Wikidata:List of properties

Below are lists of the 11,407 properties in Wikidata. Each statement at an item page links to a property, and assigns it a value.

To create new properties, please visit Wikidata:Property proposal. To look for an existing property, use the input box below.

Tools edit

Prop explorer

Browse the tree of properties, and filter by type, label, or description. Additionally shows information about property usage in statements, qualifiers, and references. Multilingual.

by Stevenliuyi

Displays the complete list of properties and allows the user to filter it. Two views: compact and detailed. Only in English.

by Husky
SQID (Q24298088)

Shows properties, classes, and rules. Besides of different sorts of filtering, it can display which properties are used in a certain class. Multilingual.

by Markus Krötzsch

Property translation statistics and classification of properties by data type and classes. Only in English.

by Jsamwrites

Command-line interface tool that can output the full list of properties with the wd props command

by Maxlath

Command line tool and library to extract taxonomies from Wikidata. Can print tidy property trees in text format.

by nichtich

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Pages edit

Database report / All properties

Complete list of properties in one giant wiki table. In several languages.

by Pasleim
Database report / Top 100

Top 100 properties. Change your site-language preference to see which need translation.

by Pasleim

Basic non-sortable list of properties provided by the Wikibase software. Multilingual.

Wikidata:Property navboxes

A selection of manually-maintained templates for properties by topic

Deleted properties

Deleted properties that were used in items.

Outdated edit

Here you can find old lists of properties that are no longer maintained.