Wikidata:Database reports/List of properties/all

ID label description aliases Data type Count
P6 head of government head of the executive power of this town, city, municipality, state, country, or other governmental body president, chancellor, mayor, prime minister, governor, premier, first minister, executive power headed by, government headed by, head of national government WikibaseItem 39,929
P10 video relevant video. For images, use the property P18. For film trailers, qualify with "object has role" (P3831)="trailer" (Q622550) animation, media, gif, trailer (Commons) CommonsMedia 10,190
P14 traffic sign graphic symbol describing the item, used at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users road sign, highway shield, shield, highway marker, motorway sign, road marker, route marker, trail blazer, route shield CommonsMedia 21,776
P15 route map image of route map at Wikimedia Commons schema, railroad map, railway map, highway map, map of route, metro map, road atlas, road map, street map, subway map, transit map, underground map, watercourse map CommonsMedia 25,057
P16 transport network network the infrastructure is a part of highway system, network, transport network, part of network, road type, routes system, system of routes, trail system, transit network WikibaseItem 88,950
P17 country sovereign state of this item (not to be used for human beings) state, land, sovereign state, host country WikibaseItem 15,428,579
P18 image image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, also use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image) illustration, graph, screen capture, screenshot, still, drawing, portrait, picture, File:, photo, Commons image, image capture, image of exterior, image of subject, Image on Commons, Image on Wikimedia Commons, img CommonsMedia 4,617,535
P19 place of birth most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) birth location of a person, animal or fictional character birth location, birthplace, location of birth, POB, birth city, birth place, born at, born in, location born, born WikibaseItem 3,182,831
P20 place of death most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) death location of a person, animal or fictional character POD, deathplace, location of death, death location, death place, died in, killed in, died WikibaseItem 1,278,067
P21 sex or gender sex or gender identity of human or animal. For human: male, female, non-binary, intersex, transgender female, transgender male, agender. For animal: male organism, female organism. Groups of same gender use subclass of (P279) sex, gender, gender expression, biological sex, gender identity WikibaseItem 8,295,956
P22 father male parent of the subject. For stepfather, use "stepparent" (P3448) child of, dad, daddy, daughter of, has father, is child of, is daughter of, is son of, parent, son of WikibaseItem 979,509
P25 mother female parent of the subject. For stepmother, use "stepparent" (P3448) mom, mum, mummy, child of, daughter of, is child of, is daughter of, is son of, parent, son of, mam, has mother WikibaseItem 616,686
P26 spouse the subject has the object as their spouse (husband, wife, partner, etc.). Use "unmarried partner" (P451) for non-married companions husband, married to, husbands, marriage partner, married, marry, spouses, wed, wedded to, wife, wives, marital partner WikibaseItem 751,428
P27 country of citizenship the object is a country that recognizes the subject as its citizen citizenship, (legal) nationality, citizen of, national of, subject of (country), nation of citizenship WikibaseItem 4,711,829
P30 continent continent of which the subject is a part WikibaseItem 86,671
P31 instance of that class of which this subject is a particular example and member; different from P279 (subclass of); for example: K2 is an instance of mountain; volcano is a subclass of mountain (and an instance of volcanic landform) ∈, type, is a, is an, rdf:type, unique individual of, unitary element of class, example of WikibaseItem 106,376,929
P35 head of state official with the highest formal authority in a country/state leader, president, queen, monarch, king, emperor, governor, state headed by, chief of state WikibaseItem 2,077
P36 capital seat of government of a country, province, state or other type of administrative territorial entity seat, chef-lieu, seat of government, county town, county seat, administrative capital, administrative centre, administrative headquarters, administrative seat, capital city, capital town, court residence, government capital, has capital, principal place, administrative center, government seat, location of capital WikibaseItem 116,505
P37 official language language designated as official by this item speaking, language official, language spoken, spoken in WikibaseItem 23,350
P38 currency currency used by item base currency, used money WikibaseItem 2,226
P39 position held subject currently or formerly holds the object position or public office function, held position, holds position, office held, political office held, political seat, position occupied, public office, job WikibaseItem 1,526,036
P40 child subject has object as child. Do not use for stepchildren son, issue, children, daughter, daughters, sons, descendants, has child, has children, has daughter, has daughters, has kid, has kids, has son, has sons, kid, kids, offspring, parent of, progeny WikibaseItem 1,594,226
P41 flag image image of the item's flag image flag, image of flag CommonsMedia 47,948
P47 shares border with countries or administrative subdivisions, of equal level, that this item borders, either by land or water. A single common point is enough. border, adjacent to, bordered by, borders clockwise, next to WikibaseItem 635,579
P50 author main creator(s) of a written work (use on works, not humans); use P2093 when Wikidata item is unknown or does not exist writer, creator, written by WikibaseItem 27,731,746
P51 audio relevant sound. If available, use a more specific property. Samples: "spoken text audio" (P989), "pronunciation audio" (P443) song, recording, audio file, audio recording, sound recording CommonsMedia 8,251
P53 family family, including dynasty and nobility houses. Not family name (use P734 for family name). dynasty, house, noble family, royal house, member of family WikibaseItem 94,024
P54 member of sports team sports teams or clubs that the subject represents or represented sport team, team, player of, club played for, member of team, of team, part of team, played for, plays for, team played for, teams played for WikibaseItem 1,562,893
P57 director director(s) of film, TV-series, stageplay, video game or similar film director, movie director, directed by WikibaseItem 351,226
P58 screenwriter person(s) who wrote the script for subject item written by, scriptwriter, scenarist, film script by, screenplay by, teleplay by, writer (of screenplays), writing credits, story by WikibaseItem 194,794
P59 constellation the area of the celestial sphere of which the subject is a part (from a scientific standpoint, not an astrological one) part of constellation WikibaseItem 7,374,409
P61 discoverer or inventor subject who discovered, first described, invented, or developed this discovery or invention coined, inventor, developer, created by, developed by, discoverer, invented, devised by, discovered by, first described, introduced by, invented by, inventor or discoverer WikibaseItem 84,983
P65 site of astronomical discovery the place where an astronomical object was discovered (observatory, satellite) astronomical discovery site, discovered at observatory, observatory of discovery, observatory site of discovery WikibaseItem 53,802
P66 ancestral home place of origin for ancestors of subject ancestral village, native place, native village, ancestral homeland, ancestral home place, ancestral homeplace, ancestral land, ancestral place WikibaseItem 207,698
P69 educated at educational institution attended by subject faculty, education, alma mater, alumna of, alumni of, alumnus of, attended, attended school at, college attended, education place, graduate of, graduated from, place of education, school attended, schooled at, schooling place, studied at, university attended, went to school at WikibaseItem 2,524,059
P78 top-level Internet domain Internet domain name system top-level code top level domain, domain, gTLD, TLD, ccTLD, internet domain WikibaseItem 345
P81 connecting line railway line(s) subject is directly connected to railway line, is on, line connected to, rail line connected to WikibaseItem 121,420
P84 architect person or architectural firm responsible for designing this building architecture firm WikibaseItem 78,803
P85 anthem subject's official anthem national anthem, march, team anthem, official hymn, official song, club anthem WikibaseItem 1,781
P86 composer person(s) who wrote the music [for lyricist, use "lyrics by" (P676)] songwriter, written by, composed by, music by, musical score by, film score by WikibaseItem 200,041
P87 librettist author of the libretto (words) of an opera, operetta, oratorio or cantata, or of the book of a musical book by, libretto by WikibaseItem 7,544
P88 commissioned by person or organization that commissioned this work client, built for, commissioner, developer, made for, orderer WikibaseItem 24,378
P91 sexual orientation the sexual orientation of the person relative to their declared gender — use ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their death sexuality WikibaseItem 5,940
P92 main regulatory text text setting the main rules by which the subject is regulated by-laws, bylaws, regulated by, authorizing legislation, statutory authority, statutory authorization, governing document, governing text, key document, legal basis, legally established by WikibaseItem 10,022
P94 coat of arms image image of the item's coat of arms - for the shield part only use P4004 symbol, arms, CoA image, heraldic emblem, heraldic representation, image of coat of arms CommonsMedia 140,284
P97 noble title titles held by the person title of nobility, peerage, nobility title, royal title, hereditary title, royal and noble ranks, title (hereditary) WikibaseItem 62,581
P98 editor person who checks and correct a work (such as a book, newspaper, academic journal, etc.) to comply with a rules of certain genre associate editor, edited by, ed., eds. WikibaseItem 37,570
P101 field of work specialization of a person or organization; see P106 for the occupation academic discipline, subject, field of research, activity, field of study, discipline, research field, FOW, scientific discipline, domain, research, area, trade, academic area, academic subject, activity domain, area of work, be researcher in, conduct research about, domain of activity, fields, research on, responsible for, scientific area, specialism, speciality, specialty, studies, research fields WikibaseItem 786,067
P102 member of political party the political party of which a person is or has been a member or otherwise affiliated political party, party, member of, member of party, party membership, political party member WikibaseItem 514,522
P103 native language language or languages a person has learned from early childhood first language, L1 speaker of, language native, mother tongue WikibaseItem 298,069
P105 taxon rank level in a taxonomic hierarchy taxonomic rank, rank, type of taxon WikibaseItem 3,617,328
P106 occupation occupation of a person; see also "field of work" (Property:P101), "position held" (Property:P39) craft, profession, work, job, career, employ, employment, avocation, vocation WikibaseItem 10,031,108
P108 employer person or organization for which the subject works or worked organization, organisation, employed by, worked at, worked for, working at, working for, working place, works at, works for WikibaseItem 1,736,726
P109 signature image of a person's signature autograph, facsimiles, signature image, image of signature CommonsMedia 29,211
P110 illustrator person drawing the pictures or taking the photographs in a book photographer, illustrated by, illustration by WikibaseItem 15,946
P111 measured physical quantity value of a physical property expressed as number multiplied by a unit physical quantity, measure of, quantity WikibaseItem 3,676
P112 founded by founder or co-founder of this organization, religion or place founder, co-founder, co-founded by, established by, founders, started by, cofounded by, cofounder WikibaseItem 79,098
P113 airline hub airport that serves as a hub for an airline hub, hub airport WikibaseItem 3,205
P114 airline alliance alliance the airline belongs to WikibaseItem 279
P115 home venue home stadium or venue of a sports team or applicable performing arts organization arena, stadium, venue, ground, ballpark, home field, home ground, home water WikibaseItem 44,781
P117 chemical structure image of a representation of the structure for a chemical compound structural formula, crystallographic structure, image of chemical structure CommonsMedia 18,704
P118 league league in which team or player plays or has played in sports league, division WikibaseItem 195,009
P119 place of burial location of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc. (e.g., town/city or cemetery) for a person or animal. There may be several places: e.g., re-burials, parts of body buried separately. cemetery, tomb, ashes scattered at, burial location, burial place, buried at, buried in, entombed at, grave at, interment, interment location, interment place, interred at, location of burial, place of grave, place of interment, remains at, resting place WikibaseItem 248,537
P121 item operated equipment, installation or service operated by the subject eq, controls, item used, fleet, operates, operator of, acop, aircraft carried, aircraft in fleet, aircraft operated, equipment operated, facility operated, operated, runs, service operated, uses item WikibaseItem 14,744
P122 basic form of government subject's government form of government, government, type of government WikibaseItem 2,229
P123 publisher organization or person responsible for publishing books, periodicals, printed music, podcasts, games or software publishing house, video game publisher, comic book publisher, book publisher, board game publisher, music publisher, software publisher, sheet music publisher, comic publisher, printed music publisher, published by WikibaseItem 488,617
P126 maintained by person or organization in charge of keeping the subject (for instance an infrastructure) in functioning order maintenance, administrator, custodian, maintainer, administered by WikibaseItem 538,028
P127 owned by owner of the subject proprietor, provenance, owner, shareholder, stockholder, belonged to, belongs to, is owned by, is owner of, owners, shareholders, stockholders WikibaseItem 486,284
P128 regulates (molecular biology) process regulated by a protein or RNA in molecular biology WikibaseItem 326,225
P129 physically interacts with physical entity that the subject interacts with WikibaseItem 9,656
P131 located in the administrative territorial entity the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 for specifying locations that are non-administrative places and for items about events. Use P1382 if the item falls only partially into the administrative entity. city, town, locality, region, administrative territorial entity, territory, state, administrative territory, based in, happens in, in, in administrative unit, in the administrative unit, Indian reservation, is in administrative unit, is in the administrative region of, is in the administrative unit, is in the arrondissement of, is in the borough of, is in the city of, is in the commune of, is in the county of, is in the department of, is in the district of, is in the Indian reservation of, is in the Indian reserve of, is in the local government area of, is in the municipality of, is in the parish of, is in the prefecture of, is in the principal area of, is in the province of, is in the region of, is in the rural city of, is in the settlement of, is in the shire of, is in the state of, is in the territory of, is in the town of, is in the village of, is in the voivodeship of, is in the ward of, is located in, located in administrative unit, located in the administrative unit, located in the territorial entity, location (administrative territorial entity) WikibaseItem 11,704,620
P135 movement literary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement or scene associated with this person or work. For political ideologies use P1142. art movement, artistic movement, school, philosophical movement, literary movement, music scene, artistic school, trend, scientific movement WikibaseItem 61,544
P136 genre creative work's genre or an artist's field of work (P101). Use main subject (P921) to relate creative works to their topic literary genre, music genre, film genre, genre of literature, genre of music, art style, type of film, artistic genre, type of music, kind of music, genres WikibaseItem 1,635,568
P137 operator person, profession, or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or service manager, administrator, user, managed by, facility operator, item operator, operated by, service operator, webmaster, maintainer, run by WikibaseItem 562,325
P138 named after entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language). Qualifier "applies to name" (P5168) can be used to indicate which one etymology, toponym, eponym, linked with, name after, named for, named in honor of, namesake WikibaseItem 408,609
P140 religion or worldview religion of a person, organization or religious building, or associated with this subject faith, denomination, religion or world view, follower of religion, follows religion, has religion, life stance, religious affiliation WikibaseItem 467,299
P141 IUCN conservation status conservation status assigned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature conservation status WikibaseItem 144,246
P143 imported from Wikimedia project source of this claim's value; used in references section by bots or humans importing data from Wikimedia projects Wikimedia project, Wikipedia project, import from Wikimedia project, import from WM project, imported from, imported from Wikipedia project, imported from WM project, from Wikimedia project WikibaseItem 10
P144 based on the work(s) used as the basis for subject item adaptation of, theme, derived from, inspired by, derivative of, based upon, adapted from, copy of, cover of, extended from, fork of, inherits from, modeled after, modelled after, remake of, replica of, themed after, based on work, source work, derivative work of, parody of, has parts from WikibaseItem 57,044
P149 architectural style architectural style of a structure style of architecture, architecture WikibaseItem 143,157
P150 contains the administrative territorial entity (list of) direct subdivisions of an administrative territorial entity contains, contains administrative territorial entity, divided into, divides into, has administrative divisions, has arrondissements, has boroughs, has cities, has counties, has countries, has districts, has local government areas, has members, has municipalities, has regions, has rural cities, has shires, has states, has towns, has villages, has wards, subdivided into WikibaseItem 1,131,676
P154 logo image graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and products trademark, sign, insignia, marque, mark, logo, logomark, masthead, wordmark, trade mark CommonsMedia 113,805
P155 follows immediately prior item in a series of which the subject is a part, preferably use as qualifier of P179 [if the subject has replaced the preceding item, e.g. political offices, use "replaces" (P1365)] split from, predecessor, preceded by, succeeds, before was, comes after, is after, prequel is, prev, previous element, previous is, sequel of, succeeds to, successor to WikibaseItem 1,266,375
P156 followed by immediately following item in a series of which the subject is a part, preferably use as qualifier of P179 [if the subject has been replaced, e.g. political offices, use "replaced by" (P1366)] successor, comes before, continued as, next, next element, next is, precedes, preceeds, prequel of, sequel is, succeded by, then WikibaseItem 1,247,718
P157 killed by person who killed the subject murderer, executioner, killer, assassin, assassinated by, executed by, mortally wounded by, murdered by, shot dead by, slain by, slaughtered by WikibaseItem 3,618
P158 seal image image of subject's seal (emblem) emblem CommonsMedia 7,177
P159 headquarters location city, where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Use P276 qualifier for specific building seat, HQ, based in, headquarters, garrison, admin HQ, head office location, head quarters, HQ location, location of headquarters, principle office WikibaseItem 466,155
P161 cast member actor in the subject production [use "character role" (P453) and/or "name of the character role" (P4633) as qualifiers] [use "voice actor" (P725) for voice-only role] actor, actress, feat., featuring, contestant of a play, film starring, starring, starring (film/play) WikibaseItem 1,471,142
P162 producer person(s) who produced the film, musical work, theatrical production, etc. (for film, this does not include executive producers, associate producers, etc.) [for production company, use P272, video games - use P178] film producer, record producer, produced by WikibaseItem 189,118
P163 flag subject's flag flag description WikibaseItem 6,611
P166 award received award or recognition received by a person, organization or creative work award, awards, award won, awarded, awards received, honorary title, honors, honours, medals, prize awarded, prize received, recognition title, win, winner of WikibaseItem 1,420,407
P167 structure replaced by the item which replaced this building or structure, at the same geographic location replaced by (structure), succeeded by (structure), building replaced by WikibaseItem 1,910
P169 chief executive officer highest-ranking corporate officer appointed as the CEO within an organization ceo, CEO, chief executive, executive director WikibaseItem 6,058
P170 creator maker of this creative work or other object (where no more specific property exists) sculptor, painter, sculptors, created by, made by, created, painters, artist (non-musical), creators WikibaseItem 1,020,819
P171 parent taxon closest parent taxon of the taxon in question higher taxon, taxon parent, elu taxon, nne na nna taxon WikibaseItem 3,628,965
P172 ethnic group subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it themselves, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such) people, race, ethnicity, culture, (cultural) nationality, ethnic or cultural origin WikibaseItem 110,548
P175 performer actor, musician, band or other performer associated with this role or musical work singer, actor, actress, artist, musician, dancer, musical artist, performed by, played by, portrayed by, recorded by, recording by, sung by, omenkà WikibaseItem 525,044
P176 manufacturer manufacturer or producer of this product made by, provided by, assembler, builder, maker, provider, built by, mfr, assembled by, manufactured by, producer (of product), product of, produced or manufactured by WikibaseItem 147,938
P177 crosses obstacle (body of water, road, railway...) which this bridge crosses over or this tunnel goes under spans, under, through, over, bridge over, spanning, tunnel under, akwa n'elu WikibaseItem 26,728
P178 developer organization or person that developed the item video game developer, created by, developed by, written by, game developer, dev, game dev, video game dev WikibaseItem 49,705
P179 part of the series series which contains the subject collection, series, issue of, listed in, part of series WikibaseItem 879,946
P180 depicts entity visually depicted in an image, literarily described in a work, or otherwise incorporated into an audiovisual or other medium; see also P921, 'main subject' subject, motif, represents, plot, presents, pictures, shows, depicting, depiction of, landscape of, painting of, portrait of, portrays, resembles, show of, displays, conveys, reproduces, sounds like WikibaseItem 661,706
P181 taxon range map image range map of a taxon distribution map (taxa), occurrence data map, range map, spread map CommonsMedia 18,970
P183 endemic to sole location or habitat type where the taxon lives endemic in, native in, native to, indigenous to WikibaseItem 33,902
P184 doctoral advisor person who supervised the doctorate or PhD thesis of the subject doctoral supervisor, supervisor, advisor, promotor, PhD supervisor, doctoral student of, PhD advisor WikibaseItem 313,850
P185 doctoral student doctoral student(s) of a professor doctoral candidate, supervised doctoral student, supervisee, Ph.D. student WikibaseItem 307,947
P186 made from material material the subject or the object is made of or derived from (do not confuse with P10672 which is used for processes) media, medium, reactant, ingredient, feedstock, raw material, construction material, be made in, built from, built out of, constructed from, constructed out of, crafted from, crafted out of, formed from, formed out of, ingredients, made from, made in, made of, manufactured from, manufactured out of, material used, ore, source material, made of material WikibaseItem 1,423,523
P189 location of discovery where the item was located when discovered find spot, discovered at:, discovery place, find location, findspot, found in, location of discovered object, place of discovery, site of discovery WikibaseItem 27,051
P190 twinned administrative body twin towns, sister cities, twinned municipalities and other localities that have a partnership or cooperative agreement, either legally or informally acknowledged by their governments twin town, partner city, partner town, sister city, sister town, twin cities, twin city WikibaseItem 50,284
P193 main building contractor the main organization responsible for construction of this structure or building building contractor, general contractor, main contractor, prime contractor, builder, built by, constructed by WikibaseItem 3,296
P194 legislative body legislative body governing this entity; political institution with elected representatives, such as a parliament/legislature or council District, parliament, Zila, local government area, assembly, district council, diet, city council, LGA, Tehsil, Jila, council, municipal council, rural council, aboriginal council, indigenous council, representative body WikibaseItem 4,421
P195 collection art, museum, archival, or bibliographic collection the subject is part of archives, art collection, editorial collection, museum collection, GLAM, archival holdings, bibliographic collection WikibaseItem 2,045,788
P196 minor planet group is in grouping of minor planets according to similar orbital characteristics asteroid group WikibaseItem 97,714
P197 adjacent station the stations next to this station, sharing the same line(s) neighbouring station, next station, next stop, previous station WikibaseItem 234,191
P199 business division organizational divisions of this organization (which are not independent legal entities) divisions, has business division, has division WikibaseItem 1,807
P200 inflows major inflow sources — rivers, aquifers, glacial runoff, etc. Some terms may not be place names, e.g. none inflow, inflows, lake inflow, river inflows WikibaseItem 16,607
P201 lake outflow rivers and other outflows waterway names. If evaporation or seepage are notable outflows, they may be included. Some terms may not be place names, e.g. evaporation outflow, outflows WikibaseItem 10,298
P205 basin country country that have drainage to/from or border the body of water basin countries WikibaseItem 17,778
P206 located in or next to body of water body of water on or next to which a place is located lake, bay, sea, body of water, borders body of water, loc (water), located next to body of water, located on body of water, next to lake, ocean, on bay, on coast of, on harbour, on lake, on river, on shore of, on the coast of, on the shore of, water next to the subject, along river, located in water, located on water WikibaseItem 82,067
P207 bathymetry image image showing bathymetric chart, bathymetric map bathymetric chart, bathymetric map, file bathymetry CommonsMedia 751
P208 executive body branch of government for the daily administration of the territorial entity executive branch WikibaseItem 1,710
P209 highest judicial authority supreme judicial body within a country, administrative division, or other organization supreme court, court, judiciary, has supreme court, highest court, judicial branch WikibaseItem 193
P210 party chief representative chief representative of a party in an institution or an administrative unit (use qualifier to identify the party) communist party chief, Communist Party Secretary, party chief, party secretary WikibaseItem 281
P212 ISBN-13 identifier for a book (edition), thirteen digit ISBN-13, isbn, 978, Bookland, International Standard Book Number-13, isbn-13, ISBN13 ExternalId 86,296
P213 ISNI International Standard Name Identifier for an identity. Format: 4 blocks of 4 digits separated by a space, first block is 0000 International Standard Name Identifier, ISO 27729 ExternalId 1,580,541
P214 VIAF ID identifier for the Virtual International Authority File database [format: up to 22 digits] VIAF, Virtual International Authority File, VIAF identifier, ID ExternalId 3,189,941
P215 spectral class spectral class of an astronomical object is a star of class, is an object of class String 1,043,661
P217 inventory number identifier for a physical object or a set of physical objects in a collection accession number, collection number, object number, reference number, reference, catalog number, call number, catalogue number, control number, loan number, local identifier, shelfmark String 1,186,746
P218 ISO 639-1 code 2-letter identifier for language or family of languages defined in ISO 639-1 standard iso 639-1, iso639-1, ISO639-1, ISO language code (2 letter) ExternalId 204
P219 ISO 639-2 code 3-letter identifier for language, macro-language or language family, defined in ISO 639-2 standard ISO language code (3 letter), iso 639-2, ISO639-2 ExternalId 638
P220 ISO 639-3 code 3-letter identifier for language defined in ISO 639-3, extension of ISO 639-2 iso 639-3, ISO language code (3 letter), ISO639-3 ExternalId 8,549
P221 ISO 639-6 code 4-letter identifier for language variants per ISO 639-6, standard between 2009-2014 ISO 639-6, ISO language code (4 letter), ISO639-6 ExternalId 160
P223 galaxy morphological type galaxy morphological classification code De Vaucouleurs classification system, Hubble sequence, is a galaxy of type String 120,413
P225 taxon name correct scientific name of a taxon (according to the reference given) correct name (ICNafp), Latin name of a taxon (deprecated), scientific name of a taxon, valid name (ICZN), taxonomic name String 3,621,484
P227 GND ID identifier from an international authority file of names, subjects, and organizations (please don't use type n = name, disambiguation) - Deutsche Nationalbibliothek GND, Gemeinsame Normdatei ID, GND ID, GND identifier, Integrated Authority File, Universal Authority File, dbpedia:IndividualisedGnd, Deutschen Nationalbibliothek ID, DNB authorities, German National Library ID, GND-IDN, DNB author ID ExternalId 1,456,587
P229 IATA airline designator two-character identifier for an airline IATA reservation code, International Air Transport Association airline designator String 2,794
P230 ICAO airline designator three letter identifier for an airline (two letters only until 1982) (for airports, see P239) International Civil Aviation Organization airline designator String 3,431
P231 CAS Registry Number identifier for a chemical substance or compound per Chemical Abstract Service's Registry database CAS Number, CAS RN ExternalId 943,187
P232 EC number identifier for a chemical compound per EINECS or ELINCS European Community number, EC No., EC#, EINECS No. ExternalId 55,697
P233 canonical SMILES Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (canonical format) SMILES, Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification String 883,023
P234 InChI International Chemical Identifier International Chemical Identifier ExternalId 1,304,976
P235 InChIKey A hashed version of the full standard InChI - designed to create an identifier that encodes structural information and can also be practically used in web searching. ExternalId 1,312,905
P236 ISSN International Standard Serial Number (print or electronic) International Standard Serial Number, ISO 3297, E-ISSN ExternalId 218,373
P237 coat of arms subject's coat of arms WikibaseItem 10,658
P238 IATA airport code three-letter identifier for designating airports, railway stations or cities (for airlines, see P229) IATA location identifier, International Air Transport Association airport code, uio, IATA station code String 9,480
P239 ICAO airport code four-character alphanumeric identifier for designating airports (for airlines, see P230) ICAO aerodrome code, ICAO airfield code, International Civil Aviation Organization airport code String 20,527
P240 FAA airport code three-letter or four-letter alphanumeric code identifying United States airports FAA LID String 20,638
P241 military branch branch to which this military unit, award, office, or person belongs, e.g. Royal Navy formation, branch, service branch, unit branch WikibaseItem 120,093
P242 locator map image geographic map image which highlights the location of the subject within some larger entity map, locator map, map image CommonsMedia 223,334
P243 OCLC control number identifier for a unique bibliographic record in OCLC WorldCat OCN, OCLC number, WorldCat accession number ExternalId 126,387
P244 Library of Congress authority ID Library of Congress name authority (persons, families, corporate bodies, events, places, works and expressions) and subject authority identifier [Format: 1-2 specific letters followed by 8-10 digits (see regex). For manifestations, use P1144] LCCN, Authority LCCN, LC Control Number, LC Name Authority File ID, LC Name Authority ID, LC Name ID, LC Subject Heading ID, LC Subject ID, LC/NACO Authority File ID, LC/NACO LCCN, LC/NACO/SACO Authority File ID, LCAuth ID, LCAuth identifier, LCCN (LCSH), LCCN (NACO), LCCN (NAF), LCCN (Name Authority), LCCN (SACO), LCCN (Subject Authority), LCNACO, LCNAF ID, LCSH Authority File ID, LCSH ID, LCSH LCCN, Library of Congress Control Number (Authorities), Library of Congress Control Number (Name Authority), Library of Congress Control Number (Subject Authority), Library of Congress Name Authority File, Library of Congress Subject Headings, Library of Congress Subject Headings ID, LoC Authorities ID, LOC ID, LoC identifier, NACO ID, NACO LCCN, NAF LCCN, SACO ID ExternalId 1,455,742
P245 Union List of Artist Names ID identifier from the Getty Union List of Artist Names ULAN, Union List of Artist Names, Getty ULAN ID, ULAN ID, ULAN identifier ExternalId 101,441
P246 element symbol identifier for a chemical element chemical symbol, formula String 204
P247 COSPAR ID international satellite designation, administered by the UN Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), similar but not synonymous with the NSSDCA ID (P8913) COSPAR designation, International Designator ExternalId 6,589
P248 stated in to be used in the references field to refer to the information document or database in which a claim is made; for qualifiers use P805; for the type of document in which a claim is made use P3865 in statement, originating source, source of claim WikibaseItem 897
P249 ticker symbol identifier for a publicly traded share of a particular stock on a particular stock market or that of a cryptocurrency stock symbol, stock code, traded as, trading symbol, stock ticker String 71
P263 official residence the residence at which heads of government and other senior figures officially reside palace, domicile, executive mansion, executive residence, gubernatorial mansion, home, lives at, lives in, presidential mansion, presidential palace, resides at, state house WikibaseItem 2,092
P264 record label brand and trademark associated with the marketing of subject music recordings and music videos label, aha, labels WikibaseItem 349,662
P267 ATC code therapeutic chemical identification code per ATC ATCC ExternalId 4,418
P268 Bibliothèque nationale de France ID identifier for the subject issued by BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Format: 8 digits followed by a check-digit or letter, do not include the initial 'cb'. BNF, BnF ID, BnF identifier, RAMEAU ID ExternalId 645,374
P269 IdRef ID identifier for authority control in the French collaborative library catalog (see also P1025). Format: 8 digits followed by a digit or "X" IdRef, SUDOC, SUDOC authorities ID, SUDOC authority ID, Système Universitaire de Documentation authorities ID ExternalId 744,819
P270 CALIS ID identifier for authority control per CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System) CALIS Union Catalog Authorities ExternalId 2,856
P271 CiNii Books author ID identifier for book authors in CiNii Books service, cataloged in NACSIS-CAT system for university libraries and research institutions of Japan CiNii author ID, CiNii author ID (books), CiNii author identifier, NACSIS-CAT author ID ExternalId 111,710
P272 production company company that produced this film, audio or performing arts work theatre company, film studio, ballet company, theatrical troupe, theater company, studio, motion picture studio, movie studio, broadcasting company, produced by (company), producer (company), production house WikibaseItem 124,924
P274 chemical formula description of chemical compound giving element symbols and counts molecular formula, formula String 1,053,993
P275 copyright license license under which this copyrighted work is released software license, license, licence, content licence, content license, copyright licence WikibaseItem 179,726
P276 location location of the object, structure or event. In the case of an administrative entity as containing item use P131. For statistical entities use P8138. In the case of a geographic entity use P706. Use P7153 for locations associated with the object. neighborhood, locality, region, place, venue, event location, based in, in, from, suburb, neighbourhood, locale, is in, located, located in, location of item, moveable object location, place held WikibaseItem 2,695,765
P277 programmed in the programming language(s) in which the software is developed language, programming language, written in WikibaseItem 14,069
P278 GOST 7.75–97 code identifier for a language according to GOST 7.75–97 ExternalId 380
P279 subclass of this item is a subclass (subset) of that item; all instances of these items are instances of those items; different from P31 (instance of), e.g.: K2 is an instance of mountain; volcano is a subclass of mountain (and an instance of volcanic landform). ⊆, sc, ⊂, form of, has superclass, hyponym of, is a category of, is a class of, is a subtype of, is a type of, is also a, is necessarily also a, is thereby also a, rdfs:subClassOf, subcategory of, subset of, subtype of, type of, whose instances ⊆ those of, whose instances are among, way of, all members of this class also belong to WikibaseItem 3,354,357
P281 postal code identifier assigned by postal authorities for the subject area or building PIN Code, post code, postal index number, postcode, zip code, ZIP+4, zipcode String 1,953,529
P282 writing system alphabet, character set or other system of writing used by a language, supported by a typeface script, written form WikibaseItem 647,948
P286 head coach on-field manager or head coach of a sports club (not to be confused with a general manager P505, which is not a coaching position) or person coach, manager, trainer, club manager, coached by, led by, senior coach, team manager WikibaseItem 55,440
P287 designed by person(s) or organization which designed the object designer, has designer WikibaseItem 15,554
P289 vessel class series of vessels built to the same design of which this vessel is a member ship type, ship class, submarine class, class of vessel, spacecraft class WikibaseItem 15,501
P291 place of publication geographical place of publication of the edition (use 1st edition when referring to works) location of publication, printed at, printed in, publication city, publication location, publication place, publication region, published in (place), release region, released in, published from WikibaseItem 322,102
P296 station code generic identifier for a railway station, when possible, use specific property on certain coding system (e.g. P1378 for China Railway TMIS codes) telegraph code, station identifier, station number, station numbering String 39,066
P297 ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code identifier for a country in two-letter format per ISO 3166-1 country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2), country code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, two letter code ExternalId 297
P298 ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code identifier for a country in three-letter format per ISO 3166-1 country code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3), country code ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 ExternalId 279
P299 ISO 3166-1 numeric code identifier for a country in numeric format per ISO 3166-1 ISO 3166-1, country code (ISO 3166-1 numeric), country code ISO 3166-1 numeric ExternalId 274
P300 ISO 3166-2 code identifier for a country subdivision per ISO 3166-2 (include country code) subdivision code ISO 3166-2 ExternalId 5,790
P301 category's main topic primary topic of the subject Wikimedia category cmt, article with category's topic, category's main article, item for this category, main article in category, main category topic, main topic of category, page with category's topic, topic of category, main subject of category WikibaseItem 701,902
P303 EE breed number breed identification number per the EE list of the breeds of fancy pigeons (ELFP) breed number ExternalId 309
P304 page(s) page number of source referenced for statement. Note "column(s)" (P3903) and "folio(s)" (P7416) for other numbering systems page, p., pages, page number, page numbers, pg., pgs., pp. String 36,243,148
P305 IETF language tag identifier for language or languoid per the Internet Engineering Task Force; can include a primary language subtag, subtags for script, region, variant, extension, or private-use. Format: 2 or 3 letters, followed by "-" if subtags present BCP 47 language code, ISO language code IETF implementation, language code, language tag IETF ExternalId 8,852
P306 operating system operating system (OS) on which a software works or the OS installed on hardware OS WikibaseItem 40,768
P344 director of photography person responsible for the framing, lighting, and filtration of the subject work cinematographer, DOP WikibaseItem 94,535
P345 IMDb ID identifier for the IMDb [with prefix 'tt', 'nm', 'co', 'ev', 'ch' or 'ni'] IMDb identifier, Internet Movie Database identifier ExternalId 922,642
P347 Joconde work ID identifier in the Joconde database of the French Ministry of Culture ExternalId 17,117
P348 software version identifier numeric or nominal identifier of a version of a software program or file format, current or past app release identifier, app release number, app update, app update identifier, app update number, app version, app version identifier, app version number, application release identifier, application release number, application update, application update identifier, application update number, application version, application version identifier, application version number, game patch, game patch identifier, game patch number, game update, game update number, game version, game version identifier, game version number, internal version number, patch identifier, patch number, project code name, release version, release versions, software patch, software patch identifier, software patch number, software release, software release identifier, software release number, software release version, software update identifier, software update number, software version, software version identifiers, software version number, software versions, update identifier, update number, update version, version, version number, versions, video game patch, video game patch identifier, video game patch number, video game update, video game update number, video game version identifier, video game version number String 415,928
P349 NDL Authority ID identifier for authority control per the National Diet Library of Japan ndl, National Diet Library Auth ID, National Diet Library ID, National Diet Library of Japan authority control ID, National Diet Library of Japan ID, NDL Auth ID, NDL Authorities, NDL ID, NDL identifier, NDLA ID, NDLA identifier, NDLSH (NDL Subject Headings), NDLNA (NDL Name Authority), Web NDL Authorities ID ExternalId 148,463
P350 RKDimages ID identifier per RKDimages of the Netherlands Institute for Art History ExternalId 45,347
P351 Entrez Gene ID identifier for a gene per the NCBI Entrez database ExternalId 793,961
P352 UniProt protein ID identifier for a protein per the UniProt database UniProtKB accession number ExternalId 623,000
P353 HGNC gene symbol The official gene symbol approved by the HGNC, which is typically a short form of the gene name. HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee gene symbol, Human Genome Organisation Gene Nomenclature Committee gene symbol, Akara mkpụrụ ndụ ihe nketa HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee ExternalId 43,750
P354 HGNC ID A unique ID provided by the HGNC for each gene with an approved symbol. HGNC IDs remain stable even if a name or symbol changes. ExternalId 43,558
P355 has subsidiary subsidiary of a company or organization; generally a fully owned separate corporation. Compare with "business division" (P199). Opposite of parent organization (P749). imprint, daughter company, daughter organization, has imprint, owns, parent company of, subordinate body, subordinate unit, subsidiary, subsidiary body, subsidiary company, subsidiary entities, subsidiary organization WikibaseItem 98,717
P356 DOI serial code used to uniquely identify digital objects like academic papers (use upper case letters only) Digital Object Identifier ExternalId 28,552,543
P358 discography item for list pages with discography of artist or band recording catalog, discography link WikibaseItem 12,832
P359 Rijksmonument ID identifier for a monument assigned by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed Rijksmonument identifier ExternalId 64,052
P360 is a list of common element between all listed items lists, list of, main article of list, main topic of list WikibaseItem 252,878
P361 part of object of which the subject is a part (if this subject is already part of object A which is a part of object B, then please only make the subject part of object A). Inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670)). in, chain, contained within, merged with, assembly of, branch of, cadet branch of, collateral branch of, component of, element of, is part of, meronym of, part of-property, section of, subassembly of, subgroup of, subsystem of, system of, within WikibaseItem 4,500,357
P364 original language of film or TV show language in which a film or a performance work was originally created. Deprecated for written works and songs; use P407 ("language of work or name") instead. language, original language, created on language, language of the original work WikibaseItem 400,907
P366 has use main use of the subject (includes current and former usage) mission, function, role, purpose, usage, use, utility, as, used for, unit mission, used as, used in, can be used for, has purpose, has function WikibaseItem 112,711
P367 astronomic symbol image image of the symbol that identify a planet or an asteroid of the solar system CommonsMedia 723
P368 Sandbox-CommonsMediaFile Sandbox property for value of type "Commons Media File" Sandbox image CommonsMedia 0
P369 Sandbox-Item sandbox property for value of type "Item" Sandbox, Sandbox property-item WikibaseItem 16
P370 Sandbox-String Sandbox property for value of type "String" Sandbox string String 12,664
P371 presenter main role in presenting a radio or television program or a performing arts show TV presenter, hostess, TV host, host, hosted by, presented by WikibaseItem 37,623
P373 Commons category name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:") category Commons, category on Commons, commonscat String 4,654,056
P374 INSEE municipality code identifier with 5 digits or letters for a municipality or a municipal arrondissement in France, per the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies INSEE municipality ID, INSEE municipality identifier ExternalId 40,522
P375 space launch vehicle type of rocket or other vehicle for launching subject payload into outer space launch vehicle, carrier rocket, rocket used WikibaseItem 7,072
P376 located on astronomical body astronomical body on which features or places are situated planet, astronomical body (location), located on astronomical location WikibaseItem 9,238
P377 SCN Satellite Catalog Number, 5-digit-number including leading zeros (e.g. '00266') NASA catalog number, NORAD Catalog Number, Satellite Catalog Number, USSPACECOM object number, SATCAT no. ExternalId 6,546
P380 Mérimée ID identifier for a monument in the Mérimée database of French cultural heritage Mérimée identifier ExternalId 68,338
P381 PCP reference number identifier for cultural properties in Switzerland KGS identifier, PCP identifier, PCP no., PCP ref. no. ExternalId 12,961
P382 CBS municipality code identifier for a Dutch municipality as defined by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) municipality code (Netherlands) ExternalId 1,475
P393 edition number number of an edition (first, second, ... as 1, 2, ...) or event software version number, version number, event number String 112,282
P395 licence plate code distinguishing signs or parts of license plate associated with the subject. For countries: international licence plate country code or distinguishing sign of vehicles license plate code String 74,163
P396 SBN author ID identifier issued by National Library Service (SBN) of Italy SBN, Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale, ICCU, SBN identifier ExternalId 83,589
P397 parent astronomical body major astronomical body the item belongs to star, planetary system, primary, orbits, parent body WikibaseItem 15,002
P398 child astronomical body minor body that belongs to the item satellite, secondary, child body, has moon, has planet, orbited by WikibaseItem 6,577
P399 companion of two or more astronomic bodies of the same type relating to each other WikibaseItem 4,557
P400 platform platform for which a work was developed or released, or the specific platform version of a software product platforms, environment, game platform, hardware, computing platform, runtime, published on WikibaseItem 111,058
P402 OpenStreetMap relation ID identifier for a relation in OpenStreetMap OpenStreetMap relation, OpenStreetMap relation identifier, OSM relation, OSM relation ID, relation ID (OpenStreetMap), relation ID (OSM) ExternalId 230,098
P403 mouth of the watercourse the body of water to which the watercourse drains outflow, drain, outlet, river mouth, flows into, watercourse drain, watercourse ends in, watercourse outflow WikibaseItem 113,264
P404 game mode a video game's available playing mode(s) mode, gameplay, play mode WikibaseItem 49,563
P405 taxon author the author(s) that (optionally) may be cited with the scientific name author citation, taxon authority, described by WikibaseItem 1
P406 soundtrack release music release that incorporates music directly recorded from the soundtrack of an audiovisual work soundtrack album, OST, soundtrack single, soundtrack extended play, has soundtrack album WikibaseItem 2,024
P407 language of work or name language associated with this creative work (such as books, shows, songs, broadcasts or websites) or a name (for persons use "native language" (P103) and "languages spoken, written or signed" (P1412)) language, audio language, available in, broadcasting language, language of name, language of spoken text, language of the name, language of the reference, language of URL, language of website, language of work, named in language, used language WikibaseItem 16,213,126
P408 software engine software engine employed by the subject item game engine, engine of software, powered by, render engine WikibaseItem 13,522
