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BHL part IDEdit

Originally proposed at Wikidata:Property proposal/Creative work

   Done: BHL part ID (P6535) (Talk and documentation)
Descriptionidentifier of a part-work, in the BHL database
RepresentsBiodiversity Heritage Library (Q172266)
Data typeExternal identifier
Domainarticles or/and identified parts of scientific journals, of books
Allowed values[1-9]\d*
Example 1Australian species of Psolidium Ludwig (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea: Psolidae) (Q56035107)236612
Example 2Preliminary report on the Ophiuridae and Astrophytidae dredged in deep water between Cuba and the Florida Reef, by L.F. de Pourtales, Assist. U.S. Coast Survey (Q59651112)24295
Example 3Report on the Results of dredging in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea, 1877-79, by the United States Coastal Survey Steamer Blake. 14. Description sommaire des espèces nouvelles d'Astéries. (Q59346655)26908
External linksUse in sister projects: [de][en][es][fr][it][ja][ko][nl][pl][pt][ru][sv][vi][zh][commons][species][wd].
Number of IDs in source>250,000
Formatter URL$1
See alsoBHL Page ID (P687) and BHL bibliography ID (P4327)


That would be a good addition to the two already existing usuful properties BHL Page ID (P687) and BHL bibliography ID (P4327). The advantage would be to retrieve here the entries in BHL that have been identified as parts defined inside publications containing several parts. But the main advantage is to retrieve here the entries in BHL that can not be retrieved otherwise, exemple Sea cucumbers of the genus Stichopus Brandt, 1835 (Holothuroidea, Stichopodidae) in Straits of Malacca with description of a new species (Q22675045) has an entry in BHL but this entry can not be retrieved using the existing properties. The entry is 217080 → link is

Achim Raschka (talk)
Andrawaag (talk)
Brya (talk)
CanadianCodhead (talk)
Christian Ferrer (talk)
Dan Koehl (talk)
Daniel Mietchen (talk)
FelixReimann (talk)
Infomuse (talk)
Infovarius (talk)
Jean-Marc Vanel
Joel Sachs
Josve05a (talk)
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Mr. Fulano (talk)
Nis Jørgensen
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Andy Mabbett (talk)
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Tommy Kronkvist (talk)
Tris T7 TT me
William Avery
  Notified participants of WikiProject Taxonomy Christian Ferrer (talk) 13:02, 16 February 2019 (UTC)


  •   Support. There are more than 250,000 parts in BHL. A lot of them (>200,000) has a BioStor work ID (P5315). --Succu (talk) 13:53, 16 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support. Mr. Fulano! Talk 14:01, 16 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support --Lymantria (talk) 14:19, 16 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support - Brya (talk) 16:12, 16 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support - Dan Koehl (talk) 22:47, 16 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support David (talk) 07:06, 17 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support - I think this is a good idea. Many (but not all) BHL parts have a corresponding BioStor work ID (P5315) as Succu notes, but having a BHL part ID would hep integrate BHL further with Wikidata, and also help add some robustness if BioStor ever goes way. --Rdmpage (talk) 08:57, 17 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support. Andy Mabbett (Pigsonthewing); Talk to Andy; Andy's edits 19:27, 18 February 2019 (UTC)
  •   Support. Tommy Kronkvist (talk), 12:10, 23 February 2019 (UTC).

@ديفيد عادل وهبة خليل 2, Tommy Kronkvist, Mr. Fulano, Brya, Dan Koehl, Lymantria: @Pigsonthewing, Succu, Christian Ferrer, Rdmpage:   Done: BHL part ID (P6535). − Pintoch (talk) 14:12, 25 February 2019 (UTC)