Wikidata:WikiProject Labels and descriptions

English: This is the WikiProject which aims to ensure that all articles get a label and description in at least the lingua franca languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

In this way the search function works better because interwikis are easier to find and with interwiki-conflicts and questions it is easier to understand the goal of a certain article. If you update a listed item, please delete it from this site.

Descriptions in Wikidata entries are language dependent and must be created separately for each language. English, British English and Canadian English are all separate languages and therefore need separate descriptions.

Guidelines edit

The guidelines for editing labels and descriptions can be found here:

English Label Description
Deutsch Bezeichnung Beschreibung
Français Label Description
Español Etiqueta Descripción
Português Etiqueta Descrição
Italiano Etichetta Descrizione
日本語 ラベル 説明
русский Метка Описание
O'zbekcha Leybl Tavsif

For French labels and descriptions, see also Wikidata:Libellés et descriptions.

List of items without labels and/or descriptions edit

See Help:Label and Help:Description for best-practices.

Wikidata Terminator edit

The Wikidata-terminator tool provides a friendly interface with features like:

  • Find missing items with labels, descriptions and articles
  • Look for items with content in one language but not another. For example, an item with a label in English but not Spanish.
  • Filter results by using a SPARQL query
  • Sortable results
  • List and game modes

Special:EntitiesWithoutLabel edit

Worklists updated automatically by the wiki software. (Currently broken if you have the gadget "PopupsFix" enabled, cf phab:T157884):

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Gadgets edit

AutoEdit edit

The autoEdit gadget can be used to automatically update labels and descriptions. You can activate it in the gadgets tab of your preferences.

Other useful user scripts edit

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