P409 Libraries Australia ID identifier issued by the National Library of Australia (see also P1315 for the newer People Australia identifier). VIAF component. Format: 1-12 digits, removing leading zero-padding. AuCNLKIN, AuCNLKIN ID, AuCNLKIN identifier, Australian National Bibliographic Database identifier, CNL Kinetica Service identifier, CNLKIN, CNLKIN identifier, Libraries Australia identifier, NLA (Australia) ID, NLA (Australia) identifier, NLA Kinetica Service identifier ExternalId 77,027
P410 military rank military rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start time" qualifier), or military rank associated with a position rank, naval rank WikibaseItem 167,204
P411 canonization status stage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organization canonisation status, sainthood status WikibaseItem 11,669
P412 voice type person's voice type. expected values: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass (and derivatives) register, range of voice, tessitura, type of voice, vocal type, voice category WikibaseItem 35,223
P413 position played on team / speciality position or specialism of a player on a team position, specialism, speciality, fielding position, player position, position (on team) WikibaseItem 408,043
P414 stock exchange exchange on which this company is traded exchange, listed on, listed on exchange, listed on stock exchange WikibaseItem 14,106
P415 radio format describes the overall content broadcast on a radio station genre, format, radio station format WikibaseItem 3,632
P416 quantity symbol (string) symbol for a mathematical or physical quantity symbol, variable String 89
P417 patron saint patron saint adopted by the subject WikibaseItem 24,914
P418 has seal, badge, or sigil links to the item for the subject's seal seal, seal description WikibaseItem 106
P421 located in time zone time zone for this item time zone, timezone, TZ WikibaseItem 2,023,376
P423 shooting handedness whether the hockey player passes or shoots left- or right-handed dominant hand shooting WikibaseItem 13,512
P424 Wikimedia language code identifier for a language or variant as used by Wikimedia projects language code, MediaWiki interlanguage prefix, Wikibase monolingual text language code, WMF language code String 1,969
P425 field of this occupation field corresponding to this occupation or profession (use only for occupations/professions - for people use Property:P101, for companies use P452) practice, activity corresponding to this occupation, field of occupation, field of profession, field of this profession, practices, profession's field, works in, does WikibaseItem 6,220
P426 aircraft registration identifier assigned to an individual aircraft by civil aircraft registry registration, tail number, reg String 1,135
P427 taxonomic type the type genus of this family (or subfamily, etc), or the type species of this genus (or subgenus, etc) type, type genus, type species, type taxon WikibaseItem 28,921
P428 botanist author abbreviation standard form (official abbreviation) of a personal name for use in an author citation (only for names of algae, fungi and plants) abbreviation of botanist, author abbreviation of botanist, botanic author abbreviation, botanical author abbreviation, botanist name, botanist name abbreviation, botany author, IPNI author abbreviation, standard form, IPNI standard form ExternalId 53,986
P429 dantai code identifier for administrative division in 6-digit format assigned by the interior ministry of Japan Japanese municipality identifier, municipality code (Japan) ExternalId 1,973
P432 callsign of airline identifier used in radio transmissions to refer to the subject airline airline callsign, airl aéronefine code, airline call sign ExternalId 2,676
P433 issue issue of a newspaper, a scientific journal or magazine for reference purpose no., number, issue number String 32,975,728
P434 MusicBrainz artist ID identifier for an artist in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia MBA, artist ID, artist MBID, BBC Music artist ID, MB artist ID, MBID artist, MusicBrainz person ID ExternalId 267,204
P435 MusicBrainz work ID identifier for a work per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia MBW, composition ID (MusicBrainz), MB work ID, MBID work, MusicBrainz composition ID, MusicBrainz song ID, MusicBrainz work MBID, song ID (MusicBrainz), song MBID, work ID (MusicBrainz), work MBID ExternalId 45,730
P436 MusicBrainz release group ID identifier for a release group per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia (album, single, etc.) album ID (MusicBrainz), album MBID, EP ID (MusicBrainz), EP MBID, master ID (MusicBrainz), MB release group ID, MBID release group, MBRG, MusicBrainz album, MusicBrainz master ID, release group ID (MusicBrainz), release group MBID, single ID (MusicBrainz), single MBID, MBID ExternalId 203,637
P437 distribution format method (or type) of distribution for the subject media, medium, edition, format, distribution, media type, type of media, book format, form of publication, media format, publication format, method of distribution WikibaseItem 234,545
P439 German municipality key identifier for municipalities and independent towns in Germany Gemeindeschlüssel, municipality key (Germany) ExternalId 11,513
P440 German district key identifier for districts (Landkreise) and independent towns in Germany district key (Germany) ExternalId 734
P442 China administrative division code identifier for administrative divisions of People's Republic of China (with spaces) ExternalId 744,801
P443 pronunciation audio audio file with pronunciation audio pronunciation, listen, ịkpọ okwu ọdịyo CommonsMedia 205,788
P444 review score review score received by a creative work or other entity rating (score), review rating String 104,402
P447 review score by issuer of a review score publication, scorer, reviewer, score issuer WikibaseItem 15
P449 original broadcaster network(s) or service(s) that originally broadcast a radio or television program television channel, radio station, TV channel, channel, radio network, network, broadcast on, first air channel, original air channel, original channel, original network, aired on, airs on WikibaseItem 100,083
P450 astronaut mission space mission that the subject is or has been a member of (do not include future missions) cosmonaut mission WikibaseItem 1,815
P451 unmarried partner someone with whom the person is in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" (P26) for married couples SO, lover, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, cohabitant, domestic partner, enbyfriend, is partner of, is the partner of, life partner, partner of, partners, posslq, romantic partner, sex partner WikibaseItem 15,185
P452 industry specific industry of company or organization branch, economic branch, sector, field of action, field of exercise WikibaseItem 210,093
P453 character role specific role played or filled by subject -- use only as qualifier of "cast member" (P161), "voice actor" (P725) role, as, plays, performer of, acting role WikibaseItem 0
P454 Structurae structure ID identifier for a building in the Structurae database Structurae ID (structure), Structurae ID for building, Structurae ID for structure ExternalId 22,364
P455 Emporis building ID former identifier for a building in the defunct Emporis database (for building complexes, see P2270) EBN, Emporis Building Number ExternalId 4,234
P457 foundational text text through which an institution or object has been created or established constitution, treaty, charter, created by, constitutive text, created in document, enabling law, established under, establishing document, founding document, organic law, established by WikibaseItem 50,814
P458 IMO ship number identifier for a ship, ship owner or ship manager per the International Maritime Organization ExternalId 51,123
P459 determination method how a value is determined, or the standard by which it is declared standard, method, methodology, rationale, justification, determined by, measured by, method of determination WikibaseItem 330
P460 said to be the same as this item is said to be the same as that item, but it's uncertain or disputed equal to, close to, conspecific with, could be, could be equal to, equivalent of, equivalent to, is said to be the same as, is the same as, may be, may be equal to, said to be equal to, said to be same as, same, same as, see also, similar to, the same as WikibaseItem 295,038
P461 opposite of item that is the opposite of this item contrast of, contrasted to, inverse, inverse of, is opposite of, is the opposite of, opposite, has opposite, opposite to WikibaseItem 26,292
P462 color color of subject colors, colours, colour, dye, pigment, has color, has colour, has the color, has the colour, of the color, of the colour, with the color, with the colour WikibaseItem 201,761
P463 member of organization, club or musical group to which the subject belongs. Do not use for membership in ethnic or social groups, nor for holding a political position, such as a member of parliament (use P39 for that). band member of, be member of, in musical group, member of musical group, membership WikibaseItem 473,426
P464 NOR identifier for French official texts ExternalId 215
P465 sRGB color hex triplet sRGB hex triplet format for subject color (e.g. 7FFFD4) specifying the 8-bit red, green and blue components sRGB, color hex triplet, RGB, color triplet, colour (hex triplet), hex color, hexcode String 10,028
P466 occupant person or organization occupying property inhabitant, resident, tenant, lessee, renter, home team, houses, location of, occupants, occupier, occupiers WikibaseItem 37,343
P467 legislated by indicates that an act or bill was passed by a legislature. The value can be a particular session of the legislature enacted by, passed by WikibaseItem 48,112
P468 dan/kyu rank rank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other games go rank, judo rank, kendo rank, renju rank, shogi rank, wushu rank WikibaseItem 984
P469 lake on watercourse lakes or reservoirs the river or stream flows through lakes on river, reservoir on this river, lake on river, lake on stream, lake on this river WikibaseItem 3,756
P470 Eight Banner register Manchu household register for people of the Qing Dynasty WikibaseItem 988
P473 local dialing code identifier dedicated to subject city by the area communication network telephone numbering plan, area code, local calling code, STD code, telephone code, telephone prefix, dialling code, local dialling code String 198,298
P474 country calling code identifier for a country - dialed on phone after the international dialing prefix (precede value by +) dialing code, telephone code, country code, calling code, country dialing code, phone code String 550
P476 CELEX number identifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex database CELEX code ExternalId 4,543
P477 Canadian Register of Historic Places ID identifier in the Canadian Register of Historic Places Canadian Historic Places identifier, ExternalId 6,893
P478 volume volume of a book or music release in a collection/series or a published collection of journal issues in a serial publication tome, vol., volume of a book, volume of serial String 36,131,459
P479 input device input device used to interact with a software or a device input device, input, digitiser WikibaseItem 15,836
P480 FilmAffinity ID FilmAffinity identification number of a creative work filmaffinity, Filmaffinity, FilmAffinity identifier ExternalId 83,814
P481 Palissy ID identifier in the Palissy database of moveable objects of French cultural heritage Palissy, Palissy identifier, Achọpụta palsy ExternalId 159,953
P483 recorded at studio or venue studio or location where a musical composition/release was recorded recording studio, studio, recording venue, recorded at event WikibaseItem 6,077
P484 IMA Number, broad sense identifier for a mineral per the International Mineralogical Association - Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC) IMA approval year ExternalId 4,730
P485 archives at the institution holding the subject's archives archive location, correspondence at, papers at, akwụkwọ na, akwụkwọ ozi na, ebe nchekwa WikibaseItem 82,369
P486 MeSH descriptor ID identifier for Descriptor or Supplementary concept in the Medical Subject Headings controlled vocabulary UI, MeSH ID, MeSH Unique ID, MeSH Pụrụ Iche ExternalId 38,931
P487 Unicode character Unicode character representing the item emoji, pictograph, Unicode symbol, emote, akara Unicode, emeputa, eserese String 159,014
P488 chairperson presiding member of an organization, group or body chair, leader, president, chairman, chairwoman, dean, oche, headed by, n'isi ya, onye isi, onye isi oche, onye ndu, onyeisi oche WikibaseItem 34,550
P489 currency symbol description item with description of currency symbol WikibaseItem 187
P490 provisional designation designation of an astronomical body after its discovery and before its official name String 120,582
P491 orbit diagram image with the diagram of the orbit of an astronomical body CommonsMedia 23
P492 OMIM ID Online "Mendelian Inheritance in Man" catalogue codes for diseases, genes, or phenotypes MIM number, OMIM, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, Ihe nketa Mendelian dị n'ịntanetị, Nọmba MIM ExternalId 26,232
P493 ICD-9 identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases – Version 9 code ICD-9, ICD 9, ICD-9 code, Koodu ICD-9, Koodu mpaghara:: ICD-9 ExternalId 4,811
P494 ICD-10 identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases - Version 10 ICD 10, ICD-10 code ExternalId 5,473
P495 country of origin country of origin of this item (creative work, food, phrase, product, legislation, etc.) comes from, originates from, place of origin, CoO, origin country WikibaseItem 1,469,642
P496 ORCID iD identifier for a person Open Researcher and Contributor ID, ORCID iD, Open Research Contributor ID, ORC ID, ORCiD, ORCID ID ExternalId 1,775,329
P497 CBDB ID identifier for a person in the China Biographical Database ExternalId 422,688
P498 ISO 4217 code identifier for a currency per ISO 4217 ISO 4217, ISO 4217 alphabetic code, ISO currency code ExternalId 307
P500 exclave of territory is legally or politically attached to a main territory with which it is not physically contiguous because of surrounding alien territory. It may also be an enclave. WikibaseItem 131
P501 enclave within territory is entirely surrounded (enclaved) by the other territory enclaved by, enclosed by, surrounded by, is enclave within, enitrely surrounded by, entirely enclaved by WikibaseItem 259
P502 HURDAT identifier identifier per HURDAT (North Atlantic hurricane database) HURDAT ID String 1,743
P503 ISO standard number of the ISO standard which normalizes the object ISO ExternalId 656
P504 home port home port of the vessel (if different from "ship registry"): For civilian ships, the primary port from which the ship operates. Port of registry →P532 should be listed in "Ship registry". For warships, this will be the ship's assigned naval base homeport WikibaseItem 5,894
P505 general manager general manager of a sports team. If they are also an on-field manager use P286 instead WikibaseItem 1,502
P506 ISO 15924 alpha-4 code 4-letter identifier for a script, writing system, or typeface/style used in one or more languages ISO 15924, ISO writing system code, ISO script code ExternalId 267
P507 Swedish county code identifier for a county in Sweden "länskod" (two-digit) county code (Sweden), länskod ExternalId 25
P508 BNCF Thesaurus ID identifier in the subject indexing tool of the National Central Library of Florence BNCF ID ExternalId 16,819
P509 cause of death underlying or immediate cause of death. Underlying cause (e.g. car accident, stomach cancer) preferred. Use 'manner of death' (P1196) for broadest category, e.g. natural causes, accident, homicide, suicide death cause, die from, die of, died of, method of murder, murder method WikibaseItem 119,169
P511 honorific prefix word or expression used before a name, in addressing or referring to a person honorific title, referred to as, called, pre-nominal, style prefix WikibaseItem 52,860
P512 academic degree academic degree that the person holds degree, diploma, academic diploma WikibaseItem 200,911
P514 interleaves with stratigraphic relation in which two units overlap each other marginally interbedded with WikibaseItem 32
P515 phase of matter state or phase of the matter at which the measure was made phase or state of matter, state of matter, state or phase of matter WikibaseItem 1
P516 powered by equipment or engine used by the subject to convert a source or energy into mechanical energy engine, drive, powerplant, prime mover, propulsion, power source WikibaseItem 11,887
P517 interaction subset of the four fundamental forces (strong (Q11415), electromagnetic (Q849919), weak (Q11418), and gravitation (Q11412) with which a particle interacts WikibaseItem 291
P518 applies to part part, aspect, or form of the item to which the claim applies for, applied to, applies to aspect, applies to form, apply to, apply to part, in form, involved part, limited to part, line item, of part, valid for part, when viewed as WikibaseItem 191
P520 armament equippable weapon item for the subject weapon, wields, armed with, ship armament WikibaseItem 7,107
P521 scheduled service destination airport or station connected by regular direct service to the subject; for the destination of a trip see P1444 WikibaseItem 1,731
P522 type of orbit orbit a satellite has around its central body orbit, orbit type WikibaseItem 1,226
P523 temporal range start the start of a process or appearance of a life form or geological unit relative to the geologic time scale geochronologic start, geologic time range start WikibaseItem 194
P524 temporal range end the end of a process such as a geological unit or extinction of a life form relative to the geologic time scale geologic time frame end, geologic time range end WikibaseItem 133
P525 Swedish municipality code identifier for a municipality in Sweden "kommunkod" (four-digit) ExternalId 1,461
P527 has part(s) part of this subject; inverse property of "part of" (P361). See also "has parts of the class" (P2670). comprised of, has part, has member, contains, has ingredient, formed from, formed out of, ingredients, amalgamation of, assembled from, assembled out of, composed of, consists of, contain, created from, created out of, divided by, has as part, has branch, has component, has ingredients, have part, holonym of, includes, includes part, parts, set of, incorporates, had part, has part or parts, has parts WikibaseItem 2,089,198
P528 catalog code catalog name of an object, use with qualifier P972 register, astronomical catalog, cat. no., catalog number, catalogue code, catalogue number, identifier in catalog, cat# String 28,755,885
P529 runway name (direction) of runway at airport/airfield/airstrip RWY String 12,424
P530 diplomatic relation diplomatic relations of the country foreign relations, ambassadorial relation, ambassadorial relations, diplomatic relation, diplomatic relations, foreign relation, political relation, political relations WikibaseItem 7,162
P531 diplomatic mission sent location of diplomatic mission, i.e. consulate of A in the capital city of B embassy, resident mission WikibaseItem 1,940
P532 port of registry ship's port of registry. This is generally painted on the ship's stern (for the "home port", see Property:P504) WikibaseItem 27,342
P533 target target of an attack or military operation attack target, military target, target of attack WikibaseItem 1,643
P534 streak color color of a mineral or material when abraded mineral streak, streak WikibaseItem 681
P535 Find a Grave memorial ID identifier of an individual's burial place in the Find a Grave database FaG ID, FaGID, Find A Grave grave ID, Find A Grave memorial ID, Find A Grave person ID, Findagrave ID, GRid, memorial IDーFind A Grave ExternalId 127,841
P536 ATP player ID ATP tennis male player identifier ATP ID, ATP identifier, ATP player identifier ExternalId 6,056
P537 twinning type of twins a crystal forms WikibaseItem 11
P538 mineral fracture fracture types in a mineral fracture, crystal fracture WikibaseItem 11
P539 Museofile identifier for a museum in the Museofile database of the French ministry of culture ExternalId 1,349
P541 office contested title of office which election will determine the next holder of contested office, contested position, position contested WikibaseItem 44,557
P542 officially opened by person that officially opened the event or place WikibaseItem 1,103
P543 oath made by person(s) that made the oath at an event, like the Olympic Games WikibaseItem 90
P545 torch lit by person that lit the torch at an event, like the Olympic Games WikibaseItem 73
P546 docking port intended docking port for a spacecraft WikibaseItem 56
P547 commemorates what the place, monument, memorial, or holiday, commemorates honors, honours, commemorandum, celebrates, in honor of, in honour of, in memory of, marks, memorial to, monument to WikibaseItem 29,663
P548 version type type of version (qualifier for P348, software version), e.g. alpha, beta, stable release type, software version type WikibaseItem 8
P549 Mathematics Genealogy Project ID identifier for mathematicians and computer scientists at the Mathematics Genealogy Project Genealogy of Mathematics, Math Genealogy ID, Mathematics Genealogy Project identifier, MathGenealogy ID, MGP ID ExternalId 261,906
P550 chivalric order the chivalric order which a person belongs to WikibaseItem 70
P551 residence the place where the person is or has been, resident lives in, has resided in, home town, hometown, lived in, place of residence, resided at, resided in, resident in, resident of WikibaseItem 300,512
P552 handedness handedness of the person dominant hand WikibaseItem 2,382
P553 website account on website that the person or organization has an account on (use with P554) Note: only used with reliable source or if the person or organization disclosed it. account on, social media account on, user account on, has account on website WikibaseItem 2,538
P554 website username or ID username or identifier on a website that the person or movement has an account on, for use as qualifier of "website account on" (P553) user name, handle, account name, account name in social media, public username, social media username, username, username in social media, website username, website ID String 15
P555 doubles record win/lose balance for a player in doubles tournaments String 4,047
P556 crystal system type of crystal for minerals and/or for crystal compounds crystal structure WikibaseItem 5,536
P557 DiseasesDB identifier sourced on the Diseases Database Diseases Database ExternalId 3,247
P559 terminus the feature (intersecting road, train station, etc.) at the end of a linear feature termini, end point, trailhead, terminating connection, terminuses, train station at the end of the line WikibaseItem 72,123
P560 direction qualifier to indicate the direction of the object relative to the subject item (for direction to the object, see P654) facing WikibaseItem 33
P561 NATO reporting name official reporting name assigned by the ASCC for NATO use ASCC reporting name, NATO code name String 539
P562 central bank/issuer central bank or other issuing authority for the currency authority, issuer, issuing authority WikibaseItem 460
P563 ICD-O International Classification of Diseases for Oncology International Classification of Diseases for Oncology ExternalId 1,062
P564 singles record win/lose balance for a player in singles tournaments 41-45 String 4,067
P565 crystal habit the form and proportions of a crystal or mineral WikibaseItem 9
P566 basionym the legitimate, previously published name on which a new combination or name at new rank is based WikibaseItem 178,565
P567 underlies stratigraphic unit that this unit lies under (i.e. the overlying unit) WikibaseItem 1,544
P568 overlies stratigraphic unit that this unit lies over (i.e. the underlying unit) WikibaseItem 1,558
P569 date of birth date on which the subject was born DOB, birth date, birth year, birthdate, birthyear, born on, year of birth, born Time 6,042,648
P570 date of death date on which the subject died DOD, dead, death, death date, died on, year of death, date of the end, deathdate, died Time 3,095,113
P571 inception time when an entity begins to exist; for date of official opening use P1619 foundation, formation, introduction, formed in, founded in, established, date of establishment, date of founding, establishment date, founding date, introduced, created, completed, built, commenced on date, commencement date, constructed, construction date, created on date, creation date, date commenced, date constructed, date created, date formed, date founded, date of commencement, date of creation, date of foundation, date of foundation or creation, dedication date, established on date, first issue, formation date, formed at, formed on date, foundation / creation date, foundation date, founded, founded on date, time of foundation or creation, time of inception, written on date, year commenced, year created, year established, year founded, year written, initiated, composed, broke ground, instantiation date, date of origin, created in, created in year, created on, creation year, date first created, date of inception, day of inception, first created on, formed in year, formed on, founded on, inception date, made in year, made on, year of creation, year of inception Time 2,655,857
P574 year of taxon publication year when this taxon was formally described (for animals); year when this taxon name was formally established (for plants) date of scientific description, date of taxon description publication, described in, taxon date, taxon year, year of scientific description Time 4
P575 time of discovery or invention date or point in time when the item was discovered or invented date discovered, date of discovery, date of invention, discovered, discovered on, discovery date, discovery time, invented, time of discovery, time of invention Time 81,818
P576 dissolved, abolished or demolished date point in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a product dissolved, end date, ended, defunct, ceased date, date of demolition, date of dissolution, closed on, closure date, folded, abolished, abolishment date, ceased publication, ceased to exist, date disbanded, date disestablished, date dissolved, defunct date, demise date, demolished, demolition date, destroyed in, disbanded, disbanded on, disestablished, dissolution date, dissolved on date, dissolved or abolished, dissolved, abolished, or demolished, final issue, final year, time abolished, time dissolved, time of abolishment, time of dissolution, wound up on date, ceased on, terminated on, termination date, cessation date, date of cessation, date of termination, publication end date, publication terminal date, terminal date, last issue, terminal issue, razed in Time 257,509
P577 publication date date or point in time when a work was first published or released publication, dop, published, initial release, released in, launch date, launched, date of publication, first published, first released, air date, airdate, be published during, be published in, broadcast date, date of first publication, date of release, date published, date released, first publication, pubdate, publication time, release date, released, time of publication, was published during, was published in, year of publication Time 41,801,471
P578 Sandbox-TimeValue Sandbox property for value of type "TimeValue" Sandbox-Date, Sandbox-Time Time 0
P579 IMA status and/or rank status given to each mineral by the IMA (International Mineralogical Association) WikibaseItem 6,533
P580 start time time an entity begins to exist or a statement starts being valid introduction, from, began, beginning, building date, from date, from time, introduced, join date, join time, joined, since, start date, started in, starting, starttime Time 715,342
P582 end time time an entity ceases to exist or a statement stops being valid to, ending, cease date, cease operation, cease time, closed, completed in, dissolved, divorced, end date, enddate, ends, endtime, fall date, left office, stop time, till, until Time 624,412
P585 point in time time and date something took place, existed or a statement was true date, year, time, when, as of, at time, by date, during, event date, on, time of event, pointtime, occurred on Time 892,967
P586 IPNI author ID numerical identifier for a person in the International Plant Names Index IPNI ID (author) ExternalId 53,918
P587 MMSI Maritime Mobile Service Identity of a ship station. Format 8 or 9 digits Maritime Mobile Service Identity, MarineTraffic ID, MarineTraffic Ship ID, MMSI number, MMSI Number ExternalId 18,775
P588 coolant substance used by the subject to dissipate excess thermal energy WikibaseItem 487
P589 point group crystal subdivision WikibaseItem 273
P590 GNIS ID identifier for geographic objects in the US issued by the USGS. For Antarctica, use Property:P804 Geographic Names Information System ID, USGS GNIS ID ExternalId 675,946
P591 EC enzyme number classification scheme for enzymes Enzyme Commission number String 10,800
P592 ChEMBL ID identifier from a chemical database of bioactive molecules with drug-like properties ExternalId 50,337
P593 HomoloGene ID identifier in the HomoloGene database String 100,218
P594 Ensembl gene ID identifier for a gene as per the Ensembl (European Bioinformatics Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) database Ensembl ID ExternalId 156,408
P595 Guide to Pharmacology Ligand ID ligand identifier of the Guide to Pharmacology database IUPHAR ID, IUPHAR ligand ExternalId 7,546
P597 WTA player ID identifier for a female tennis player per WTA WTA ID ExternalId 4,575
P598 commander of (DEPRECATED) for persons who are notable as commanding officers, the units they commanded commands WikibaseItem 10,208
P599 ITF player ID identifier for a tennis player at the International Tennis Federation (ITF) website ITF ID, ITF Junior ID ExternalId 7,490
P600 Wine AppDB ID identifier for an application in the AppDB of WineHQ AppDB, Wine AppDB-ID, Wine AppDB identifier ExternalId 3,801
P604 MedlinePlus ID health information from U.S. government agencies, and health-related organizations A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia ID ExternalId 2,148
P605 NUTS code identifier for a region per NUTS ExternalId 2,101
P606 first flight date or point in time on which aircraft, rocket, or airline first flew FF, 1st flight, maiden flight, time of first flight, date of the first flight Time 7,027
P607 conflict battles, wars or other military engagements in which the person or item participated battle, war, military conflict, engagement, military engagement, in action, in conflict, participant in conflict, participated in conflict, theater (military), theatre (military) WikibaseItem 230,585
P608 exhibition history exhibitions where the item is or was displayed salon, displayed at, exhibited at, shown, shown at WikibaseItem 28,892
P609 terminus location location of the terminus of a linear feature to, between, from, destination, departure point WikibaseItem 34,902
P610 highest point point with highest elevation in a region, or on the path of a race or route summit, pinnacle, highest peak, zenith, elevation of highest point, extreme point highest WikibaseItem 5,656
P611 religious order order of monks or nuns to which an individual or religious house belongs order, monastic order WikibaseItem 34,929
P612 mother house principal house or community for a religious institute cell of, motherhouse WikibaseItem 824
P613 OS grid reference grid location reference from the Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system used in Great Britain NGR, grid reference, British National Grid, OSGR String 418,111
P617 yard number identifier of a ship assigned by its builder (shipyard) String 21,128
P618 source of energy describes the source of energy an animated object (machine or animal) uses energy source, power source, fuel type, nutrient, source of power, battery type used WikibaseItem 6,379
P619 UTC date of spacecraft launch date of spacecraft launch in UTC launch date, date of spacecraft launch, launch time, spacecraft launch date, spacecraft launch time, time of spacecraft launch Time 7,230
P620 UTC date of spacecraft landing date of spacecraft landing in UTC landing date, landing time, spacecraft landing date, spacecraft landing time, time of spacecraft landing, date of spacecraft landing Time 501
P621 time of object orbit decay point in time for when an object previously in planetary orbit enters dense enough atmosphere to rapidly aerobrake and deorbit. on earth considered to be at the entry interface at about 400 000 feet AMSL. Time 450
P622 spacecraft docking/undocking date date and time of spacecraft docking or undocking event, in UTC docking date, time of spacecraft docking/undocking, undocking date Time 116
P624 guidance system guidance system of a missile WikibaseItem 249
P625 coordinate location geocoordinates of the subject. For Earth, please note that only WGS84 coordinating system is supported at the moment position, location, geographic coordinates, geolocation, co-ordinate location, co-ordinates, co-ords, coordinates, coords, geo, geocoordinates, geographic coordinate, geographical coordinates, geotag, gps, gps co-ordinate, gps co-ordinates, gps coordinate, gps coordinates, gps location, latitude, location on earth, location on map, longitude, point on a map, point on earth, point on the globe, wgs 84, wgs-84, wgs84 GlobeCoordinate 9,580,813
P626 Sandbox-GeoCoordinateValue Sandbox property for value of type "GeoCoordinateValue" Sandbox-Coordinates GlobeCoordinate 1
P627 IUCN taxon ID identifier for a taxon in the International Union for Conservation of Nature database; source for conservation status (P141) IUCN Red List ID String 144,255
P628 E number number for food additives that are legal in the European Union INS No ExternalId 599
P629 edition or translation of is an edition or translation of this entity translation of, edition of, version of WikibaseItem 92,275
P630 Paris city digital code identifier for a street in Paris, France; format: 3 or 4 digits/letters street identifier (Paris), njirimara okporo ụzọ (Paris) ExternalId 6,662
P631 structural engineer person, group or organisation responsible for the structural engineering of a building or structure engineer, building engineer WikibaseItem 1,820
P632 cultural properties of Belarus reference number identifier for a cultural property of Belarus ExternalId 1,849
P633 Quebec cultural heritage directory ID identifier in the directory of the cultural heritage of Quebec Québec cultural heritage directory ID, Québec cultural heritage directory identifier, Répertoire du patrimoine culturel du Québec, RPCQ ExternalId 2,481
P634 captain captain of this sports team WikibaseItem 575
P635 ISTAT ID identifier for municipalities in Italy ExternalId 8,647
P636 route of administration path by which a drug, fluid, poison, or other substance is taken into the body WikibaseItem 3,012
P637 RefSeq protein ID identifier for a protein RefSeq, RefSeq ID ExternalId 767,699
P638 PDB structure ID identifier for 3D structural data as per the PDB (Protein Data Bank) database PDB ID ExternalId 103,140
P639 RefSeq RNA ID RNA Identifier ExternalId 656,773
P640 Léonore ID identifier of a person in the Léonore database Leonore, Léonore, Leonore ID, Leonore identifier, Léonore identifier, LH ID, ID LH, Leonore njirimara ExternalId 22,794
P641 sport sport that the subject participates or participated in or is associated with play, sports, plays, sport played WikibaseItem 1,975,349
P642 of (Use a more specific property where feasible; this property will be deprecated) qualifier stating that a statement applies within the scope of a particular item in, for, scope, used for, applicable for, applicable to, applies to, in scope of, in the scope of, of or for or applies to, within scope of, within the scope of WikibaseItem 5,059
P644 genomic start genomic starting coordinate of the biological sequence (e.g. a gene) from, si, Genloc From, Genloc Start, genomic from, start coordinate, genloc si, genomic si, Malite nhazi, mmalite genloc String 1,060,289
P645 genomic end genomic ending coordinate of the biological sequence (e.g. a gene) stop, Genloc End, Genloc Stop, genomic stop, stop coordinate, genloc nkwụsị, genomic nkwụsị, Kwụsị, kwụsị nhazi, njedebe genloc String 1,060,291
P646 Freebase ID identifier for a page in the Freebase database. Format: "/m/0" followed by 2 to 7 characters. For those starting with "/g/", use Google Knowledge Graph identifier (P2671) Freebase identifier, MID, Freebase ExternalId 4,421,096
P647 drafted by which team the player was drafted by WikibaseItem 11,814
P648 Open Library ID identifier for a work ("W"), edition ("M") or author ("A") for book data of the Internet Archive OL ID, OLID, Open Library author ID, Open Library book ID, Open Library identifier, Open Library work ID, OpenLibrary author ID, OpenLibrary book ID, OpenLibrary ID, OpenLibrary identifier, OpenLibrary work ID ExternalId 323,884
P649 NRHP reference number identifier in the National Register of Historic Places assigned by the National Park Service of the USA National Register of Historic Places ID, National Register of Historic Places number, National Register of Historic Places reference number, NRHP, NRHP ID, NRHP number ExternalId 73,665
P650 RKDartists ID identifier in the RKDartists database (Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie) ExternalId 106,928
P651 Biografisch Portaal van Nederland ID identifier at Biografisch Portaal van Nederland BPN ID, Biografisch Portaal van Nederland identifier, BPN identifier, Biography Portal of the Netherlands ID, Biography Portal of the Netherlands identifier ExternalId 30,574
P652 UNII identifier issued by the FDA / Unique Ingredient Identifier FDA UNII, UnII, Unique Ingredient Identifier, Unique Ingredient Identifiers ExternalId 68,748
P653 PubMed Health identifier for a physiological condition, in the PubMed Health website PMH-ID, PMHIC ExternalId 7
P654 direction relative to location qualifier for geographical locations to express the direction relative to the object (for direction to the subject, see P560) DRTL WikibaseItem 19
P655 translator agent who adapts any kind of written text from one language to another translated by, has translator, translation by, is translated by, is translation by WikibaseItem 20,105
P656 RefSeq qualifier to specify Reference Sequence identifier for the Protein and RNA (either p637 or p639) String 13
P657 RTECS number chemical identifier from the Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances ExternalId 1,715
P658 tracklist audio tracks contained in this release songs, list of tracks, track list, track listing, tracks WikibaseItem 36,806
P659 genomic assembly specify the genome assembly on which the feature is placed GenLoc assembly WikibaseItem 3
P660 EC enzyme classification the Enzyme Commission (EC)-based accepted name of any enzyme classifications of the protein or RNA molecule Enzyme Commission classification name WikibaseItem 2
P661 ChemSpider ID identifier in a free chemical database, owned by the Royal Society of Chemistry ChemSpider chemical substance ID ExternalId 127,370
P662 PubChem CID identifier from database of chemical molecules and their activities in biological assays (Compound ID number) CID (PubChem), PubChem Compound ID (CID), PubChem ID ExternalId 1,132,754
P663 DSM-IV classification identifier for a mental disorder in the 4th edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 4, DSM IV, DSM-4, DSM-IV, DSM-Ⅳ, DSM-IV code, DSMIV ExternalId 17
P664 organizer person or institution organizing an event presenter, event producer, organised by, organiser, organising body, organized by, organizing body, promoter, event organizer, event organiser WikibaseItem 95,647
P665 KEGG ID identifier from databases dealing with genomes, enzymatic pathways, and biological chemicals KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes ID, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes ID ExternalId 21,192
P667 ICPC 2 ID classification method for primary care encounters ICPC-2, ICPC 2, ICPC2 String 947
P668 GeneReviews ID collection of peer-reviewed articles that describe specific gene-releated diseases GeneReviews identifier ExternalId 161
P669 located on street street, road, or square, where the item is located. To add the number, use Property:P670 "house number" as qualifier. Use property P6375 "street address", if there is no item for the street road, street, square, address street, is on, located at street (item), on street, street address WikibaseItem 182,798
P670 house number number in the street address. To be used as a qualifier of Property:P669 "located on street" address number, house number, housenumber, street number String 123
P671 Mouse Genome Informatics ID identifier for a gene in the Mouse Genome Informatics database MGI, Mouse Genome Informatics, MGI ID ExternalId 70,585
P672 MeSH tree code Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) codes are an index and thesaurus for the life sciences (≠ MeSH ID, P486) MeSH code, MeSH hierarchical code, MeSH tree number ExternalId 40,914
P673 eMedicine ID identifier in the online clinical medical knowledge base ExternalId 3,168
P674 characters characters which appear in this item (like plays, operas, operettas, books, comics, films, TV series, video games) appears in this work WikibaseItem 132,202
P675 Google Books ID identifier for a book edition in Google Books Google Books, gbooks, Google Books identifier, google play books id ExternalId 10,769
P676 lyrics by author of song lyrics author, songwriter, lyricist, words by, writer (of song lyrics), text writer, text by, text poet, text author WikibaseItem 48,225
P677 ÚSOP code identifier in, the Czech national database of protected areas and trees ExternalId 9,599
P678 incertae sedis qualifier for P171 (parent taxon) to mark which intermediate ranks are incertae sedis inc. sed. WikibaseItem 0
P679 ZVG number identifier of GESTIS database GESTIS ID, Zentrale-Vergabe-Nummer, ZVG-Nr. ExternalId 7,809
P680 molecular function represents gene ontology function annotations WikibaseItem 1,210,188
P681 cell component component of the cell in which this item is present subcellular localization, present in the cell component WikibaseItem 899,698
P682 biological process is involved in the biological process WikibaseItem 1,190,386
P683 ChEBI ID identifier from database and ontology of molecular entities focused on 'small' chemical compounds Chemical Entities of Biological Interest ExternalId 120,252
P684 ortholog orthologous gene in another species (use with 'species' qualifier) WikibaseItem 4,321,129
P685 NCBI taxonomy ID identifier for a taxon in the Taxonomy Database by the National Center for Biotechnology Information NCBI, ncbi, taxid ExternalId 584,616
P686 Gene Ontology ID identifier in the Gene Ontology GO term ExternalId 44,174
P687 BHL page ID identifier for a page in the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) BHL identifier ExternalId 75,903
P688 encodes the product of a gene (protein or RNA) codes for WikibaseItem 974,093
P689 afflicts type of organism, organ or anatomical structure which a condition or disease afflicts affects, afflicts, infects, condition endemic in WikibaseItem 4,246
P690 space group symmetry classification for 2 and 3 dimensional patterns or crystals WikibaseItem 2,269
P691 NKCR AUT ID identifier in the Czech National Authority Database (National Library of Czech Republic) Czech National Authority Database, NK CR AUT, NK ČR AUT, NKC ID, NKC identifier ExternalId 698,020
P692 Gene Atlas Image image showing the GeneAtlas expression pattern CommonsMedia 12,856
P693 cleavage way that crystalline materials cleave WikibaseItem 63
P694 replaced synonym (for nom. nov.) previously published name on which a replacement name (avowed substitute, nomen novum) is based. replaced name WikibaseItem 1,325
P695 UN number four-digit number that identify hazardous substances and articles in the framework of international transport UN code ExternalId 513
P696 Interlex ID identifier in the Interlex database (used to be Neurolex) Neurolex ID ExternalId 442
P697 ex taxon author person(s) whom the author(s) of a name credited for the idea, followed in an author citation by "ex" (via P405) WikibaseItem 0
P698 PubMed ID identifier for journal articles/abstracts in PubMed PMID, PubMed reference number ExternalId 32,069,879
P699 Disease Ontology ID identifier in the Disease Ontology database ExternalId 13,176
P700 Kemler code code describing the hazards of a chemical in transport HIN, Hazard Identification Number ExternalId 54
P701 Dodis ID identifier in the Dodis database (Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland 1945-1969), see Q661051 Dodis ExternalId 7,629
P702 encoded by the gene that encodes some gene product WikibaseItem 977,107
P703 found in taxon the taxon in which the item can be found found in species, present in taxon WikibaseItem 2,858,675
P704 Ensembl transcript ID transcript ID issued by Ensembl database ExternalId 470,909
P705 Ensembl protein ID identifier for a protein issued by Ensembl database ExternalId 252,221
P706 located in/on physical feature located on the specified (geo)physical feature. Should not be used when the value is only political/administrative (P131) or a mountain range (P4552). landform, geographical region, is on, takes place in, terrain feature, on, is in, loc (terr), located on physical feature, located on terrain feature, located on the terrain feature, location (terrain feature), on geographical feature, on natural feature, located on landform, located on island, situated on the island of WikibaseItem 83,535
P707 satellite bus general model on which multiple-production satellite spacecraft is based bus, spacecraft bus WikibaseItem 150
P708 diocese administrative division of the church to which the element belongs; use P5607 for other types of ecclesiastical territorial entities archdiocese, bishopric, archbishopric WikibaseItem 146,763
P709 Historic Environment Scotland ID identifier for a building in the Historic Environment Scotland database HS ID, HB number, HSID, HES ID, HESID ExternalId 77,357
P710 participant person, group of people or organization (object) that actively takes/took part in an event or process (subject). Preferably qualify with "object has role" (P3831). Use P1923 for participants that are teams. agent, accused, party, attendee, belligerents, between, competitor, event participant, participants, player, suspect, has participant WikibaseItem 460,109
P711 Strunz 8th edition (series ID, updated) mineral classification 8th edition, series identifier, silicate classification modified by Athena String 4,119
P712 Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009) mineral classification Nickel-Strunz version 9 (updated 2009, deprecated), a PDF format file. Superseeded by Nickel-Strunz '10th ed' String 4,476
P713 Nickel-Strunz '10th ed', review of (9th ed/ 2009 update) mineral classification Nickel-Strunz version 10 (MinDat) Nickel-Strunz 10th ed (pending) String 4,527
P714 Dana 8th edition mineral classification Dana 8th edition ExternalId 1,534
P715 DrugBank ID identifier in the bioinformatics and cheminformatics database from the University of Alberta ExternalId 12,229
P716 JPL Small-Body Database SPK-ID identifier in the JPL Small-Body Database JPL Small-Body Database identifier, SPK-ID ExternalId 236,713
P717 Minor Planet Center observatory code identifier for an astronomical observatory assigned by the Minor Planet Center IAU code, IAU observatory code, MPC observatory code ExternalId 1,506
P718 Canmore ID identifier in the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland's Canmore database RCAHMS ExternalId 107,809
P720 asteroid spectral type spectral classifications of asteroids based on spectral shape, color, and albedo spectral type of an asteroid WikibaseItem 423
P721 OKATO ID identifier for every administrative unit in Russia OKATO identifier ExternalId 163,764
P722 UIC station code identifier for a railway station in Europe, CIS countries, the Far East (China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam), North Africa and the Middle East Express-3 code ExternalId 32,938
P723 Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren author ID identifier for an author on the DBNL-website for Dutch language authors DBNL author ID, Digital Library for Dutch Literature identifier, Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren identifier ExternalId 24,795
P724 Internet Archive ID identifier for an item on Internet Archive, IA ID, IAid, Internet Archive identifier ExternalId 309,825
P725 voice actor performer of a spoken role in a creative work such as animation, video game, radio drama, or dubbing over [use "character role" (P453) as qualifier] [use "cast member" (P161) for live acting] CV, voice actress, VA, seiyu, VO, voice dubber, dubbed by, vocal role as, voice actors, voice actresses, voiced by WikibaseItem 73,731
P726 candidate person or party that is an option for an office in this election candidate in this election, has election candidate, electoral candidate, election has candidate WikibaseItem 93,040
P729 service entry date or point in time on which a piece or class of equipment entered operational service first light, commissioned, established, launch date, date of service entry, entered service, in service, service introduction, time of service entry, entry to service Time 87,602
P730 service retirement date or point in time on which a piece or class of equipment was retired from operational service out of service, retirement, retired, decommissioned, date of service retirement, time of service retirement Time 11,431
P731 Litholex ID identifier in the Lithostratigraphic database of Germany maintained by the BGR ExternalId 20
P732 BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units ID identifier for a stratigraphic unit given by the British Geological Survey BGS Lexicon ID ExternalId 50
P733 DINOloket ID identifier from database of geologic units in the Netherlands (Data Informatie Nederlandse Ondergrond) ExternalId 112
P734 family name part of full name of person surname, last name WikibaseItem 4,237,735
P735 given name first name or another given name of this person; values used with the property should not link disambiguations nor family names name, Christian name, first name, forename, middle name, personal name WikibaseItem 7,076,373
P736 cover art by name of person or team creating cover artwork for book, record album, single record etc. artist, designer, cover artist, booklet art by, CD art by, jacket art by, sleeve art by, album art by, album artwork by, album artwork designed by, album artwork designer, artwork by, cover design by WikibaseItem 7,043
P737 influenced by this person, idea, etc. is informed by that other person, idea, etc., e.g. “Heidegger was influenced by Aristotle” role model, favorite player, has influence, informed by WikibaseItem 20,124
P739 ammunition cartridge or other ammunition used by the subject firearm cartridge, ammo WikibaseItem 2,726
P740 location of formation location where a group or organization was formed comes from, formation location, formed in, founded in, from, originates from, place of formation, place of foundation, place of incorporation, source location of group/organisation, place of establishment WikibaseItem 46,406
P741 playing hand hand used to play a racket sport tennis hand WikibaseItem 6,503
P742 pseudonym alias used by someone (for nickname use P1449) pen name, alias, code name, heteronym, known professionally as, nom de plume, nom-de-amore, nom-de-guerre, nom-de-plume, nome de guerre, ring name, stage name, user name, artistic name, nom de guerre String 70,318
P744 asteroid family population of asteroids that share similar proper orbital elements WikibaseItem 185
P745 Low German Bibliography and Biography ID identifier PBB ID, Plattdeutsche Bibliographie und Biographie ID, Akwụkwọ akụkọ German dị ala na ExternalId 731
P746 date of disappearance date or point of time a missing person was seen or otherwise known to be alive for the last time last seen, date of missing, disappeared, last known alive before disappearance, missing since, time of disappearance Time 1,190
P747 has edition or translation link to an edition of this item edition, version, edition or translation, editions, has edition, has translation, has version, translation(s), released as WikibaseItem 92,440
