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Subjects in Christian art: AnnunciationVisitationAnnunciation to the ShepherdsNativityAdoration of the ShepherdsAdoration of the MagiMadonna and ChildHoly Family – (Rest on the) Flight into EgyptMassacre of the InnocentsCircumcisionBaptism of ChristChrist and the Woman of SamariaMarriage at CanaLast SupperDenial of Saint PeterAgony in the GardenBetrayal of ChristChrist Before PilateCrowning with ThornsEcce HomoFlagellationChrist Carrying the CrossRaising of the CrossCrucifixionDepositionLamentationPietàEntombmentHarrowing of HellResurrectionNoli Me TangereSupper at EmmausAscension of ChristDormition of the VirginAssumption of the VirginLast Judgement


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  • image of unveiling
  • former location
  • bardic name

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  • cy: "yn Ddinas" → "yn Ninas"
  • en: "United kingdom" → "United Kingdom"
  • en: "in United Kingdom" → "in the United Kingdom"
  • en: "painting by after" → "painting after"
  • en: "painting by After" → "painting after"
  • en: "painting by Master of" → "painting by the Master of"