series ordinalEdit

Note that User:EvaSeidlmayer has added author (P50) to lots of references without adding series ordinal (P1545), and leaving author name string (P2093) in place, so we have two entries for the same author, one as a thing and one as a thing (see e.g., North American distribution ofEleocharis mamillata(Cyperaceae) and confusion withE. macrostachyaandE. palustris (Q100395512) ).

Bibliographic relationshipsEdit


Could use for reviews of books, etc.


Two New Species of the Weevil Genus Mecysmoderes Schoenherr, 1837 (Coleoptera, Curculionidae: Ceutorhynchinae) from Vietnam (Q99837830) in Entomological Review (Q47161189) is the English language version of ДВА НОВЫХ ВИДА ДОЛГОНОСИКОВ РОДА MECYSMODERES SCHOENHERR, 1837 (COLEOPTERA, CURCULIONIDAE: CEUTORHYNCHINAE) ИЗ ВЬЕТНАМА (Q99838137) in Entomologicheskoe Obozrenie (Q4532102). How do we represent this relationship?

OK, we can use edition or translation of (P629) and its inverse has edition or translation (P747) to link the two works together. Maybe should also make translated article and instance of version, edition, or translation (Q3331189).


The article The first African record of Artolenzites acuta comb. nov. (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae) (Q99931585) has an erratum Erratum to: The first African record of Artolenzites acuta comb. nov. (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae) (Q99888822). To connect an article to its errata we use corrigendum / erratum (P2507) as a property of the original article, hence we have Q99931585 -- P2507 --> Q99888822

Note that there are bots that automatically add instance of (P31) erratum (Q1348305) to erata (see history of Erratum to: The first African record of Artolenzites acuta comb. nov. (Basidiomycota, Polyporaceae) (Q99888822) ).


To add a PDF for an article use full work available at URL (P953), add file format (P2701) Portable Document Format (Q42332) as a qualifier to say that it is a PDF, and add archive URL (P1065) with a link to the URL in the Wayback machine if it has been archived there. See Trithecoides, a new subgenus of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) (Q89666437) for an example.


One model is the "book" is written work (Q47461344) which has basic information (title, author) and OCLC work ID (P5331) as an identifier (for example). Then. we have editions version, edition, or translation (Q3331189) that have ISBNs (e.g., ISBN-10 (P957), Google Books ID (P675) etc. Editions are linked to works by has edition or translation (P747), works are linked to editions edition or translation of (P629). The Wikidata:WikiProject Books wants every book to have both written work (Q47461344) and at least one version, edition, or translation (Q3331189), which seems redundant for many cases. For now I use Google Books to add books and by default make them written work (Q47461344). I follow Wikidata:WikiProject Books if there are multiple editions that seem important (e.g., they are cited).


A chapter (Q1980247) is part of (P361) a book, and the book should list each chapter as has part (P527), see for example The Canterbury Tales (Q191663)


In Ridleyandra merohmerea (Gesneriaceae), a new species from Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia. (Q42258926) I explored adding citations without DOIs as strings using unknown (Q24238356). See also proposal by GerardM for a citation string Wikidata:Property proposal/cites work string. On the basis of this (unsuccessful) proposal GerardM has been exploring adding citations to cites work (P2860) using placeholder for <somevalue> (Q53569537), see for example Can trophic rewilding reduce the impact of fire in a more flammable world? (Q57805204).

Bibliographic identifiersEdit

(see also Template:Bibliographic_properties )

Handle ID (P1184)  

Zenodo ID (P4901)  

CJFD journal article ID (P6769)  

WoRMS source ID (P6678)  

Bibliographic licenses including text miningEdit

Could add information on licensing when adding works via CrossRef, would need to create items for each license, see e.g. https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Help:Copyrights#RightsStatements for links to various licenses that could be used as templates. For example,


Bibliographic harvesting, RSSEdit

RSS feedEdit

web feed URL (P1019)


URL (P2699) OAI endpoint, qualifier protocol (P2700) Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (Q2430433)


(see also Template:Bibliographic_properties and Wikidata:WikiProject_Books)

IUCN conservation status (P141)   BHL Page ID (P687)  

zoological specimen (Q2114846)     

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