P748 appointed by who appointed the person to the office, can be used as a qualifier named by WikibaseItem 5,636
P749 parent organization parent organization of an organization, opposite of subsidiaries (P355) holding company, holding, parent company, owned by (company or organisation), owned by (company or organization), parent agency, parent organisation, parent unit, part of, subsidiary of, superior formation, has organizational parent WikibaseItem 131,288
P750 distributed by distributor of a creative work; distributor for a record label; news agency; film distributor distributor WikibaseItem 171,140
P751 introduced feature feature introduced by this version of a product item new feature, feature introduced, atụmatụ ewebata, ọhụrụ mma WikibaseItem 830
P756 removed feature which feature was removed by this version of a product item WikibaseItem 375
P757 World Heritage Site ID the identifier for a site as assigned by UNESCO. Use on one item per site, link parts with property "has part" (P527) UNESCO WHS, WHS ID ExternalId 7,628
P758 Kulturminne ID Norwegian heritage property identification number of Riksantikvaren (the Directorate for Cultural Heritage) Kulturminne identifier, Lokalitets ID, Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage database ID ExternalId 17,530
P759 Alberta Register of Historic Places ID identifier of historic resources in the Alberta Register of Historic Places Alberta Historic Places ID, Alberta Register of Historic Places identifier ExternalId 1,010
P760 DPLA ID identifier for books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival records that have been digitised throughout United States Digital Public Library of America ID ExternalId 35
P761 Lake ID (Sweden) Identification code for lakes in Sweden, for lakes important enough also used, with SE- prefix, as EU_CD ExternalId 58,055
P762 Czech cultural heritage ID identifier for cultural heritage properties in the Czech Republic ExternalId 42,236
P763 PEI Register of Historic Places ID identifier of a historic place in Prince Edward Island, Canada PEI Register ID, PEI Register of Historic Places identifier ExternalId 886
P764 OKTMO ID identifier in Classification on Objects territory of municipal formations (Russia) OKTMO identifier ExternalId 175,863
P765 surface played on the surface on which a sporting event is played WikibaseItem 4,397
P767 contributor to the creative work or subject person or organization that contributed to a subject: co-creator of a creative work or subject assistant, collaborator, contributor, contributor(s) to the subject, creative contributor WikibaseItem 43,151
P768 electoral district electoral district this person is representing, or of the office that is being contested. Use as qualifier for "position held" (P39) or "office contested" (P541) or "candidacy in election" (P3602) constituency, seat, electorate, riding, ward, electoral area WikibaseItem 19,036
P769 significant drug interaction clinically significant interaction between two pharmacologically active substances (i.e., drugs and/or active metabolites) where concomitant intake can lead to altered effectiveness or adverse drug events. drug interaction, pharmacological interaction WikibaseItem 1,816
P770 cause of destruction item which caused the destruction of the subject item reason of failure, destroyed by WikibaseItem 1,464
P771 Swiss municipality code identifier for a municipality in Switzerland BFS number ExternalId 3,401
P772 INE municipality code identifier for Spanish municipalities, by the Spanish Statistical Office (INE) ExternalId 15,239
P773 ISO 3166-3 identifier for a country name that has been deleted from ISO 3166-1 since its first publication in 1974 Code for formerly used names of countries ExternalId 33
P774 FIPS 55-3 (locations in the US) identifier for places in the United States per former Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 55-3 Federal Information Processing Standard 55-3, FIPS 55-3, fips code for US locations ExternalId 52,794
P775 Swedish urban area code identifier for an urban area in Sweden Tatortskod, Tätortskod ExternalId 2,727
P776 Swedish minor urban area code identifier for a minor urban area in Sweden Småortskod, Smaortskod ExternalId 4,505
P777 Swedish civil parish code/ATA code identifier for a civil parish in Sweden Sockenkod ExternalId 2,541
P778 Church of Sweden parish code identifier for a parish of the Church of Sweden code for parishes in the Church of Sweden, Församlingskod ExternalId 6,625
P779 Church of Sweden Pastoratskod identifier for a pastoral district of the Church of Sweden Church of Sweden Pastoratskod, Pastoratskod ExternalId 1,807
P780 symptoms and signs possible symptoms or signs of a medical condition clinical sign, clinical symptom, has symptom, symptoms WikibaseItem 11,019
P781 SIKART ID identifier in SIKART, a biographical dictionary and a database on visual art in Switzerland and Liechtenstein ExternalId 9,566
P782 LAU identifier for a local administrative unit, renamed from NUTS 4 and NUTS 5. Format: 2 letters followed by digits local administrative unit ExternalId 19,162
P783 hymenium type type of spore-bearing surface or that mushroom WikibaseItem 991
P784 mushroom cap shape property classifying the shape of the cap of a mushroom WikibaseItem 884
P785 hymenium attachment how the hymenium of the mushroom attaches to the stem WikibaseItem 895
P786 stipe character indicates whether a mushroom has a universal or partial veil WikibaseItem 671
P787 spore print color color of a mushroom spore print (see documentation for allowed values) WikibaseItem 733
P788 mushroom ecological type property classifying the ecological type of a mushroom WikibaseItem 973
P789 edibility whether a mushroom can be eaten or not mushroom edibility, palatiblity WikibaseItem 800
P790 approved by item is approved by other item(s) [qualifier: statement is approved by other item(s)] erected by WikibaseItem 29,149
P791 ISIL identifier for a library or related organization ISIL, Isil, International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations ExternalId 35,184
P792 chapter title or number of the chapter where a claim is made String 2,561
P793 significant event significant or notable events associated with the subject event, outcome, big event, fate, key event, known for, important event, key incident, main events, major event, notable event, notable incident, sign. event, significant achievment, significant incident WikibaseItem 489,467
P795 located on linear feature linear feature along which distance is specified from a specified datum point WikibaseItem 9,310
P797 authority entity having executive power on given entity executive authority, governed by, governing authority, governing body, has authority, has governing body, issued by, issuer WikibaseItem 9,451
P798 military designation officially assigned designation for a vehicle in military service designation, MAD, mission design series designation, 1962 US military aerospace vehicle designation, mdsd, mildes, Tri-Service aerospace vehicle designation, USDOD aircraft designation String 1,768
P799 Air Ministry specification ID identifier for an aircraft specification issued by the United Kingdom Air Ministry specification, UK Air Ministry specification String 20
P800 notable work notable scientific, artistic or literary work, or other work of significance among subject's works work, artwork, bibliography, creator of, works, significance, famous books, famous for, famous works, known for, literary works, major works, notable books, representative of artwork type, representative work, significant works, they created, they designed, they discovered, they invented, they wrote WikibaseItem 108,422
P802 student notable student(s) of the subject individual pupil, pupils, students, disciples, disciple, teacher of, teacher to, has student, had student WikibaseItem 66,619
P803 professorship professorship position held by this academic person chair, endowed professorship, named chair, named professorship, endowed chair, professorship position WikibaseItem 14,455
P804 GNIS Antarctica ID identifier for geographic objects in Antarctica, used in the US Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System. For U.S. IDs, use Property:P590 USGS GNIS Antarctica ID ExternalId 14,147
P805 statement is subject of (qualifying) item that describes the relation identified in this statement article, artfor, decided by, decided in, decided with, dedicated article, dedicated item, is subject of, related item of statement, subject of, subject of the claim, subject of the statement WikibaseItem 494
P806 Italian cadastre code (municipality) identifier for an Italian comune in the cadastre codice catastale ExternalId 8,968
P807 separated from subject was founded or started by separating from identified object branched from, broke from, forked from, schism from, seceded from, split from WikibaseItem 2,519
P808 Bien de Interés Cultural (BIC) code identifier for an item in the Spanish heritage register (included RI/ARI) BIC code ExternalId 13,823
P809 WDPA ID identifier in World Database on Protected Areas Protected Planet ID, World Database on Protected Areas identifier ExternalId 101,132
P811 academic minor minor someone studied at college/university minor WikibaseItem 104
P812 academic major major someone studied at college/university academic field, subject, major, field of study, academic subject, studied, college major WikibaseItem 3,416
P813 retrieved date or point in time that information was retrieved from a database or website (for use in online sources) access date, accessdate, accessed, consulted, date accessed, date of retrieval, date retrieved, retrieved at, time of retrieval, viewed on, viewed on date, visited at, retrieved date, date of access Time 42
P814 IUCN protected areas category protected areas category by the World Commission on Protected Areas. Used with dedicated items for each category. IUCN category, IUCN Management Category WikibaseItem 85,608
P815 ITIS TSN identifier for a taxon in the Integrated Taxonomic Information System Integrated Taxonomic Information System Taxonomic Serial Number, itis, ITIS ID ExternalId 627,463
P816 decays to what isotope does this radioactive isotope decay to WikibaseItem 7,387
P817 decay mode type of decay that a radioactive isotope undergoes (should be used as a qualifier for "decays to") WikibaseItem 3
P818 arXiv ID identifier of a document in arXiv pre-print archive arXiv pre-print ID, arXiv preprint ID ExternalId 383,394
P819 ADS bibcode bibcode in the Astrophysics Data System adsabs ID, Astrophysics Data System bibcode, bibcode ADS ExternalId 1,101,993
P820 arXiv classification arXiv classification of pre-print articles arXiv category String 2,380
P821 CGNDB unique ID identifier(s) for a geographical feature contained in the Canadian Geographical Names Data Base (CGNDB) Canadian Geographical Names Board ID, CGNDB, CGNDB UID, CGNDB-ID, Geographical Names Board of Canada ID, GNBC Code, CGNDB key, CGNDB unique identifier, Canadian Geographical Names Database key, Canadian Geographical Names Database unique ID ExternalId 221,343
P822 mascot mascot of an organization, e.g. a sports team or university WikibaseItem 910
P823 speaker person who is speaker for this event, ceremony, keynote, presentation or in a literary work WikibaseItem 5,699
P824 Meteoritical Bulletin Database ID identifier for a meteorite in the database of the Meteoritical Society ExternalId 1,351
P825 dedicated to person or organization to whom the subject was dedicated dedication, dedicatee, tribute to WikibaseItem 53,415
P826 tonality key of a musical composition key, musical key, in key, key of musical composition, key used, musical tonality, written in key WikibaseItem 5,249
P827 BBC programme ID identifier for the corresponding item on the BBC website and internal systems pid, BBC pid, BBC program ID, BBC program identifier, BBC programme identifier, PIPs identifier ExternalId 4,509
P828 has cause underlying cause, thing that ultimately resulted in this effect reason, why, implied by, cause, because, caused by, due to, effect of, had cause, had reason, had underlying cause, has causes, has reason, has underlying cause, initial cause, originated due to, outcome of, result of, ultimate cause, ultimate causes, underlying cause, start cause WikibaseItem 10,258
P829 OEIS ID identifier on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences ExternalId 337
P830 Encyclopedia of Life ID item reference number eol, EoL ID ExternalId 1,096,744
P831 parent club parent club of this team affiliate of, major league affiliate, parent team WikibaseItem 4,645
P832 public holiday official public holiday that occurs in this place in its honor, usually a non-working day bank holiday, legal holiday, national holiday WikibaseItem 1,482
P833 interchange station station to which passengers can transfer to from this station, normally without extra expense OSI, out of station interchange WikibaseItem 5,092
P834 train depot depot which serves this railway line, not public stations depot, rail yard, railway depot, tram depot WikibaseItem 859
P835 author citation (zoology) short form of the name used after a taxon this person has authored abbreviation of author in zoology, author abbreviation in zoology, zoologist author name, zoologist name, zoology author name, zoology name String 4,865
P836 GSS code (2011) nine-character UK Government Statistical Service code, introduced in 2009 to replace older ONS codes GEOGCD, GSS code (2009), ONS GSS code (2009), ONS GSS code (2011) ExternalId 20,586
P837 day in year for periodic occurrence when a specific holiday or periodic event occurs. Can be used as property or qualifier date, day, recurring event, day in year, day of periodic occurrence, periodic occurrence, take place on, takes place on, takes places during, took place on, ihe omume oge, ihe omume ugboro ugboro, mee na, mere na, na-ewe ebe n'oge, na-ewere ọnọdụ na, ụbọchị, ụbọchị ihe omume oge, ụbọchị n'afọ WikibaseItem 4,130
P838 BioLib taxon ID identifier for a taxon in the biological encyclopedia BioLib ExternalId 344,926
P839 IMSLP ID identifier on the International Music Score Library Project IMSLP ExternalId 20,432
P840 narrative location the narrative of the work is set in this location set in, setting, narrative set in, playing in, set in location, setting location, takes place in, location of narrative, place of setting, place set in, setting of work, setting place, work set in WikibaseItem 96,951
P841 feast day saint's principal feast day WikibaseItem 8,962
P842 Fossilworks taxon ID identifier for an animal, plant, or microorganism in the Fossilworks database ExternalId 104,861
P843 SIRUTA code identifier for an area of Romania per National Institute of Statistics ExternalId 16,976
P844 UBIGEO code identifier for a geographical location in Peru used by the National Statistics Institute ExternalId 53
P845 Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property ID identifier in the Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property identifier ExternalId 35
P846 GBIF taxon ID taxon identifier in GBIF GBIF ID, Global Biodiversity Information Facility ID, taxonKey ExternalId 2,574,054
P847 United States Navy aircraft designation identifier for an aircraft of the United States Navy USN aircraft designation, Aha ụgbọ elu USN String 38
P849 Japanese military aircraft designation identifier for an aircraft per the Japanese military ExternalId 2
P850 WoRMS-ID for taxa identifier in the World Register of Marine Species World Register of Marine Species ID, World Register of Marine Species identifier, WoRMS ID, AphiaID, ID WoRMS, Ihe nchọpụta ndebanye aha ụwa nke ụdị mmiri mmiri, World Register of Marine spec ExternalId 690,099
P852 ESRB rating North American video game content rating ESRB, Entertainment Software Rating Board rating, ntụrụndụ software mba ọkwa WikibaseItem 10,527
P853 CERO rating Japanese video game rating system Computer Entertainment Rating Organization rating WikibaseItem 1,771
P854 reference URL should be used for Internet URLs as references. Use "Wikimedia import URL" (P4656) for imports from WMF sites website, URL, ref, ref URL, source URL, url for reference, webref, reference Uniform Resource Locator Url 2,085
P855 Sandbox-URL Sandbox property for value of type "URL" Url 6
P856 official website URL of the official page of an item (current or former) [if the page changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL] website, site, web site, URL, home page, home page (official), homepage, homepage (official), official homepage, official page, official site, official URL, official web site, site (official), site official, URL (official), web address, website (official), website official, www site (official), URL official Url 1,751,787
P858 ESPNscrum player ID identifier for an international rugby union player, from or ESPN SCRUM ID ExternalId 9,321
P859 sponsor organization or individual that sponsors this item benefactor, patron, sponsored by, endorsed by WikibaseItem 177,168
P860 ID identifier in, a directory of sources of Landesarchiv Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Archive ExternalId 525
P861 player ID identifier for each rugby union player who plays - or played - the English Premiership Premiership ID, PremiershipRugby ID, ID ExternalId 1,189
P862 Operational Requirement of the UK Air Ministry specification for future military aircraft by the UK Air Ministry OR, operational requirement ExternalId 4
P863 InPhO ID identifier in the Indiana Philosophy Ontology project the Internet Philosophy Ontology Project ExternalId 1,771
P864 ACM Digital Library author ID Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library (ACM DL) author identifier ACM DL ID, ACM Digital Library author identifier, ACM DL, ACM DL author ID, ACM DL profile ID, ACM profile ID, profile ID ExternalId 3,242
P865 BMLO ID identifier of Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online Bayerisches Musiker-Lexikon Online ID ExternalId 6,588
P866 Perlentaucher ID identifier in Perlentaucher (Q2071388) ExternalId 11,679
P867 ROME Occupation Code ROME Code for a given occupation in France (V3, 1 letter, 4 digits) ROME Occupation ID, ROME Occupation identifier ExternalId 368
P868 foods traditionally associated foods usually during the ceremony or associated with a certain settlement WikibaseItem 421
P870 instrumentation combination of musical instruments employed in a composition or accompanying a (folk) dance medium of performance, orchestration, instruments, scoring, scored for, arranged for, orchestrated for, instruments called for, instruments employed, instruments used WikibaseItem 9,599
P872 printed by organization or person who printed the creative work (if different from "publisher") printer WikibaseItem 3,548
P873 phase point phase point to describe critical point and triple point (see talk page for an example) WikibaseItem 27
P874 UN class UN hazard classification code String 9
P875 UN classification code code for classification of dangerous goods defined by UN UN code classification String 5
P876 UN packaging group packaging code according to UN transportation rules String 3
P877 NFPA Special NFPA code for a chemical's other hazards in white (bottom) quadrant NFPA Other String 0
P878 avionics notable sensors, electronics, and other avionics installed in the subject aircraft sensors, electronics WikibaseItem 168
P879 pennant number the number or designation associated with individual ships, often painted on the hull hull number, hull classification symbol, pendant number String 5,604
P880 CPU central processing unit found within the subject item central processing unit, processor WikibaseItem 2,528
P881 type of variable star type of star variable type WikibaseItem 385,887
P882 FIPS 6-4 Identifier for US entities (mostly counties) per "Federal Information Processing Series" (FIPS 6-4), used for counties, Puerto Rico zona urbana, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) and Combined Statistical Areas (CSA) in the United States. county FIPS, FIPS US counties, INCITS 31-2009, FIPS 6-4 (counties) ExternalId 3,571
P884 State Water Register Code (Russia) identifier of a body of water in Russia ExternalId 36,843
P885 origin of the watercourse main source of a river, stream or lake water source, river source, origin of the body of water, origin of the water body, river head, source of a stream, source of watercourse, stream source, water body origin, water origin WikibaseItem 14,255
P886 Lexicon istoric retic ID identifier in the Lexicon istoric retic (LIR), Romansh variant of Historical Dictionary of Switzerland LIR ID ExternalId 260
P887 based on heuristic indicates that the property value is determined based on some heuristic (Q201413); to be used as source heuristic, heuristically based on WikibaseItem 0
P888 JSTOR article ID identifier for an article or a book in JSTOR JSTOR ID, JSTOR book ID ExternalId 239,668
P889 Mathematical Reviews ID identifier in Mathematical Reviews, a journal and online database Mathematical Reviews identifier, MathSciNet bibliographic ID, MR bibliographic ID ExternalId 3,561
P892 RfC ID identifier for an item in Request for Comments, a publication of IETF and the Internet Society (without "RFC" prefix) RFC, RfC, IETF RFC ID, Request for Comments ID, Request for Comments identifier ExternalId 9,132
P893 SSRN article ID identifier for an article/paper at the SSRN Social Science Research Network article ID ExternalId 236
P894 zbMATH document ID identifier in the zbMath database JFM ID, Zbl, zbMATH doc ID, zbMATH document ID, zbMATH ID, zbMATH identifier, Zentralblatt MATH ExternalId 7,133
P897 United States Army and Air Force aircraft designation identifier for a US Army and Air Force aircraft until 1962 US Army aircraft designation, USAF aircraft designation String 12
P898 IPA transcription transcription in the International Phonetic Alphabet IPA, pronunciation (IPA) String 193,561
P901 FIPS 10-4 (countries and regions) Identifier for countries and regions per former Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 10-4 fips country codes ExternalId 4,345
P902 HDS ID identifier in HDS/HLS/DHS/DSS: Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (Q642074), a national encyclopedia DSS, DHS, HLS, HDS identifier, Historical Dictionary of Switzerland ExternalId 34,548
P905 PORT film ID PORT-network film database: identifier for a film or television program PORT film identifier, PORT ID ExternalId 42,299
P906 SELIBR ID identifier per National Library of Sweden Libris library catalog LIBRIS, National Library of Sweden, SE-LIBR ID ExternalId 78,477
P908 PEGI rating European video game content rating system WikibaseItem 4,658
P909 Nova Scotia Register of Historic Places ID identifier in the Nova Scotia Register of Historic Places Nova Scotia Historic Places ID, Nova Scotia Register of Historic Places identifier ExternalId 63
P910 topic's main category main Wikimedia category Wikimedia category, Wikipedia category, category, Wiki category, category for this topic, has category, main category, subject category WikibaseItem 698,118
P911 South African municipality code identifier for a municipality in South Africa ExternalId 301
P912 has facility the subject item has this type of facility, e.g. toilet, car park has feature, facility, amenity, features, has amenity WikibaseItem 30,545
P913 notation mathematical notation or another symbol symbol WikibaseItem 262
P914 USK rating German video game content rating - see talk page for appropriate values Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle rating WikibaseItem 3,566
P915 filming location actual place where this scene/film was shot. For the setting, use "narrative location" (P840) film location, filming location, filmed at, location of filming, location where filmed, place of filming, place where filmed, shooting location, studio where filmed, shot in, filmed in, filmed on location in WikibaseItem 44,909
P916 GSRR rating Taiwanese video game content rating system CSRR rating, GSRMR rating WikibaseItem 61
P917 GRAU index index of Russian (and Soviet) weapons and rockets ExternalId 137
P918 NOC Occupation Code NOC/CNP Code for a given occupation in Canada and Québec Code CNP, NOC Code ExternalId 16
P919 SOC Code (2010) Standard Occupational Classification code for US jobs (2010 version) 2010 SOC Occupation Code, SOC 2010, Standard Occupational Classification (2010) ExternalId 112
P920 LEM ID subject headings for public libraries maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport LEMb ID, LEMBP ID, Lista de Encabezamientos para Bibliotecas Publicas ID, Lista de Encabezamientos para Bibliotecas Públicas ID, Spanish subject headings for public libraries ID ExternalId 559
P921 main subject primary topic of a work (see also P180: depicts) subject, artistic theme, sitter, theme, topic, about, keyword, main topic, index term, subject heading, /common/topic/subject, content deals with, content describes, content is about, describes, has a subject, in regards to, is about, main issue, main thing, mainly about, plot keyword, primary subject, primary topic, regarding, regards, topic of work, has topic WikibaseItem 24,585,693
P922 magnetic ordering magnetic ordering of a substance WikibaseItem 2
P923 medical examination examinations that might be used to diagnose and/or prognose the medical condition diagnostic method, examinations, medical examinations, possible examinations, diagnosed/prognosed using technique, prognostic method WikibaseItem 1,038
P924 possible treatment health treatment used to resolve or ameliorate a medical condition medical treatment, treatment, therapy, health treatment, medical therapy WikibaseItem 727
P925 presynaptic connection neuron connects on its presynaptic end to WikibaseItem 6
P926 postsynaptic connection neuron connects on its postsynaptic end to WikibaseItem 7
P927 anatomical location where in the body or cell does this feature lie or happen WikibaseItem 3,842
P928 activating neurotransmitter which neurotransmitter activates the neuron Ligands WikibaseItem 15
P929 color space mathematical model describing the way colors can be represented as tuples of numbers WikibaseItem 2
P930 type of electrification electrification system scheme and/or voltage electrification type WikibaseItem 5,768
P931 place served by transport hub territorial entity or entities served by this transport hub (airport, train station, etc.) city served, serves city, train station serves, area served by transport hub, served by transport hub WikibaseItem 12,427
P932 PMCID identifier for a scientific work issued by PubMed Central (without "PMC" prefix) PMC ID, PubMed Central ID, PubMed Central reference number ExternalId 6,564,139
P933 Heritage NL ID identifier of Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador heritage property Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador heritage property ID, Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador heritage property ID ID, ID ExternalId 786
P935 Commons gallery name of the Wikimedia Commons gallery page(s) related to this item (is suitable to allow multiple links to more gallery pages) gallery String 99,966
P937 work location location where persons or organisations were actively participating in employment, business or other work location of work, place of work, work place, workplace, working at, active in, conducts business at, conducts business in, place of activity, place of employment, work area, work residence WikibaseItem 376,870
P938 FishBase species ID identifier for a species in FishBase fishbase, FishBase ID, FishBase species identifier ExternalId 34,367
P939 KSH code identifier for every municipality (town and commune) in Hungary issued by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office HCSO code ExternalId 3,181
P941 inspired by work, human, place or event which inspired this creative work or fictional entity inspiration, source of inspiration WikibaseItem 6,666
P942 theme music the theme music/song used by the item theme song WikibaseItem 4,046
P943 programmer the programmer that wrote the piece of software software developer, programmed by WikibaseItem 437
P944 Code of nomenclature the Code that governs the scientific name of this taxon WikibaseItem 607
P945 allegiance country (or other power) that the person or group serves loyalty, fidelity WikibaseItem 61,616
P946 ISIN identifier for a security International Securities Identification Number ExternalId 6,495
P947 RSL ID (person) person identifier in the Russian State Library RSL identifier, RSL identifier (person), RSL name authority ExternalId 1,633
P948 page banner image at top of an article about the topic, mainly used by Wikivoyage and Women in Red Wikivoyage banner, Women in Red banner, article banner, WV banner CommonsMedia 26,623
P949 National Library of Israel ID (old) former identifier for authority control used at the National Library of Israel. Replaced with "National Library of Israel J9U ID" (P8189) National Library of Israel identifier, NLI (Israel) ID, NLI ID ExternalId 79,150
P950 Biblioteca Nacional de España ID identifier from the authority file of the Biblioteca Nacional de España. Format for persons: "XX" followed by 4 to 7 digits Biblioteca Nacional de España ID, Biblioteca Nacional de España identifier, BNE ID, BNE identifier, LEM ID, National Library of Spain ID, National Library of Spain identifier ExternalId 212,016
P951 NSZL (VIAF) ID identifier from the authority file of the National Széchényi Library, Hungary used only by VIAF ExternalId 12,967
P952 ISCO-88 occupation class International Standard Classification of Occupations code according to the International Labour Organization (ILO) classification structure as of 1988 International Standard Classification of Occupations, CITP, ISCO-88 occupation code String 367
P953 full work available at URL URL of a web page containing the full body of this item ebook, transcription, archived at, article at, available at, document at, ebook URL, full text at, full text available at, full text available at URL, fulltext, online mirror, online version, paper at, text at, text mirror url, URL for full text, full text url Url 2,395,681
P954 IBNR ID identifier for a railway station (Internationale Bahnhofsnummer) IBNR, IBNR identifier ExternalId 15,803
P957 ISBN-10 former identifier for a book (edition), ten digits. Used for all publications up to 2006 (convertible to ISBN-13 for some online catalogs; useful for old books or fac-similes not reedited since 2007) International Standard Book Number-10, isbn, isbn-10, ISBN10 ExternalId 51,892
P958 section, verse, paragraph, or clause paragraph, or other kind of special indication to find information on a page or on a document (legal texts etc.) encyclopedia entry, verse, dictionary entry, paragraph, section, clause, bibliography, item number, entry, sub voce, s. v., sub verbo, title (of a section) String 751
P959 MSW ID identifier from Mammal Species of the World database Mammal Species of the World ID, MSW identifier, Wilson & Reeder's Mammal Species of the World ID, MSW3 ID ExternalId 13,586
P960 Tropicos ID identifier for a name, in the Tropicos database Tropicos name ID, Tropicos name identifier, Tropicos scientific name ID, Tropicos taxon name identifier ExternalId 595,124
P961 IPNI plant ID numerical identifier for a plant name in the International Plant Names Index IPNI ID (plant) ExternalId 899,870
P962 MycoBank taxon name ID identifier per MycoBank - a database that provides an authoritative and comprehensive list of names of fungi MycoBank ID, MycoBank taxon name identifier ExternalId 372,325
P963 streaming media URL URL where the subject's media stream exists archives, streaming url Url 1,543
P964 Austrian municipality key identifier for municipalities in Austria (ÖSTAT-Nummer), format: 5 digits ÖSTAT-Nummer ExternalId 2,537
P965 burial plot reference string of references which identify a specific plot in a burial area, e.g. cemetery plot, grave reference String 1,036
P966 MusicBrainz label ID identifier for a label in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia MBL, label ID, Label MBID, MB label, MB label ID, MBID label, MusicBrainz Record Label ID ExternalId 10,850
P967 guest of honor guest(s) of honor invited to an event, e.g. a convention guest of honour WikibaseItem 1,462
P968 email address email address, prefixed with mailto: e-mail address, mailto: Url 177,103
P970 neurological function the function of a neurological structure WikibaseItem 4
P971 category combines topics this category combines (intersects) these two or more topics category intersects topics, cct, combines topics, subjects of category, topics of category WikibaseItem 2,459,133
P972 catalog catalog for the item, or, as a qualifier of P528 – catalog for which the 'catalog code' is valid exhibition catalogue, catalogue, registry WikibaseItem 69,991
P973 described at URL item is described at the following URL described at webpage, described by URL, described in url, described in URL, described on webpage, descURL, discussed at URL, info URL, rdfs:isDefinedBy, URL described in, web page describing, about page Url 810,560
P974 tributary watercourse that flows into an other one (for lake inflows use P200) affluent, has inflow of, has river inflow, has tributary, receives river, receives tributary WikibaseItem 72,395
P980 code for weekend and holiday homes (Sweden) identifier for a for weekend or holiday home in Sweden, assigned by Statistics Sweden ExternalId 38
P981 BAG residence ID BAG code for Dutch residencies ("woonplaats", mostly municipalities) BAG-code for Dutch towns ExternalId 2,513
P982 MusicBrainz area ID identifier for an area in the MusicBrainz open music database area MBID, MBarea, MBID area ExternalId 32,321
P984 IOC country code three-letter abbreviation country code by the International Olympic Committee ExternalId 258
P988 Philippine Standard Geographic Code systematic classification and coding of geographic areas of the Philippines PSGC ExternalId 4,841
P989 spoken text audio audio file for the spoken work or Wikipedia article, including audio descriptions audio description, spoken Wikipedia, spoken Wikipedia text audio, Wikipedia audio, Wikipedia spoken text audio CommonsMedia 6,522
P990 audio recording of the subject's spoken voice audio file representing the speaking voice of a person; or of an animated cartoon or other fictitious character audio clip, recording of the subject's spoken voice, speaking voice, spoken voice, voice recording CommonsMedia 1,345
P991 successful candidate person(s) or political organization(s) elected after the election elected person, elected, elected candidate, election winner, election won by, winner of election WikibaseItem 25,041
P993 NFPA Health NFPA rating for a chemical's hazard to health (blue quadrant in fire diamond) String 0
P994 NFPA Fire NFPA rating for a chemical's flammability (red quadrant in fire diamond) NFPA Flammability String 0
P995 NFPA Instability NFPA rating for chemical or physical reactivity (yellow quadrant in fire diamond) NFPA Reactivity String 0
P996 document file on Wikimedia Commons file on Wikimedia Commons related to the content of the source/book/report book file, book image, Commons scanned file, full text, PDF on Commons, PDF on Wikimedia Commons, scan file (Commons), scan image, scanned file on Wikimedia Commons CommonsMedia 169,034
P998 Curlie ID category path at Open Directory Project ODP, directory.mozilla, GNUHoo, Mozilla Directory, Netscape Open Directory, NewHoo, Open Directory Project, Curlie ID,, dmoz, DMOZ ID ExternalId 12,100
P999 ARICNS identifier for stars in ARICNS ExternalId 4,537
P1000 record held notable record achieved by a person or entity, include qualifiers for dates held WikibaseItem 585
P1001 applies to jurisdiction the item (institution, law, public office, public register...) or statement belongs to or has power over or applies to the value (a territorial jurisdiction: a country, state, municipality, ...) applies to place, jurisdiction, applicable area, applicable country, applicable geographic place, applicable jurisdiction, applicable location, applicable place, applicable territorial jurisdiction, applied to jurisdiction, applies to area, applies to geographic area, applies to geographic place, applies to region, applies to territorial jurisdiction, belongs to jurisdiction, country of jurisdiction, linked to jurisdiction, of jurisdiction, valid in jurisdiction WikibaseItem 965,288
P1002 engine configuration configuration of an engine's cylinders configuration of engine cylinders WikibaseItem 1,043
P1003 National Library of Romania ID identifier for authority control used at the National Library of Romania BNR ID ExternalId 231
P1004 MusicBrainz place ID Identifier for a place in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia MBP, MB place id, MBID place, place ID, place MBID ExternalId 10,702
P1005 Portuguese National Library ID identifier for an author in the Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal National Library of Portugal ID, PTBNP ID, PTBNP identifier ExternalId 57,029
P1006 Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteurs ID identifier for person names (not: works nor organisations) from the Dutch National Thesaurus for Author names (which also contains non-authors) Dutch National Thesaurus for Author Names ID, Dutch Thesaurus for Author Names ID, National Thesaurus for Author Names (Netherlands) ID, National Thesaurus for Author Names (NL) ID, National Thesaurus for Author Names ID, National Thesaurus for Author Names identifier, Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteurs, Nederlandse Thesaurus van Auteursnamen, NTA ID, NTA identifier ExternalId 533,141
P1007 Lattes Platform number number for the Lattes Platform entry on the person or group. Relationship between entry and subject must be supported by a source ExternalId 5,566
P1010 Iran statistics ID identifier for places in Iran ExternalId 17,552
P1011 excluding usually used as a qualifier bar, exception, save, outtake, does not apply to part, except, not including, with the exception of, excepting, exceptions, other than, apart from, aside from, except for, save for WikibaseItem 8
P1012 including usually used as a qualifier with, inclusive WikibaseItem 5,715
P1013 criterion used property by which a distinction or classification is made basis, by, according to, with respect to, based on, criteria used, on the basis of, respectively to, with reference to, based on criteria, based on criterion WikibaseItem 72
P1014 Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID identifier in the Art & Architecture Thesaurus by the Getty Research Institute AAT ID, AAT identifier, Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID, Getty AAT ID, Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID ExternalId 25,571
P1015 NORAF ID identifier in the Norwegian Authority File, formerly Bibsys Authority File BARE identifier, BIBSYS ID, W2Z ID ExternalId 184,874
P1016 asteroid taxonomy type of asteroid classification WikibaseItem 0
P1017 Vatican Library ID (former scheme) historical identifier for authority control used at the Vatican Library. Format: "ADV" + 8 digits. Use P8034 for newer IDs. BAV, ADV ID, BAV (Vatican Library) identifier, BAV ID, BAV identifier, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana ID, Vatican Library ID, Vatican Library identifier ExternalId 65,578
P1018 language regulatory body regulatory body of a language regulatory body WikibaseItem 215
P1019 web feed URL news feed (RSS, Atom, etc.) of this person/organisation/project RSS, Atom, atom feed, feed url, news feed, RSS feed Url 6,010
P1021 KldB-2010 occupation code German classification of occupations 2010 ExternalId 74
P1022 CNO-11 occupation code Spanish classification of occupations CNO-11 maintained by the Spanish INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) ExternalId 13
P1023 SBC-2010 occupation code Dutch classification of occupations SBC maintained by the Dutch CBS (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek), 2010 version ExternalId 36
P1024 SBFI occupation code Swiss classification of occupations SBFI/SEFRI maintained by the Swiss SBFI/SEFRI SBFI code ExternalId 11
P1025 SUDOC editions identifier in the French union catalog (see also P269) ExternalId 9,799
P1026 academic thesis thesis or dissertation written for a degree dissertation, thesis, PhD thesis, master's thesis, doctoral dissertation, Ph.D. thesis, bachelor thesis, Ph. D. thesis, bachelor's thesis, A.B. thesis, B.A. thesis, B.S. thesis, masters thesis, undergraduate thesis WikibaseItem 24,391
P1027 conferred by person or organization who grants an award, certification, grant, or role presented by, from, awarded by, bestowed by, by, degree awarded by, degree conferred by, degree from, given by, granted by, officiated by, conceded by WikibaseItem 16,322
P1028 donated by person or organization who donated the object bestowed by, given by, donor, donation from, gift from, gift of WikibaseItem 9,918
P1029 crew member(s) person(s) that participated operating or serving aboard this vehicle member of crew of WikibaseItem 3,265
P1030 light characteristic description of a navigational light sequence or colour displayed on a nautical chart. Explicitly state white light (W) class of light, light characteristic of lighthouse, characteristic of light String 8,370
P1031 legal citation of this text legal citation of legislation or a court decision citation, case citation, neutral citation, parallel citation, regulation citation, statute citation String 561,709
P1032 Digital Rights Management system technologies to control the use of digital content and devices after sale copy protection mechanism, copy protection system, DRM mechanism, DRM system WikibaseItem 119
P1033 GHS signal word please use with items "warning" (Q15350847) and "danger" (Q15221217) danger:, Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals signal word, signal word, warning: WikibaseItem 1
P1034 main food source species, genus or family that an organism depends on for nutrition diet, ration, food plant, eats, food source, ecology (Fossilworks field name), isi iyi nri, osisi nri WikibaseItem 356
P1035 honorific suffix word or expression with connotations conveying esteem or respect when used, after a name, in addressing or referring to a person honourific suffix, post-nominal, postnominal, style suffix, ụdị suffix WikibaseItem 787
P1036 Dewey Decimal Classification use with qualifier "edition (P747)" with item value "DDC 23" or create new item to represent the corresponding DDC edition DDC ExternalId 16,825
P1037 director / manager person who manages any kind of group leader, manager, boss, director, chief, head, general manager, managing director, director general, manager/director, teammanager WikibaseItem 17,939
P1038 relative family member (qualify with "type of kinship", P1039; for direct family member please use specific property) family, aunt, grandson, aunt-in-law, daughter-in-law, relation, co-brother-in-law, father-in-law, cousin, co-sibling-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, grandparent, ancestor, son-in-law, family member, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, nephew, nibling, niece, uncle-in-law, lineal descendant, grandchild, grandchildren, uncle, co-sister-in-law, mother-in-law, descendant, co-husband, co-wife, collateral descendant, granddauther, kinsman, non-binary parent WikibaseItem 58,236
P1039 kinship to subject qualifier of "relative" (P1038) to indicate less usual family relationships (ancestor, son-in-law, adoptions, etc). Indicate how the qualificator item is related to the main item. kinship, type of kinship, object has role, nature of kinship, relationship (kinship), type of relationship WikibaseItem 63
P1040 film editor person who works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combining them into sequences to create a finished motion picture editor, edited by WikibaseItem 55,484
P1041 socket supported socket for which the electronic part was made cpu slot, cpu socket WikibaseItem 114
P1042 ZDB ID identifier for serials German National Serials Database ZDB identifier ExternalId 3,395
P1043 IDEO Job ID identifier for an occupation on IDEO ExternalId 316
P1044 SWB editions union catalog of the South-West German Library Network (SWB) ExternalId 417
P1045 Sycomore ID identifier in the Sycomore database of French MPs, National Assembly (France) ExternalId 17,473
P1046 discovery method way an exoplanet was discovered detection method WikibaseItem 7,845
P1047 Catholic Hierarchy person ID identifier for the person on Catholic Hierarchy bishop identifier ExternalId 50,449
P1048 NCL ID identifier for authority control issued by the National Central Library in Taiwan National Central Library identifier, NCL identifier, National Central Library ID ExternalId 1,298
P1049 worshipped by religion or group/civilization that worships a given deity deity of WikibaseItem 2,645
P1050 medical condition any state relevant to the health of an organism, including diseases and positive conditions disease, condition, disorder, illness, sickness, disability, ailment, health condition, health issue, health problem, paralympic disability, suffer from, suffers from WikibaseItem 265,407
P1051 PSH ID identifier in the authority database of the Czech Technical Library PSH, Czech Technical Library ID, PSH identifier ExternalId 5,935
P1052 Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010 ExternalId 1
P1053 ResearcherID identifier for a researcher in a system for scientific authors, redirects to a Web of Science ID, along with P3829 Web of Science ResearcherID, WoS RID, RID, Web of Science ID, Researcher ID, WOS ID, Web of Science Researcher ID ExternalId 264,755
P1054 NDL bib ID identifier of an edition in the National Diet Library NDL catalog ID, NDL Bibliographic ID (NDL bibid) ExternalId 723
P1055 NLM Unique ID identifier in the catalog of the National Library of Medicine NLM ID, NLMUID ExternalId 35,660
P1056 product or material produced material or product produced by a government agency, business, industry, facility, or process output, commodity, product, manufactures, produces, producer of, creates, has product, maker of, makes, manufacturer of, material produced, products, results in, they make, work produced, produced material, produced product WikibaseItem 48,358
P1057 chromosome chromosome on which an entity is localized on chromosome, present in chromosome WikibaseItem 618,718
P1058 ERA Journal ID identifier for academic journals ExternalId 23,774
P1059 CVR number unique identifier for a business in Denmark's Central Business Register (CVR), the official database of Danish businesses. Central Business Register number ExternalId 4,157
P1060 disease transmission process process by which a pathogen is transmitted, equivalent to "transmitted by" in the relation ontology transmission process, pathogen transmission process, transmitted by, mode of transmission WikibaseItem 320
P1064 track gauge spacing of the rails on a railway track gauge WikibaseItem 25,348
P1065 archive URL URL to the archived web page specified with URL property URL in archive, web archive, archiveurl, URL archived, wayback machine Url 1,980
P1066 student of person who has taught this person professor, supervisor, teacher, master, advisor, academic supervisor, apprentice of, degree advisor, degree supervisor, disciple of, master's advisor, master's supervisor, master's thesis advisor, mentor, pupil of, studied under, thesis advisor, tutor, is student of WikibaseItem 93,840
P1067 Thailand central administrative unit code identifier for each of the Thai central administrative units TIS 1099 ExternalId 8,628
P1068 instruction set set of machine code instructions on which a processor architecture is based ISA, architecture, Instruction Set Architecture WikibaseItem 476
P1069 Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08) Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation, derived from ISCO ExternalId 4
P1070 PlantList-ID identifier in 'The Plant List' database PlantList ID ExternalId 397,698
P1071 location of creation place where the item was made; where applicable, location of final assembly mint, location of origin, place of origin, made in, assembly location, created at, creation location, location created, location of creation, location of final assembly, location of production, manufactured in, manufacturing location, minted at, place built, place made, place of creation, place of manufacture, place of production, production location, production place, written at, composed at, creation place WikibaseItem 88,315
P1072 readable file format file format a program can open and read can read, file format readable, reads file format, input file WikibaseItem 9,619
P1073 writable file format file format a program can create and/or write to can write, file format written, writes file format, output file WikibaseItem 4,845
P1074 fictional or mythical analog of used to link an entity or class of entities appearing in a creative work with the analogous entity or class of entities in the real world fictional analog of, fictional version of, fictionalisation of, fictionalization of, mythical analog of WikibaseItem 2,121
P1075 rector senior official in an educational institution Rector (academia) WikibaseItem 2,208
P1076 ICTV virus ID identifier in the Universal Virus Database (ICTVdB) ICTV, ICTV ID ExternalId 0
P1077 KOATUU identifier identifier for each of the Ukrainian administrative units (till 2020) KOATUU ID ExternalId 41,396
P1078 Valvetrain configuration configuration of the valvetrain utilized by this engine WikibaseItem 226
P1079 launch contractor organization contracted to launch the rocket launch service provider WikibaseItem 290
P1080 from narrative universe subject's fictional entity is in the object narrative. See also P1441 (present in work) and P1445 (fictional universe described in) cycle, mythology, continuity, narrative universe, story cycle, universe, appears in universe, featured in universe, fictional universe where entity is from, from fictional universe, from mythology, from narrative, from universe, in continuity, in cycle, in world of, eluigwe na ala, si eluigwe na ala WikibaseItem 36,803
P1081 Human Development Index HDI value of a country HDI Quantity 12,281
P1082 population number of people inhabiting the place; number of people of subject human population, inhabitants Quantity 2,467,652
P1083 maximum capacity number of people allowed for a venue or vehicle complement, crew, capacity, number of seats, seating capacity, seats Quantity 26,041
P1084 EUL editions identifier for a book (edition) in the Egyptian union catalog EUL ID ExternalId 12
P1085 LibraryThing work ID LibraryThing (LT) control number LibraryThing ID, LibraryThing work identifier, LT ID, LT work ID, LT work identifier, LT ọrụ nchọpụta ExternalId 5,482
P1086 atomic number number of protons found in the nucleus of the atom Z, atom number, number of protons, proton number Quantity 4,951
P1087 Elo rating quantitative measure of one's game-playing ability, particularly in classical chess Quantity 2,928,047
P1088 Mohs' hardness qualitative ordinal scale characterizing scratch resistance of various minerals Mohs hardness, hardness, hardness of mineral, mineral hardness Quantity 343
P1090 redshift the redshift measure of an astronomical object Z, z Quantity 1,279,201
P1092 total produced quantity of item produced circulation, number built, number made, number produced, qty built, qty made, qty produced, total built, total made, production quantity Quantity 14,629
P1093 gross tonnage unitless index related to a ship's overall internal volume GT, GRT, ship gross tonnage, tonnage gross Quantity 41,723
P1096 orbital eccentricity amount of the deviation of an orbit from a perfect circle eccentricity Quantity 85,362
P1097 g-factor characteristic property of any elementary particle (Landé factor) Quantity 4
P1098 number of speakers, writers, or signers number of people who use a language speakers of language, signers of a language, writers of a language Quantity 2,385
P1099 number of masts number of masts a ship has Quantity 72
P1100 number of cylinders number of cylinders in a piston engine or compressor Quantity 5,668
P1101 floors above ground above ground floor count of a building (ground floor and attic included) number of floors, stories, floor count, storeys, number of stories Quantity 14,776
P1102 flattening measure of the compression of an ellipsoid of revolution oblateness, ellipticity, elpticity Quantity 16
P1103 number of platform tracks number of tracks served by the platforms at a railway station Tracks, platform tracks Quantity 29,009
P1104 number of pages number of pages in an edition of a written work; see allowed units constraint for valid values to use for units in conjunction with a number pagination, foliation, pages, leaves, leaf count, number of leaves, page count Quantity 1,550,529
P1106 Sandbox-Quantity property to be used for testing the quantity datatype Quantity 366
P1107 proportion to be used as a qualifier, value must be between 0 and 1 ratio, part, share, %, percent Quantity 3
P1108 electronegativity tendency of an atom or functional group to attract electrons Quantity 98
P1109 refractive index refractive index of a substance with wavelength and temperature as qualifiers IOR, index of refraction Quantity 198
P1110 attendance number of people (spectators, ticket holders) at an event or exhibition spectators Quantity 26,354
P1111 votes received qualifier stating the number of votes for a candidate in an election Quantity 53,296
P1113 number of episodes number of episodes in a film/TV/radio series episodes, episode count, series length Quantity 64,426
P1114 quantity number of instances of this subject in the universe of the subject (the actual number of instances in Wikidata may be lower or higher) total, amount, count, number, multiplicity, qty, number of instances, total number Quantity 21,255
P1115 ATVK ID identifier for each of the Latvian administrative units, i.e. municipality, parish, city under state jurisdiction and city under municipality jurisdiction. Based on the Latvian Classification on Objects of Administrative Division (Q15621843). ExternalId 683
P1116 ELSTAT geographical code identifier for administrative regions of Greece by the Greek Statistical Authority (starting 2010) ExternalId 18,558
P1117 pKa acid dissociation constant acid dissociation constant Quantity 242
P1120 number of deaths total (cumulative) number of people who died since start as a direct result of an event or cause dead, death count, death number, death toll, deaths, fatalities, number of fatalities, qty deaths, qty fatalities Quantity 145,214
P1121 oxidation state this atom has or can have the oxidation number has oxidation state, in oxidation state, oxidation number Quantity 230
P1122 spin quantum number dimensionless rational quantum number; the intrinsic spin angular momentum divided by the Dirac constant spin, spin (physics), spin (quantum mechanics) Quantity 3,163
P1123 parity quantum number property of particles parity Quantity 3,119
P1125 Gini coefficient measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income distribution of a nation's residents Quantity 45
P1126 isospin quantum number characteristic property of any particle Quantity 40
P1127 isospin z-component characteristic property of any elementary particle Quantity 25
P1128 employees total number of employees of a company at a given "point in time" (P585). Most recent data would generally have preferred rank; data for previous years normal rank (not deprecated rank). Add data for recent years, don't overwrite Staff, employee count, number of employees, personnel, workers, number of staff Quantity 107,506
P1129 national team appearances total number of games officially played by a sportsman for national team national team caps Quantity 8
P1132 number of participants number of participants of an event, e.g. people or groups of people that take part in the event (NO units) participants, number of teams, participant count, qty participants Quantity 463,653
P1133 Classified properties and protected areas of Wallonia ID identifier per Direction générale opérationelle (Wallonia) ExternalId 820
P1135 nomenclatural status the status of a scientific name, according to the relevant rules of nomenclature (taxonomy) WikibaseItem 0
P1136 solved by person that solved a scientific question WikibaseItem 116
P1137 fossil found in this unit fossils that are found in this stratigraphic unit WikibaseItem 77
P1138 Kunstindeks Danmark Artist ID unique artist identifier used by Kunstindeks Danmark KID, KID artist ID, KID ID ExternalId 8,122
P1139 floors below ground total number of below ground floors of the building basement floors, underground floors Quantity 1,166
P1140 EHAK id Estonian Administrative and Settlement Classification ExternalId 5,350
P1141 number of processor cores number of independent actual processing units (*not* threads) core count, cores, CPU cores, number of cores, number of CPU cores, processor cores Quantity 11,008
P1142 political ideology political ideology of an organization or person or of a work (such as a newspaper) editorial viewpoint, has political ideology, ideology, official ideology, official political ideology, political view, political viewpoint, supports ideology, supports political ideology WikibaseItem 25,412
P1143 BN (Argentine) editions catalogue number for books (editions) in the National Library of the Argentine Republic BN ID, BNA edition ID, BNMM edition ID ExternalId 883
P1144 Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (bibliographic) record number for entries in the LoC bibliographic catalog (for authority records use P244) LCCN, LC Control Number, LCCN (LoC), LCCN editions, Library of Congress Card Number (bibliographic), Library of Congress Control Number (bibliographic), LoC editions, Congress Library Control Number ExternalId 21,963
P1145 Lagrangian point libration point of an object (default: object-sun-earth) L-point, Lagrange point, libration point WikibaseItem 5,776
P1146 World Athletics athlete ID identifier for athletes in World Athletics database and website IAAF athlete ID, IAAF ID, World Athletics ID, ID ExternalId 31,241
P1148 neutron number number of neutrons of an isotope Quantity 4,772
P1149 Library of Congress Classification subject classification identifier used in the Library of Congress Classification system LCC, LCCS, LC Classification, LCC Subject Category, LoC Classification ExternalId 2,204
P1150 Regensburg Classification identifier used for this class in the Regensburg Classification system RVK identifier ExternalId 4,012
P1151 topic's main Wikimedia portal Wikimedia portal associated with this topic portal, main portal WikibaseItem 1,863
P1153 Scopus author ID identifier for an author assigned in Scopus bibliographic database Mendeley author ID, Scopus ID, ScopusID ExternalId 537,895
P1154 Scopus EID unique academic work identifier assigned in Scopus bibliographic database ExternalId 18,342
P1155 Scopus affiliation ID identifier for an organisation in author affiliations per Scopus Scopus organisation ID, Scopus organization ID ExternalId 334
P1156 Scopus source ID identifier for a source/publication venue (journal, conference, etc) in Scopus ExternalId 40,022
P1157 US Congress Bio ID identifier for a person on the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress US Congress Bio identifier,, Biographical Directory of the United States Congress identifier, Bioguide US Congress, congbio, US Congress Bio ID ExternalId 12,899
P1158 location of landing location where the craft landed landing location, landing site WikibaseItem 522
P1159 CODEN CODEN bibliographic code ExternalId 3,574
P1160 ISO 4 abbreviation standard abbreviation for periodicals in the International Organization for Standardization system abbreviation (ISO 4), ISO4, journal abbreviation ExternalId 4,206
P1161 Z39.5 abbreviation Z39.5 bibliographic code/abbreviation established in 1969 by National Information Standards Organization and used widely in the US and elsewhere ExternalId 71
P1162 Bluebook abbreviation Bluebook citation style includes abbreviations ExternalId 19
P1163 MIME type IANA-registered identifier for a file type (MIME) content type, Internet media type, media type String 8,148
P1164 group cardinality number of elements in a finite group cardinality of the group, group order, group size Quantity 49
P1165 home world home planet or natural satellite for a fictional character or species home planet, homeworld WikibaseItem 1,733
P1167 USB vendor ID hexadecimal identifier of a manufacturer of a USB device Universal Serial Bus Vendor Identifier, USB VID ExternalId 271
P1168 municipality code (Denmark) identifier for municipalities in Denmark ExternalId 346
P1170 transmitted signal type type of signal transmitted by a device signal transmitted, transmits WikibaseItem 13
P1171 approximation algorithm method used to approximate a number approximated by WikibaseItem 20
P1172 Geokod identifier for historical administrative division of Sweden (1862-1951) ExternalId 66
P1174 visitors per year number of people visiting a location or an event each year annual visitors, yearly visitors Quantity 65,934
P1181 numeric value numerical value of a number, a mathematical constant, or a physical constant value, numerical value Quantity 138,240
P1182 LIBRIS editions the identifier for the items in the LIBRIS-catalog of the Royal Swedish Library about specific publications ExternalId 50,812
P1183 Gewässerkennzahl a number to hydrographically order rivers and streams, use more specific properties where possible Gewaesserkennzahl, GKZ String 1,535
P1184 Handle ID Handle System identifier, which is a superset of the DOI Handle, Handle System ID, Handle.NET ID, hdl ExternalId 118,222
P1185 Rodovid ID identifier for a person on rodovid ID ExternalId 18,960
P1186 MEP directory ID identifier for a past or present MEP in a directory of all members of the European Parliament European Parliament member, Europarl member, MEP directory identifier, MEP ID ExternalId 4,187
P1187 Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts person ID identifier for a person in Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA)'s person authority database Dharma Drum Buddhist College person ID, DILA person ID ExternalId 2,601
P1188 Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts place ID identifier for a place in Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA)'s place authority database Dharma Drum Buddhist College place ID, DILA place ID ExternalId 111
P1189 Chinese Library Classification identifier used for this class in the CLC CLC ExternalId 19
P1190 Universal Decimal Classification type of library classification UDC ExternalId 398
P1191 date of first performance date a work was first debuted, performed or live-broadcasted premiere, date of first performance, first performance date, premiere date, time of first performance Time 57,530
P1192 connecting service service stopping at a station halt of, stop of WikibaseItem 51,241
P1193 prevalence portion in percent of a population with a given disease or disorder Quantity 140
P1194 received signal type type of signal received by a device WikibaseItem 4
P1195 file extension identifier for a file format (e.g. txt for a text file) used as suffix to the file name, don't use dot at start extension, filename extension String 14,309
P1196 manner of death general circumstances of a person's death; e.g. natural causes, accident, suicide, homicide, etc. Use 'cause of death' (P509) for the specific physiological mechanism, e.g. heart attack, trauma, pneumonia... circumstance of death, death manner, death type, type of death, nature of death WikibaseItem 103,739
P1198 unemployment rate portion of a workforce population that is not employed Quantity 650
P1199 mode of inheritance manner in which a particular genetic trait or disorder is passed from one generation to the next WikibaseItem 85
P1200 bodies of water basin category the Wikimedia category associated with the basin of a bodies of water category associated with the basin of the bodies of water, water system category WikibaseItem 2,860
P1201 space tug spacecraft vehicle designed to move the payload from a reference orbit to the target orbit, or direct it to an interplanetary trajectory payload deliverer, upper stage WikibaseItem 411
P1202 carries scientific instrument scientific instruments carried by a vessel, satellite, or device that are not required for propelling or navigating metering equipment, scientific equipment WikibaseItem 220
P1203 Finnish municipality number identifier for a municipality in Finland ExternalId 580
P1204 Wikimedia portal's main topic primary topic of this Wikimedia portal WikibaseItem 2,066
P1207 NUKAT ID identifier for authority control in the Center of Warsaw University Library catalog NUKAT (WarsawU) authorities ID, NUKAT identifier, NUKAT (WarsawU) authorities identifier ExternalId 595,700
P1208 ISMN International Standard Music Number ExternalId 826
P1209 CN identifier for a newspaper or magazine issued by State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China China Serial Number, CN serial number, CN Serial Numbering, GAPP Identifier, SAPPRFT ID, SAPPRFT Identifier, CN periodical number ExternalId 1,785
P1210 supercharger supercharger or turbocharger used by an engine WikibaseItem 7
P1211 fuel system fuel system that an engine uses WikibaseItem 179
P1212 Atlas ID identifier in the Atlas database of the Louvre Museum ExternalId 6,045
P1213 NLC authorities identifier for a person per National Library of China NLC ExternalId 4,382
P1214 Riksdagen person-ID identifier at Riksdagen ID ExternalId 2,024
P1215 apparent magnitude measurement of the brightness of an astronomic object, as seen from the Earth Quantity 33,122,906
P1216 National Heritage List for England number number on the National Heritage List for England EH list number, English Heritage list number, HE list number, Historic England list number, listed building number, England, NHLE number ExternalId 401,804
P1217 Internet Broadway Database venue ID identifier for a theatre or other venue in the IBDB IBDB identifier venue, IBDB venue ID, IBDB venue identifier ExternalId 119
P1218 Internet Broadway Database production ID identifier for a specific run of a show IBDB identifier production, IBDB production ID ExternalId 45
P1219 Internet Broadway Database show ID identifier for a play or other work (which may have had 1 or more productions) Broadway show id, IBDB identifier show, IBDB show ID ExternalId 3,131
P1220 Internet Broadway Database person ID identifier for personnel or organizations on Broadway IBDB identifier person, IBDB name, IBDB person, IBDB person ID, IBDB person identifier ExternalId 22,852
P1221 compressor type type of mechanical compressor technology used by subject WikibaseItem 2
P1225 U.S. National Archives Identifier identifier for the United States National Archives and Records Administration's online catalog NAID, National Archives Identifier, NARA identiifier, United States National Archives Identifier, US National Archives Identifier ExternalId 645,191
P1227 astronomical filter passband used to isolate particular sections of the electromagnetic spectrum filter, colour filter, wavelength band WikibaseItem 19
P1229 Openpolis ID identifier in Openpolis, a database of Italian politicians ExternalId 2,731
P1230 JSTOR journal ID identifier for a journal in JSTOR JSTOR journal code ExternalId 3,190
P1232 Linguist List code identifier for a language per Linguist List MultiTree code ExternalId 683
P1233 Internet Speculative Fiction Database author ID identifier for a person in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database ISFDB author ID, ISFDB ID ExternalId 26,724
P1234 ISFDB publication ID identifier for an edition of a publication in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Internet Speculative Fiction Database publication ID ExternalId 2,419
P1235 ISFDB series ID identifier for a series, periodical or franchise in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database ExternalId 1,918
P1236 Parsons code identifier for melodic contours of music Parsons Code for Melodic Contours ExternalId 159
P1237 Box Office Mojo film ID (former scheme) identifier for a movie at the website Box Office Mojo ExternalId 14,323
P1238 Swedish Football Association player ID identifier for a Swedish association football (soccer) player's page at, the official website of the Swedish Football Association (in Swedish: Svenska Fotbollförbundet; SvFF) Svenska Fotbollförbundet player ID, player ID, SvFF player ID ExternalId 2,332
P1239 ISFDB publisher ID identifier for a publisher in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database ExternalId 352
P1240 Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level Danish scientific level of research publications, coordinated with the nordic list of publication channels. See also item Bibliometric Research Indicator (Q57408668) BFI level, Danish scientific level String 18,047
P1241 Swiss Football Association club number identifier ExternalId 58
P1242 Theatricalia play ID identifier for a theatrical work, in the Theatricalia database Theatricalia ID (play), Theatricalia show ID, Theatricalia work ID ExternalId 1,458
P1243 ISRC international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings International Standard Recording Code ExternalId 7,743
P1245 OmegaWiki Defined Meaning "Defined Meaning" on the site ExternalId 11,543
P1246 patent number identifier for a patented invention ExternalId 1,818
P1247 compression ratio compression ratio of a reciprocating combustion engine; for data compression, use P1107 with qualifiers Quantity 173
P1248 KulturNav-ID identifier for people, places, events, etc. used by some Nordic museums ExternalId 21,148
P1249 time of earliest written record first time a subject was mentioned in writing date of first written record, earliest record, first historic record, first mentioned in writing, first recorded in, first written record, time of prediction Time 31,095
P1250 Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) SNO/CNO serial & conference identifier BFI CNO, BFI SNO ExternalId 17,216
P1251 ABS ASCL 2011 code Numerical language identifier in the Australian Standard Classification of Languages regulated by Australian Bureau of Statistics 1267.0 Australian Standard Classification of Languages, Second Edition, 2011, ASCL 2011 code, Australian Standard Classification of Languages, Second Edition, 2011 ExternalId 446
P1252 AUSTLANG code identifier for a language in the Australian Indigenous Languages Database AIATSIS code ExternalId 527
P1253 BCU Ecrivainsvd ID identifier in the database of writers from the canton of Vaud ExternalId 470
P1254 Slovenska biografija ID identifier in the "Slovenska biografija" reference project ExternalId 7,849
P1255 HelveticArchives ID identifier in the Swiss National Library's archive database National Library of Switzerland ID, Swiss National Library ID, SZ ID ExternalId 489
P1256 Iconclass notation Iconclass code that corresponds with an artistic theme or concept. For artworks, use P1257 (depicts Iconclass notation) Iconclass code, Iconclass ID (of concept) ExternalId 3,986
P1257 depicts Iconclass notation Iconclass code depicted in an artwork. For linking Iconclass codes with their corresponding artistic themes or concepts, use P1256 (Iconclass notation). Iconclass ID (of artwork), Iconclass notation (of artwork) String 194,247
P1258 Rotten Tomatoes ID identifier on Rotten Tomatoes Rotten Tomatoes identifier, RottenTomatoes ID, RottenTomatoes identifier ExternalId 100,922
P1259 coordinates of the point of view point from which the scene depicted by the element is seen (element can be a photo, a painting, etc.) camera coordinates, camera location, coordinates of point of view, coordinates of pov, viewpoint coordinates GlobeCoordinate 4,382
P1260 Swedish Open Cultural Heritage URI identifier SOCH ExternalId 172,113
P1261 Scandinavian Runic-text Database ID database about runic inscriptions (including runestones), mainly in Sweden, but stones in all of Europe, Greenland and U.S. can be found here Scandinavian Runic-text Database, Rundata ExternalId 3,333
P1262 RAÄ number Identificator for an element in the Database of the cultural heritage in Sweden ExternalId 401
P1263 NNDB people ID identifier in the Notable Names Database, a biographical database: only for people entries NNDB ID, Notable Names Database ID, Notable Names Database people ID ExternalId 36,481
P1264 valid in period time period when a statement is valid time period, applies to period, period of applicability, period of time, period of validity, na-emetụta oge WikibaseItem 240
P1265 AlloCiné film ID identifier for a film in the French AlloCiné database AlloCine film ID, AlloCine movie ID, AlloCiné movie ID ExternalId 56,020
P1266 AlloCiné person ID identifier for a person on the AlloCiné film database AlloCine person ID ExternalId 74,031
P1267 AlloCiné series ID identifier for a serie in the AlloCiné film database AlloCine serie ID, AlloCiné serie ID, AlloCine series ID ExternalId 6,561
P1268 represents organization, individual, or concept that an entity represents represents organisation, stands for, symbolises, symbolizes WikibaseItem 5,826
P1269 facet of topic of which this item is an aspect, item that offers a broader perspective on the same topic aspect of, main topic, section in, subitem of, subject in, subtopic of, topic of WikibaseItem 133,730
P1270 Norwegian Register journal ID identifier for academic journals Norway Database for Statistics on Higher education periodical ID, Norwegian Register ID, Norwegian Register journal id ExternalId 246
P1271 Norway Database for Statistics on Higher education publisher ID identifier ExternalId 1
P1272 Norway Import Service and Registration Authority periodical code Wikidata property for authority control for academic journals ITAR code ExternalId 162
P1273 CANTIC ID (former scheme) old identifier for authority control managed by the Library of Catalonia. Format: "a", 7 digits, "x" or digit. Replaced with "CANTIC ID" (P9984) ExternalId 53,858
P1274 ISFDB title ID identifier for a title in the Internet Speculative Fiction Database Internet Speculative Fiction Database title ID ExternalId 22,698
P1275 Norway Import Service and Registration Authority publisher code identifier ExternalId 4
P1276 Dictionnaire du Jura ID identifier in the encyclopedia Dictionnaire du Jura DIJU ExternalId 464
P1277 JUFO ID identifier in the Julkaisufoorumi (Finnish Publication Forum) Julkaisufoorumi ID ExternalId 19,443
P1278 Legal Entity Identifier identifier for a legally distinct entity per ISO 17442 LEI, GLEI, Global Legal Entity Identifier, ISO 17442 code, ISO 17442 ID, Legal Entity ID ExternalId 32,551
P1279 inflation rate percent change in the consumer price index (CPI) consumer price index inflation rate, CPI inflation rate, inflation rate of consumer price index Quantity 5,651
P1280 CONOR.SI ID identifier in the National and University Library, Ljubljana database CONOR.SI, COBISS.SI, CONOR ID, CONOR identifier, National and University Library, Ljubljana id, NUK id ExternalId 137,558
P1281 WOEID identifier for a location on Yahoo! GeoPlanet and Flickr Flickr Geo API Explorer ID, Flickr Geo ID, Flickr location ID, GeoPlanet location ID, Where On Earth Identifier, woe_id ExternalId 31,523
P1282 OpenStreetMap tag or key OpenStreetMap tagging schema (a Key:key, Tag:key=value, Relation:type, or Role:role) for classes, properties, and values tag, key, !wosm, OpenStreetMap key, OpenStreetMap relation role, OpenStreetMap relation type, OpenStreetMap tag, OSM key, OSM relation role, OSM relation type, OSM tag, OSM tag or key, OSM wiki tag or key String 3,501
P1283 filmography item for the list of films a person has contributed to. Don't use it to add film items. Instead, add actors as "cast member" (P161) on items for films, directors with "director" (P57) list of films about the person, list of films the person contributed to, list of films with the person WikibaseItem 2,915
P1284 Munzinger person ID identifier on the Munzinger Archiv Internationales Biographisches Archiv ID, Munzinger IBA, Munzinger Personen – Internationales Biographisches Archiv ID ExternalId 30,988
P1285 Munzinger Sport number identifier on the Munzinger Archiv ExternalId 12,248
P1286 Munzinger Pop ID identifier on the Munzinger Archiv Munzinger Pop, Munzinger Pop identifier ExternalId 2,061
P1287 KDG Komponisten der Gegenwart ID identifier on the Munzinger Archiv KDG ID, Komponisten der Gegenwart ID ExternalId 744
P1288 Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartsliteratur ID identifier on the Munzinger Archiv KLG ID, KLG Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartsliteratur ID ExternalId 875
P1289 Kritisches Lexikon zur fremdsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur ID identifier in the critical dictionary of foreign contemporary literature KLfG ID ExternalId 652
P1290 godparent person who is the godparent of a given person godmother, godfather WikibaseItem 1,510
P1291 Association Authors of Switzerland ID (former scheme) identifier in a Swiss database of modern writers ADS ID ExternalId 1,087
P1292 DNB editions identifier in the German National Library catalogue (see also authority data P227) ExternalId 1,715
P1293 Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate ID identifier ExternalId 62
P1294 WWF ecoregion code identifier for ecoregions ExternalId 876
P1295 emissivity ability of a substance to radiate thermal energy from its surface Quantity 1
P1296 Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID identifier for an item in the Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana Catalan encyclopedia ID, Enciclopèdia Catalana ID, GEC ID, GrEC ID ExternalId 117,262
P1297 IRS Employer Identification Number number given to businesses by the United States Internal Revenue Service EIN, Employer Identification Number, Federal Tax ID, FEIN, IRS EIN, IRS Employer ID, tax ID no., tax ID number, US EIN ExternalId 12,098
P1299 depicted by object depicting this subject (creative works, books of the bible) played by, portrayed by, appears in, acted by, depicted in WikibaseItem 14,463
P1300 bibcode bibcode for a journal ExternalId 473
P1301 number of elevators number of elevators in a building elevators, # of elevators, # of lifts, lifts Quantity 2,029
P1302 primary destinations major towns and cities that a road serves major destinations, notable destinations, significant destinations WikibaseItem 5,549
P1303 instrument musical instrument that a person plays or teaches or used in a music occupation musical instrument, instrument played, plays, instrument taught, player of, plays instrument, teaches instrument, instruments WikibaseItem 213,286
P1304 central bank country's central bank WikibaseItem 218
P1305 CTBUH Skyscraper Center building ID identifier for a building as used on the CTBUH's CTBUH ID, Skyscraper Center ID ExternalId 4,937
P1307 Swiss parliament ID identifier for a member of the Swiss Parliament since 1848 id,,,, Swiss parliament identifier ExternalId 2,705
P1308 officeholder persons who hold and/or held an office or noble title incumbent, noble title holder, position holder, position held by, office holder WikibaseItem 18,817
P1309 EGAXA ID identifier in Bibliotheca Alexandrina EGAXA identifier ExternalId 6,202
P1310 statement disputed by entity that disputes a given statement disputed by, denied by, opposed by, refused by, rejected by, controversy stated by WikibaseItem 3
P1311 ID identifier from database of covered bridges in the United States and Canada ExternalId 65
P1312 has facet polytope facet of a polytope, in the next-lower dimension facet of a polytope WikibaseItem 1,100
P1313 office held by head of government political office that is fulfilled by the head of the government of this item head of government's office, office of head of government, position held by head of government, position of head of government, title of head of government WikibaseItem 63,296
P1314 number of spans number of spans a bridge has number of arches of a bridge, span count, spans Quantity 2,218
P1315 NLA Trove people ID identifier for people or organizations per National Library of Australia (see also P409 for the older Libraries Australia identifier). Format: 5 to 7 digits. National Library of Australia ID, NLA ID, NLA party ID, NLA Persistent Identifier, Trove ID, Trove party ID, Trove person ID, Trove NLA ID, Trove people ID, Trove organisation ID, Trove organization ID ExternalId 109,681
P1316 Swedish Media Database ID identifier in the Swedish Media Database SMDb ID, SMDB ID ExternalId 2,536
P1317 floruit date when the person was known to be active or alive, when birth or death not documented circa, active, work period, living, fl, alive at, fl., flourished, known alive in Time 56,616
P1318 proved by person who proved something author of proof, proof by, proven by WikibaseItem 138
P1319 earliest date earliest date at which an event could have happened. Use as qualifier for other date properties after, terminus post quem, after this date, earliest start date, later than, on or after this date, start date (earliest) Time 116
P1320 OpenCorporates ID identifier for a corporation, in the OpenCorporates database. Format: country prefix, optional subnational entity abbrevation, "/", alphanumeric id Open Corporates ID ExternalId 47,108
P1321 place of origin (Switzerland) lieu d'origine/Heimatort/luogo d'origine of a Swiss national. Not be confused with place of birth or place of residence Bürgerort, Heimatort, lieu d'origine, luogo d'origine WikibaseItem 3,063
P1322 dual to dual of a polytope, graph or curve dual of WikibaseItem 358
P1323 Terminologia Anatomica 98 ID Terminologia Anatomica (1998 edition) human anatomical terminology identifier TA98 ID ExternalId 4,562
P1324 source code repository public source code repository repository, Bitbucket repo, code repository, Git repo, Git repository, Git URL, GitHub repo, GitLab repo, Mercurial repo, Mercurial repository, Mercurial URL, repo, repo URL, repository URL, source code link, SourceForge repo, VCS repo, VCS repository, VCS URL, version control repository, Subversion repo, Subversion repository, Subversion URL Url 17,836
P1325 external data available at URL where external data on this item can be found data, external data URL, URL with external data Url 34,947
P1326 latest date latest possible time that something could have occurred. Use as qualifier for other date properties before this date, earlier than, end date (latest), latest end date, on or before this date, prior to, terminus ante quem Time 502
P1327 partner in business or sport professional collaborator business partner, collaborator, colleague, partner in business, partner in sports, partnered with, partnership with, professional partner, sport partner, sports partner, team mate, team-mate, work partner, writing partner WikibaseItem 18,777
P1329 phone number telephone number in standard format (RFC3966), without 'tel:' prefix tel:, telephone number, toll-free number, freephone number, VOIP number, landline number, mobile number String 166,253
P1330 MusicBrainz instrument ID identifier for an instrument on the music encyclopedia MusicBrainz instrument MBID, MBID instrument, MBinst ExternalId 917
P1331 PACE member ID identifier for a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe ExternalId 7,405
P1332 coordinates of northernmost point northernmost point of a location. For an administrative entity this includes offshore islands coordinate of northernmost point, extreme point north, farthest north, most northerly, northerly point, northernmost point coordinates, wikibase:geoLatitude ?max GlobeCoordinate 12,047
P1333 coordinates of southernmost point southernmost point of a place. For administrative entities this includes offshore islands southerly, coordinate of southernmost point, extreme point south, farthest south, most south, southernmost point coordinates, wikibase:geoLatitude ?min GlobeCoordinate 11,994
P1334 coordinates of easternmost point easternmost point of a location coordinate of easternmost point, easterly, easternmost point coordinates, extreme point east, farthest east, most eastern, wikibase:geoLongitude ?E GlobeCoordinate 12,000
P1335 coordinates of westernmost point westernmost point of a location coordinate of westernmost point, extreme point west, extreme west, most western, westerly point, westernmost point coordinates, wikibase:geoLongitude ?W GlobeCoordinate 11,988
P1336 territory claimed by administrative divisions that claim control of a given area claimed by, sovereignty claimed by, territorial claim by WikibaseItem 1,148
P1338 EPSG CRS identifier for coordinate reference systems per European Petroleum Survey Group Geodetic Parameter Dataset ExternalId 116
P1339 number of injured number of people with non-fatal injuries in an event injured, injuries, injury toll, non-fatal injuries, number injured, wounded Quantity 4,822
P1340 eye color color of the irises of a person's eyes eyes, eye colour, eyecolor, eyecolour WikibaseItem 11,484
P1341 Italian Chamber of Deputies dati ID identifier for incumbent and former deputies from the Italian Chamber of Deputies Chamber of Deputies of Italy dati ID ExternalId 13,824
P1342 number of seats total number of seats/members in an assembly (legislative house or similar) membership quantity, number of seats (members), quantity of members, seats (members) Quantity 7,649
P1343 described by source work where this item is described subject of, entry, described by biography, described by encyclopedia, described by obituary, described by reference work, described in source, mentioned in news article, reviewed in, source of item, written about in WikibaseItem 3,030,038
P1344 participant in event in which a person or organization was/is a participant; inverse of P710 or P1923 competed in, competes in, participant of, participant of event, participated in, present at, takes part, took part, took part in, attended WikibaseItem 729,761
P1345 number of victims of killer people killed by the subject, both legal and illegal kill count, number of deaths by the killer, kills, homicides, number of homicide victims Quantity 246
P1346 winner winner of a competition or similar event, not to be used for awards (instead use "award received" (P166) on awardee's item, possibly qualified with "for work" (P1686)) or for wars or battles leader, 1st place medalist, awardee, champ, champion, nominee, prizewinner, titleholder, top dog, victor, winners, won by, has winner WikibaseItem 260,975
P1347 military casualty classification allowed values: killed in action (Q210392), missing in action (Q2344557), died of wounds (Q16861372), prisoner of war (Q179637), killed in flight accident (Q16861407), others used in military casualty classification casualty classification, casualty type WikibaseItem 8,261
P1348 AlgaeBase URL URL for a taxon in Url 61,408
P1349 ploidy ploidy of a genome, a taxon or an anatomical entity WikibaseItem 42
P1350 number of matches played/races/starts matches or games a player or a team played during an event. Also a total number of matches a player officially appeared in during the whole career. games pitched, appearances, caps, games played, gp, matches played, mp, number of games played, races, starts Quantity 43,857
P1351 number of points/goals/set scored goals / points scored in a match or an event used as qualifier to the participant. Use P1358 for league points. GF, goals for, goals scored, number of goals, number of points, points scored, score for Quantity 6,526
P1352 ranking subject's ordinal position as qualitatively evaluated relative to other members of a group position, place, rank, peak position, placing Quantity 66,850
P1353 original spelling original spelling of a scientific name String 6
P1354 shown with features secondary features depicted in a work. Use as qualifier for "depicts" (P180) depicted with features, features depicted, features shown WikibaseItem 1
P1355 number of wins number of sporting matches, games or events won W, won, games won, match victories, matches won, sporting wins, victories, wins Quantity 773
P1356 number of losses number of sporting matches, games or events lost L, defeats, games lost, losses, lost, match losses, matches lost, matches lost/games lost Quantity 45
P1357 number of draws/ties number of matches or games drawn or tied in a league or an event T, D, drawn, tied Quantity 34
P1358 points for number of points in a league table or decathlon. (Use P1351 for goals/points in a match) PTS, pf, points, championship points, competition points, league points Quantity 1,542
P1359 number of points/goals conceded points conceded or goals against (use in league table items) GA, goals against Quantity 385
P1360 Monte Carlo Particle Number number given to each elementary particle PDG ID, PDGID String 67
P1362 Theaterlexikon der Schweiz ID identifier in the online edition of the Theater Dictionary of TLS ID ExternalId 1,884
P1363 points/goal scored by person who scored a point or goal in a game goal scored by, points scored by, scored by, scorer WikibaseItem 2,472
P1364 ITTF table tennis player ID 6-digit identifier for a table tennis player as per International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) International Table Tennis Federation ID, ITTF ID, ITTF player ID ExternalId 925
P1365 replaces person, state or item replaced. Use "structure replaces" (P1398) for structures. Use "follows" (P155) if the previous item was not replaced or predecessor and successor are identical predecessor, continues, continues from, deprecates, forefather, preceded by, previous job holder, replaced, succeeds, supersedes WikibaseItem 92,622
P1366 replaced by other person or item which continues the item by replacing it in its role. Use P156 ("followed by") if the item is not replaced nor identical, but adds to the series (e.g. books in a series). continued by, heir, mediatised to, next job holder, succeeded by, successor, superseded by WikibaseItem 93,632
P1367 Art UK artist ID authority control identifier for artists (creators of publicly owned oil paintings in the UK) Art UK artist identifier, Art UK ID, BBC Your Paintings artist identifier, PCF ID, Public Catalogue Foundation ID, Your Paintings ID ExternalId 24,356
P1368 National Library of Latvia ID identifier assigned by the National Library of Latvia LNB ID, LNB identifier, National Library of Latvia identifier ExternalId 55,095
P1369 Iranian National Heritage registration number identifier in the Iranian National Heritage database CHRC, ICHTO, Cultural Heritage Registration Code (Iran) ExternalId 26,929
P1370 IHSI ID identifier for an administrative territorial entity in Haiti ExternalId 605
P1371 ASI Monument ID identifier assigned to monuments catalogued by the Archaeological Survey of India ExternalId 8,510
P1372 binding of software library software library in another programming language provided by the subject software binding WikibaseItem 29
P1373 daily patronage number of daily passengers, patrons or visitors in specified time period daily ridership Quantity 4,472
P1375 NSK ID identifier for an item in the National and University Library in Zagreb (including leading zeroes) Biblioteca Nacional y la Universidad de Zagreb ID, identificador de NSK ExternalId 26,965
P1376 capital of country, state, department, canton or other administrative division of which the municipality is the governmental seat administrative seat of, county seat for, county seat of, is capital of, parish seat of, seat of WikibaseItem 86,301
P1377 MTR station code identifier for a station in Hong Kong issued by MTR ExternalId 178
P1378 China railway TMIS station code identifier for a railway station used in China railway system GB/T 10302-2010, Transportation Management Information System ExternalId 3,503
P1380 ID identifier from database based on the National Bridge Inventory. Lists every U.S. bridge over 20 feet (6 meters) long ID ExternalId 1,852
P1381 ID identifier from a database of historic bridges ExternalId 2,627
P1382 partially coincident with object that partially overlaps with the subject in its instances, parts, or members coincident with, concurrency, overlaps with, partial concurrency, concurrent with, overlapping with, overlaps, part of (partially), partially in, partially include, partially overlaps, partly coincident with, partly similar, partial overlap with, has common instances with, has common parts with, has overlap with, has common members with WikibaseItem 22,771
P1383 contains settlement settlement which an administrative division contains populated places within WikibaseItem 35,358
P1385 Enciclopédia Açoriana ID identifier for an item in Enciclopédia Açoriana EA, Azores encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of the Azores ExternalId 308
P1386 Japanese High School Code identifier for a high school in Japan ExternalId 6,189
P1387 political alignment political position within the left–right political spectrum political position, alignment WikibaseItem 4,550
P1388 German regional key identifier for municipalities and other areas in Germany ExternalId 5,632
P1389 product certification certification for a product, qualify with P1001 ("applies to jurisdiction") if needed WikibaseItem 9,098
P1390 match time of event time into a game when an event occurs (use with a unit) match time of event (minute), time of event in match Quantity 0
P1391 Index Fungorum ID identifier for a fungus taxon in Index Fungorum Fungorum ID ExternalId 361,852
P1392 ComicBookDB Creator ID identifier for creators at the online database ComicBookDB ExternalId 436
P1393 proxy person authorized to act for another regent, viceroy WikibaseItem 37
P1394 Glottolog code identifier for a languoid in the Glottolog database Glottocode ExternalId 11,165
P1395 National Cancer Institute ID identifier at, NCI ID ExternalId 17
P1396 Linguasphere code identifier for a language from Linguasphere Observatory ExternalId 508
P1397 State Catalogue of Geographical Names (Russia) ID identifier in State Catalogue of Geographical Names (Russia) State Catalogue of Geographical Names (Russia) identifier, State Catalogue of Geographical Names identifier (Russia) ExternalId 56,294
P1398 structure replaces the item this building or structure replaced, at the same geographic location replaces (structure), replacement building of WikibaseItem 1,684
P1399 convicted of crime a person was convicted of conviction, found guilty of, guilty of WikibaseItem 10,929
P1400 FCC Facility ID U.S. ID number for broadcast stations FIN, facid, Facility ID Number, facility_id ExternalId 14,680
P1401 issue tracker URL web page where bugs, issues, and feature requests for a particular software program can be listed or reported bug tracking system, bug tracker, bug tracking tool, bugs, defect tracking tool, error tracker, error tracking system, feature tracking system, issue tracker, bug tracker URL Url 1,980
P1402 Foundational Model of Anatomy ID identifier for human anatomical terminology Foundational Model of Anatomy, FMA ID String 79,109
P1403 original combination for animals: the combination (binomen or trinomen) where the species-group name used in this taxon name was first published protonym WikibaseItem 24,424
P1404 World Glacier Inventory ID identifier in the World Glacier Inventory database Glacier ID, WGI Glacier ID, WGI ID ExternalId 567
P1406 script directionality direction that a writing system goes in directionality, letter direction, letter directionality, script direction, writing direction, writing directionality WikibaseItem 338
P1407 MusicBrainz series ID identifier for a series per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia MBS, MB series ID, MusicBrainz ID, Series ID, Series MBID ExternalId 2,549
P1408 licensed to broadcast to place that a radio/TV station is licensed/required to broadcast to city of license, community of license, broadcast to, broadcasts to WikibaseItem 16,734
P1409 Cycling Archives cyclist ID identifier in the Cycling Archives Cycling Archives ID (cyclist), CyclingArchives cyclist ID, CyclingArchives ID (cyclist) ExternalId 22,836
P1410 number of seats in legislature number of seats a political party, faction, or group has in a given legislature number of seats, seats, number of representatives Quantity 13,539
P1411 nominated for award nomination received by a person, organisation or creative work (inspired from "award received" (Property:P166)) have nomination to, nomination received, nomination to, nominee for, finalist for, selected for, shortlisted for WikibaseItem 71,475
P1412 languages spoken, written or signed language(s) that a person or a people speaks, writes or signs, including the native language(s) language, used language, language used, language spoken, language written, language of expression, language read, language signed, language(s) spoken, written or signed, languages of expression, languages signed, languages spoken, languages spoken, written, or signed, signed language, signs language, speaks language, spoke language, uses language, writes language, wrote language WikibaseItem 2,494,542
P1414 GUI toolkit or framework framework or toolkit a program uses to display the graphical user interface user interface, GUI toolkit, widget toolkit, default user interface, GUI framework, UI framework, UI toolkit, widget framework WikibaseItem 1,522
P1415 Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID identifier used by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography OBIN, ODNB ID, Oxford Biography Index Number, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID ExternalId 61,231
P1416 affiliation organization that a person or organization is affiliated with (not necessarily member of or employed by) affiliated to, affiliated with, sister society WikibaseItem 99,222
P1417 Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID identifier for an article in the online version of Encyclopædia Britannica Britannica ID, Britannica online ID, EB ID, EBID, Encyclopaedia Britannica Online ID, Encyclopedia Britannica Online ID, ID ExternalId 177,208
P1418 orbits completed number of orbits a spacecraft has done around a body Quantity 315
P1419 shape shape of an object form factor WikibaseItem 2,242
P1420 taxon synonym name listed as synonym of a taxon name synonym of this name, taxonomic synonym, this taxon has as synonym WikibaseItem 48,092
P1421 GRIN URL URL for a taxon in the GRIN website GRIN ID, GRIN Taxonomy ID Url 121,428
P1422 person ID personal Identification number in Research Platform for Art and Cultural History of the 17th Century ( ExternalId 5,025
P1423 template has topic topic related to template template's main topic, infobox topic, module has topic, topic of template WikibaseItem 26,460
P1424 topic's main template the main template relating to a topic main template, template of topic, topic has template, topic infobox, topic's main infobox, has template WikibaseItem 26,006
P1425 ecoregion (WWF) ecoregion of the item (choose from WWF's list) WikibaseItem 45
P1427 start point starting place of this journey, flight, voyage, trek, migration etc. launch site, from, launch pad, flight origin, journey origin, journey start, launch location, start location, start place WikibaseItem 33,588
P1428 Lost Art ID identifier on the German Lost Art Foundation website German Lost Art Foundation ID ExternalId 108
P1429 has pet pet that a person owns pet, keeps pet, owns pet WikibaseItem 330
P1430 OpenPlaques subject ID identifier for a person or other subject in the OpenPlaques database — OpenPlaques ID, Open Plaques subject ID, OpenPlaques subject identifier ExternalId 6,174
P1431 executive producer executive producer of a movie or TV show showrunner WikibaseItem 9,003
P1433 published in larger work that a given work was published in, like a book, journal or music album album, venue, music album, part of work, article of, chapter of, essay of, on the tracklist of, published in journal, song on, song on album, track of, track on, track on album WikibaseItem 39,271,964
P1434 takes place in fictional universe the subject is a work describing a fictional universe, i.e. whose plot occurs in this universe. continuity, describes fictional universe, describes the fictional universe, fictional universe described, set in fictional universe, universe described, universe featured WikibaseItem 18,419
P1435 heritage designation heritage designation of a cultural or natural site designation, protection, heritage status, heritage designation, legal protection, listed status, listing, protected status WikibaseItem 2,131,639
P1436 collection or exhibition size number of items in a collection or exhibition number of objects, number of records Quantity 488,872
P1437 plea whether a person pleaded guilty, not guilty, etc. WikibaseItem 7
P1438 Jewish Encyclopedia ID (Russian) Article ID in the Electronic Jewish Encyclopedia in Russian Shorter Jewish Encyclopedia in Russian ExternalId 3,406
P1439 Norwegian filmography ID identifier from Norsk filmografi, published by the National Library of Norway Norsk filmografi ID ExternalId 797
P1440 FIDE player ID identifier on the FIDE database for chess players FIDE ID, player ID ExternalId 21,525
P1441 present in work this (fictional or fictionalized) entity or person appears in that work as part of the narration (use P2860 for works citing other works, P361/P1433 for works being part of other works, P1343 for entities described in non-fictional accounts) character in, from narrative, appeared in, appears in, featured in work, from work, in narrative, in work, is shown in, appears in work WikibaseItem 140,731
P1442 image of grave picture of a person or animal's grave, gravestone or tomb cenotaph image, grave image, grave photo, grave picture, headstone image, headstone photo, headstone picture, image of cenotaph, image of grave, image of shrine, image of tomb, image of tombstone, tombstone image CommonsMedia 60,465
P1443 score method qualifier of "points/goal scored by (P1363)" scoring system, score system, score type, scoring method, scoring metric WikibaseItem 0
P1444 destination point destination for this route (journey, flight, sailing, exploration, migration, etc.) to, destination, finish, end of journey, end point (journey), ending at, journey destination, stopping at WikibaseItem 27,037
P1445 fictional universe described in to link a fictional universe with a work that describes it: <universe> "described in the work:" <work> WikibaseItem 4,933
P1446 number of missing number of people missing after an event - qualify with "point in time (P585)" missing, number missing, number of missing people, people missing, number of disappearance Quantity 182
P1447 Olympic athlete ID (archived) identifier for an Olympic athlete (sportsperson) at SRID, Olympic Reference ID, Sports Reference ID, SR/Olympics athlete ID ExternalId 133,538
P1448 official name official name of the subject in its official language(s) legal name, name, full title, be named, complete title, long name, official title, registered name, long title Monolingualtext 1,623,114
P1449 nickname informal name (for a pseudonym use P742) epithet, aka, also known as, fan-name, fanname, informal name, moniker, sobriquet, other_names, othername Monolingualtext 39,562
P1450 Sandbox-Monolingual text sandbox for testing the monolingual text datatype Monolingualtext 56
P1451 motto text short motivation sentence associated to item mission, slogan, motto, tourism slogan, strapline, tagline, maxime, mission statement, travel slogan Monolingualtext 10,881
P1453 ID identifier on the site identifier ExternalId 14
P1454 legal form legal form of an entity type of business entity, legal structure, structured as WikibaseItem 257,300
P1455 list of works link to the article with the works of a person; use P358 for discographies bibliography, catalog of works, catalogue of works WikibaseItem 1,410
P1456 list of monuments link to the list of heritage monuments in the place/area WikibaseItem 20,685
P1457 absolute magnitude absolute magnitude of an astronomic object Quantity 51,503
P1458 color index color index of an astronomical object Quantity 66
P1459 Cadw Building ID identifier for listed buildings in Wales ExternalId 29,941
P1460 NIEA building ID identifier for listed buildings in Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Environment Agency ID ExternalId 877
P1461 Patientplus ID identifier of disease at Patient UK Patient UK String 755
P1462 standards body organisation that published or maintains the standard governing an item standards organisation, standardised by, standardized by, standards developing organisation, standards developing organization, standards group, standards setting organisation, standards setting organization WikibaseItem 2,842
P1463 Post-Reformation Digital Library author ID identifier from Post-Reformation Digital Library ExternalId 3,523
P1464 category for people born here category item that groups people born in this place category for place of birth WikibaseItem 39,797
P1465 category for people who died here category item for people who died in this location category for place of death WikibaseItem 17,596
P1466 WALS lect code identifier for a language ExternalId 2,802
P1467 WALS genus code identifier for a language genus ExternalId 11
P1468 WALS family code identifier for a language family in the World Atlas of Language Structures ExternalId 14
P1469 FIFA player ID (archived) identifier for a association football player per FIFA FIFA ID ExternalId 24,246
P1470 maximum glide ratio maximum glide ratio of an aircraft best L/D-ratio, best lift/drag ratio Quantity 27
P1471 reporting mark reporting mark for railroads in North America String 1,039
P1472 Commons Creator page name of Commons Infobox template residing in "Creator" namespace on Wikimedia Commons creator page, creator template String 54,559
P1473 BLPL author ID identifier for an author from Nupill Literatura Digital Biblioteca Digital de Literatura de Países Lusófonos author ID, Digital Library of Literature from Lusophone Countries author ID, Nupill Literatura Digital - Author ExternalId 2,759
P1474 BLPL document ID identifier for a document in Nupill Literatura Digital Nupill Literatura Digital - Document ExternalId 29
P1476 title published name of a work, such as a newspaper article, a literary work, piece of music, a website, or a performance work article, name, full title, headline, known as, original title, titled Monolingualtext 43,511,331
P1477 birth name full name of a person at birth, if different from their current, generally used name name at birth, bn, maiden name, name before marriage, nee, née, unmarried name, birthname, bname, born as, full birth name, full name at birth Monolingualtext 163,501
P1478 has immediate cause nearest, proximate thing that directly resulted in the subject as outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' (i.e. underlying cause) and 'has contributing factor'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'. has immediate causes, has proximate cause, has proximate causes, immediate cause, immediate effect of, immediate outcome of, immediate result of, immediately caused by, is immediately caused by, is proximately caused by, proximate effect of, proximate outcome of, proximate result of, proximately caused by WikibaseItem 125,272
P1479 has contributing factor thing that significantly influenced, but did not directly cause, this outcome or effect. Used in conjunction with 'has cause' and 'has immediate cause'. See 'Help:Modeling causes'. contributing factor, has contributing factors, indirect cause, indirectly caused by, is/was indirectly caused by, significant contributing factor WikibaseItem 694
P1480 sourcing circumstances qualification of the truth or accuracy of a source: circa (Q5727902), near (Q21818619), presumably (Q18122778), etc. certainty, validity, reliability, accuracy, precision, confidence, qualitative valuation, source circumstances WikibaseItem 0
P1481 ID identifier on - archaeological atlas of antiquity ExternalId 1,967
P1482 Stack Exchange tag tag on the Stack Exchange websites StackExchange tag, StackOverflow tag ID, Stack Overflow tag ID Url 4,317
P1483 ID identifier for an item in a Russian cultural heritage register Russian Cultural Heritage ID ExternalId 32,376
P1529 Gertrude identifier identifier for a cultural property per the Glad database of French cultural heritage Glad ID, Glad identifier ExternalId 1,082
P1531 parent of this hybrid, breed, or cultivar cultivar from, parent of this hybrid, parent(s) of this hybrid, parents of this hybrid, hybrid of, parent breed, parent cultivar WikibaseItem 1,760
P1532 country for sport country a person or a team represents when playing a sport sports country, representative nationality, sport country, sport nationality, sporting nationality, sports nationality WikibaseItem 216,530
P1533 family name identical to this given name last name that is the same as a given first name. Use on items for given names corresponding family name, corresponding surname, family name identical to this first name, last name identical to this first name, related family name, related surname, surname identical to this first name, surname identical to this given name WikibaseItem 20,181
P1534 end cause qualifier to use together with the end date qualifier (P582) to specify the cause cause of ending, end reason, ended by, reason for end WikibaseItem 227
P1535 used by item or concept that makes use of the subject (use sub-properties when appropriate) played by, user, armiger WikibaseItem 11,245
P1536 immediate cause of immediate effect of this cause has immediate effect, has immediate outcome, has immediate result, immediate effect, immediate outcome, immediate result, is immediate cause of WikibaseItem 18,747
P1537 contributing factor of thing that is significantly influenced by this cause, but does not directly result from it. See 'Help:Modeling causes' for examples and discussion. indirectly caused WikibaseItem 391
P1538 number of households total number of households in this place, includes dwellings of all types dwellings, households Quantity 247,858
P1539 female population number of female people inhabiting the place; number of female people of subject Quantity 282,764
P1540 male population number of male people inhabiting the place; number of male people of subject male inhabitants, number of males Quantity 282,786
P1541 CQ Ranking male cyclist ID identifier for a male cyclist at CQR male cyclist ID, Cycling Quotient male cyclist ID ExternalId 5,565
P1542 has effect effect of this item outcome, effect, has symptom, implies, consequence, result, results in, cause of, causes, has outcome, has result, led to, caused, leads to WikibaseItem 6,508
P1543 monogram image of the monogram identifying the person or institution (stamp, publisher mark...), souvent affixed to another item to trace its origin, authenticity or certification, often in a dated stamp or seal CommonsMedia 539
P1544 Federal Register Document Number authority file ID in the United States Federal Register ExternalId 235
P1545 series ordinal position of an item in its parent series (most frequently a 1-based index), generally to be used as a qualifier (different from "rank" defined as a class, and from "ranking" defined as a property for evaluating a quality). #, index, rank, number, n°, nº, №, num., ordinal, ordinal number, position in series, section number, series number, sort order, sorting order, unit number String 33,120
P1546 motto description of the motto of the subject tourism slogan WikibaseItem 530
P1547 depends on software subject software depends on object software software framework, dependency, depends on, has dependency, has software dependency, interfaces with, requires, requires software, runs on, software dependency WikibaseItem 19,111
P1548 maximum Strahler number highest Strahler number of a stream, creek, or river Quantity 476
P1549 demonym demonym (proper noun) for people or things associated with a given place, usually based off the placename; multiple entries with qualifiers to distinguish are used to list variant forms by reason of grammatical gender or plurality. gentilic Monolingualtext 29,981
P1550 Orphanet ID identifier in the database (without ORPHA prefix) ORPHA ExternalId 9,860
P1551 Exceptional heritage of Wallonia ID unique identifier of the "Patrimoine immobilier exceptionnel de la Région wallonne" Exceptional heritage of Wallonia identifier ExternalId 268
P1552 has quality the entity has an inherent or distinguishing non-material characteristic aspect, attribute, parameter, quality, characterized by, defined by, defining feature, defining parameter, has characteristic, has feature, has property, inherent property, required property, requirement, trait WikibaseItem 192,288
P1553 Yandex Music artist ID identifier for an artist on Yandex Music Yandex.Music ID ExternalId 11,510
P1554 UBERON ID identifier from UBERON ontology (without prefix) ExternalId 3,068
P1555 Executive Order number identifier for an executive order of the US ExternalId 3,870
P1556 zbMATH author ID identifier of a person in the Zentralblatt MATH database zbMATH author identifier, Zentralblatt MATH author ID ExternalId 45,430
P1557 manifestation of inherent and characteristic embodiment of a given concept realization of, reification of WikibaseItem 2,278
P1558 tempo marking qualitative indication about the speed or pace of a given musical piece (use P1725 for numerical tempo markings) tempo, musical tempo WikibaseItem 137
P1559 name in native language name of a person in their native language native name Monolingualtext 610,122
P1560 given name version for other gender equivalent name (with respect to the meaning of the name) in the same language: female version of a male first name, male version of a female first name. Add primarily the closest matching one female version of this male given name, gender inflection of given name, male version of this female given name WikibaseItem 3,815
P1561 number of survivors number of people surviving an event survivors Quantity 995
P1562 AllMovie title ID identifier for a work on the website AllMovie AllMovie movie ID ExternalId 103,848
P1563 MacTutor biography ID identifier of the person's biography in the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive ExternalId 2,976
P1564 At the Circulating Library ID identifier in the At the Circulating Library Victorian literature database AtCL Author ExternalId 2,569
P1565 Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México ID identifier for a topic in the Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México ELEM ID, ELEM identifier, Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México identifier ExternalId 1,331
P1566 GeoNames ID identifier in the GeoNames geographical database GeoNames, Geonames Id ExternalId 3,750,496
P1567 NIS/INS code Belgian municipality codes maintained by Statistics Belgium ExternalId 2,940
P1568 definition domain set of "input" or argument values for which a mathematical function is defined domain, domain of definition, function domain WikibaseItem 130
P1571 codomain codomain of a function range, codomain of a function, function codomain WikibaseItem 81
P1573 BBC Genome ID identifier for a single episode/programme in the BBC Genome database of Radio Times programme listings BBC Genome identifier, Radio Times identifier ExternalId 15
P1574 exemplar of property for manuscripts, autographs, incunabula, distinct printed copies contents, contains work, includes work WikibaseItem 1,853
P1575 RISS catalog union catalog of South Korea, maintained by KERIS ExternalId 8
P1576 lifestyle typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture diet, follows lifestyle, has lifestyle WikibaseItem 1,352
P1577 Gregory-Aland-Number identifier for Greek manuscripts of the New Testament GA-Number ExternalId 1,781
P1578 Gmelin number identifier for inorganic chemical compounds, in the Gmelin database ExternalId 3,109
P1579 Reaxys registry number identifier for chemical substance in Reaxys Beilstein Registry Number ExternalId 19,661
P1580 University of Barcelona authority ID (obsolete) register of authorities of the University of Barcelona ExternalId 59,199
P1581 official blog URL to the blog of this person or organization blog, weblog, corporate blog, official weblog, URL blog Url 8,053
P1582 natural product of taxon links a natural product with its source (animal, plant, fungal, algal, etc.) derived from, made from, comes from (taxon), fruit of (taxon), produced by taxon, product of taxon WikibaseItem 2,669
P1583 MalaCards ID identifier in the Malacards database of diseases ExternalId 45
P1584 Pleiades ID identifier for a place in Pleiades hosted at Pleiades identifier ExternalId 8,899
P1585 Brazilian municipality code identifier for municipalities in Brazil IBGE code ExternalId 5,570
P1586 Catalan object of cultural interest ID BCIN code, BCIN ID ExternalId 2,204
P1587 Slovene Cultural Heritage Register ID identifier for a cultural monument in the Slovene Cultural Heritage Register RKD ExternalId 9,946
P1588 Statistics Indonesia area code unique code for a place, last issued in 2021 by Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik) desa code, village code of Indonesia, BPS area code String 91,873
P1589 lowest point point with lowest elevation in the country, region, city or area deepest point, extreme point deepest, extreme point lowest WikibaseItem 522
P1590 number of casualties number of people dead or injured because of this event. Used when precise data on number of deaths and number of injured is unavailable. casualities, number of deaths and injuries Quantity 254
P1591 defendant person or organization accused, at a trial accused, respondant, plaintiff in WikibaseItem 5,534
P1592 prosecutor person representing the prosecuting authority, at a trial WikibaseItem 443
P1593 defender person representing the defendant, at a trial attorney, lawyers, defense attorney, defence team, defense team WikibaseItem 295
P1594 judge judge, magistrate or equivalent, presiding at a trial WikibaseItem 10,587
P1595 charge offence with which someone is charged, at a trial criminal charge, charged with WikibaseItem 5,162
P1596 penalty penalty imposed by an authority sentence, punishment, judicial sentence WikibaseItem 2,016
P1598 consecrator bishop who presided as consecrator or co-consecrator of this bishop consecrated by, has consecrator, has ordainer, ordained by, ordainer WikibaseItem 85,300
P1599 Cambridge Alumni Database ID identifier in the Cambridge Alumni Database/Alumni Cantabrigienses (ACAD) ACAD, Venn ExternalId 11,055
P1600 Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya code identifier for an architectural property in Catalonia. max. 5-digit numeric BCIL, BCIN, Catalan architectural inventory ID, IPA (Catalonia) ExternalId 31,926
P1601 Esperantist ID number in the address book of early Esperanto speakers by Zamenhof address book of Esperantists, Esperantist number ExternalId 147
P1602 Art UK venue ID authority control identifier for venues housing art, in the UK Art UK venue identifier, BBC Your Paintings gallery identifier, BBC Your Paintings museum identifier, BBC Your Paintings venue identifier, Your Paintings venue identifier ExternalId 2,040
P1603 number of cases cumulative number of confirmed, probable and suspected occurrences case number, cases reported, infections reported, number infected, number of infections, number of occurrences, occurrences reported, total number of cases Quantity 153,111
P1604 biosafety level level of the biocontainment precautions required to isolate dangerous biological agents WikibaseItem 13
P1605 has natural reservoir host species for the pathogen in which it is endemic natural reservoir WikibaseItem 443
P1606 natural reservoir of pathogen of which this species is a long-term host WikibaseItem 17
P1607 Dialnet author ID identifier of an author in Dialnet Dialnet author, Dialnet author identifier ExternalId 19,018
P1608 Dialnet book ID identifier of a book in Dialnet Dialnet book, Dialnet book identifier ExternalId 321
P1609 Dialnet journal ID identifier of a journal in Dialnet Dialnet journal, Dialnet journal identifier ExternalId 3,673
P1610 Dialnet article ID identifier of an article in Dialnet Dialnet article, Dialnet article identifier, Dialnet paper ID, Dialnet paper identifier ExternalId 1,199
P1611 NATO code for grade NATO Code for Grades of Military Personnel WikibaseItem 366
P1612 Commons Institution page name of the institutions's page on Wikimedia Commons (without the prefix "Institution") Institution template String 6,441
P1613 IRC channel official IRC channel of an institution or project IRC chan Url 793
P1614 History of Parliament ID identifier on the History of Parliament website HoP ID ExternalId 21,434
P1615 CLARA-ID identifier from database about women visual artists ExternalId 7,041
P1616 SIREN number identifier for an organization in the SIRENE register maintained by INSEE SIREN id ExternalId 101,806
P1617 BBC Things ID identifier in the BBC Things database BBC Things identifer ExternalId 1,389
P1618 sport number number worn on a player's (competitor's) uniform, equipment, etc bib, jersey number, shirt number, squad number, sweater number, uniform number, car number, entry number, guernsey number, jumper number, sports number String 26,404
P1619 date of official opening date or point in time an event, museum, theater etc. officially opened grand opening, inauguration, inaugurated, launch date, launched, date opened, official opening, officially opened on, opened, opening date, date of opening, inauguration date, official opening time Time 138,468
P1620 plaintiff party who initiates a lawsuit litigant, defendant in, claimant, pursuer WikibaseItem 2,255
P1621 detail map map containing details about the entire location CommonsMedia 6,391
P1622 driving side side of the road that vehicles drive on in a given jurisdiction drive on, drives on the, rule of the road, traffic side WikibaseItem 449
P1624 MarineTraffic Port ID identifier for a port assigned by the MarineTraffic database ExternalId 963
P1625 has melody this work has the melody of the following work to the tune of, TTTO, has tune, uses melody, uses tune WikibaseItem 2,274
P1626 Thai cultural heritage ID identifier for cultural heritage properties in Thailand ExternalId 1,496
P1627 language code identifier for a language in ExternalId 7,579
P1628 equivalent property equivalent property in other ontologies (use in statements on properties, use property URI) ontological equivalent, owl:equivalentProperty, property Url 728
P1629 Wikidata item of this property item corresponding to the concept represented by the property item, represents, associated item, item of this property, property subject item, property's subject item, subject item, subject of property, subject of this property, Wikidata property subject item, item for this property, Wikidata item for this property WikibaseItem 10,464
P1630 formatter URL web page URL; URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items. If the site goes offline, set it to deprecated rank. If the formatter URL changes, add a new statement with preferred rank. URL format string, URL formatter, URL pattern, URL template String 9,403
P1631 China Vitae person ID identifier for a person in the China Vitae database China Vitae ID ExternalId 2,257
P1632 Hermann-Mauguin notation Hermann-Mauguin notation of the mineral's symmetry element (short form) ExternalId 25
P1635 religious name name taken or used as a member of a religious community monastic name, name in religion Monolingualtext 1,457
P1636 date of baptism in early childhood date when a person was baptized. For times when only baptism records were available, this can be a good substitute for date of birth. baptism date, christening date, date of christening, baptised, baptized, christened, date baptism, date of baptism in early childhood, time of baptism, time of christening Time 3,986
P1637 undercarriage type of aircraft landing gear the item is equipped with landing gear, aircraft landing gear, aircraft undercarriage WikibaseItem 228
P1638 working title temporary name of a product or project used during its development code name, production title, codename, production name, working name Monolingualtext 893
P1639 pendant of other work in a pair of opposing artworks, such as wedding portraits, commissioned together, but not always pendant to WikibaseItem 4,955
P1640 curator content specialist responsible for this collection or exhibition keeper, biocurator, curated by, curation authority, digital curator, has curator WikibaseItem 1,843
P1641 port default communication endpoint in TCP, UDP, or other transport protocol Internet port, network port, port number Quantity 394
P1642 acquisition transaction how the player was acquired; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team) loan, contract status WikibaseItem 1
P1643 departure transaction how the player was released or transferred from the roster; qualifier for P54 (member of sports team) release transaction WikibaseItem 0
P1644 Catholic church ID identifier EgliseInfo ID ExternalId 30,014
P1645 NIST/CODATA ID identifier for a physical constant CODATA ID ExternalId 66
P1647 subproperty of all resources related by this property are also related by that property has parent property, instance of property, parent property, rdfs:subPropertyOf, subclass of property, subPropertyOf, superproperty WikibaseProperty 863
P1648 Dictionary of Welsh Biography ID identifier per the Dictionary of Welsh Biography DWB ExternalId 4,698
P1649 KMDb person ID identifier for a person on the Korean Movie Database (KMDb) Korean Movie Database person ID ExternalId 5,975
P1650 BBF ID identifier in the archive database of the German "Research Library for the History of Education" (personal data of the teachers of Prussia) BBF identifier ExternalId 664
P1651 YouTube video ID identifier of a video on YouTube; qualify trailers with "object has role" (P3831)="trailer" (Q622550). For channels, use P2397; for playlists, use P4300 streaming url, trailer (Youtube), YouTube video identifier, YouTube video link, Youtube video website, yt video, YT video ID, YouTube Music ID ExternalId 57,809
P1652 referee referee or umpire of a match umpire WikibaseItem 20,062
P1653 TERC municipality code identifier for a municipality per the Główny Urząd Statystyczny in Poland Poland municipal ID, Polish municipal ID, TERYT municipality code ExternalId 3,314
P1654 wing configuration configuration of wing(s) used by an aircraft WikibaseItem 1,137
P1656 unveiled by person who unveils a statue, sculpture, memorial or plaque, etc. WikibaseItem 487
P1657 MPA film rating US film classification administered by the Motion Picture Association of America Motion Picture Association of America film rating, MPAA film rating WikibaseItem 3,699
P1659 related properties used to indicate another property that might provide additional information about the subject see also, rdfs:seeAlso, related property, seealso WikibaseProperty 22,046
P1660 has index case initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigation index case, patient zero, primary case WikibaseItem 28
P1661 Alexa rank the website's Alexa ranking with P585 as a qualifier for each value Quantity 4,117
P1662 DOI prefix identifier specific to a DOI registrant doip, DOIP ExternalId 1,941
P1663 ProCyclingStats cyclist ID identifier on the website ProCyclingStats ( PCS cyclist ID, ProCyclingStats cyclist identifier, PCS cyclist identifier ExternalId 24,671
P1664 Cycling Database ID (archived) identifier on the website Cycling Database ( Cycling Database ID ExternalId 72
P1665 player ID identifier on the website Chess Games ID, ChessGames ID, ID ExternalId 17,631
P1666 member ID identifier for a chess player's page at (Internet Chess Club) Chess Club ID, Chessclub ID, Internet Chess Club ID ExternalId 46
P1667 Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names ID identifier in the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names TGN ID, TGN identifier, Thesaurus of Geographic Names ExternalId 52,481
P1668 ATCvet ATCvet code ExternalId 11
P1669 Cultural Objects Names Authority ID identifier from Cultural Objects Name Authority CONA ID, CONA identifier, Cultural Objects Names Authority ID, Cultural Objects Names Authority identifier ExternalId 493
P1670 Canadiana Authorities ID (former scheme) obsolete identifier for authority control per the Library and Archives Canada. Format: 4 digits + 1 letter + 4 digits + optional F Canadian Authority Control Number, Canadiana Authorities, Canadiana Authority Control Number, LAC ID, LACNAF ID, Library and Archives Canada ID, Library and Archives Canada identifier, Library and Archives Canada Name Authorities File ID ExternalId 6,518
P1671 route number number of a rail or other public transport line line number, public transport line number String 10,868
P1672 this taxon is source of links a taxon to natural products it produces. Note that it does not say "this taxon is the source of" or "this taxon is a source of" as this may vary. Some products may be yielded by more than one taxon. natural product, has natural product, produces, produces natural product, secretes, this taxon is a source of, this taxon is the source of WikibaseItem 2,468
P1673 general formula molecular formula of a class of compounds chemical formula (general), general chemical formula String 55
P1674 number confirmed qualifier; number of instances or occurrences classified as confirmed for reporting purposes Quantity 1
P1675 number probable qualifier; number of instances or occurrences classified as probable (vs. confirmed) for reporting purposes number of probable cases Quantity 0
P1676 number suspected qualifier; number of instances or occurrences classified as suspected for reporting purposes Quantity 0
P1677 index case of primary case, patient zero: initial patient in the population of an epidemiological investigation WikibaseItem 29
P1678 has vertex figure the figure exposed when a corner of a polytope is sliced off WikibaseItem 225
P1679 Art UK artwork ID identifier for artworks (publicly owned oil paintings and sculptures in the UK) Art UK artwork identifier, ArtUK artwork ID, ArtUK artwork identifier ExternalId 39,289
P1680 subtitle for works, when the title is followed by a subtitle st Monolingualtext 69,986
P1683 quotation quotation supporting the statement claim (to be used in the reference or qualifier field only, no quote marks) excerpt, quote, citation Monolingualtext 98
P1684 inscription inscriptions, markings and signatures on an object signature, legend, epigraph (inscription), legenda, text of inscription Monolingualtext 48,417
P1685 Pokédex / Pokémon browser number identification number of a Pokémon in a Pokédex or Pokémon Browser Pokédex number, Pokémon browser number String 5,301
P1686 for work qualifier of award received (P166) to specify the work that an award was given to the creator for awarded for work, citation for award, for their work on, nominated for work WikibaseItem 95
P1687 Wikidata property main Wikidata property for this item property, has property, main property, property for this item WikibaseProperty 11,476
P1689 central government debt as a percent of GDP State debt in relation to gross domestic product Quantity 2
P1690 ICD-10-PCS identifier in the ICD-10-PCS (Procedure Coding System, International Classification of Diseases, 10th revision) ICD-10 PCS, PCS ICD-10 ExternalId 73
P1691 operations and procedures key (OPS) official classification of operational procedures OPS ExternalId 14
P1692 ICD-9-CM identifier in the ICD adaption assigning diagnostic and procedure codes ICD-9 CM String 5,288
P1693 Terminologia Embryologica standardized list of words used in the description of human embryologic and fetal structures TE ExternalId 230
P1694 Terminologia Histologica controlled vocabulary for use in cytology and histology TH ExternalId 368
P1695 NLP ID (old) former National Library of Poland unique identifier. Format: "A", 7 digits, "X" or another digit. For the newer 16-digit format, use "NLP ID (PLWABN record)" (P7293) National Library of Poland ID, NLP identifier, Polish National Library ID, ID ExternalId 61,599
P1696 inverse property links a property to its inverse property (which relates the subject and object in reverse order) antonym, inverse of, opponent, opposite property WikibaseProperty 183
P1697 total valid votes vote count for the elections (excluding invalid votes) formal votes, valid votes Quantity 21,934
P1699 SkyscraperPage building ID identifier for a building in the SkyscraperPage database SkyscraperPage building id ExternalId 1,893
P1700 SIPA ID identifier in the SIPA (Sistema de Informação para o Património Arquitectónico) database of heritage sites in Portugal SIPA identifier ExternalId 10,773
P1702 DGPC ID identifier in the DGPC (Directorate General of Cultural Heritage) database of heritage sites in Portugal DGPC identifier, IGESPAR ID ExternalId 6,232
P1703 is pollinated by how pollen from the male anthers is transferred to the female stigma of a flower pollinator, pollination by WikibaseItem 86
P1704 is pollinator of plant that this animal visits for pollen (and that it pollinates) pollinates, pollinator of WikibaseItem 95
P1705 native label label for item in its official or original language official name, original title, official title, autonym, label in official language, label in original language, name in official language, name in original language, official label, official language label, official language name, official language title, original label, original language name, original language title, original name, orignal language label, title in official language, title in original language Monolingualtext 877,533
P1706 together with qualifier to specify the item that this property is shared with with, feat., featuring, accompanied by, award shared with, room mate, roommate, shared with, tied with WikibaseItem 85
P1707 DAAO ID human identifier per Design & Art Australia Online DAAO identifier, Design and Art Australia Online ID ExternalId 1,898
P1708 LfDS object ID identifier for national heritage sites issued by the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Sachsen LfDS ID ExternalId 89,752
P1709 equivalent class equivalent class in other ontologies (use property URI) class that equivalent to this, same class, same grouping, same kind of thing, type, external class Url 1,547
P1710 Sächsische Biografie (GND) ID GND identifier in a biographical dictionary of people from Saxony ExternalId 1,738
P1711 British Museum person or institution ID identifier for a person or institution in the British Museum person-institution thesaurus BM id, BM institution ID, BM person ID, BMT id, British Museum institution ID, British Museum person ID, British Museum person-institution ID ExternalId 41,199
P1712 Metacritic ID identifier for Metacritic MC ID, Metacritic ExternalId 47,308
P1713 biography at the Bundestag of Germany URL link to the biography pages of the German parliament biography at the Bundestag of Germany Url 2,003
P1714 Journalisted ID identifier on Journalisted, an independent, not-for-profit website (by Media Standards Trust) listing the published writing of journalists ExternalId 266
P1715 RKD/ESD (Slovenia) ID reference number of intangible cultural heritage of Slovenia (EID) RKD/ESD (Slovenia) identifier, RKD/ESD identifier (Slovenia) ExternalId 10
P1716 brand commercial brand associated with the item WikibaseItem 15,938
P1717 Sandre river ID identifier of the French national Water Information System ExternalId 5,212
P1721 pinyin transliteration hanyu pinyin transliteration of a Mandarin Chinese text (usually to be used as a qualifier) hanyu pinyin, pinyin String 1,685
P1725 beats per minute tempo of a musical work, indicated numerically (use P1558 for qualitative tempo markings) tempo, musical tempo, BPM, bpm, metronome mark Quantity 1,296
P1726 Florentine musea Inventario 1890 ID national Florentine musea inventory from 1890 identifier ExternalId 530
P1727 Flora of North America taxon ID identifier for a taxon in the Flora of North America database FNA ID ExternalId 17,715
P1728 AllMusic artist ID identifier for an artist, musical group, or record label in the AllMusic database (record labels are listed as "artists") AllMusic, AllMusic ID ExternalId 74,187
P1729 AllMusic album ID identifier for an album in AllMusic database album ID (AllMusic), AllMusic master ID, AllMusic release group ID, EP ID (AllMusic), master ID (AllMusic), release group ID (AllMusic), single ID (AllMusic) ExternalId 32,859
P1730 AllMusic song ID identifier for a song in AllMusic database AllMusic recording ID, AllMusic track ID, recording ID (AllMusic), track ID (AllMusic) ExternalId 4,062
P1731 Fach describes the special abilities of an operatic singers voice vocal specialization WikibaseItem 401
P1732 Naturbase ID identifier in the Naturbase database published by the Norwegian Environment Agency ExternalId 3,425
P1733 Steam application ID identifier for an application available from the Steam distribution platform Steam app ID, Steam game ID, steam powered application identifier, ID ExternalId 17,715
P1734 oath of office date when person swore the oath of office Time 1
P1735 ID identifier in database of actors and commedians Comedien ID, identifier ExternalId 16
P1736 Information Center for Israeli Art artist ID Identifier for artists in the Information Center for Israeli Art ICIA ID, Information Center for Israeli Art artist ID, Information Center for Israeli Art artist identifier, Israel Museum artist ID ExternalId 2,053
P1738 Merck Index monograph URL stem of page in The Merck Index Online ExternalId 2
P1739 CiNii Books bibliography ID identifier for books/journals that are held in university libraries or research institutions in Japan, maintained by NACSIS-CAT cataloging system and accessible through CiNii Books NCID, CiNii book ID, CiNii book identifier, NACSIS-CAT book identifier, NACSIS-CAT bibliography ID, NII bibliography ID, NII citation ID ExternalId 1,108
P1740 category for films shot at this location the object is a category for films shot at or in the subject cff, cat films shot, category of films shot at this location, cfsi, films shot at this location WikibaseItem 1,296
P1741 GTAA ID identifier for GTAA, a thesaurus used in audiovisual archives (NISV, EYE) GTAA ExternalId 40,299
P1743 Bradley and Fletcher checklist number reference for a species in the Bradley and Fletcher checklist of British lepidoptera ExternalId 2,595
P1744 Agassiz checklist number reference for a species in the 2013 checklist of over 2,700 species British lepidoptera Agassiz et al. checklist number ExternalId 2,510
P1745 VASCAN ID identifier for a taxon in the Database of Vascular Plants of Canada VASCAN ExternalId 11,891
P1746 ZooBank ID for name or act identifier for a name or nomenclatural act at ZooBank ExternalId 65,228
P1747 Flora of China ID identifier for a taxon in Flora of China (English-language revision of Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae) eFloras ID, FOC ID ExternalId 43,850
P1748 NCI Thesaurus ID identifier in the United States National Cancer Institute Thesaurus, vocabulary for clinical care, translational and basic research, etc NCIt, NCIT ID String 12,371
P1749 ID entry of described object on, website describing Dutch politics Europa Nu ID, P&P ID, Parlement & Politiek ID ExternalId 6,459
P1750 name day day of the year associated with a first/given name. A qualifier should be used to identify the calendar that is being used. Distinguish from "feast day" (P:P841) WikibaseItem 3,472
P1751 Art UK collection ID identifier for art collections, in the UK Art UK collection identifier, BBC Your Paintings collection identifier, Your Paintings collection identifier ExternalId 24
P1752 scale proportional ratio of a linear dimension of a model, map, etc, to the same feature of the original - 1:n. Use 1 for lifesize scale ratio Quantity 1,926
P1753 list related to category Wikimedia list equivalent to a Wikimedia category category's list, list equivalent to category WikibaseItem 52,946
P1754 category related to list Wikimedia category that matches the Wikimedia list category equivalent to list, list category, list's category, category related to this list WikibaseItem 52,794
P1755 Aviation Safety Network accident ID identifier for an accident description per the Aviation Safety Network's database ASN accident ID, ASNADID, ASNID, Aviation Safety Network accident description ID, ID ExternalId 1,751
P1760 Aviation Safety Network Wikibase Occurrence identifier for an item in the Aviation Safety Network's database ASN Wikibase Occurrence, ASNWO ExternalId 92
P1761 Watson & Dallwitz family ID familyID in Watson & Dallwitz: The families of flowering plants W&Df ID ExternalId 563
P1762 Hornbostel-Sachs classification Hornbostel-Sachs classification of a musical instrument Hornbostel-Sachs, Sachs–Hornbostel String 2,364
P1763 National Pipe Organ Register ID identifier in the (United Kingdom) National Pipe Organ Register National Pipe Organ Register identifier, NPOR ID ExternalId 7
P1764 Flemish Heritage Object ID identifier for a "relict" in the database of the Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage Erfgoedobject, Flemish organization for Immovable Heritage relict ID, FOIH relict ID, Onroerend Erfgoed relict ID, Onroerend Erfgoed-id ExternalId 4,333
P1766 place name sign image of (road) sign with place name on it street sign, welcome sign, city limit sign, highway sign, image of place name sign, image of signage, roadside sign, signage image CommonsMedia 37,337
P1769 denkXweb identifier identifier in the online database for cultural heritage monuments in the German state of Hesse denkXweb ID ExternalId 12,985
P1770 Romania LMI code identifier in 'Lista monumentelor istorice din România' (Romanian heritage sites) LMI code ExternalId 30,259
P1771 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System ID identifier for colleges and universities in the United States Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System identifier, IPEDS ID, Unit ID, UnitID ExternalId 3,819
P1772 USDA PLANTS ID identifier in the United States Department of Agriculture PLANTS Database PLANTS Database ID ExternalId 47,260
P1774 workshop of artist whose work group are the likely creator of an artwork studio of WikibaseItem 7
P1775 follower of for unknown artists who work in the manner of the named artist WikibaseItem 22
P1776 circle of for unknown artists who lived in the same time as the named author in a similar style, possibly a follower or someone who had contact with the named artist WikibaseItem 7
P1777 manner of for unknown artists who worked in a similar style as the named author, but not necessary from the same period imitator of, style of WikibaseItem 12
P1778 forgery after for an artwork trying to appear to be the work of the named author WikibaseItem 0
P1779 possible creator for a creative work with considerable uncertainty about the author attributed to, creator (possible) WikibaseItem 40
P1780 school of for a creative work with author with a style influenced by the known author or circle, active in the same period, but a student or follower WikibaseItem 17
P1782 courtesy name name bestowed upon a person at adulthood in addition to one's given name, mostly in East Asia courtesy name, style name, zi String 59,817
P1785 temple name name bestowed to a monarch after death (East Asia) Ritual name String 362
P1786 posthumous name name given to a person after death (East Asia) Honor Death String 9,840
P1787 art-name type of pseudonym of modern and historical artists as well as specifically traditionally adopted by writers and artists in East Asia art name, hao String 20,643
P1788 DVN ID identifier in the Dutch Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland (Online Dictionary of Dutch Women), a biography portal of prominent women in Dutch history. Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland ID, DVN identifier ExternalId 2,119
P1789 chief operating officer the chief operating officer of an organization COO WikibaseItem 76
P1791 category of people buried here Wikimedia category for people with a burial site within this area buried here: Wikimedia category for, category for burials, category for people buried here, category for place of burial WikibaseItem 4,933
P1792 category of associated people Wikimedia category for people associated with this place or organization category for people associated with this place WikibaseItem 30,159
P1793 format as a regular expression regex describing an identifier or a Wikidata property. When using on property constraints, ensure syntax is a PCRE regex, regular expression String 5,545
P1794 bureau du patrimoine de Seine-Saint-Denis ID identifier in the website ExternalId 31
P1795 Smithsonian American Art Museum person/institution ID identifier for a person or institution, in the Smithsonian American Art Museum: person/institution thesaurus SAAM person/institution thesaurus ID, American Art ID, SAAM artist ID, SAAM person/institution ID, SAAM PID, SAAM PIID, Smithsonian American Art Museum: person/institution thesaurus ID ExternalId 8,974
P1796 International Standard Industrial Classification code Rev.4 code of industry by ISIC (International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities) ISIC Rev.4 String 180
P1798 ISO 639-5 code 3-letter identifier for language family or collective code per ISO 639-5 ISO language family code (3 letter) ExternalId 119
P1799 Maltese Islands National Inventory of Cultural Property ID identifier in the National Inventory of Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands Maltese Cultural Property ID, Maltese Islands National Inventory of Cultural Property identifier, NICPMI ID ExternalId 2,360
P1800 Wikimedia database name identifier for a Wikimedia project database siteid, Wikimedia siteid, Wikimedia dbname ExternalId 999
P1801 commemorative plaque image image of plaque or inscription commemorating or mentioning the subject. For graves, use grave picture (P1442) inscription image, blue plaque image, image of inscription, image of plaque, memorial plaque image, plaque image CommonsMedia 21,482
P1802 Early Modern Letters Online person ID identifier in the Early Modern Letters Online project run by the Bodleian Library Early Modern Letters Online identifier, EMLO person ID, EMLO person identifier ExternalId 9,105
P1803 Masaryk University person ID identifier for a person affiliated with Masaryk University (staff, alumnus, student…) Masaryk University učo ExternalId 119
P1804 DNF film ID identifier for a film in the Danish National Filmography Danish National Filmography film ID, DFDb title, DNF film, DNF ID (film) ExternalId 27,984
P1806 ABoK number identifier for a knot in the Ashley Book of Knots Ashley Book of Knots number ExternalId 97
P1807 Great Aragonese Encyclopedia ID identifier in the Spanish language, Aragon-themed, Great Aragonese Encyclopedia (GEA) Aragon encyclopedia ID, GAE ID, GEA ID ExternalId 5,946
P1808 ID identifier on the website of the French senate identifier ExternalId 4,988
P1809 choreographer person(s) who did the choreography choreographed by, dance director WikibaseItem 4,263
P1810 subject named as name by which a subject is recorded in a database, mentioned as a contributor of a work, or is referred to in a particular context AAP, authorized access point, credited as, stated as, authorized as, authorized form, authorized heading, established as, established form, established heading, named as, subject stated as, spelled as, entity named as String 365
P1811 list of episodes link to the article with the list of episodes for this series episode list, episodes list WikibaseItem 4,619
P1813 short name short name of a place, organisation, person, journal, Wikidata property, etc. acronym, abbreviation, shortened name, initialism, abbrev, abbreviated name, brief name, short title, shortname Monolingualtext 222,109
P1814 name in kana the reading of a Japanese name in kana kana, furigana, kana name, kana reading, reading in kana, yomigana String 205,517
P1815 RSL scanned books identifier identifier of the Russian State Library RSL-Books-ID String 345
P1816 National Portrait Gallery (London) person ID identifier for sitters and artists represented in the National Portrait Gallery, London NPG ID, National Portrait Gallery (London) person identifier, NPG London ID, NPGUK ID ExternalId 45,996
P1817 addressee person or organization to whom a letter or note is addressed recipient, addressed to, sent to, to:, To: WikibaseItem 49,846
P1818 Kaiserhof ID identifier in the personnel database of the courtiers of the Austrian Habsburg imperial line and the branch lines KH, Kaiserhof ID ExternalId 3,075
P1819 person ID identifier for a person at Format: "I" followed by 8 digits. ExternalId 221,995
P1820 Open Food Facts food additive ID represents a food additive on Open Food Facts ExternalId 366
P1821 Open Food Facts food category ID represents a food category on Open Food Facts OFF category ID, OFF category slug ExternalId 1,339
P1822 Denkmalliste Hamburg object ID identifier for cultural monuments in Hamburg, Germany ExternalId 412
P1823 BAnQ work ID identifier for a work in the collection of Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec B2Q work ID ExternalId 133
P1824 road number number assigned to a stretch of public roadway route number, highway number, shield number String 42,270
P1825 major league player ID identifier for a Major League Baseball player assigned by brcmlbid ExternalId 19,800
P1826 minor & foreign league player ID identifier for a Minor League Baseball player assigned by brcmilbid ExternalId 20,800
P1827 ISWC identifier for musical works, adopted as international standard ISO 15707 International Standard Musical Work Code, ISWC Code ExternalId 9,035
P1828 IPI name number identifier for names of a composer, author and other relevant parties Interested Parties Information Name Code, IPI code, IPI name code ExternalId 8,269
P1829 Roud Folk Song Index number number assigned to a folk song in the Roud Folk Song Index Roud number ExternalId 636
P1830 owner of entities owned by the subject owns, owns property, shareholder of WikibaseItem 47,620
P1831 electorate number of persons qualified to vote during elections Quantity 35,395
P1832 GrassBase ID identifier in GrassBase - The Online World Grass Flora ExternalId 12,082
P1833 number of registered users/contributors number of registered users on a website users, number of contributors, number of registered users, number of users Quantity 240
P1836 draft pick number overall pick number with which a player is selected in a sports draft draft number String 2
P1837 Gaoloumi ID identifier for a building in the Gaoloumi database ExternalId 35
P1838 PSS-archi ID identifier for a building in the PSS-archi database ExternalId 2,072
P1839 US Federal Election Commission ID identifier assigned by the US Federal Election Commission for federal candidates, parties, and other committees FEC candidate ID, US Federal Election Commission identifier ExternalId 1,508
P1840 investigated by person or organization involved in investigation of the item WikibaseItem 682
P1841 Swedish district code identifier for Swedish districts from 2016 district code ExternalId 2,523
P1842 Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online ID identifier for Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online GAMEO identifier, Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online identifier ExternalId 2,248
P1843 taxon common name common or vernacular name of a biological taxon common name, vernacular name, taxon vernacular name Monolingualtext 734,338
P1844 HathiTrust ID identifier from the HathiTrust Digital Library Hathi Trust ID ExternalId 12,330
P1845 anti-virus alias alias issued by anti-virus companies to classify malware String 49
P1846 distribution map distribution of item on a mapped area (for range map of taxa, use (P181).) map of distribution CommonsMedia 1,800
P1847 Nasjonalbiblioteket photographer ID identifier used by the Nasjonalbiblioteket (Norwegian National Library) for photographers ExternalId 459
P1848 protected areas INPN Code identifier from the Inventaire national du patrimoine naturel for protected areas INPN Code for protected areas ExternalId 811
P1850 SSR place name number identifier for a place name in the Norwegian Mapping Authority's place name registry Sentralt stedsnavnregister (SSR) Sentralt stadnamnregister, stedsnavn ExternalId 44,638
P1851 input set a superset of the domain of a function or relation that may include some inputs for which the function is not defined; to specify the set of only those inputs for which the function is defined use domain (P1568) WikibaseItem 33
P1852 Perry Index item's value on the Perry Index primarily for fables attributed to Aesop ExternalId 543
P1853 blood type blood type of the human or animal blood group WikibaseItem 32,068
P1854 Kyiv street code identifier for a street of Kyiv, Ukraine; format: 5 digits starting with "1" street identifier (Kyiv) ExternalId 2,347
P1855 Wikidata property example example where this Wikidata property is used; target item is one that would use this property, with qualifier the property being described given the associated value eg, property example, e.g., example, Example item for this property, example of property, example of Wikidata property, for example, property sample, Wikidata property sample WikibaseItem 28,823
P1866 Catholic Hierarchy diocese ID identifier for a diocese on ExternalId 6,537
P1867 eligible voters number of eligible voters for a particular election registered voters, total voters, voters eligible Quantity 13,238
P1868 ballots cast total number of ballot(s) cast, including invalid or blank ballots total vote count, total votes, turnout Quantity 23,201
P1869 Hall of Valor ID identifier for a medal recipient, in the US Hall of Valor Military Times Valor ID, The Hall of Valor ID, Valor ID, Hall of Valor identifier, The Hall of Valor identifier, Military Times Valor identifier, Valor identifier ExternalId 508
P1870 Name Assigning Authority Number identifier in the Archival Resource Key registry ARK NAAN, NAAN ExternalId 678
P1871 CERL Thesaurus ID identifier in the Consortium of European Research Libraries Thesaurus CERL ID, CERL identifier, CT ID ExternalId 280,085
P1872 minimum number of players minimum numbers of players of a game minimum players, number of players, minimum, players, minimum number Quantity 1,097
P1873 maximum number of players maximum numbers of players of a game max players, maximum players, number of players, maximum, players max, players, maximum number Quantity 1,168
P1874 Netflix ID identifier for a creative work on Netflix Netflix title identifier, Netflix title ID ExternalId 28,575
P1875 represented by person or agency that represents or manages the subject agent, manager, talent agency, rep, managed by, managing agent, representative WikibaseItem 8,627
P1876 vehicle vessel involved in this mission, voyage or event craft, ship, spacecraft, boat, spaceship, vessel, orbiter, used vehicle, uses vehicle, vehicle used WikibaseItem 913
P1877 after a work by artist whose work strongly inspired/ was copied in this item artist who inspired this, copy of a work by, inspirational artist, inspiring artist WikibaseItem 12,800
P1878 Vox-ATypI classification classification for typefaces font type, typeface variety WikibaseItem 96
P1879 income classification (Philippines) classification grade of a Philippine local government unit based on income WikibaseItem 1,715
P1880 measurement scale scale by which a phenomenon is measured measured by WikibaseItem 190
P1881 list of characters Wikimedia page with the list of characters for this work WikibaseItem 932
P1882 Web Gallery of Art ID identifier for an artist in the Web Gallery of Art Web Gallery of Art identifier, WGA ID ExternalId 3,923
P1883 ID Person ID on database ExternalId 1,462
P1884 hair color person's hair color. Use P585 as qualifier if there's more than one value color of hair, colour of hair, hair colour, haircolour WikibaseItem 13,460
P1885 cathedral principal church of a religious district is cathedral of, is cathedral of diocese WikibaseItem 2,196
P1886 Smithsonian volcano ID identifier of volcano in the Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program. Format: 6 digits. Global Volcanism Program ID, GVP ID, Smithsonian volcano identifier ExternalId 1,624
P1887 vice-county geographical delineation utilized for biological records in the British Isles Praeger vice-county, Watsonian vice-county, vice county WikibaseItem 47
P1888 Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources entry entry in the Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources DMNES ExternalId 1,065
P1889 different from item that is different from another item, with which it may be confused ≠, is not, confused with, differs from, disambiguated from, distinct from, distinguished from, do not confuse with, is different from, isn't, mistakenly taken for, not equal to, not identical to, not same as, not the same as, not to be confused with, often confused with, rejected match, to be distinguished from WikibaseItem 848,871
P1890 CCAB ID Collective Catalog of Bibliographic Authorities of Chile ID Collective Catalog of Bibliographic Authorities of Chile ID ExternalId 4,032
P1891 signatory person, country, or organization that has signed an official document (use P50 for author) ratified by, first signatories, signatories, signed by WikibaseItem 18,741
P1893 OpenPlaques plaque ID identifier for a commemorative plaque, on a building or other structure in OpenPlaques Open Plaques plaque ID, OpenPlaques ID, OpenPlaques plaque identifier ExternalId 1,132
P1894 Danish urban area code official identifier for an urban area in Denmark ExternalId 2,190
P1895 Fauna Europaea ID identifier for a taxon in Fauna Europaea EU Nomen ID, EU-nomen ID ExternalId 118,822
P1896 source website for the property URL of website acting as source of data for this Wikidata property source, property source, source of property, source URL for the property, URL for the property, website source, Wikidata property source Url 7,328
P1897 highest note highest note that an instrument can play or singer can sing WikibaseItem 6
P1898 lowest note lowest note that an instrument can play or singer can sing WikibaseItem 10
P1899 LibriVox author ID author ID for an author represented at LibriVox ExternalId 6,545
P1900 EAGLE id identifier of an epigraphic concept in the Europeana Network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy (EAGLE) vocabulary ExternalId 463
P1901 BALaT person/organisation id identifier for person or organisation in the People & Institutions database of Belgian Art Links & Tools (BALaT), maintained by KIK-IRPA, Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage. ExternalId 111
P1902 Spotify artist ID identifier for an artist on Spotify ExternalId 46,923
P1903 volcanic explosivity index scale indicating size of an explosive volcanic eruption VEI WikibaseItem 77
P1906 office held by head of state political office that is fulfilled by the head of state of this item head of state, position held by head of state, state headed by WikibaseItem 584
P1907 Australian Dictionary of Biography ID article about the person in the Australian Dictionary of Biography ADB, AuDB ID, Australian Dictionary of Biography identifier ExternalId 13,598
P1908 CWGC person ID identifier for a person, in the online database of Commonwealth War Graves Commission Commonwealth War Graves Commission person ID, Commonwealth War Graves Commission person identifier, CWGC person identifier ExternalId 3,150
P1909 side effect effect of a medication or procedure, that occurs next to the desired effect WikibaseItem 40
P1910 decreased expression in indicates that a decreased expression of the subject gene is found in the object disease WikibaseItem 27
P1911 increased expression in this property should link a gene and a disease and indicate that an increased expression of the gene is found in the disease WikibaseItem 149
P1912 gene deletion association with This property should link a gene and a disease due to a deletion WikibaseItem 13
P1913 gene duplication association with This property should link a gene and a disease due to a duplication WikibaseItem 2
P1914 gene insertion association with This property should link a gene and a disease due to an insertion WikibaseItem 2
P1915 gene inversion association with This property should link a gene and a disease due to an inversion WikibaseItem 2
P1916 gene substitution association with This property should link a gene and a disease due to a substitution WikibaseItem 28
P1917 posttranslational modification association with This property should link a protein-coding gene to a disease where the encoded protein is associated with a posttranslation modification WikibaseItem 2
P1918 altered regulation leads to this property should link a gene and a disease due to altered regulation WikibaseItem 14
P1919 Ministry of Education of Chile school ID ID number (Rol Base de Datos, RBD, in Spanish, meaning database role) of all schools (high, middle, primary) in Chile, as registered by the Ministry of Education of Chile ExternalId 17
P1920 CWGC burial ground ID identifier for a cemetery, churchyard, or memorial, in the online database of Commonwealth War Graves Commission Commonwealth War Graves Commission burial ground ID, Commonwealth War Graves Commission burial ground identifier, CWGC burial ground ID, CWGC burial ID, CWGC memorial ID ExternalId 4,954
P1921 formatter URI for RDF resource formatter URL for RDF resource: URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items (it is the URI of the resources, not the URI of the RDF file describing it) formatter URI of the RDF resources, formatter URL for RDF resource, RDF formatter URL, RDF URI template, RDF URL pattern, URI pattern for RDF resource, URI used in RDF, URL template for RDF resource String 208
P1922 first line first line (incipit) of a poem, first sentence of a novel, speech, etc. fl, 1st line, 1st sentence, first sentence, first verse, incipit, opening line Monolingualtext 113,605
P1923 participating team like 'Participant' (P710) but for teams. For an event like a cycle race or a football match you can use this property to list the teams and P710 to list the individuals (with 'member of sports team' (P54) as a qualifier for the individuals) teams WikibaseItem 170,111
P1924 vaccine for disease that a vaccine is for target disease WikibaseItem 209
P1925 VIOLIN ID identifier in the VIOLIN database for vaccines and related subjects ExternalId 27
P1928 Vaccine Ontology ID identifier in the Vaccine Ontology database Vaccine Ontology ExternalId 63
P1929 ClinVar Variation ID identifier in the ClinVar database for human genomic variation ExternalId 3
P1930 DSM-5 classification identifier for a mental disorder in the 5th edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM 5, DSM V, DSM5, DSMV ExternalId 24
P1931 NIOSH Pocket Guide ID Identifier for a chemical in the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards NPG ID, PGCH ID String 716
P1932 object named as use as qualifier to indicate how the object's value was given in the source sic, as, [sic], credited as, original wording, originally printed as, printed as, reference wording, source wording, stated as, named as, object stated as, stated author, object value stated as, value stated as String 25
P1933 MobyGames game ID identifier for MobyGames ExternalId 31,504
P1934 film ID ID of animated film in database work ID ExternalId 2,007
P1935 Database of Classical Scholars ID identifier for persons in the Database of Classical Scholars Database of Classical Scholars identifier, DBCS identifier ExternalId 818
P1936 Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire ID Identifier of a Roman site, in the Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire DARE ID ExternalId 8,272
P1937 UN/LOCODE geographic location code mantained by UNECE LOCCODE, LOCODE, UN location code, UNECE location code, UNECE LOCODE, United Nations location code, United Nations LOCODE, UNLOCODE ExternalId 8,423
P1938 Project Gutenberg author ID author identifier at Project Gutenberg Gutenberg ID,, Project Gutenberg ID (author) ExternalId 15,560
P1939 Dyntaxa ID identifier for a taxon in the Swedish Taxonomic Database Swedish Species Information Centre, Swedish Taxonomic Database ID ExternalId 90,446
P1940 ID identifier for a taxon in the database ExternalId 400
P1942 McCune-Reischauer romanization romanization of Korean with the McCune-Reischauer system String 10,392
P1943 location map blank geographic map image suitable for overlaying coordinate points, as defined at c:Category:Location maps CommonsMedia 4,830
P1944 relief location map relief location map of place CommonsMedia 843
P1945 street key identification number for a specific street within the street cadastre of a municipality street ID String 13,113
P1947 Mapillary ID ID for a photo on Mapillary, a service for crowdsourcing map photos Mapillary Image key ExternalId 435
P1948 BerlPap identifier link to the Berliner Papyrusdatenbank BerlPap ID ExternalId 6
P1949 CulturaItalia ID identification number for the CulturaItalia LOD section ExternalId 652
P1950 second family name in Spanish name second (generally maternal) family name in Spanish names (do not use for other double barrelled names) Maternal family name, maternal surname, second Spanish name, second surname in Spanish name, Spanish maternal name, Spanish mother's maiden name, Spanish second name, segundo apellido, segundo apellido en nombre en español WikibaseItem 50,215
P1951 investor individual or organization which invests money in the item for the purpose of obtaining financial return on their investment private investor, investors WikibaseItem 6,380
P1952 Encyclopaedia Metallum band ID identifier for a band in the Encyclopaedia Metallum database Encyclopedia Metallum band ID, Metal Archives band ID ExternalId 6,547
P1953 Discogs artist ID identifier for a band or person in the Discogs database Discogs band ID ExternalId 237,421
P1954 Discogs master ID identifier for a musical work in the Discogs database album ID (Discogs), Discogs album ID, Discogs EP ID, Discogs release group ID, Discogs single ID, EP ID (Discogs), master ID (Discogs), release group ID (Discogs), single ID (Discogs), Discogs master release ID ExternalId 133,886
P1955 Discogs label ID identifier for a record label, studio or series in the Discogs database Discogs company ID, Discogs ID, Discogs record company ID, Discogs recording studio ID, Discogs series ID ExternalId 7,813
P1956 takeoff and landing capability type of takeoff and landing the aircraft is designed to operate WikibaseItem 5
P1957 Wikisource index page URL URL of the page in Wikisource containing digital and paper pagination of the source index namespace, index page in Wikisource, Wikisource index URL, Wikisource URL Url 10,771
P1958 Trismegistos Geo ID identifier of an ancient place on ExternalId 1,929
P1959 Dutch Senate person ID identifier for a person on the website of the Dutch Senate DSP ID ExternalId 1,273
P1960 Google Scholar author ID identifier of a person, in the Google Scholar academic search service Google Scholar ID, Google Scholar person ID, Scholar ID in Google Scholar, GoogleScholar author ID ExternalId 69,702
P1961 CTHS society ID identifier of organization of Comité des travaux historiques et scientifiques identifier of CTHS ExternalId 767
P1963 properties for this type when this subject is used as object of "instance of" or "occupation", the following properties normally apply has property, uses property, things one could say about, property for this instance, suggested properties for this instance, has properties, properties for this class, property for this class, uses properties WikibaseProperty 7,352
P1966 Biblioteca Nacional de Chile catalogue number catalogue number for books (editions), periodical, magazine, map, photography and other media in the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile BN catalogue number, BNC catalogue number ExternalId 29
P1967 BoxRec boxer ID Identifier for a boxer in the BoxRec database BoxRec ID ExternalId 9,879
P1968 Foursquare City Guide venue ID ID of a place in Foursquare City Guide Foursquare ID ExternalId 6,222
P1970 MovieMeter film ID identifier for a film on the website MovieMeter MovieMeter movie identifier, MovieMeter film identifier, MovieMeter movie ID ExternalId 75,635
P1971 number of children number of children of the person children, kids, children (number), no of children, no. of children, number of kids Quantity 40,595
P1972 Open Hub ID identifier for free software at ohloh ID, ID ExternalId 2,945
P1973 RSL editions catalogue number of the Russian State Library of Moscow (see also P1815 and P947) ExternalId 252
P1976 INEGI locality ID identifier for a locality of Mexico INEGI locality identifier ExternalId 203,555
P1977 Les Archives du spectacle person ID Identifier for an actor/actress/playwright in the Les Archives du spectacle database Archives du spectacle person ID, Archives du spectacle person identifier, Les Archives du spectacle person identifier ExternalId 20,887
P1978 USDA NDB number identifier for a food item in the United States Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Database NDB number ExternalId 1,407
P1979 Righteous Among The Nations ID identifier in the database of The Righteous Among The Nations Righteous Among Nations ID ExternalId 28,184
P1980 PolSys ID identifier for a person in the PolSys database of Norwegian politicians ExternalId 5,735
P1981 FSK film rating permitted audience of a film, according to the German film-rating system (add Prüfnummer with qualifier "P2676") WikibaseItem 17,756
P1982 Anime News Network person ID identifier for a person or group of people on, ANN person ID ExternalId 5,773
P1983 Anime News Network company ID identifier of a company on Anime News Network ANN company ID ExternalId 298
P1984 Anime News Network manga ID identifier of a manga (or a light novel) in Anime News Network ANN manga ID ExternalId 3,555
P1985 Anime News Network anime ID identifier of an anime in Anime News Network ANN anime ID ExternalId 4,989
P1986 Biographical Dictionary of Italian People ID identifier for a person in the Biographical Dictionary of Italian People Dizionario biografico degli italiani identifier, DBI ID ExternalId 30,522
P1987 MCN code code for item in the Mercosur Common Nomenclature Mercosur code String 783
P1988 Le Delarge artist ID identifier for an artist in the Delarge dictionary Delarge ID, Le Delarge ID, Le Dictionnaire des arts plastiques modernes et contemporains ID, Delarge artist ID ExternalId 13,791
P1989 Encyclopaedia Metallum artist ID Identifier for a person in the Encyclopaedia Metallum database Encyclopedia Metallum artist ID, Metal Archives artist ID ExternalId 4,536
P1990 species kept taxa, preferably species, present at a zoo, botanical garden, collection, or other institution. NOT specific animals, not for any geographic location animals at zoo, animals housed, animals in aquarium, animals kept, animals species kept, captive animals, plant in herborium, plant taxon in botanical garden, plant taxon in collection, resident animal species, resident animals, rose varity in rose garden, species holdings, trees in arboretum WikibaseItem 8,164
P1991 LPSN URL URL for the website List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN) Url 24,659
P1992 Plazi ID identifier for a taxon treatment at Plazi identifier, ID, identifier ExternalId 56,274
P1993 TeX string string to show a concept in TeX or LaTeX LaTeX string, TeX command String 145
P1994 AllMusic composition ID identifier for a composition in AllMusic AllMusic work ID, composition ID (AllMusic), work ID (AllMusic) ExternalId 3,797
P1995 health specialty main specialty that diagnoses, prevent human illness, injury and other physical and mental impairments medical specialty, medical speciality, medical field WikibaseItem 10,337
P1996 biography pages (BEING DELETED) link to an MP or Peer's biography on ID (old), parliamentUK ID (old), UK Parliament biography ExternalId 0
P1997 Facebook Places ID identifier for a place in Facebook FB Places ID ExternalId 5,112
P1998 UCI code of cycling team three-character code uniquely identifying a cycling team according to UCI cycling team UCI code String 9,331
P1999 UNESCO language status degree of endangerment of a language conferred by the UNESCO Atlas of World Languages in Danger AWLD status WikibaseItem 2,428
P2000 CPDL ID identifier of a work or person, in the Choral Public Domain Library Choral Public Domain Library ID, ChoralWiki ID ExternalId 582
P2001 Revised Romanization romanisation following the Revised Romanisation of the Korean language Revised Romanization (Korean) String 12,063
P2002 Twitter username this item's username on Twitter; do not include the “@” symbol Twitter, Twitter handle, Twttr username, Twitter account, account, username, Twt username ExternalId 348,457
P2003 Instagram username item's username on Instagram IG account, IG username, IG profile ExternalId 179,278
P2004 NALT ID identifier for subject headings in the Agricultural Thesaurus of the United States National Agricultural Library Agricultural Thesaurus ID, NAL Agricultural Thesaurus ID, USDA NAL Agricultural Thesaurus ID, USDA NALT ID ExternalId 7,199
P2005 Catalogus Professorum Halensis ID biographical entry in the Catalogus Professorum Halensis ExternalId 1,260
P2006 ZooBank author ID identifier for an author at ZooBank ZooBank ID ExternalId 19,101
P2007 ZooBank publication ID identifier for a publication at ZooBank ZooBank reference ID ExternalId 27,533
P2008 IPNI publication ID identifier for a publication in the International Plant Names Index IPNI ID (publication) ExternalId 3,130
P2009 Exif model string as it appears in the EXIF generated by a camera String 1,208
P2010 Exif make string of the manufacturer as it appears in the EXIF generated by a specific digital camera model make, EXIF make String 1,067
P2011 Cooper-Hewitt person ID identifier for a person or organization in the Cooper-Hewitt (Smithsonian Institution) catalogue Cooper Hewitt person or org ID, Cooper-Hewitt person or organization ID ExternalId 2,189
P2012 cuisine type of food served by a restaurant or restaurant chain or national food culture WikibaseItem 3,101
P2013 Facebook ID identifier for an official (preferably) Facebook person, product or organization page (everything that follows URL part '') Facebook profile ID, profile, profile, FB ID, Facebook user ID ExternalId 259,098
P2014 Museum of Modern Art work ID identifier for a work held at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) MoMA work ID ExternalId 5,031
P2015 Hansard (1803–2005) ID identifier of a person in the Hansard 1803-2005 database, indexing speeches in the British parliament (both Commons and Lords) Hansard (1803-2005) ID, Hansard ID (1803-2005), Hansard identifier (1803-2005) ExternalId 14,750
P2016 Catalogus Professorum Academiae Groninganae ID identifier for a professor, in the Catalogus Professorum Academiae Groninganae CPAG id ExternalId 1,518
P2017 isomeric SMILES dedicated SMILES for isomer iso-SMILES String 364,572
P2018 Teuchos ID identification String in the Teuchos Database Teuchos-Biogramm ID ExternalId 3,498
P2019 AllMovie person ID identifier for a person on the AllMovie film database AllMovie ID ExternalId 70,753
P2020 player ID identifier for an association football (soccer) player at,,,,,,, or ID ExternalId 66,596
P2021 Erdős number the "collaborative distance" between mathematician Paul Erdős and another person. Use point in time (P585) as qualifier and should be used with a source. Erdos number Quantity 2,391
P2024 German cattle breed ID identifier of a cattle breed in German national law Rasseschlüssel ExternalId 61
P2025 Find A Grave cemetery ID identifier assigned to a cemetery at Find A Grave FindAGrave cemetery ID ExternalId 12,640
P2026 Avibase ID identifier for a species, subspecies, or genus in the global bird database Avibase Birds of the World ID ExternalId 9,897
P2027 Colour Index International constitution ID identifier issued by Colour Index International, for manufactured colour products CIIC ID, constitution ID ExternalId 190
P2028 United States Armed Forces service number number assigned by the US military to soldiers and sailors as the primary means of service member identification from 1918 until 1974 ASN, military service number for US, service number (US Armed Forces), US Armed Forces service number ExternalId 78
P2029 Dictionary of Ulster Biography ID identifier for a person in the Dictionary of Ulster Biography DoUB ID, DUB ID, Ulster Biography ID ExternalId 1,541
P2030 NASA biographical ID identifier used by NASA for an astronaut or cosmonaut ExternalId 397
P2031 work period (start) start of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activity debut, active since, career began, career start, date of activity (start), fl. (start), floruit (start), floruit start, flourished (start), start date of activity, start time for work, work period start, work starts, years active, start working Time 313,434
P2032 work period (end) end of period during which a person or group flourished (fl. = "floruit") in their professional activity retirement, active until, date of activity (end), end date of activity, end time for work, fl. (end), floruit (end of work), floruit end, flourished (end), work ends, years active end Time 56,543
P2033 category for pictures taken with camera Commons category for photos taken with that camera model or model line category for images taken with camera, category for photos taken with camer, Commons photos by camera category, taken with this camera WikibaseItem 1,934
P2034 Project Gutenberg ebook ID ebook identifier at Project Gutenberg Gutenberg ID,, Project Gutenberg ID (ebook) ExternalId 2,912
P2036 African Plant Database ID identifier for a plant taxon, in the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève's African Plant Database of scientific names African Plant ID, APDB ID, CJB ID ExternalId 108,395
P2037 GitHub username username of this project, person or organization on GitHub GitHub, GitHub organization ExternalId 8,984
P2038 ResearchGate profile ID identifier for a person, used by ResearchGate profiles profile at ResearchGate, ResearchGate author ID, ResearchGate ID (profile), ResearchGate profile, Research Gate profile ID ExternalId 61,314
P2040 CITES Species+ ID identifier for a taxon in the Species+ database (CITES) ExternalId 39,114
P2041 National Gallery of Victoria artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia National Gallery of Victoria artist identifier, NGV artist id, NGV ID ExternalId 3,929
P2042 Artsy artist ID identifier at the Artsy website Artsy artist identifier, Artsy id ExternalId 18,180
P2043 length measured dimension of an object size, distance, dimension, long, length overall, LOA Quantity 274,114
P2044 elevation above sea level height of the item (geographical object) as measured relative to sea level altitude, height, elevation, MASL, AMSL, EASL, elevation above mean sea level, MAMSL Quantity 1,363,149
P2045 orbital inclination orbital inclination of a stable orbit inclination Quantity 50,084
P2046 area area occupied by an object size, surface area, surface, acreage, total area Quantity 704,216
P2047 duration length of time of an event or process interval, length, period, era, time interval, timespan, run time, runtime, cook time, length of time, running length, running time, time span, time length Quantity 167,613
P2048 height vertical length of an entity size, depth over terrain, heighth Quantity 931,908
P2049 width width of an object size, breadth Quantity 705,644
P2050 wingspan distance from one wingtip to the other, of an airplane or an animal Quantity 2,919
P2051 M sin i exoplanet mass multiplied by the inclination angle M ⋅ sin i, M x sin i Quantity 1,353
P2052 speed magnitude of the velocity of the item velocity Quantity 13,100
P2053 watershed area size of a stream's watershed (drainage basin) drainage basin, basin area, catchment basin, size of watershed Quantity 28,177
P2054 density density of a substance with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiers specific gravity Quantity 1,671
P2055 electrical conductivity electrical conductivity of a substance with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiers Quantity 13
P2056 specific heat capacity specific heat capacity of a substance, with phase of matter and temperature as qualifiers heat capacity, specific heat, thermal capacity Quantity 18
P2057 Human Metabolome Database ID ID in Human Metabolome Database HMDB ID, HMDB accession number ExternalId 6,212
P2058 depositary depositary of the treaty WikibaseItem 236
P2060 luminosity total amount of energy emitted by an astronomical object per unit time Quantity 5,725
P2061 aspect ratio (W:H) image width to height ratio of films, photographs, and other images ratio, aspect ratio, image aspect ratio WikibaseItem 35,104
P2062 HSDB ID ID in Hazardous Substances Data Bank ExternalId 5,736
P2063 LIPID MAPS ID identifier used in the LIPID MAPS database for lipids LIPID MAPS identifier ExternalId 27,445
P2064 KNApSAcK ID identifier in the KNApSAcK Core System ExternalId 4,359
P2065 NIAID ChemDB ID ID in NIAID ChemDB ExternalId 99
P2066 molar fusion enthalpy fusion enthalpy of a substance at the melting temperature fusion enthalpy Quantity 21
P2067 mass mass (in colloquial usage also known as weight) of the item weight, displacement, molecular mass, molecular weight Quantity 566,013
P2068 thermal conductivity property of a material that describes how efficiently heat is conducted Quantity 35
P2069 magnetic moment torque a particle will experience in an external magnetic field Quantity 17
P2070 Fellow of the Royal Society ID Fellow ID of the Royal Society FRS ID, Royal Society ID, Royal Society person ID ExternalId 1,795
P2071 Mémoire des hommes ID French government database indexing all french soldier war casualties memoire des hommes ExternalId 364
P2072 CDB Chemical ID ID in UCI chemical database ExternalId 15
P2073 vehicle range distance a vehicle can travel without refuelling range, maximum range, operational range Quantity 795
P2074 ID ID in the Swedish database about medical topics ExternalId 61
P2075 speed of sound speed of sound waves in a material. Use qualifiers to specify the measurement conditions. sound speed Quantity 71
P2076 temperature qualifier to indicate at what temperature something took place Quantity 802
P2077 under pressure qualifier to indicate at what pressure something took place Quantity 19
P2078 user manual URL link to the user manual of the object (product, program) user guide, documentation guide, manual link, manual URL, user's guide, documentation URL Url 1,745
P2079 fabrication method method, process or technique used to grow, cook, weave, build, assemble, manufacture the item manufacturing process, cooking method, assembly method, assembly process, by means, by method, creation method, fabrication process, made by, manufacturing method, method of assembly, method of cooking, method of fabrication, method of preparation, method used, preparation method, process used, produced by, produced using, production method, production process, technique used, technology used, building technique, obtained by, result of process WikibaseItem 129,814
P2080 AcademiaNet ID identifier in the AcademiaNet database for excellent female scientists ExternalId 2,409
P2081 BLDAM object ID Object ID to identify cultural heritage monuments in Brandenburg state, Germany BLDAM ID ExternalId 3,247
P2082 M.49 code United Nations M.49 code for the subject item ISO 3166-1 numeric code, M49 code, UN M49 code ExternalId 217
P2083 Leadscope ID identifier for a chemical compound in ExternalId 15
P2084 ZINC ID identifier for a chemical compound in the ZINC database ExternalId 79
P2085 Nikkaji ID identifier for a chemical compound in the Japan Chemical Substance Dictionary (Nikkaji) ExternalId 606
P2086 CDD Public ID identifier for a chemical compound in the Collaborative Drug Discovery database ExternalId 1
P2087 Crunchbase person ID Identifier for a person, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by TechCrunch ExternalId 2,145
P2088 Crunchbase organization ID Identifier for an organization, in the Crunchbase database of companies and start-ups, operated by TechCrunch Crunchbase company ID, Crunchbase organisation ID, Crunchbase organization identifier, Crunchbase organisation identifier, Crunchbase company identifier ExternalId 18,459
P2089 Library of Congress JukeBox ID (former scheme) former identifier in the Library of Congress JukeBox database of singers Jukebox ID, LOC Jukebox ID ExternalId 2,091
P2090 Power of 10 athlete ID identifier for an athlete in the Power of 10 database Power of 10 ID, Power of Ten ID, powerof10 ID, ID, athlete ID, powerof10 athlete ID ExternalId 314
P2091 World Rowing ID (numeric format) identifier for a rower in the database of World Rowing (FISA) FISA ID, FISA rower ID, Rowers ID, Worldrowing person ID, ID ExternalId 14,515
P2092 Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur ID identifier for an artwork in Bildindex Bildindex ID, Marburg Picture Index ID ExternalId 4,280
P2093 author name string stores unspecified author or editor name for publications; use if Wikidata item for author (P50) or editor (P98) does not exist or is not known. Do not use both. byline, author string, creator name string, editor name string, maker name string, short author name, songwriting credits string String 134,852,339
P2094 competition class official classification by a regulating body under which the subject (events, teams, participants, or equipment) qualifies for inclusion weight class, class for competition, compclass, disability sport classifications, qualification class, qualifies for, rated at WikibaseItem 233,974
P2095 co-driver rally team member who performs as a co-driver or co-pilot co-pilot, codriver, copilot, navigator WikibaseItem 50
P2096 media legend qualifier to describe the media of the statement. This avoids legend storage in the local infobox when the media is defined at Wikidata. For the date, use P585 instead. audio description, legend, caption, audio caption, audio legend, image description, image legend, media caption, media description, video caption, video description, video legend Monolingualtext 5
P2097 term length of office length of time in years (unit: Q577) a person (usually a politician) is to serve in a particular office. Do not add bounds. term length, term of office, length of term, office term, time in office Quantity 1,442
P2098 substitute/deputy/replacement of office/officeholder function that serves as deputy/replacement of this function/office (scope/conditions vary depending on office) deputy office, office of deputy, office of replacement, office of substitute, replacement office, substitute office, vice office, vice position WikibaseItem 692
P2099 BC Geographical Names ID Unique ID of the BC Geographical Names BC GN ID, BCGN ID, BCGNIS ID ExternalId 2,359
P2100 Banque de noms de lieux du Québec ID unique identifier for geographical names in Quebec BNLQ ID ExternalId 84,243
P2101 melting point temperature at which a solid changes its state from solid to liquid at atmospheric pressure freezing point Quantity 31,744
P2102 boiling point temperature at which a substance changes its phase from liquid to gas (indicate the corresponding pressure as qualifier) Quantity 1,039
P2103 size of team at start number of players/sled dogs/etc. in a team at the start of a match or race Quantity 350
P2105 size of team at finish number of players/sled dogs/etc. in a team at the end of the race or match size of team at the end Quantity 9
P2106 RXNO Ontology RSC ontology for organic reactions RSC Name Reaction Ontology ExternalId 129
P2107 decomposition point decomposition point of a substance Quantity 260
P2108 Kunstindeks Danmark artwork ID identifier for artwork in the Danish art database KID artwork ID ExternalId 7,534
P2109 installed capacity power produced by the engine or plant (use with unit of power) capacity, rated power, generating capacity, installed capacity, nameplate capacity, nominal power, power capacity, power output Quantity 12,799
P2112 wing area area of an aircraft's wing surfaces Quantity 111
P2113 sublimation temperature temperature at which a substance changes directly from solid to gaseous (indicate corresponding pressure qualifier) sublimation point Quantity 32
P2114 half-life time required for the amount of something to fall to half its initial value Quantity 3,665
P2115 NDF-RT ID identifier for the National Drug File Reference Terminology ExternalId 3,346
P2116 molar enthalpy of vaporization vaporization enthalpy of a substance with temperature as qualifier enthalpy of vaporization, heat of evaporation, heat of vaporization, latent heat of vaporization, vaporization enthalpy Quantity 23
P2117 combustion enthalpy enthalpy difference of a substance for combustion Quantity 13
P2118 kinematic viscosity viscosity of a substance, with phase of matter (P515) and temperature (P2076) as qualifiers Quantity 18
P2119 vapor pressure pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases vapour pressure Quantity 700
P2120 radius distance between the center and the surface of a circle or sphere Quantity 17,134
P2121 prize money amount in a specific currency value, money, purse Quantity 5,766
P2123 YerelNet village ID identifier for a village, in, which contains detailed informations about all villages in Turkey ExternalId 35,408
P2124 member count number of people who are part of an organization at a particular time membership, amount of members, number of members Quantity 55,743
P2125 Revised Hepburn romanization romanized Japanese following the Revised Hepburn romanization system Hepburn romanisation, Hepburn romanization, Modified Hepburn romanization, Modified Hepburn romansation, Revised Hepburn romanisation, romaji String 787
P2126 Georgian national system of romanization transliteration of text from Georgian script to Latin script according to the Georgian national system of romanization String 0
P2127 International Nuclear Event Scale international scale for rating nuclear events and accidents INES WikibaseItem 13
P2128 flash point lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air. Add qualifier for measurement method (P459): open cup or closed cup. Not equal to fire point. Quantity 450
P2129 immediately dangerous to life or health Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health value IDLH Quantity 403
P2130 cost amount of money spent on building or producing an object budget, unit cost Quantity 10,624
P2131 nominal GDP market value of all officially recognized final goods and services produced within a country in a given period of time GDP, gross domestic product, GDP, nominal, nominal GDP, nominal gross domestic product Quantity 9,566
P2132 nominal GDP per capita country's total GDP divided by the population GDP (nominal) per capita, gdp per capita, GDP per capita, nominal, Gross domestic product per capita Quantity 9,363
P2133 total debt amount of debt for a company, organization or public entity debt Quantity 42
P2134 total reserves total reserves comprise holdings of monetary gold, special drawing rights, reserves of IMF members held by the IMF, and holdings of foreign exchange under the control of monetary authorities Quantity 7,695
P2135 total exports amount of goods and services sold to other countries export volume, exports Quantity 10
P2136 total imports amount of goods and services bought from other countries import volume, imports Quantity 5
P2137 total equity amount of equity value for an entity equity, shareholder equity Quantity 3,553
P2138 total liabilities sum of all debts and other future sacrifices of economic benefits that an entity is obliged to make liabilities Quantity 2,462
P2139 total revenue income gained by an organization during a given time frame. Not to be confused with fiscal revenue income, net sales, revenue, turnover, sales, gross revenue Quantity 63,362
P2140 foreign direct investment net outflow net outflow of equity capital, reinvestment of earnings, other long-term capital, and short-term capital foreign direct investment outflow Quantity 10
P2141 foreign direct investment net inflow net inflow of equity capital, reinvestment of earnings, other long-term capital, and short-term capital FDI, net inflows, foreign direct investment inflow Quantity 12
P2142 box office box office takings accumulated by a film earnings Quantity 4,926
P2143 genome size size of the genome in base pairs Quantity 39
P2144 frequency frequency in Hz at which the subject works, for example the frequency a radio station can be received Quantity 4,152
P2145 explosive energy equivalent amount of energy discharged during an explosion yield, explosive yield Quantity 2,351
P2146 orbital period the time taken for a given astronomic object to make one complete orbit about another object sidereal period, revolution period Quantity 49,241
P2147 rotation period the time that astronomic objects takes to complete one revolution around its axis of rotation Quantity 179
P2148 distance from river mouth qualifier for P974 statements on streams river mile, river kilometer, river kilometre Quantity 41
P2149 clock frequency CPU's specified clock frequency (use with determination method = Q73207925 or Q73208059 as appropriate) clock rate, clock speed, CPU clock, CPU clock rate Quantity 222
P2150 FSB speed CPU front-side bus speed bus speed, front-side bus speed Quantity 10
P2151 focal length focal length of lens (telescope, etc.) Quantity 438
P2152 antiparticle particle with the same rest mass and opposite charges anti-particle, antiparticle of WikibaseItem 79
P2153 PubChem Substance ID (SID) substance (e.g. mixtures, undefined stereochemistry, ...) identifier in the PubChem database SID, PubChem Substance ID ExternalId 454
P2154 binding energy energy required to disassemble a whole system into separate parts Quantity 3,442
P2155 solid solution series with the mineral forms a continous (true) or discontinous "solid solution series" with another mineral WikibaseItem 207
P2156 pseudo crystal habit possible macrosopic appearance of a crystal different to its molecular symmetry (crystal cell, specimens with twinning or synthetic material) WikibaseItem 30
P2158 Cell Line Ontology ID identifier for the Cell Line Ontology which describes anatomic origin and nature of eukaryotic cell lines CLO ID ExternalId 33,760
P2159 computes solution to problem that this algorithm or method solves algorithm for, calculates solution to, is an algorithm for, problem solved, solves WikibaseItem 130
P2160 mass excess difference between its actual mass and its mass number in atomic mass units Quantity 3,436
P2161 Guthrie code Guthrie code of a Bantu language ExternalId 256
P2162 Deutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung ID identifier for individual runners in the Deutsche Ultramarathon-Vereinigung (German Ultramarathon Association) database DUV ID ExternalId 590
P2163 FAST ID authority control identifier in WorldCat's “FAST Linked Data” authority file fst, Faceted Application of Subject Terminology ID, FAST subject heading, ExternalId 444,803
P2164 SIGIC author ID identifier for a person in the database of SIGIC - Slovenian Music Information Center SIGIC (author), SIGIC (person) ExternalId 605
P2165 SIGIC group ID identifier for a music group in the database of SIGIC - Slovenian Music Information Center SIGIC (group) ExternalId 39
P2166 SIGIC institution ID identifier for an institution in the database of SIGIC - Slovenian Music Information Center SIGIC (institution) ExternalId 9
P2167 UNSPSC Code identifier for taxonomy of products and services for use in eCommerce UNSPSC, United Nations Standard Products and Services Code ExternalId 1,433
P2168 Swedish Film Database person ID identifier for a person on the Swedish Film Database (SFDb) SFDb person ID, SFI person ID, Svensk Filmdatabas person ID, Swedish Film Database person ID, ExternalId 54,538
P2169 PublicWhip ID identifier in the PublicWhip database of British MPs PublicWhip identifier ExternalId 546
P2170 Hansard (2006–March 2016) ID identifier for a British MP in Hansard (2006–March 2016) Hansard (2006-March 2016) ID, Hansard ID (2006-March 2016), Hansard identifer (2006-March 2016) ExternalId 261
P2171 TheyWorkForYou ID identifier in the 'TheyWorkForYou' database of British MPs They Work for You ID, They Work for You identifier, TheyWorkForYou identifier ExternalId 1,188
P2172 Parliamentary record identifier Parliamentary record identifier for British MPs ExternalId 32
P2173 BBC News Democracy Live ID identifier in the BBC News Democracy Live database of British MPs BBC News Democracy Live identifier ExternalId 323
P2174 Museum of Modern Art artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the Museum of Modern Art MoMA artist ID ExternalId 13,224
P2175 medical condition treated disease that this pharmaceutical drug, procedure, or therapy is used to treat capable of inhibiting or preventing pathological process, disease treated, treats, treats disease, treats medical condition WikibaseItem 7,034
P2176 drug or therapy used for treatment drug, procedure, or therapy that can be used to treat a medical condition treatment, prescription, prescribed drug, treated by, used for treatment, cure WikibaseItem 7,019
P2177 solubility property of a chemical to dissolve in another chemical forming a solution. Provide solvent (P2178) and temperature (P2076) as qualifiers Quantity 499
P2178 solvent qualifier to show which substance is the solvent in a solution-process (use with P2177) WikibaseItem 0
P2179 ACM Classification Code (2012) ACM Computing Classification Code of 2012 (8 digits) String 471
P2180 Kansallisbiografia ID identifier for a person in the Kansallisbiografia (National Biography of Finland) National Biography of Finland ID ExternalId 6,270
P2181 Finnish MP ID code of the entry on the Finnish parliament database Eduskunta ID ExternalId 2,609
P2182 Finnish Ministers database ID code of the entry on the Finnish ministers database ExternalId 607
P2183 ISO 9:1995 the Latin transliteration of Cyrillic text (used as qualifier) ISO 9, ISO 9 romanisation, ISO 9 romanization, ISO 9 transliteration, Latin-alphabet version (ISO 9), Latin-script version (ISO 9), Romanised (ISO 9), Romanized (ISO 9), scientific transliteration of Russian Cyrillic, Transliterated (ISO 9) String 3
P2184 history of topic item about the historical development of an subject's topic, sample: "history of Argentina" for "Argentina". To list key events of the topic, use "significant event" (P793) chronology of topic, timeline of topic, chronology of subject, chronology of the subject, chronology of the topic, history of subject, history of the subject, history of the topic, timeline of subject, timeline of the subject, timeline of the topic WikibaseItem 2,253
P2185 DLI ID identifier for a work in the Digital Library of India Digital Library of India Identifier, DLI identifier ExternalId 5
P2186 Wiki Loves Monuments ID unique ID for the monuments included in Wiki Loves Monuments national lists WLM ID ExternalId 165,380
P2187 BiblioNet publication ID identifier in the BiblioNet database of book editions BiblioNet ID, BiblioNet publication identifier ExternalId 62
P2188 BiblioNet author ID identifier in the BiblioNet database of authors, created by the National Book Centre of Greece, many Greek individual publishers and their professional associations BiblioNet author identifier ExternalId 3,391
P2189 BiblioNet publisher ID identifier in the BiblioNet database of publishers BiblioNet publisher identifier ExternalId 67
P2190 C-SPAN person ID former identifier for a person's appearances on C-SPAN as strings - string IDs should be converted to numeric and moved to P10660 to prevent link rot C-SPAN identifier of a person, CSPAN person ID ExternalId 12,716
P2191 Vegetti Catalog of Fantastic Literature NILF ID numeric identifier within the Vegetti Catalog of Fantastic Literature NILF ID ExternalId 7,068
P2192 ID identifier of a language on the website Catalogue of Endangered Languages ID, ELCat ID ExternalId 3,771
P2193 Soccerbase player ID player ID on the website ExternalId 18,036
P2194 PSS-archi architect ID identifier for an architect in the PSS-archi database ExternalId 1,651
P2195 Soccerbase manager ID manager ID on the website ExternalId 971
P2196 students count number of students of any type in an educational organization. Qualify with " point in time" (P585). The most recent count would generally have preferred rank; data for previous years normal rank (not deprecated rank). Don't overwrite. enrollment, count of students, number of students, student count Quantity 71,319
P2197 production rate amount of a given material produced in a given time production volume, rate of production Quantity 49
P2198 average gradient gradient expressed as a percentage (between 0 and 1) gradient Quantity 23
P2199 autoignition temperature lowest temperature at which it will spontaneously ignite in a normal atmosphere without an external source of ignition kindling point Quantity 73
P2200 electric charge electric charge of a subatomic particle charge Quantity 86
P2201 electric dipole moment dipole moment Quantity 64
P2202 lower flammable limit the lower bound of the concentration range over which a flammable mixture of gas or vapour in air can be ignited at a given temperature and pressure (0-1) Quantity 219
P2203 upper flammable limit upper bound of the concentration range over which a flammable mixture of gas or vapour in air can be ignited at a given temperature and pressure (0-1) UEL, UFL, upper explosive limit Quantity 184
P2204 minimum explosive concentration minimum concentration at which a chemical can explode Quantity 11
P2205 Spotify album ID identifier for an album or single on Spotify Spotify album ID ExternalId 25,436
P2206 Discogs release ID identifier for a musical work (release) in the Discogs database, if there is no master ID (P1954) release ID (Discogs) ExternalId 21,977
P2207 Spotify track ID identifier for a track on Spotify Spotify ID ExternalId 12,487
P2208 average shot length cinemetrical measure ASL Quantity 5
P2209 SourceForge project identifier for an official SourceForge repository ("project") for a software product ExternalId 1,181
P2210 relative to qualifier: what a statement value is relative to from, compared object, compared to, compared with, in relation to, with respect to WikibaseItem 52
P2211 position angle measurement relating to observed visual binary stars (use with P2210) PA, angular position Quantity 36
P2212 angular distance size of the angle between the two directions originating from the observer and pointing towards these two objects (use with P2210) angle Quantity 441
P2213 longitude of ascending node property of one of the orbital elements used to specify the orbit of an object in space longitude of the ascending node Quantity 44,799
P2214 parallax parallax of nearest stars astronomical parallax Quantity 5,843,261
P2216 radial velocity component of the object's velocity that points in the direction of the radius connecting the object and the point Quantity 4,599,895
P2217 cruise speed design cruise speed VNO, cruising speed, maximum cruise speed, maximum cruising speed, normal operating speed, sustained speed Quantity 116
P2218 net worth totality of wealth possessed by a person wealth, declared patrimony, estimated net worth, net wealth, net worth estimate, personal assets, personal fortune Quantity 1,377
P2219 real GDP growth rate percentage change in nominal gross domestic product from one year to the next minus the inflation rate real gross domestic product growth rate Quantity 239
P2220 household wealth net worth of consumers Quantity 0
P2221 flux the observed flux in a particular wavelength band of an astronomical object Quantity 4
P2222 gyromagnetic ratio characteristic property of any elementary particle Quantity 1
P2223 decay width characteristic property of any elementary particle Quantity 2
P2225 discharge volume rate of water flow which is transported through a given cross-sectional area Quantity 3,892
P2226 market capitalization total value of issued shares by a publicly traded company market cap, market capitalisation Quantity 1,513
P2227 metallicity abundance of elements that are heavier than hydrogen or helium in an astronomical object Quantity 286,805
P2228 maximum thrust maximum thrust specified for a jet- or rocketengine thrust Quantity 127
P2229 thermal design power specified amount of heat a computer component generates under normal conditions that the cooling system must dissipate TDP, thermal design point, Thermal Design Parameter Quantity 49
P2230 torque torque of a machine, a motor/engine/powerplant, or a vehicle moment, moment of force Quantity 37
P2231 explosive velocity detonation velocity, velocity of detonation, VoD Quantity 13
P2232 cash the value of cash and securities held by a state government Quantity 15
P2233 semi-major axis of an orbit semi-major axis of a stable orbit (Astronomy) major semi-axis of an orbit, major semiaxis of an orbit, orbital semi-major axis, semi major axis, semimajor axis of an orbit Quantity 46,754
P2234 volume as quantity quantity of three-dimensional space volume (geometry), liquid capacity, fluid capacity, quantity as volume, spatial volume, tonnage, vaq Quantity 14,485
P2235 external superproperty all resources related by this property are also related to that property from an external vocabulary subproperty of (external), subproperty of external property Url 171
P2236 external subproperty all resources related by the property from external vocabularies are also related to this property subproperty of external property, subproperty (external) Url 102
P2238 official symbol official symbol of an organisation emblem, symbol, floral emblem, official emblem, official tartan, state tartan WikibaseItem 1,449
P2239 first aid measures actions to take to help a person in the case of exposure to this hazard or malady (accidents, injuries, harmful chemicals) first aid response WikibaseItem 2,825
P2240 median lethal dose (LD50) the dose required to kill half the members of a tested population after a specified test duration (LC₅₀ → P2712) LD50, LD₅₀ Quantity 525
P2241 reason for deprecated rank qualifier to indicate why a particular statement should have deprecated rank Wikidata reason for deprecation, reason for deprecation, cause of deprecation, deprecated because, deprecation reason WikibaseItem 0
P2242 Florentine musea catalogue ID identifier for artworks from the catalogue of the national Florentine musea ExternalId 764
P2243 apoapsis distance, at which a celestial body is the farthest to the object it orbits apogee, aphelion, apapsis Quantity 40,817
P2244 periapsis distance, at which a celestial body is the closest to the object it orbits perigee, perihelion Quantity 40,795
P2248 argument of periapsis angle from the body's ascending node to its periapsis argument of periastron, argument of pericenter, argument of perifocus, argument of perigee, argument of perihelion, ω Quantity 46,275
P2249 RefSeq genome ID ID in the RefSeq Genome database ExternalId 524
P2250 life expectancy average life expectancy for this group or species life span, lifespan Quantity 3,892
P2252 National Gallery of Art artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC National Gallery of Art artist ID, National Gallery of Art artist identifier, NGA artist ID, NGA artist identifier ExternalId 8,487
P2253 DfE URN school identifier used by the UK government Department for Education Unique Reference Number, Department for Education URN, EDUBase ID, EDUBase URN, URN of Department of Education ExternalId 27,851
P2254 maximum operating altitude ceiling or maximum density altitude at which an aircraft can operate ceiling, maximum altitude, service ceiling Quantity 730
P2255 Debrett's People of Today ID identifier for a person, in Debrett's "People of Today" ExternalId 8
P2257 event interval standard nominal interval between scheduled or regularly recurring events. Include unit of time, e.g. "year" (Q577) interval, 1/(event frequency), event frequency, frequency of event, period, time period of periodically occurring event Quantity 9,014
P2258 mobile country code identifier for countries in ITU-T Recommendation E.212 for use in describing mobile networks MCC, ITU-T country identifier String 196
P2259 mobile network code code for mobile networks defined by ITU-T Recommendation E.212 MNC, ITU-T network identifier String 470
P2260 ionization energy minimum amount of energy required to remove an electron from an atom, ion or molecule in the gaseous state ionisation energy, IP, IE, ionisation potential, ionization potential Quantity 308
P2261 beam width of a ship at its widest point measured at its nominal waterline BOA, width Quantity 12,053
P2262 draft depth below the water line to the bottom of a vessel's hull. summer draft is implied unless stated otherwise. draught Quantity 18,811
P2263 ISOCAT id numeric ID from the Data Category Registry ISO 12620 ID, ISOCAT String 636
P2264 Mix'n'match catalog ID ID of the catalog corresponding to the property in the mix'n'match tool mix-n-match catalog ID, mix-n-match catalogue ID, mix'match, mix'n'match catalogue ID, mnm ID ExternalId 2,746
P2266 FMD model ID external link to a model's profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) website Fashion Model Directory model ID ExternalId 1,047
P2267 PolitiFact people and groups ID person or group whose statements have been fact checked by PolitiFact Personality ID, Politifact Personality Identifier ID ExternalId 2,758
P2268 Musée d'Orsay artist ID numeric ID for an artist in the Répertoire des artistes documentation database of the Orsay Museum Orsay Museum artist ID ExternalId 26,701
P2270 Emporis building complex ID former identifier for a building complex, as opposed to a single building, in the defunct Emporis architecture database ExternalId 316
P2271 Wikidata property example for properties examples of using a property in an item statement example for properties, property example WikibaseProperty 177
P2272 Hederich encyclopedia article IDTheoi entry in Hederich’s encyclopedia of mythology, 3rd edition (1770), via Gründliches mythologisches Lexikon ID, Hederich article ExternalId 3,508
P2273 HAdW member ID entry in the list of members of the Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and Humanities Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and Humanities member ID, Heidelberg Academy for Sciences and Humanities member identifier, HAdW member identifier, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften member ID, Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften member identifier ExternalId 876
P2275 World Health Organisation international non-proprietary name identifier for a drug WHO INN, WHO international non-proprietary name Monolingualtext 2,544
P2276 UEFA player ID identifier for UEFA players UEFA ID ExternalId 18,628
P2277 Magdeburger Biographisches Lexikon ID biographical article about people from the Magdeburg area ExternalId 1,275
P2278 Member of the Hellenic Parliament ID an identifier for members, or former members, of the national parliament of Greece Greek parliament id, Hellenic parliament id ExternalId 939
P2279 ambitus musical interval/range of a melody WikibaseItem 38
P2280 Austrian Parliament ID identifier for an individual, in the Austrian Parliament's "Who's Who" database ExternalId 3,118
P2281 Apple Music album ID (U.S. version) identifier for a musical work in the U.S. version of Apple Music website Apple Music album ID (American version), Apple Music EP ID (American version), Apple Music single ID (American version), iTunes album ID (American version), iTunes ID (American version) ExternalId 4,457
P2282 Groeningemuseum work PID persistent identifier for an artwork from the collection of the Groeningemuseum in Bruges, Belgium ExternalId 2,874
P2283 uses item or concept used by the subject or in the operation (see also instrument [P1303] and armament [P520]) instrument played, item used, made use of, makes use of, used, using, wielded, wields WikibaseItem 32,853
P2284 price published price listed or paid for a product (use with unit of currency) value, list price, MSRP, cost, exchange rate, published price, purchase price Quantity 3,996
P2285 periapsis date time for perihelion/perigee in each orbit for an astronomical object Time 49
P2286 arterial supply arterial supply of an anatomical structure artery WikibaseItem 336
P2287 CRIStin ID ID in the database for Norwegian scientists NVI, Norwegian Scientific Index ID ExternalId 2,964
P2288 lymphatic drainage lymphatic drainage of an anatomical structure WikibaseItem 70
P2289 venous drainage vein draining the anatomical structure vein, venous return WikibaseItem 205
P2290 Danish parish code identifier for an parish in Denmark ExternalId 2,267
P2291 charted in chart where the element reached a position WikibaseItem 1,702
P2292 consumption rate rate at which a product is consumed consumption, rate of consumption Quantity 3
P2293 genetic association general link between a disease and the causal genetic entity, if the detailed mechanism is unknown/unavailable genetically associated with WikibaseItem 12,596
P2294 balance of trade exports minus imports. not to be confused with current account balance and balance of payments net exports Quantity 1
P2295 net profit private entity profit after accounting for all costs bottom line, clear gain, clear profit, net earnings, net income, net return, profit Quantity 5,152
P2296 money supply amount of currency the central bank has injected in the economy (MO, M1, M2, M3) money stock Quantity 1
P2297 employment by economic sector employment divided by sector employment by industry, employment by sector Quantity 6
P2298 NSDAP membership number (1925–1945) membership number in the Nazi Party ExternalId 6,395
P2299 PPP GDP per capita GDP divided by the population total and adjusted for CPI GDP (PPP) per capita, GDP per capita based on purchasing power parity, GDP per capita, PPP, gross domestic product (at purchasing power parity) per capita Quantity 5,270
P2300 minimal lethal dose lowest concentration of a toxic substance in an environmental medium that kills individual organisms or test species under a defined set of conditions LDLo Quantity 201
P2302 property constraint constraint applicable to a Wikidata property constraint, rdfs:domain, rdfs:range WikibaseItem 66,494
P2303 exception to constraint item that is an exception to the constraint, qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302 exception, excepting, exceptions, exceptions to constraint WikibaseItem 39
P2304 group by qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302 (Wikidata property constraint) that is used to group constraint violations in constraint violation reports WikibaseProperty 0
P2305 item of property constraint qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with "property constraint" (P2302) value, item, allowed unit, claim value, item of constraint, item qualifier, property value, qid WikibaseItem 2
P2306 property qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302 (property constraint), or to limit the scope of Q44292881 (wikidata statement) allowed qualifier WikibaseProperty 3
P2307 Wikimedia Commons namespace qualifier used with the Commons link property constraint (Q21510852) to specify acceptable Wikimedia Commons namespaces that a property value can link to namespace, Commons namespace String 0
P2308 class qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with "property constraint" (P2302) type WikibaseItem 22
P2309 relation qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302. Possibly values are: "instance of", "subclass of" or "instance or subclass of". The qualifier to use with the property "relative" is "type of kinship" (P1039), not this. WikibaseItem 0
P2310 minimum date (property constraint) qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with "property constraint" (P2302) earliest date, min date Time 0
P2311 maximum date (property constraint) qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with "property constraint" (P2302). Use "unknown value" for current date. latest date, max date Time 1
P2312 maximum value qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302. "no value" can be used to specify no upper bound max quantity, max value, maximum quantity (property constraint), maximum value (property constraint), up to Quantity 10
P2313 minimum value qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302 from, min quantity, min value, minimum quantity Quantity 4
P2315 comment (DEPRECATED) to be deleted: replace with "syntax clarification" (P2916) or add the usage note in the items description. Monolingualtext 1
P2316 constraint status qualifier to define a property constraint in combination with P2302. Use values "mandatory constraint" or "suggestion constraint" mandatory constraint status, status of constraint WikibaseItem 0
P2317 call sign short form identifier for a radio operator or broadcaster and (as flag signal) previous for watercrafts call letters, callsign, code letters String 36,139
P2318 debut participant participant for whom this is their debut appearance in a series of events debut country, first appearance for, first-time participant WikibaseItem 217
P2319 elector people or other entities which are qualified to participate in the subject election eligible voters, qualified voters, type of electors WikibaseItem 39
P2320 aftershocks number of smaller earthquakes which follow a significant earthquake number of aftershocks, quantity of aftershocks Quantity 26
P2321 general classification of race participants classification of race participants GC WikibaseItem 87,868
P2322 article ID identifier for an article in an online publication article number String 7,454
P2323 Swedish Olympic Committee athlete ID identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a website of the Swedish Olympic Committee (Swedish: Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté) SOK athlete ID, SOK ID, Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté athlete ID ExternalId 3,380
P2324 quantity buried number of remains buried or interred burials, number of people buried Quantity 1,723
P2325 mean anomaly element of orbital definition Quantity 44,753
P2326 GNS Unique Feature ID identifier for geographic entities according to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's GEOnet Names Server GNS UFI, Unique Feature Identifier, GEOnet Names Server Unique Feature, GNS Unique Feature Identifier, GNS ID ExternalId 1,468,814
P2327 ProCyclingStats race ID PCS, ProCyclingStats ID (race) ExternalId 6,769
P2328 ProCyclingStats team ID PCS, ProCyclingStats ID (team) ExternalId 1,849
P2329 antagonist muscle WikibaseItem 102
P2330 Cycling Archives race ID identifier in the Cycling Archives Cycling Archives ID (race) ExternalId 1,113
P2331 Cycling Archives team ID identifier in the Cycling Archives Cycling Archives ID (team) ExternalId 551
P2332 Dictionary of Art Historians ID identifier for a person in the Dictionary of Art Historians ExternalId 2,392
P2333 Norwegian organisation number organisation's purely numerical identifier in the Norwegian Register for Legal Entities, issued by the Brønnøysund Register Centre Norwegian organization number, orgnr, org nr,, Norwegian company register number ExternalId 4,934
P2334 Swedish Film Database film ID identifier for a movie on the Swedish Film Database (SFDb) SFDb film ID, SFDb ID, SFDb movie ID, Swedish Film Database movie ID, ExternalId 36,419
P2335 Swedish Film Database company ID company identifier in the Swedish Film Database (SFDb) SFDb company ID, SFDb company identifier, SFDb-identifier of company ExternalId 296
P2336 Swedish Film Database soundtrack ID soundtrack identifier in the Swedish Film Database (SFDb) SFDb soundtrack ID, SFDb soundtrack identifier, SFDb-identifier of soundtrack ExternalId 45
P2337 Swedish Film Database group ID group identifier in the Swedish Film Database (SFDb) SFDb group ID, SFDb group identifier, SFDb-identifier of group ExternalId 31
P2338 Musopen composer ID identifier for a composer in the database ExternalId 405
P2339 BoardGameGeek ID identifier for a board game in the BoardGameGeek database BGG ID, Board Game Geek ID ExternalId 2,967
P2340 CESAR person ID identifier for a person in the CESAR database of French theatre of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries CESAR ID ExternalId 1,501
P2341 indigenous to place or ethnic group where a language, art genre, cultural tradition or expression, cooking style or food, or biological species or variety is found (or was originally found) endemic to, native to, originating from WikibaseItem 30,300
P2342 AGORHA person/institution ID identifier for a person or institution in the Agorha database (INHA) Beaux-arts ID, AGORHA ExternalId 13,198
P2343 playing range image image showing the playing range of the instrument CommonsMedia 92
P2344 AGORHA work ID Identifier for historical art resources ExternalId 1,808
P2345 AGORHA event identifier ExternalId 11
P2346 Elonet movie ID identifier for a movie in the Elonet database Elonet film ID, Elonet ID ExternalId 35,680
P2347 YSO ID identifier for a concept in the General Finnish Ontology YSO ALLFO-ID ExternalId 26,207
P2348 time period time period (historic period or era, sports season, theatre season, legislative period etc.) in which the subject occurred epoch, sports season, legislative period, historical period, era, historic period, historic era, theatre season WikibaseItem 205,895
P2349 Stuttgart Database of Scientific Illustrators ID identifier for a person, in the University of Stuttgart's Database of Scientific Illustrators, 1450–1950 Database of Scientific Illustrators ID, DSI ID, Stuttgart scientific illustrator ID ExternalId 7,934
P2350 ID identifier for a speed skater in the database with personal best distance records Speed-skating Base ID, SpeedSkatingBase ID, SSB ID ExternalId 2,288
P2351 number of graves number of burial places In a cemetery or necropolis capacity cemetery, total number of graves Quantity 762
P2352 applies to taxon qualifier for toxicological concentrations and doses, indicates species in which the drug was tested WikibaseItem 1
P2353 statistical unit member of a dataset; type of statistical designation unit, statistical designation WikibaseItem 245
P2354 has list Wikimedia list related to this subject list article, list, accompanying list, has this list, list for this topic, related list, topic list, topic's list WikibaseItem 34,769
P2355 UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger ID identifier for endangered languages listed by UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger ID, AWLD ID, UNESCO endangered language ID, UNESCO language ID, World's Languages in Danger ID ExternalId 2,701
P2357 Classification of Instructional Programs code code representing academic disciplines in the U.S. Department of Education's Classification of Instructional Programs CIP code, CIP ID, Classification of Instructional Programs ID String 195
P2358 Roman praenomen standard part of the name of a Roman, link to items for specific Roman praenomen only. praenomen WikibaseItem 6,873
P2359 Roman nomen gentilicium standard part of the name of a Roman, link to items about the Roman gens only nomen gentilicium, Roman nomina WikibaseItem 7,107
P2360 intended public this work, product, object or event is intended for, or has been designed to that person or group of people, animals, plants, etc made for, for, created for, target audience, target demographic, target group, target market, user group, audience of, designed for, for audience of, for market, intended audience, serving, intended for WikibaseItem 9,502
P2361 online service online service or online service provider tied to an item internet service provider, ISP WikibaseItem 57
P2362 time to altitude time required by the subject to reach the specified altitude, from sea level time to climb Quantity 3
P2363 NMHH film rating rating of a film in the Hungarian film rating system NMHH movie rating WikibaseItem 4,990
P2364 production code production code of a television episode String 15,749
P2365 Roman cognomen standard part of the name of a Roman, link to items about specific Roman cognomen only. cognomen WikibaseItem 4,384
P2366 Roman agnomen optional part of the name of a Roman, link to items about specific Roman agnomen only. agnomen WikibaseItem 47
P2367 Australian Stratigraphic Units Database ID identifier for a stratigraphic unit listed in the Australian Stratigraphic Units Database ExternalId 5,786
P2368 Sandbox-Property Sandbox property for value of property type "Property" Sandbox-Property-Property WikibaseProperty 7
P2369 Soccerway player ID player id on the Soccerway website ExternalId 106,306
P2370 conversion to SI unit conversion of the unit into a coherent SI unit conversion to coherent SI unit, conversion to SI base unit, SI unit equivalent Quantity 2,341
P2371 FAO risk status UN Food and Agriculture Organization designation of status for a domesticated breed FAO status WikibaseItem 756
P2372 ODIS ID identifier in the Belgian ODIS database ID, Study of 19th and 20th Century Intermediary Structures in Flanders ExternalId 6,805
P2373 Genius artist ID identifier for an artist or label on Genius Genius ID ExternalId 17,507
P2374 natural abundance relative proportion of an isotope as found in nature (Earth's crust, or other location with qualifiers) relative abundance Quantity 288
P2375 has superpartner partner particle, in supersymmetry; inverse of "superpartner of" sparticle, superpartner, supersymmetric particle, has sparticle, has supersymmetric particle WikibaseItem 20
P2376 superpartner of partner particle, in supersymmetry; inverse of "has superpartner" WikibaseItem 26
P2377 MediaWiki hooks used MediaWiki hooks used by this extension WikibaseItem 2,825
P2378 issued by organisation or other agent that issues or allocates an identifier, code, classification number, etc. issuer, assigned by, assigning agent, assigning body, emitted by, identifier assigned by, identifier issued by, identifier issuing body, issuing agent, issuing body, assigner WikibaseItem 2,071
P2379 deprecated in version software version it was deprecated in WikibaseItem 131
P2380 French Sculpture Census artist ID identifier in the French Sculpture Census ExternalId 768
P2381 Academic Tree ID identifier on The Academic Family Tree, Academic Family Tree ID, ID Tree ID, Neuro Tree ID, NeuroTree ID, The Academic Tree ID ExternalId 22,545
P2382 Chemins de mémoire ID ExternalId 687
P2383 CTHS person ID identifier for a person in the directory of French learned societies La France savante ID ExternalId 12,034
P2384 statement describes formalization of the statement contains a bound variable in this class statement about WikibaseItem 197
P2385 French diocesan architects ID identifier for a person in the French diocesan architects index ExternalId 369
P2386 diameter diameter of a circular or spherical object diametre Quantity 28,590
P2387 Elonet person ID identifier for a person in the Elonet database Elonet actor ID, Elonet artist ID ExternalId 38,541
P2388 office held by head of the organization position of the head of this item directed by / from, headed by, president's office, CEO's office, chairperson's office, chief's office, head of the organization, head's office, leader's office, minister's office, office held by head of the organisation, position held by head of the organisation, secretary's office WikibaseItem 14,974
P2389 organization directed by the office or position organization which is directed by this office heads, runs, leads, directs this organization, directs, head of, leader of, organization directed from the office, organization led from the office or person, organization directed by, organization headed by, organization led by, chair of, chairman of, chairperson of, chairwoman of WikibaseItem 15,813
P2390 Ballotpedia ID title of corresponding article on the Ballotpedia encyclopedia of American politics Ballotpedia article ExternalId 11,437
P2391 OKPO ID identifier for a company, in the Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) database NCEO ID ExternalId 77
P2392 teaching method teaching method adopted by an educational institution WikibaseItem 63
P2393 NCBI locus tag unique gene identifier that can be used for any species of organism ExternalId 510,723
P2394 MGI Gene Symbol official gene symbol for a mouse gene ExternalId 74,673
P2396 image of function set of values that a mathematical function actually takes range, image, function range, function image WikibaseItem 48
P2397 YouTube channel ID ID of the YouTube channel of a person or organisation (not to be confused with the name of the channel) The ID can also be used for IDs. YouTube channel, UCID, official YouTube channel, Social Blade channel, YouTube account, YouTube Music Artist ID, yt channel, externalId (YouTube), channel id, YouTube channel identifier ExternalId 81,443
P2398 MLS player ID identifier for soccer player profile on, website of Major League Soccer Major League Soccer player ID, player ID, Major League Soccer player identifier, player identifier, ID ExternalId 3,812
P2399 British Council artist ID identifier for an artist, in the catalogue of the British Council ExternalId 1,033
P2400 JMDb film ID film IDs on Japanese Movie Database Japanese Movie Database film ID, Japanese Movie Database movie ID, JMDb film identifier, JMDb ID, JMDb movie ID, JMDb movie identifier ExternalId 1,033
P2401 Six Degrees of Francis Bacon ID identifier in the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon database 6 Degrees of Francis Bacon, 6DFB, SDFB ExternalId 13,437
P2402 total expenditure amount of spending by this public or private entity, not to be confused with fiscal expenditure expense, expenses, spending Quantity 10,851
P2403 total assets value of assets held by a private or public entity assets, balance sheet total Quantity 8,055
P2404 time-weighted average exposure limit recommended or required concentration limit for chemical exposure in a workplace in a given work day TWAEL Quantity 862
P2405 ceiling exposure limit recommended or required maximum concentration for chemical exposure in a given work day Quantity 205
P2406 maximum peak exposure limit recommended or required maximum concentration for chemical exposure during a five-minute excursion within a certain period of hours Quantity 5
P2407 short-term exposure limit recommended or required concentration limit for chemical exposure during a brief time window Quantity 224
P2408 set in period historical, contemporary, or future period, year, century or day the work or genre is set in or event featured in the story of the work period, era, era of setting, era set in, features event, narrative period, narrative time, period covered, period of setting, period set in, set during, set in, set in era, set in time, setting, significant event, takes place in time, time period, time period of setting, time period set in WikibaseItem 8,051
P2409 CiNii article ID identifier for an article in CiNii NAID, Nii article ID ExternalId 7,759
P2410 WikiPathways ID describes in which biological pathways a biological entity occurs WikiPathways identifier String 902
P2411 Artsy gene generalization of artwork type, technique, material, genre, movement, etc. from gene String 15
P2412 FMD designer ID external link to a designer's profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) website Fashion Model Directory designer ID ExternalId 353
P2413 FMD magazine ID external link to a magazine profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) website Fashion Model Directory magazine ID ExternalId 155
P2414 substrate of substrate that an enzyme acts upon to create a product WikibaseItem 9
P2415 personal best an individual's best performance in a given discipline PR, PB, record, personal record Quantity 1,299
P2416 sports discipline competed in discipline an athlete competed in within a sport sporting event, sports event, sport discipline, sport event, sports discipline, discipline of sport, event in sports, sport discipline competed in, sport disciplines competed in, sports disciplines competed in, weight class competed in WikibaseItem 51,143
P2417 stage classification stage results and ranking of a stage race WikibaseItem 52,039
P2418 Structurae person ID identifier for a person in the Structurae database ExternalId 2,800
P2421 Prosopographia Attica identifier for a person in Prosopographia Attica (Q2113277) by Johannes Kirchner (Q1697841) PA ExternalId 263
P2423 International Fencing Federation fencer ID Identifier in the database of all fencers holding an international licence at the International Fencing Federation (FIE: Fédération Internationale d'Escrime) Fédération Internationale d'Escrime ID, FIE fencer ID, FIE ID, FIE identifier ExternalId 1,687
P2424 Berlin cultural heritage ID identifier for an object in the cultural heritage database of Berlin Berliner Denkmaldatenbank ID ExternalId 4,984
P2425 service ribbon image an image depicting the ribbon associated with a medal, order, etc. medal ribbon image, ribbon image CommonsMedia 5,299
P2426 Xeno-canto species ID identifier of a bird species in the Xeno-canto database Xeno canto species ID, Xeno-canto ID ExternalId 11,012
P2427 GRID ID institutional identifier from the global research identifier database Global Research Identifier Database identifier, grid global id, grid global research id, grid research id ExternalId 104,010
P2428 RePEc Short-ID identifier for a researcher in the RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and IDEAS database IDEAS person ID, RePEc ID, Research Papers in Economics ID ExternalId 7,867
P2429 expected completeness describes whether a property is intended to represent a complete set of real-world items having that property completeness, expected level of completion WikibaseItem 4,323
P2430 takeoff roll distance required for an aircraft to take off (usually measured to the point where the aircraft reaches 50 feet) Quantity 9
P2431 Thyssen-Bornemisza artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza artist identifier ExternalId 578
P2432 J. Paul Getty Museum artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Museum artist ID, J. Paul Getty Museum artist identifier, J. Paul Getty Museum artist DOR ID ExternalId 1,049
P2433 gender of a scientific name of a genus determines the correct form of some names of species and subdivisions of species, also subdivisions of a genus WikibaseItem 1
P2434 Panarctic Flora ID identifier for a taxon in the Panarctic Flora ExternalId 179
P2435 PORT person ID PORT-network film database: identifier for a person PORT person identifier, person ID, person identifier, person ID, person identifier ExternalId 61,969
P2436 voltage difference in electric potential between two points (indicated in volt) electric tension, electromotive force, electric potential difference, electric pressure, potential difference Quantity 2,345
P2437 number of seasons number of seasons a television or radio series has had number of series, seasons Quantity 37,652
P2438 narrator narrator, character or person that tells the story narrated by WikibaseItem 2,423
P2440 transliteration conversion of text to alternate script (use as a qualifier for monolingual text statements; please use specific property if possible) String 36,329
P2441 literal translation direct or word-for-word translation of a name or phrase (qualifier for name, title, inscription, and quotation properties) direct translation, translation (literal), word-for-word translation Monolingualtext 1,343
P2442 conversion to standard unit translation of the value of a measurement to different units unit conversion Quantity 1,943
P2443 stage reached ultimate point in an event or competition reached by a participant eliminated at, point achieved, round reached WikibaseItem 2
P2444 homoglyph letter, number, or character which appears similar to another WikibaseItem 1,813
P2445 metasubclass of relation between two metaclasses: instances of this metaclass are likely to be subclasses of classes that are instances of the target metaclass metaclass of WikibaseItem 44
P2446 Transfermarkt player ID identifier for an association football (soccer) player in the database Transfermarkt footballer ID, transfermarkt id (footballer) ExternalId 159,262
P2447 Transfermarkt manager ID identifier for an association football (soccer) manager or coach in the database transfermarkt coach id, transfermarkt id (coach), transfermarkt id (manager) ExternalId 8,845
P2448 Turkish Football Federation player ID identifier for a player in the Turkish Football Federation's database TFF ID (player), TFF player ID, Turkish Football Federation ID (player) ExternalId 5,586
P2449 Turkish Football Federation coach ID identifier for a coach or manager in the Turkish Football Federation's database Turkish Football Federation ID (coach), Turkish Football Federation ID (manager), Turkish Football Federation manager ID ExternalId 496
P2450 Encyclopædia Britannica contributor ID identifier for a contributor to the 'Encyclopædia Britannica' Britannica ID, Britannica contributor ID, Britannica contributor identifier, EB contributor, Encyclopædia Britannica contributor identifier, Encyclopedia Britannica contributor identifier ExternalId 3,326
P2451 MAME ROM name name of Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM for a software release Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ROM, ROM name (MAME) ExternalId 713
P2452 GeoNames feature code identifier for feature classes in GeoNames, NGA feature class, feature code ExternalId 635
P2453 nominee qualifier used with «nominated for» to specify which person or organization was nominated award nominee WikibaseItem 166
P2454 KNAW past member ID identifier for a person in the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences past member database KNAW past member identifier, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences past member ExternalId 1,821
P2455 Species Profile and Threats Database ID identifier from Species Profile and Threats Database managed by Australian Government Department of the Environment ExternalId 1,743
P2456 DBLP author ID identifier for author entries in the DBLP computer science bibliography (use portion of DBLP person key after pid/) DBLP key, DBLP person ID, DBLP person identifier, DBLP pID ExternalId 59,872
P2457 Australian National Shipwreck ID identifier for shipwrecks used by the Australian National Shipwreck Database Australian National Shipwreck Database Shipwreck ID number, shipwreck ID number (Australian National Shipwreck Database) ExternalId 246
P2458 player ID ID for an association football (soccer) player in the Turkish database ExternalId 3,233
P2459 IBU biathlete ID biathlete's identifier in the International Biathlon Union's database IBU biathlete identifier ExternalId 2,478
P2460 Persons of Ancient Athens identifier for a person in Persons of Ancient Athens (Q21994990) by John S. Traill (Q13422797) PAA ExternalId 169
P2461 ComLaw ID identifier for Commonwealth of Australia legislation, bills, regulations, etc, in the ComLaw database ID ExternalId 16,306
P2462 member of the deme name of the deme in Ancient Attica to which the item belonged deme, of the deme WikibaseItem 195
P2463 organisation ID identifier for an organization in the database of science, education, and government organisations in Russia elibrary organisation ID ExternalId 276
P2464 BugGuide taxon ID identifier in ExternalId 47,363
P2465 Allcinema film ID film IDs on Allcinema Movie Database Allcinema film identifier ExternalId 24,219
P2467 Global Geoparks Network ID (former scheme) identifier for a geopark on the Global Geoparks Network's website ExternalId 132
P2468 Theatricalia theatre ID identifier for a theatre in the database Theatricalia ID (theatre), Theatricalia place ID, Theatricalia venue ID ExternalId 718
P2469 Theatricalia person ID identifier for a person in the Theatricalia database Theatricalia actor ID, Theatricalia actress ID, Theatricalia ID (person) ExternalId 1,859
P2470 Talouselämän vaikuttajat ID identifier for a person, in the Talouselämän vaikuttajat database ExternalId 387
P2471 person ID identifier of a person in the website ExternalId 1,101
P2472 ACMA Radiocommunications Client Number identifier of an organisation or person who holds a radiocommunications licence within Australia ACMA Register of Radiocommunications Licences Client Number ExternalId 277
P2473 IGPCV ID cultural heritage identifier in the Inventario General del Patrimonio Cultural Valenciano IGPCV code, IGPCV identifier ExternalId 3,777
P2474 CDLI ID unique identifier of an object in the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative ExternalId 20
P2475 NAVA ID identifier of a work, in the National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary ExternalId 57
P2476 HNI person/institution ID identifier for a person or organization in the database of Het Nieuwe Instituut HNI institution ID, HNI institution identifier, HNI person ID, HNI person identifier ExternalId 154
P2477 BDRC Resource ID identifier for an entity (person/place/work/position/topic) from the Buddhist Digital Resource Center BDRC ID, Buddhist Digital Resource Center ID, TBRC ID ExternalId 25,045
P2478 Railways Archive event ID Event ID in the Railways Archive database ExternalId 101
P2479 SPDX license ID SPDX license identifier SPDX ID, SPDX identifier ExternalId 311
P2480 IHO Hydrographic Dictionary (S-32) Number Identification number for items in the Hydrographic Dictionary S-32, issued by International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) ExternalId 19
P2481 Elite Prospects player ID ice hockey player ID assigned by Elite Prospects player ID, Elite Prospects player identifier, player identifier ExternalId 26,540
P2482 SABR person ID identifier of a person in the Society for American Baseball Research database SABR ID, Society for American Baseball Research ID ExternalId 1,579
P2483 NCES district ID identifier for a school district or education agency in the United States district ID (NCES), LEAID, local education agency ID, regional education agency ID, school district ID (NCES), SEAID, state education agency ID ExternalId 6,878
P2484 NCES school ID identifier for a public school in the United States ExternalId 11,784
P2485 FMD photographer ID external link to a photographer's profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) website Fashion Model Directory photographer ID ExternalId 104
P2486 FMD brand ID external link to a brand's profile at the FMD (Fashion Model Directory) website Fashion Model Directory brand ID ExternalId 32
P2487 page at website of Belarus Geocenter state centre of cartographic and geodetic materials and data of the Republic of Belarus ExternalId 11,292
P2488 page at Belarus Globe website Belarus Globe Url 2,157
P2489 ID internet page corresponding to Orthodox architectural sites in Belarus webpage at ExternalId 285
P2490 page at OSTIS Belarus Wiki String 18
P2491 ID identifier in the database of landmarks and tourist attractions of Belarus, Lithuania and the Podlasie region of Poland Radzima Belarus ID, Radzima Belarusian ID, Radzima Lithuania ID, Radzima Lithuanian ID, Radzima Poland ID, Radzima Polish ID ExternalId 1,029
P2492 MTMT author ID author's identifier in the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography ExternalId 1,851
P2493 OM institution ID identifier of primary and secondary schools at the Hungarian Ministry of Education ExternalId 357
P2494 Latvian cultural heritage register ID ID of the cultural heritage on Latvian cultural heritage ID, Latvian cultural heritage register identifier ExternalId 7,404
P2496 Latvian toponymic names database ID Latvian Geospatial Information Agency geographical names database identifier Latvian toponymic names database identifier, Latvian toponymic names ID ExternalId 8,761
P2497 Latvian National Address Register ID National Address Register classifier code (State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia) Latvian National Address Register identifier ExternalId 2,369
P2498 Catalan Biographical Dictionary of Women ID identifier in the biographical dictionary of Catalan women Biographical Dictionary of Women (Catalan ) ID, Diccionari Biogràfic de Dones ExternalId 654
P2499 league level above the league above this sports league level above (league), promotion to WikibaseItem 6,702
P2500 league level below the league below this sports league level below (league), relegation to WikibaseItem 6,645
P2501 results results of a competition such as sports or elections WikibaseItem 80
P2502 classification of race race for which this classification applies classification of cycling race WikibaseItem 36
P2503 Historical Gazetteer (GOV) ID Historical Gazetteer GOV ID, GOV-ID ExternalId 15,531
P2504 Norwegian municipality number unique identifier for municipalities of Norway ExternalId 1,194
P2505 carries item (e.g. road, railway, canal) carried by a bridge, a tunnel or a mountain pass WikibaseItem 15,227
P2506 INSEE canton code number sequence for the identification of canton in France ExternalId 6,098
P2507 corrigendum / erratum published notice that corrects or amends a previous publication corrected by, errata, erratum, corrigendum, corrigenda WikibaseItem 34,903
P2508 KINENOTE film ID identifier of a film in the KINENOTE movie database ExternalId 18,662
P2509 Movie Walker Press film ID identifier of a film in the Movie Walker Press Database. Format: "mv" followed by digits Movie Walker film ID, Movie Walker film identifier, Movie Walker Press film identifier ExternalId 14,541
P2510 National Discography of Italian Song artist/group ID artist or music group identity code on the National Discography of Italian Song website ExternalId 1,558
P2511 MSK Gent work PID identifier for an artwork from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent ExternalId 6,980
P2512 series spin-off series' spin-offs has spin-off, series spinoff, spin-offs, television series spin-off, television series spinoff, TV series spin-off, TV series spinoff, TV spin-off, TV spinoff WikibaseItem 562
P2513 Jamendo album ID identifier for an album per the Jamendo website ExternalId 19
P2514 Jamendo artist ID identifier for an artist per the Jamendo website ExternalId 143
P2515 costume designer person who designed the costumes for a film, television programme, etc WikibaseItem 13,253
P2516 Australian Ramsar site ID identifier of a Ramsar wetland listed in the Australian Wetlands Database managed by the Australian Government Department of the Environment Australian Wetlands Database Australian Ramsar site number ExternalId 60
P2517 category for recipients of this award link to Wikimedia category for recipients of this award recipcat, recipient category WikibaseItem 6,908
P2518 film ID identifier for a film on the website Scope ID (film) ExternalId 9,933
P2519 person ID identifier for a person on the website Scope ID (person) ExternalId 20,988
P2520 UNESCO Biosphere Reserve URL URL to the entry on the UNESCO biosphere reserve website Url 754
P2521 female form of label female form of name or title female form of label (string), female gender sense, feminine form of label Monolingualtext 136,745
P2522 victory competition or event won by the subject awarded, winner of, won, won event WikibaseItem 20,152
P2524 SEED number identifier for a school in Scotland, in the Scottish Government's SEED database SEED ID ExternalId 1
P2525 Ramsar Sites Information Service ID identifier on the Ramsar Sites Information Service of a Ramsar site ExternalId 1,012
P2526 National Historic Sites of Canada ID the unique identificator of a National Historic Sites of Canada on the Directory of Federal Heritage Designations NHSC ExternalId 997
P2527 earthquake magnitude on the moment magnitude scale magnitude of an earthquake according to the moment magnitude scale earthquake magnitude, magnitude, magnitude of an earthquake, moment magnitude scale value, Mw Quantity 338
P2528 earthquake magnitude on the Richter magnitude scale magnitude of an earthquake according to the Richter magnitude scale earthquake magnitude, magnitude, magnitude of an earthquake, ML, Richter scale value Quantity 991
P2529 ČSFD film ID identifier for a movie in the Czech film database ČSFD CSFD film ID, ČSFD film ID, CSFD film identifier, ČSFD film identifier ExternalId 154,735
P2530 Box Office Mojo franchise ID (former scheme) former identifier of a franchise in the Box Office Mojo database ExternalId 198
P2531 Box Office Mojo studio ID former identifier for a film studio in the Box Office Mojo database; data has been moved to IMDBPro ExternalId 159
P2532 lowest atmospheric pressure minimum pressure measured or estimated for a storm (a measure of strength for tropical cyclones) lowest pressure Quantity 1,961
P2533 WomenWriters ID identifier in the Women Writers database of the Huygens Institute for Dutch History ExternalId 4,344
P2534 defining formula mathematical formula representing a theorem or law. Maximum length: 400 characters definition, equation, formula, mathematical formula, notation, mathematical equation, mathematical notation Math 5,808
P2535 Sandbox-Mathematical expression Sandbox property for value of type "Mathematical expression" Math 1
P2536 Sandbox-External identifier Sandbox property for value of type "External identifier" sandbox-externalId, sandbox-ID ExternalId 963
P2537 Free Software Directory entry Link to the FSD page on a given software or license FSF,, FSD entry, FSF directory ExternalId 1,606
P2538 Nationalmuseum Sweden ID identifier for Nationalmuseum in Sweden NS ID, NSID ExternalId 10,087
P2539 Nationalmuseum Sweden artwork ID artwork identifier for Nationalmuseum in Sweden ExternalId 39,758
P2540 Aarne–Thompson–Uther Tale Type Index index used to classify folktales ATU index String 635
P2541 operating area geographic area or jurisdiction an organisation or industry operates in, serves, or has responsibility for place of activity, service area, area of operations, area of responsibility, area operated, area served, geographic area operated, geographic area served, geographic region operated, geographic region served, jurisdiction operated, jurisdiction served, location served, operates in, operates in area, operates in geographic area, operates in geographic region, operates in jurisdiction, operating region, place of operation, region served, serves area, serves geographic area, serves geographic region, serves jurisdiction, serves location, serves place, serves region, operation area, areas served WikibaseItem 19,721
P2542 acceptable daily intake estimate of the amount of a food additive, expressed on a body weight basis, that can be ingested daily over a lifetime without appreciable health risk ADI Quantity 2
P2545 bowling style type of bowling employed by a cricketer Bowling WikibaseItem 1,372
P2546 sidekick of close companion of a fictional character helper of WikibaseItem 258
P2547 perimeter linear distance around the outside of an object boundary length, circumference, coastline Quantity 54,701
P2548 strand orientation orientation of gene on double stranded DNA molecule WikibaseItem 1,045,058
P2549 Italian Senate of the Republic ID identifier for incumbent and former senators from the Italian Senate of the Republic ExternalId 3,055
P2550 recording or performance of item is a recording or release of this composition performance of, performance or recording of, recording of WikibaseItem 16,530
P2551 used metre rhythmic structure of the poetic text or musical piece meter used, metre used, scansion, used meter WikibaseItem 352
P2552 quantitative metrical pattern description of a quantitative verse's metric String 50
P2553 in work qualifier of award received and nominated for (P1411) to specify in which creative work the awarded or nominated creative work appeared causing the nomination/award win WikibaseItem 2
P2554 production designer person(s) responsible for overall aesthetic of the story of this motion picture, play, video game or similar; responsible for visual concept, producing interior, exterior, location, graphics, etc; deals with many and varied logistic related to this scenic designer, scenic design by WikibaseItem 14,210
P2555 fee fee or toll payable to use, transit or enter the subject (only for one-time fees, do NOT use it for an ongoing fee, tuition fee or trading fee) admission, entrance fee, entrance fees, entry fee, fare, onetime fee, toll, fine Quantity 3,557
P2556 bore cylinder bore represents the size, in terms of diameter, of the cylinder in which a piston travels Quantity 695
P2557 stroke length of the motion in reciprocating engines and other mechanisms Quantity 641
P2558 ID unique identifier of Uruguayan authors and artistic, scientific or literary works database id ExternalId 12,379
P2559 Wikidata usage instructions text describing how to use a property or item. Eventually, this statement is to replace usage instructions currently found in description. Until the corresponding feature is implemented, do not remove it from description usage, how to use, instructions, usage instructions Monolingualtext 4,839
P2560 GPU graphics processing unit within a system graphics processing unit WikibaseItem 219
P2561 name name the subject is known by. If a more specific property is available, use that label, aka, also known as, known as, be known as, be referred as, referred to as Monolingualtext 211,469
P2562 married name name or surname adopted by a person upon marriage full name (married) Monolingualtext 5,453
P2563 superhuman feature or ability superhuman, supernatural, or paranormal abilities that the fictional subject exhibits magic, superpower, supernatural abilities WikibaseItem 7,607
P2564 Köppen climate classification indicates the characteristic climate of a place WikibaseItem 2,345
P2565 global warming potential heat trapped by a certain gas in CO2 equivalents global warming potential, GWP, greenhouse warming potential Quantity 187
P2566 ECHA Substance Infocard ID identifier of a chemical substance used by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) InfoCard ID, ECHA Infocard ExternalId 55,709
P2567 amended by document is amended by specified other document altered by, changed by, corrected by, has addendum, modified by, revised by, updated by WikibaseItem 41,146
P2568 repealed by document is repealed/inactived by specified other document revoked by WikibaseItem 33,632
P2571 uncertainty corresponds to number of standard deviations (sigma) expressing the confidence level of a value WikibaseItem 0
P2572 hashtag reference keyword associated with this item for online communities (do not include the "#" symbol which is often used as a prefixed indicator) # String 9,636
P2573 number of out-of-school children number of out-of-school children reported for a place number of out of school children Quantity 1,909
P2574 player ID identifier for a football player, at National Football Teams ID, ID, NFT ID, NFT player ID ExternalId 47,796
P2575 measures physical quantity that this device measures WikibaseItem 274
P2576 UCSC Genome Browser assembly ID identifier of a UCSC's release of a genome ExternalId 7
P2577 admissible rule in this logic inference rule is admissible in that logical system WikibaseItem 8
P2578 is the study of the object that an academic field studies; distinct from field of work (P101), which is used for human, organization, etc. research, studies, academic field for, learning what?, researches, scholarly field for, study of, working on what?, is study of WikibaseItem 2,280
P2579 studied by subject is studied by this science or domain domain, in branch of science, researched by, researched in, science, that studies, studied in WikibaseItem 6,733
P2581 BabelNet ID ID in BabelNet encyclopedic dictionary ExternalId 78,593
P2582 J. Paul Getty Museum object ID identifier for an object in the J. Paul Getty Museum Getty Museum object id ExternalId 642
P2583 distance from Earth estimated distance to astronomical objects angular diameter distance, comoving distance, light-travel distance, light-year distance, luminosity distance, parsec distance, proper distance Quantity 3,489,591
P2584 Australian Wetlands Code identifier of a wetland listed in the Australian Wetlands Database Directory of Important Wetlands managed by the Australian Government Department of the Environment Australian Wetlands Database, Australian Wetlands Database Directory of Important Wetlands Reference Code, DIWA ID ExternalId 114
P2585 INSEE region code number sequence for the identification of regions in France ExternalId 34
P2586 INSEE department code number sequence for the identification of departments in France code département Insee, Insee département code ExternalId 110
P2587 has phoneme the language's phonology includes this sound WikibaseItem 138
P2588 administrative code of Indonesia unique administrative code for a place, last issued in 2022 by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Republic of Indonesia administrative code of Indonesian Administrative Division ExternalId 91,400
P2589 Statistics Indonesia ethnicity code ethnicity code in Indonesia by Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik) BPS ethnicity code ExternalId 1,486
P2590 Statistics Indonesia language code language code in Indonesia issued by Statistics Indonesia (Badan Pusat Statistik) BPS language code, language code by BPS ExternalId 1,140
P2591 grammatical option indicates what a particular option for a grammatical category indicates grammatical mood indicates WikibaseItem 52
P2592 Québec cultural heritage directory people identifier people listed on the Répertoire du patrimoine culturel du Québec ExternalId 737
P2593 Latvian Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived) identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a website of the Latvian Olympic Committee (Latvian: Latvijas Olimpiskā Komiteja, LOK) Latvijas Olimpiskā Komiteja athlete ID, LOK athlete ID ExternalId 588
P2595 maximum gradient maximum gradient on a route, expressed as a percentage max gradient, max slop, maximum incline, maximum slope, ruling grade Quantity 2,040
P2596 culture human culture or people (or several cultures) associated with this item archaeological culture, civilisation WikibaseItem 11,158
P2597 Gram staining Gram stain type of a bacterial strain WikibaseItem 14,949
P2598 serial number an identifier for a specific object among the same product. Not a product code or model number MSN, s/n, c/n, construction number, constructor's number, manufacturer serial number, serial code String 4,128
P2599 block size size of block for this block cipher or hash function block length Quantity 55
P2600 profile ID profile on the genealogy website Geni person ID ExternalId 370,097
P2601 player ID identifier for an ice hockey player in the database of Eurohockey player ID, player identifier, Eurohockey player identifier ExternalId 11,775
P2602 player ID identifier for an ice hockey player in the Internet Hockey Database HockeyDB player ID, player identifier, HockeyDB player identifier ExternalId 20,270
P2603 Kinopoisk film ID identifier for a film/movie in the Russian database Kinopoisk movie ID, Kinopoisk video ID ExternalId 212,749
P2604 Kinopoisk person ID identifier for a person in the database Kinopoisk actor ID, Kinopoisk person identifier, Kinopoisk actor identifier ExternalId 108,406
P2605 ČSFD person ID identifier for a person in the Czecho-Slovak film database ČSFD ČSFD actor ID, CSFD person ID, CSFD actor ID ExternalId 115,335
P2606 PlayStation ID unique identifier of PlayStation software and hardware assigned by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PS ID ExternalId 356
P2607 BookBrainz author ID identifier for a creator per the BookBrainz open book encyclopedia BB author ID, BookBrainz creator ID, BookBrainz ID ExternalId 1,148
P2610 thickness extent from one surface to the opposite cast thickness, wall thickness Quantity 12,791
P2611 TED speaker ID identifier of a person in the TED database of talks TED ID (speaker) ExternalId 2,505
P2612 TED topic ID identifier of a topic, in the TED database of talks TED ID (topic) ExternalId 363
P2613 TED talk ID identifier of a talk, in the TED database TED ID (talk) ExternalId 2,094
P2614 World Heritage criteria selection criteria for UNESCO's cultural and natural 'World Heritage' designation since 2005 WHS criteria WikibaseItem 7,157
P2618 inHerit Place Number identifier for a heritage place, issued by the State Heritage Office of Western Australia inHerit ID, SHOWA ID, State Heritage Office of Western Australia ID, WA heritage register, Western Australian heritage register ID, inHerit, W.A. ExternalId 7,331
P2619 Hungarian company ID identifier for a company in the company register of Hungary Hungarian company number, Hungarian company register ID, Hungarian company register number ExternalId 436
P2620 ISO 15924 numeric code numeric code for a writing system in ISO 15924 ISO 15924 numeric ID ExternalId 267
P2621 Site of Special Scientific Interest (England) ID identifier for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in England Site of Special Scientific Interest ID (England), SSSI ID (England) ExternalId 558
P2622 Companies House company ID numeric identifier for company registered with Companies House in the United Kingdom Companies House no., Companies House number, Company House ID, company number, registered company number ExternalId 2,339
P2623 MEK ID identifier of a book or translation in the Hungarian Electronic Library ExternalId 41
P2624 MetroLyrics ID identifier for a song or artist at the MetroLyrics website (discontinued as of June 2021) MetroLyrics ExternalId 21,521
P2625 PASE ID numerical identifier for a person in the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England ExternalId 1,195
P2626 Danish National Filmography person ID identifier for a person in the Danish National Filmography Danish National Filmography name, DFI person ID, DNF ID (person), DNF name, DNF person ID ExternalId 38,524
P2627 ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC code Identifier ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC code ISO 9362, BEI, BIC code, SWIFT code, SWIFT ID, SWIFT-BIC, Business Entity Identifier, Business Identifier Codes, SWIFT -code ExternalId 2,441
P2628 German tax authority ID numerical identifier for a local German tax office; forms part of the Steuernummer, assigned to individual taxpayers by that authority German tax authority number ExternalId 619
P2629 BBFC rating British media content rating (add BBFC reference with qualifier "P2676") BBFC certificate WikibaseItem 1,741
P2630 cost of damage monetary value of damage caused by this event damage, amount of damage, value of damage Quantity 188
P2631 TCM Movie Database film ID identifier for a film in the Turner Classic Movies movie database TCM film ID, TCM movie ID, TCMDb film ID, TCMDb movie ID, Turner Classic Movies film ID ExternalId 31,737
P2632 place of detention place where this person is or was detained prison, jail, penitentiary, gaol, detained at, detention place, forced exile to, gaoled at, gaoled in, imprisoned at, imprisoned in, in jail, incarcerated at, inmate of, internment at, internment place, jailed at, penal, place of confinemant, place of imprisonment, place of incarceration, place of internment WikibaseItem 153,218
P2633 geography of topic item that deals with the geography of the subject. Sample: "Rio de Janeiro" uses this property with value "geography of Rio de Janeiro" (Q10288853). For the location of a subject, use "location" (P276). WikibaseItem 730
P2634 model person who appears in an artwork or photograph, in the role of an artist's model, rather than subject artist's model, sitter, modelled after, posed WikibaseItem 294
P2635 number of parts of this work the number of parts that a work consists of acts count, acts number, acts quantity, chapter count, chapters quantity, component count, composed of x acts, composed of x parts, comprises x acts, comprises x parts, consists of x acts, consists of x parts, contains x acts, movement count, movements quantity, number of acts, number of chapters, number of issues, number of movements, number of parts of this work of art, number of pictures, number of scenes, number of segments of anthology film, number of songs, number of stanzas, number of tracks, number of tracks on release, number of volumes, picture count, pictures quantity, stanza count, stanzas quantity, track count, tracks quantity, volumes Quantity 57,387
P2636 Minkultury film ID identifier for a movie in the Russian Ministry of culture's public register of films Film ID in Russian public register of films, mkrf, ExternalId 778
P2637 RARS rating rating in the Russian media content rating system RSVR rating WikibaseItem 322
P2638 ID identifier for an entry on for movies, people and TV series ExternalId 51,063
P2639 Filmportal ID identifier of the German Filmportal ExternalId 102,271
P2640 swimmer ID identifier for a swimmer, in the database Swimrankings swimmer ID, swimmer identifier, Swimrankings swimmer identifier ExternalId 4,082
P2641 Davis Cup player ID identifier for a tennis player, in the Davis Cup database Davis Cup player identifier ExternalId 2,710
P2642 Billie Jean Cup player ID identifier for a women's tennis player, in the Fed Cup database. Format: 9 digits Fed Cup player ID, Billie Jean King Cup player ID, Federation Cup player ID ExternalId 2,013
P2643 Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education classification of colleges and universities in the United States WikibaseItem 17,093
P2645 mean lifetime inverse of exponential decay rate; half-life is ln(2) times this value Quantity 53
P2646 mirTarBase ID identifier for the mirTarBase database, a database for microRNAs and their targets ExternalId 1
P2647 source of material place the material used was mined, quarried, found, or produced WikibaseItem 158
P2648 CQ Ranking men's race ID identifier for a men's cycling race at CQR men's race ID, Cycling Quotient men's race ID ExternalId 351
P2649 CQ Ranking men's team URL URL for a men's cycling team at CQR men's team URL, Cycling Quotient men's team URL Url 246
P2650 interested in item of special or vested interest to this person or organisation field of research, field of study, area of research, field of interest, interests, lobbies for, research area, research interests, research topic, vested interest WikibaseItem 16,107
P2651 CRICOS Provider Code unique identifier for Australian education providers assigned by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) ExternalId 282
P2652 partnership with partnership (commercial or/and non-commercial) between this organization and another organization or institution collaboration with, collaborates with, works with WikibaseItem 4,160
P2655 Estyn ID identifier for a school in Wales, in the Welsh Assembly's Estyn database ExternalId 1,579
P2657 EU Transparency Register ID identity code for an organisation, in the transparency register of the European Union EU lobby transparency register ExternalId 5,230
P2658 Scoville grade scale measuring pungency of chili peppers (values from 0 to 16,000,000,000) SHU, Scoville scale, Scoville heat units, Scoville rating Quantity 110
P2659 topographic isolation minimum distance to a point of higher elevation isolation Quantity 4,607
P2660 topographic prominence height of a mountain or hill relative to the lowest contour line encircling it (on Earth, maximum 8,848 m) prominence Quantity 14,139
P2661 target interest rate benchmark interest rate of the central bank Quantity 109
P2662 consumption rate per capita rate of consumption of a product divided by the population Quantity 1
P2663 common equity tier 1 capital ratio (CETI) relation between the core capital or shareholder's equity of a Bank and its risk-weighted assets CETI, CET1, CET1-ratio Quantity 571
P2664 units sold sales figures of an object sales, number of sales, sales figures Quantity 2,191
P2665 alcohol by volume percentage of alcohol in a fluid alcohol, Alc. vol. Quantity 388
P2666 Datahub page Datahub page of a dataset ExternalId 153
P2667 corresponding template the one-value-template that has the same meaning as this property property template, template corresponding property WikibaseItem 971
P2668 stability of property value likelihood that statements with this property will change property stability, property value stability, property value variability, property variability, stability of property, stability of property value, stability of value, variability of property, variability of value WikibaseItem 1,277
P2669 discontinued date date that the availability of a product was discontinued; see also "dissolved, abolished or demolished" (P576) EOL, ceased date, date discontinued, date of discontinuation, date product was discontinued, discontinuation date, discontinued, end-of-life, end-of-life date, EOL date Time 3,400
P2670 has part(s) of the class the subject instance (the subject is not a class) has one or more parts of the object class composition has pieces that are, constitutent(s) are classified as, contains parts of the class, has part of the class, has part(s) forming subclass of, has part(s) that are instances of, has parts of class, has parts of the class, has parts(P527): instances(P31)of, is assemblage with parts that are, is built/made with example(s) of, is constructed with members of, of subcomponents whose class is, parts of(P361) subject are some, some parts form subclass(P279)of, instance has part(s) of the class WikibaseItem 41,268
P2671 Google Knowledge Graph ID identifier for Google Knowledge Graph API (application programming interface), starting with "/g/". IDs starting with "/m/" are Freebase IDs (P646) AG, GKG ID, KG ID, KG MID, kgmid, /g/ ExternalId 7,391,220
P2672 SOATO ID identifier for the Belarusian Code System for Administrative-territory Division Objects and Settlements ExternalId 19,687
P2673 next crossing upstream next crossing of this river, canal, etc. upstream of this subject upstream crossing adjacent WikibaseItem 1,772
P2674 next crossing downstream next crossing of this river, canal, etc. downstream of this subject downstream crossing adjacent WikibaseItem 1,790
P2675 reply to the intellectual work to which the subsequent work is a direct reply comment on, in reply to, in response to, replies to, responds to, response to WikibaseItem 485
P2676 rating certificate ID reference certificate identifier of content rating decisions classification number String 0
P2677 relative position within image position of a motif within a larger image, defined by x-offset (from left), y-offset (down from top), width w, and height h of the crop region (as a percentage of the whole image) values IIIF syntax relative position, image map, pct relative position, pct: String 3
P2678 film ID id number for films in ExternalId 2,975
P2679 author of foreword person who wrote the preface, foreword, or introduction of the book but who isn't an author of the rest of the book author of introduction, author of preface, foreword by, introduction by, preface by WikibaseItem 1,833
P2680 author of afterword person who wrote the postface, afterword, or conclusion of the book but who isn't an author of the rest of the book afterword by WikibaseItem 109
P2681 is recto of the two-dimensional artwork that is on the back (verso) side of this artwork verso WikibaseItem 197
P2682 is verso of the two-dimensional artwork that is on the front (recto) side of this artwork Backside, (opposite side to the front side - recto) WikibaseItem 198
P2683 Bekker Number reference to works in the Corpus Aristotelicum ExternalId 10
P2684 Kijkwijzer rating Dutch media content rating system WikibaseItem 9,454
P2685 NBA player ID identifier for a NBA player on the Basketball Reference website Basketball Reference NBA player ID ExternalId 5,925
P2686 OpenSecrets people ID identifier used by Opensecrets for people involved in US elections open secrets people id ExternalId 715
P2687 NDL JPNO Japanese National Bibliography Number of the National Diet Library JPNO NDL ExternalId 321
P2688 Box Office Mojo person ID former identifier of a person in the Box Office Mojo database; data has been moved to IMDBPro ExternalId 2,291
P2689 BARTOC ID identifier in the BARTOC Terminology Registry ExternalId 358
P2694 ISU figure skater ID identifier for a figure skater in the International Skating Union database ExternalId 6,417
P2695 type locality (geology) the locality where a particular rock type, stratigraphic unit or mineral species is defined from (can coincide but not the same as p189) (co)-type locality WikibaseItem 4,890
P2696 FIG gymnast licence number gymnast's identifier at the database of the International Federation of Gymnastics FIG gymnast ID ExternalId 2,356
P2697 player ID identifier for a cricket player at Cricinfo player ID, ESPNcricinfo player ID ExternalId 29,755
P2698 CricketArchive player ID identifier for a person in the database ExternalId 18,111
P2699 URL location of a resource Uniform Resource Locator Url 16,482
P2700 protocol communication protocol to use to access a dataset or service communication protocol WikibaseItem 256
P2701 file format file format, compression type, or ontology used in a file format, document format, compression format, file type WikibaseItem 588
P2702 dataset distribution particular manner of distribution of a data set (database or file) that is publicly available format WikibaseItem 23
P2703 BFI National Archive work ID identifier for (creative) works and objects (moving image, documents, stills, posters, designs, books, articles) in the BFI's Collections Information Database (CID) BFI CID film ID, BFI CID work ID, BFI CID work identifier, BFI CID work priref, British Film Institute CID work ID ExternalId 7,183
P2704 EIDR content ID identifier for a film or television work, edit or manifestation, in the Entertainment Identifier Registry EIDR content identifier, EIDR ID, Entertainment Identifier Registry ID ExternalId 65,204
P2705 Karate Records ID identifier for karatekas in the Karate Records database KarateRec ID, ID ExternalId 422
P2708 CQ Ranking women's race ID identifier for a women's cycling race at CQR women's race ID, Cycling Quotient women's race ID ExternalId 2,355
P2709 CQ Ranking female cyclist ID identifier for a female cyclist at CQR female cyclist ID, Cycling Quotient female cyclist ID ExternalId 3,420
P2710 minimal lethal concentration lowest concentration of a toxic substance in an environmental medium that kills individual organisms or test species under a defined set of conditions LCLo, lowest lethal concentration Quantity 4
P2712 median lethal concentration (LC50) statistically derived median concentration of a substance in an environmental medium expected to kill 50% of organisms in a given population under a defined set of conditions LC50, LC₅₀ Quantity 10
P2713 sectional view image file that shows a sectional view of the item cross-section CommonsMedia 308
P2715 elected in election in which a person gained a position (as qualifier), or a position or legislative term is/was elected (as main value) election WikibaseItem 898
P2716 collage image image file that assembles two or more other images of item montage image CommonsMedia 2,177
P2717 no-observed-adverse-effect level greatest concentration or amount of a substance, found by experiment or observation, which causes no detectable adverse alteration of morphology, functional capacity, growth, development, or life span of the target organism under defined conditions of exposure NOAEL Quantity 2
P2718 lowest-observed-adverse-effect level lowest concentration or amount of a substance (dose), found by experiment or observation, which causes an adverse effect on morphology, functional capacity, growth, development, or life span of a target organism distinguishable from normal (control) organisms of the same species and strain under defined conditions of exposure LOAEL Quantity 0
P2719 Hungarian-style transcription transcription of a monolingual text value in a non-latin script according to the guidelines of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Q7315098), Helyesírás (Q1035212), and Hungarian Wikipedia (Q53464) String 0
P2720 embed URL template formatter URL for embeddable content: URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items embed URL pattern, formatter URL for embed, URL template for embed, embed URL formatter String 145
P2721 Encyclopaedia Metallum release ID identifier for a release in the Encyclopaedia Metallum database Encyclopedia Metallum release ID, Metal Archives release ID ExternalId 4,507
P2722 Deezer artist ID identifier for an artist on Deezer Deezer ID ExternalId 24,791
P2723 Deezer album ID identifier for an album or single on Deezer ExternalId 2,978
P2724 Deezer track ID identifier for a track on Deezer ExternalId 2,094
P2725 GOG application ID identifier for an application (or film) available from the distribution platform application ID ExternalId 3,342
P2726 UIPM athlete ID identifier for a athlete, in the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne database UIPM ID ExternalId 417
P2727 International Wrestling Database ID identifier for an athlete in the International Wrestling Database at or foeldeak ID, United World Wrestling ID, UWW ID, dbwrestling ID, IAT wrestler ID ExternalId 9,001
P2728 CageMatch worker ID identifier for a professional wrestling performer at CageMatch worker identifier ExternalId 4,013
P2729 player ID Badminton World Federation identifier for a player profile at (via Badminton World Federation ID, BWF ID, ID ExternalId 9,051
P2730 ISSF athlete ID identifier for an athlete in the International Shooting Sport Federation database ISSF ID ExternalId 1,368
P2732 Persée author ID identifier for an author, in Persée Persée ID ExternalId 42,948
P2733 Persée journal ID identifier for a journal in Persée, an open access digital library of French-language scholarly journals, established by the Ministry of National Education of France ExternalId 244
P2734 Unz Review author ID author identifier at The Unz Review (, a content-archiving website Unz author identifier, author identifier, Unz Archive author ID ExternalId 15,727
P2735 Unz Review journal ID journal identifier at The Unz Review (, a content-archiving website UNZ journal identifier, journal identifier, Unz Archive journal ID ExternalId 35
P2736 Biographical Directory of Federal Judges ID identifier for a judge in the Biographical Directory of Federal Judges Federal Judicial Center biography ID, FJC biography ID ExternalId 2,925
P2737 union of every instance of this class is an instance of at least one class in that list of classes WikibaseItem 396
P2738 disjoint union of every instance of this class is an instance of exactly one class in that list of classes WikibaseItem 478
P2739 typeface/font used style of type used in a work typeface, lettering, font, is sample of, font used WikibaseItem 248
P2740 ResearchGate institute ID identifier of an organization in ResearchGate ResearchGate ID (Institute), ResearchGate institution ID ExternalId 585
P2741 Tate artist ID identifier of an artist in the Tate collection Tate artist identifier ExternalId 4,286
P2742 Australian Geological Provinces ID identifier of a geologic province in the Australian Geological Provinces Database published by Geoscience Australia ASUD Province ID, Australian Geological Provinces Database Identifier, Australian Stratigraphic Units Database Province ID ExternalId 55
P2743 this zoological name is coordinate with links coordinate zoological names coordinate name WikibaseItem 2,719
P2744 PASE name standardised name (including disambiguation number) given to a person in the Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England String 0
P2745 Dictionary of New Zealand Biography ID identifier in the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography Dictionary of New Zealand Biography identifier, DNZB ID, Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand ID, Te Ara identifier ExternalId 3,104
P2746 production statistics amount of a certain good produced in/by the item WikibaseItem 52
P2747 Filmiroda rating rating of a film in the former (2004–2011) Hungarian film rating system WikibaseItem 6,356
P2748 PRONOM file format identifier identifier (PUID) for a file format in the technical registry PRONOM PRONOM Persistent Unique Identifier, PUID (File formats) ExternalId 2,250
P2749 PRONOM software ID identifier (PUID) for software in the technical registry PRONOM PRONOM software identifier, PUID (software) ExternalId 228
P2750 Photographers' Identities Catalog ID identifier used in Photographers' Identities Catalog PIC ID ExternalId 22,654
P2751 Roller Coaster Database ID identifier in Roller Coaster Database RCDB ID ExternalId 1,553
P2752 New Zealand Organisms Register ID identifier for a taxon names in the New Zealand Organisms Register NZOR, NZOR ID ExternalId 104,079
P2753 Dictionary of Canadian Biography ID entry of the item in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography DCB ID ExternalId 5,312
P2754 production date period of active production of (creative) work; the only date specified should refer to ending of production; production starts after pre-production stage (planning of work, marked with inception P571) and is followed by publication date (P577) date of production, filming date, filming time, production date, year of production Time 60,319
P2755 exploitation visa number number of the exploitation visa of a movie in France exploitation visa, film distribution certificate ExternalId 19,910
P2756 EIRIN film rating category in the Japanese film rating system (add EIRIN number with qualifier P2676) EIRIN film rating category WikibaseItem 2,852
P2758 CNC film rating (France) category assigned to a film by the Board of Film Classification (CNC) which what audiences may view it in France CNC rating, CNC film rating, CNC movie rating, Commission de classification des œuvres cinématographiques film rating, film classification category (CNC) WikibaseItem 20,992
P2759 AUSNUT food ID identifier of a food in the Australian Food, Supplement and Nutrient Database (AUSNUT) managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) AUSNUT Food Identifier, AUSNUT ID ExternalId 59
P2760 NUTTAB food ID Identifier of a food within the Nutrient Tables for use in Australia (NUTTAB) which is managed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) NUTTAB Food Identifier, NUTTAB ID ExternalId 56
P2761 Research Papers in Economics Series handle identifier of academic journals in Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) RePEc Series handle ExternalId 19
P2762 CTBUH Skyscraper Center building complex ID identifier for a building complex as used on the CTBUH's Skyscraper Center building complex ID ExternalId 156
P2763 Danish protected area ID identifier for Danish protected area ExternalId 14
P2764 Wrestlingdata person ID identifier for a professional wrestling performer on the Wrestlingdata database Wrestlingdata person identifier, person ID, person identifier ExternalId 1,091
P2765 ID identifier at, database of skyscrapers and contemporary architecture in Japan ExternalId 65
P2766 ISO 4063 process number identifier for a process, in the ISO-approved classification scheme for welding & soldering processes ExternalId 2
P2767 JudoInside judoka ID Identifier for a judoka at the database ID ExternalId 6,643
P2768 BNE journal ID identifier for a journal in BNE's journals archive, an open access digital library of Spanish-language periodical publications, established by Biblioteca Nacional de España ExternalId 288
P2769 budget assigned monetary amount for a project (for the estimated cost of a film, also commonly referred to as budget, use P2130) Quantity 7,363
P2770 source of income source of income of an organization or person income source, revenue source, source of revenue WikibaseItem 513
P2771 D-U-N-S number unique company identifier from Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number, Data Universal Numbering System, DUNS, DUNS Number, D&B D-U-N-S Number, DNB D-U-N-S Number, Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number ExternalId 251
P2772 FIS alpine skier ID identifier for an alpine skier, in the International Ski Federation database ExternalId 3,518
P2773 FIS cross-country skier ID identifier for a cross-country skier, in the International Ski Federation database ExternalId 3,286
P2774 FIS freestyle skier ID identifier for a freestyle skier, in the International Ski Federation database ExternalId 1,086
P2775 FIS ski jumper ID identifier for a ski jumper, in the International Ski Federation database ExternalId 2,448
P2776 FIS Nordic combined skier ID identifier for a Nordic combined skier, in the International Ski Federation database ExternalId 844
P2777 FIS snowboarder ID identifier for a snowboarder, in the International Ski Federation database FIS snowboarder identifier ExternalId 1,016
P2778 IAT triathlete ID identifier for a triathlete in the IAT (Institute for Applied Training Science / Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft) database Institute for Applied Training Science triathlete ID, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft triathlete ID, IAT triathlete identifier, Institute for Applied Training Science triathlete identifier, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft triathlete identifier ExternalId 669
P2779 IAT weightlifter ID identifier for a weightlifter in the IAT (Institute for Applied Training Science / Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft) database Institute for Applied Training Science weightlifter ID, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft weightlifter ID, IAT weightlifter identifier, Institute for Applied Training Science weightlifter identifier, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft weightlifter identifier ExternalId 965
P2780 IAT diver ID identifier for a diver in the IAT (Institute for Applied Training Science / Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft) database Institute for Applied Training Science diver ID, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft diver ID, IAT diver identifier, Institute for Applied Training Science diver identifier, Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft diver identifier ExternalId 639
P2781 race time officially recorded time elapsed in a sports race Quantity 31
P2782 client ID identifier of a client in ExternalId 75
P2783 Danish listed buildings case ID case number of a listed building in Denmark ExternalId 1,604
P2784 Mercalli intensity scale measurement of the intensity of an earthquake WikibaseItem 92
P2786 aerodrome reference point official coordinates for airport ARP, airfield reference point, airport reference point GlobeCoordinate 284
P2787 longest span length of the longest span of a bridge, a natural arch length of longest span, length of main span, longest span length, main span, main span length, span length (longest), span length (main) Quantity 1,624
P2788 Czech neighbourhood ID code identifier for a neighbourhood in the Czech Republic ExternalId 15,391
P2789 connects with item with which the item is physically connected affixed to, attached to, attaches to, binds to, connected to, connected with, connects to, contacts, couples with, intersects at grade, links to, mates with, meets at grade WikibaseItem 200,906
P2790 net tonnage dimensionless index calculated from the total moulded volume of the ship's cargo spaces by using a mathematical formula Quantity 172
P2791 power consumed electrical power consumed by an appliance Quantity 562
P2792 ASF KID Cave Tag Number unique identifier for caves within the Karst Index Database of the Australian Speleological Federation KID, Australian Speleological Federation KID, Karst Index Database ExternalId 120
P2793 clearance distance between surface under bridge and bottom of a bridge deck height, air draft, air draught, bridge height, clearance below, deck height, height above ground, height above valley floor, height above water, height of deck bottom, span height Quantity 358
P2794 Index Hepaticarum ID identifier in the Index Hepaticarum, a nomenclatural database ExternalId 98
P2795 directions describe how to find the subject - directions, objects along way, comments locality or place Monolingualtext 96,388
P2796 3DMet ID identifier of chemical compounds in 3DMet database 3DMET ID ExternalId 3
P2797 sound power level level of sound power at a reference value of 1 pW Quantity 328
P2798 Loop ID identifier for a person, in the Loop database of researcher impact Loop ID, Loop profile ID ExternalId 80,934
P2799 BVMC person ID identifier of an author on the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Cervantesvirtual ID ExternalId 15,655
P2800 Beach Volleyball Database ID identifier for an athlete in the Beach Volleyball Database Beach Volleyball Database identifier, BVD ID, BVD identifier ExternalId 2,133
P2801 FIVB beach volleyball player ID identifier for a beach volleyball player, in the FIVB database FIVB beach volleyball player identifier ExternalId 1,362
P2802 fleet or registration number the fleet number or registration of the vehicle registration number, fleet number, number plate String 7,610
P2803 Wikidata time precision numeric value used by Wikidata to describe the corresponding time/date precision. There are 15 items with this property with values from 0 to 14 (second), year is 9. timePrecision in Wikibase Quantity 15
P2804 World Sailing member ID (archived) member identifier for a sailor in the World Sailing database World Sailing member ID, International Sailing Federation member ID, ISAF member ID ExternalId 1,380
P2805 Goratings ID Go player identifier Go Ratings ID ExternalId 2,392
P2806 vibration level of vibration measured Quantity 277
P2807 molar volume qualifier with e.g. P873 Quantity 0
P2808 wavelength spatial period of a wave Quantity 145
P2809 Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas Code identifier for a pollen or spore in the Australasian Pollen and Spore Atlas, managed by the Australian National University APSA Code ExternalId 1,257
P2810 LPGA Tour golf player ID identifier for a golf player, in the LPGA database LPGA Tour ID ExternalId 436
P2811 PGA Tour golf player ID identifier for a golf player, in the PGA Tour database PGA Tour ID ExternalId 1,391
P2812 MathWorld identifier identifier for entries in MathWorld, online mathematics reference work Wolfram MathWorld identifier ExternalId 4,710
P2813 house publication media that speaks for an organization or a movement, and that is usually edited by its members mouthpiece, publication, manifest, house journal, official newspaper, has mouthpiece, house organ, mouth piece, official media, official publication, organisation publication, organization publication, publishes, official publication of WikibaseItem 1,301
P2814 P-number Branch identifier from the Danish company register for linking physical sites to an organization ExternalId 450
P2815 ESR station code unique railway station/operation point code used in USSR and later in former USSR countries former USSR station code ExternalId 13,745
P2816 HowLongToBeat ID identifier of a video game at the website HowLongToBeat HLTB, How Long to Beat, time to complete video game ExternalId 16,718
P2817 appears in the heritage monument list heritage monument is a part of the list of heritage monuments WikibaseItem 276,763
P2818 Sherdog fighter ID identifier of a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter's profile page at Sherdog ID ExternalId 3,911
P2819 Yandex Music release ID identifier for an album on Yandex Music Yandex Music ID ExternalId 1,079
P2820 cardinality of this set measure of number of elements of a set WikibaseItem 53
P2821 by-product product of a chemical or industrial process, of secondary economic value byproduct, has by-product, has byproduct, produces by-product, secondary product, yields by-product WikibaseItem 56
P2822 by-product of chemical or industrial process which produces the item as a by-product byproduct of WikibaseItem 41
P2823 Royal Belgian Football Association player ID identifier for a player, on the official Belgian football federation website Belgian Football ID ExternalId 773
P2824 Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature ID identifier of a feature on an astronomical body in the Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature GPN ID ExternalId 8,668
P2825 via intermediate point on a journey - stopover location, waystation or routing point stopover, waystation, called at, calling at, calling point, intermediate point, journey stopover, journey via, route via, routing point WikibaseItem 981
P2826 Megogo ID identifier for the film in the database Megogo ExternalId 2,646
P2827 flower color colour of flowers of a plant species, hybrid or cultivar color of the flower, colour of the flower, flower colour WikibaseItem 804
P2828 corporate officer person who holds a specific position executive officer WikibaseItem 114
P2829 Internet Wrestling Database ID identifier for a professional wrestling performer at the Internet Wrestling Database IWD ID, profightdb wrestler ID ExternalId 2,644
P2830 Online World of Wrestling ID identifier for a professional wrestling performer or tag team at Online World of Wrestling OWW ID ExternalId 2,867
P2831 totem in many indigenous cultures an individual or group has a particular totem (e.g. a type of animal) WikibaseItem 21
P2832 Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designation unclassified designator for United States military electronic equipment JETDS, JETDAS ExternalId 162
P2833 ARKive ID identifier for a taxon, in the ARKive database ExternalId 15,296
P2834 individual tax rate percentage tax rate on individuals by income tax rate for individuals Quantity 8
P2835 lowest income threshold lowest income for which the tax rate applies, qualifier for P2834 (individual tax rate) Quantity 0
P2836 highest income threshold highest income for which the tax rate applies, qualifier for P2834 (individual tax rate) Quantity 0
P2838 professional name (Japan) name passed down by generation assumed by a master of a traditional Japanese art or sport such as kabuki or sumo WikibaseItem 245
P2839 gait gait of an animal WikibaseItem 17
P2840 NSC number numeric identifier for substances submitted to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for testing and evaluation ExternalId 116,122
P2841 age of onset age group in which disease manifestations appear WikibaseItem 7
P2842 place of marriage location where the marriage was celebrated. Use as qualifier for property "spouse" (P26) marriage location, location of marriage, married at, married in, wed at, wedding location WikibaseItem 3
P2843 Benezit ID identifier in Benezit Dictionary of Artists Bénézit, Benezit Dictionary of Artists ID, Bénézit Dictionary of Artists ID ExternalId 65,020
P2844 incidence probability of occurrence of a given condition in a population within a specified period of time Quantity 696
P2845 RAN ID identifier in National archaeological register of Romania ExternalId 153
P2846 wheelchair accessibility describes wheelchair accessibility of location or event ADA, accessibility for wheelchair users, disabled accessibility, easy access, step-free access WikibaseItem 6,458
P2847 Google+ ID Google Plus, account identifier of this person or organization: either starting with a "+" or consisting of 21 digits +, G+, Google Plus, Google+, Google +, Google Plus ID, Google Plus identifier, Google Plus username, Google+ identifier, Google+ username, ExternalId 6,086
P2848 Wi-Fi access internet access availability through Wi-Fi Wi-Fi, wifi, WLAN WikibaseItem 10,112
P2849 produced by links a class of biological features (such as a biochemical compound) with another class of biological entities known to produce it secreted by WikibaseItem 291
P2850 Apple Music artist ID (U.S. version) identifier for a musical artist or author in the U.S. version of Apple Music Apple Books author ID, Apple Music artist ID (American version), iTunes artist ID (American version), iTunes author ID, Apple author ID ExternalId 20,831
P2851 payment types accepted types of payment accepted by a venue credit cards accepted, payment methods accepted, accepted payment methods WikibaseItem 39,281
P2852 emergency phone number telephone number to contact emergency services emergency telephone number WikibaseItem 635
P2853 electrical plug type standard plug type for mains electricity in a country mains connector, electrical connector type, electrical socket type, mains plug type, mains socket type, plug type, socket type WikibaseItem 532
P2854 disease burden impact of a health problem as measured by financial cost, mortality, morbidity, or other indicators. It is often quantified in terms of quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) or disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) Quantity 20
P2855 VAT rate percentage value-added tax in this country or region. Do not use for sales tax. For specialised rates, use qualifiers GST, value-added tax rate, VAT, sales tax, goods and services tax rate, tax rate for sales, taxation rate for sales Quantity 188
P2856 EU Surface Water Body Code unique EU identifier for a surface water body EU_CD, Surface Water Body Code, SurfaceWaterBodyCode, Water Framework Directive Waterbody ID, WFD Waterbody ID ExternalId 7,612
P2857 superstar ID identifier for a professional wrestling performer or tag team at ExternalId 679
P2858 Killer List of Videogames ID identifier in Killer List of Videogames, KLOV ID ExternalId 1,574
P2859 X-SAMPA code Extended Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA) code for phoneme phoneme in X-SAMPA, X-SAMPA String 456
P2860 cites work citation from one creative or scholarly work to another bibliographic citation, citation WikibaseItem 287,588,323
P2861 Leidse Hoogleraren ID identifier in the Leidse Hoogleraren, a catalogue of University Professors of Leiden University since 1575 ExternalId 2,553
P2862 Catalogus Professorum Academiae Rheno-Traiectinae ID identifier for a professor at Utrecht University ExternalId 1,351
P2863 Nederlandse Molendatabase ID identifier of mills in the Nederlandse Molendatabase, with records of all functioning mills, windmills and watermills, in the Netherlands ExternalId 1,216
P2864 OpenCritic ID identifier for a video game on OpenCritic OpenCritic game ID ExternalId 3,442
P2865 band number identifier of First Nation in Canada First Nation band number ExternalId 245
P2866 Hollandsche Molen ID identifier of mills in "Vereniging de Hollandsche Molen", an organization that focuses on preservation of wind- and watermills in the Netherlands. ExternalId 1,404
P2867 Molenecho's ID identifier of mills in Molenecho's, a database on windmills and watermills in Belgium ExternalId 583
P2868 subject has role (qualifier) role/generic identity of the item ("subject"), also in the context of a statement. For the role of the value of the statement ("object"), use P3831 ("object has role"). For acting roles, use P453 ("character role"). For persons, use P39. job title, status, duty, function, role, purpose, as, has role, acting as, had role, subject had role, subject has generic identity, subject of qualified statement has role, subject of statement has role, subject performed task WikibaseItem 365,320
P2869 record or record progression links to item on the record or record progression world record, olympic record WikibaseItem 173
P2870 miRBase pre-miRNA ID identifier for pre-miRNAs in miRBase, the reference database for microRNAs ExternalId 1,881
P2871 miRBase mature miRNA ID identifier for mature miRNAs in miRBase, the reference database for microRNAs ExternalId 2,813
P2872 visitor centre official tourist office of this destination contact station, tourist office, visitor center WikibaseItem 561
P2873 time in space time in space by an astronaut or cosmonaut logged space hours, space exposure Quantity 666
P2874 PubChem BioAssay ID (AID) central identifier in PubChem, used as accession number for biological and biochemical assays AID ExternalId 1
P2875 property usage tracking category category tracking a Wikidata property in sister projects property tracked (inverse of) WikibaseItem 3,780
P2876 type of unit for this property units for this property are all instances of this item WikibaseItem 71
P2877 SureChEMBL ID the chemical compound identifier for the EBI SureChEMBL 'chemical compounds in patents' database SCHEMBL ID ExternalId 63
P2878 Minitel code access code of a service on the Minitel Videotex ExternalId 42
P2879 Library of the National Congress of Argentina ID identifier of a work in the National Library of Argentine Congress BCN ID, BCNA ID ExternalId 12
P2880 NIOSHTIC-2 ID identifier in the NIOSHTIC-2 database run by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (part of US CDC) ExternalId 73,872
P2881 promoted competitor or team relegated during competition promotion, competitor promoted, player promoted, team promoted WikibaseItem 1,239
P2882 relegated competitor or team relegated during competition competitor relegated, player relegated, relegation, team relegated WikibaseItem 2,932
P2883 HKMDB film ID identifier for a film at the HKMDB (Hong Kong Movie Database) website HKMDb film ID ExternalId 3,342
P2884 mains voltage voltage of residential mains electricity in a country or region mains electricity voltage Quantity 248
P2886 Shakeosphere person ID identifier in the Shakeosphere database of the University of Iowa ExternalId 2,851
P2887 reserve number (Canada) identifier of a Canadian Indian reserve ExternalId 76
P2888 exact match URL used to link two items or properties, indicating a high degree of confidence that the concepts can be used interchangeably same as, the same as, same meaning, sameas, skos:exactMatch, direct match, pecise match Url 3,287,550
P2889 FamilySearch person ID ID of a person in Family Search person ID, FamilySearch ID, FamilySearch Family Tree ID ExternalId 16,529
P2892 UMLS CUI NLM Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) controlled biomedical vocabulary unique identifier MedGen, Unified Medical Language System controlled unique identifier ExternalId 29,398
P2893 Skype username username on the Skype instant messaging service Skype, Skype ID String 117
P2894 day of week day of the week on which this item occurs, applies to or is valid day of the week WikibaseItem 192,754
P2895 maximum sustained winds maximum sustained wind evaluated by agency highest sustained winds, highest wind speed, maximum wind speed, strongest sustained winds, sustained winds, wind speed Quantity 2,849
P2896 publication interval standard publication interval for daily or periodical publications frequency of publication, interval of publication, publication cycle, publication frequency Quantity 5,754
P2897 Eldoblaje Movie ID identifier of dubbing in the website, a database of Spanish dubbings ExternalId 39
P2898 Swedish county letter ExternalId 29
P2899 minimum age minimum age for, for example, movie certification age restriction, min age Quantity 354,844
P2900 fax number telephone number of a facsimile line facsimile number String 32,055
P2903 Molendatabase verdwenen molens ID identifier of former/disappeared mills in the Netherlands at the Molendatabase verdwenen molens ExternalId 358
P2904 Beer Advocate brewery ID identifier for a brewery, in the Beer Advocate database ExternalId 108
P2905 RateBeer brewery ID identifier for a brewery, in the RateBeer database ExternalId 1,095
P2907 UTC timezone offset difference between Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and this timezone offset from UTC, UTC offset of timezone Quantity 481
P2908 SecondHandSongs work ID identifier for a creative work, in the SecondHandSongs database about covers and samplings SecondHandSongs song ID, SHS work ID ExternalId 4,455
P2909 SecondHandSongs artist ID identifier for an artist or group in the SecondHandSongs database SecondHandSongs ID, SHS artist ID ExternalId 8,064
P2910 icon pictogram suitable to represent the item. For logos of a subject, use "logo image" (P154); for favicons, use "small logo or icon" (P8972) symbol, pictogram CommonsMedia 3,179
P2911 time gap time gap to winner time (P2781) gap Quantity 1
P2912 distinctive jersey distinctive jersey held by a class or stage leader in a cycling competition jersey WikibaseItem 1
P2913 date depicted date represented in a work (for narrative works use P2408) date shown, depicts date, shown as at date, temporal coverage, depicted date, depicted time Time 752
P2914 MSBI person ID identifier of a person, in the Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland database Mapping the Practice and Profession of Sculpture in Britain and Ireland 1851-1951 ID ExternalId 1,476
P2915 ECARTICO person ID identifier for a person, in the ECARTICO biographical database of the Dutch and Flemish Golden Ages ExternalId 5,365
P2916 syntax clarification qualifier for P1793 (regular expression): to provide a textual description of the regex syntax of a value. Should be displayable after the text "The value for the property should match" and be followed by the regex. regular expression syntax Monolingualtext 0
P2917 COAM structure ID identifier of a building or structure of the city of Madrid in the Official Architects' Association of Madrid (COAM) database COAM building ID, COAM inm ID, Official Architects' Association of Madrid structure ID ExternalId 1,049
P2918 PO Box Post Office box number, as part of an address mailing address, mailbox, Post Office Box, Box number, P O Box, P. O. Box, P.O. Box, contact address String 453
P2919 label in sign language media file showing label of this item in sign language. Use "language of work or name" (P407) as qualifier to indicate which language sign, sign language media CommonsMedia 320
P2922 month of the year month of the year during which this item occurs, applies to or is valid in month, month of year WikibaseItem 4,674
P2923 focal height height of the lamp of a lighthouse from water level height of focal plane Quantity 6,989
P2924 Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID identifier for an entry on the official website of the Great Russian Encyclopedia GREO ID, GREOID ExternalId 52,009
P2925 domain of saint or deity domain(s) which this saint or deity controls or protects angel of, divine patron, domain of deity or saint, god of, goddess of, guardian of, is patron saint of, patron of, patron saint of, sacred domain, saint or deity domain WikibaseItem 1,045
P2926 InterPro ID InterPro unique identifier ExternalId 52,486
P2927 water as percent of area which percentage of the territory of this item inside coast line and international bounderies is water. Use "percent" (Q11229) as unit H₂O%, percent of area that is water Quantity 30,718
P2928 memory capacity memory storage capacity of some data storage device storage capacity, memory storage capacity Quantity 680
P2929 lighthouse range the distance at which the light can be seen. If the light has colors, there will be several ranges, one for each color. Use qualifier "color" (P462) range of lighthouse light Quantity 7,566
P2930 INSPIRE-HEP author ID identifier for authors in INSPIRE-HEP, a major database for high energy physics ExternalId 17,288
P2931 Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers identifier identifier for triangle centers used in the Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers, founded by Clark Kimberling ETC ID, Kimberling number ExternalId 33
P2935 connector connectors which the device has/supports electrical connector, has connector, ports WikibaseItem 931
P2936 language used language widely used (spoken or written) in this place or at this event used language, medium of instruction, languages used, working language, working languages, uses language WikibaseItem 44,040
P2937 parliamentary term term of a parliament or any deliberative assembly legislative term WikibaseItem 6,401
P2938 Pleiades category identifier category (former place type) identifier in the Pleiades gazetteer Pleiades place type identifier ExternalId 8
P2939 CageMatch tag team ID identifier for a professional wrestling tag team at CageMatch tag team identifier ExternalId 234
P2940 Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium ID identifier in the Catalogus Professorum Rostochensium database on professors of the Rostock University from 1419 to present CPR ID ExternalId 1,344
P2941 Munk's Roll ID identifier of a person, in the biographical website of the Royal College of Physicians, London Inspiring Physicians ID, Munks Roll ID, The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London ID ExternalId 5,615
P2942 Dailymotion channel ID identifier of the Dailymotion channel of a person, or organization Dailymotion ID ExternalId 502
P2943 ID identifier of a person at, awarded with title Hero of the Soviet Union or Hero of the Socialist Labour ExternalId 17,176
P2944 Plarr ID identifier of a person, in the biographical website of the Royal College of Surgeons, London Plarr’s Lives of the Fellows ID ExternalId 1,965
P2945 British Book Trade Index ID identifier for an individual or business entity listed in the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries' British Book Trade Index database BBTI ID ExternalId 1,460
P2946 BacDive ID identifier for a microorganism, in the BacDive database ExternalId 13,221
P2948 Estonian cultural monument ID identifier in the Estonian national registry of cultural monuments ExternalId 2,140
P2949 WikiTree person ID identifier for a person in the WikiTree genealogy website WikiTree ID ExternalId 271,193
P2950 Nomisma ID identifier in, a linked open data thesaurus of numismatic concepts ExternalId 2,058
P2951 Cultural heritage database in Austria ObjektID identifier given by the published BDA (Bundesdenkmalamt) list of monuments Austria Cultural ObjectID, Denkmalgeschütztes Objekt Österreich ID ExternalId 38,820
P2952 Boat of Heritage Interest ID identifier of a ship BIP, Boat of Heritage Interest identifier ExternalId 79
P2953 Estonian Research Portal person ID identifier for a person, in the Estonian Research Portal ExternalId 1,489
P2954 Transferred Account Data Interchange Group Code TADIG code ExternalId 28
P2955 point of penalty point of penalty in a tournament penalty points Quantity 1
P2956 NAIF ID integer code assigned by NASA's Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility to solar system objects, reference frames, and instruments that it tracks ExternalId 454
P2957 throughput volume of units that do or can pass through or be transported by the object capacity, rate Quantity 1,163
P2959 permanent duplicated item this item duplicates another item and the two can't be merged, as one Wikimedia project includes two pages, e. g. in different scripts or languages (applies to some wiki, e.g.: cdowiki, gomwiki, nanwiki). Use "duplicate item" for other wikis. duplicate, duplicate item, duplicate of, duplicate of item, identical to, permanently duplicated item, same concept as, same as WikibaseItem 14,700
P2960 archive date date a document was archived archival date, archived in, archivedate, date archived Time 351
P2961 BVPH publication ID identifier in Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica Biblioteca Virtual de Prensa Histórica identifier ExternalId 238
P2962 title of chess person title awarded by a chess federation to a person chess title WikibaseItem 31,714
P2963 Goodreads author ID identifier of an author on the Goodreads website Good Reads author ID ExternalId 23,695
P2964 right to vote people who have right to vote at this election, referendum, etc. suffrage WikibaseItem 72
P2965 EU River Basin District code unique code for an EU River Basin District euRBDCode, RBDCode ExternalId 20
P2966 National Library of Wales Authority ID identifier of persons, corporate entities and families in the National Library of Wales Archives and Manuscripts database National Library of Wales Archives and Manuscripts, National Library of Wales Archives and Manuscripts identifier, NLoW ID, NLW Archives and Manuscripts identifier, NLW identifier ExternalId 23,884
P2967 Queensland Heritage Register ID identifier of a property listed on the Queensland Heritage Register ExternalId 1,786
P2968 QUDT unit ID identifier for unit of measure definition according to QUDT ontology ExternalId 991
P2969 Goodreads version/edition ID identifier of a version or edition, in the website Goodreads book ID, Goodreads version ID, Goodreads edition ID, Goodreads version/edition identifier, Goodreads book identifier, Goodreads edition identifier, Goodreads version identifier ExternalId 42,306
P2970 Kinopolis film ID identifier for films in the German Kinopolis database Kinopolis ID ExternalId 600
P2971 GCatholic church ID ID of a church on GCatholic, church ID ExternalId 11,712
P2972 SNAP ID identifier for an ancient person, in the SNAP project ExternalId 2
P2973 Spenserians person ID identifier of a person on the site of the Spenserians project Spenser and the Tradition: English Poetry 1579–1830 ID ExternalId 1,038
P2974 habitat the natural environment in which an organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds a species population WikibaseItem 1,584
P2975 host an organism harboring another organism or organisms on or in itself host taxon WikibaseItem 7,509
P2976 patronym or matronym for this name patronym or matronym based on this given name matronym, patronym WikibaseItem 235
P2977 LBT person ID identifier of a person, on Lord Byron and his Times website LBT ID ExternalId 8,593
P2978 wheel arrangement wheel/axle arrangement for locomotives, railcars and other rolling stock WikibaseItem 8,502
P2979 maritime identification digits identifier used by radio communication facilities to identify their home country or base area in messages as part of their Maritime Mobile Service Identities MID String 296
P2980 ARLHS lighthouse ID identifier on the ARLHS World List of Lights ARLHS ID, ARLHS WLOL ID, ARLHS World List of Lights ID, WLOL ID, World List of Lights ID ExternalId 4,321
P2981 UIC alphabetical country code alphabetical country code issued by the International Union of Railways UIC country code ExternalId 65
P2982 UIC numerical country code numerical country code issued by International Union of Railways UIC country code ExternalId 67
P2983 UNDP country code country code by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) United Nations Development Programme country code ExternalId 4
P2984 Snapchat username this item's username on Snapchat Snapchat ExternalId 1,377
P2985 DBSE ID identifier in the Diccionario Biográfico del Socialismo Español Biographical Dictionary of Spanish Socialism ID, Diccionario Biográfico del Socialismo Español ID, Spanish Socialist Biographical Dictionary ID ExternalId 660
P2986 aircraft registration prefix national prefix used in civil aircraft registration numbers ExternalId 14
P2987 Taekwondo Data ID identifier for sportsperson in the Taekwondo Data database ID ExternalId 4,158
P2988 GOST 7.67 cyrillic country codes in Cyrillic from the GOST standards committee ExternalId 4
P2989 has grammatical case case used in this language cases, has case WikibaseItem 522
P2990 FIL athlete ID identifier for sportsperson in the Intrenational Luge Federation (FIL) database FIL ID, ILF ID, International Luge Federation ID, Luge Federation ID ExternalId 524
P2991 IBSF athlete ID identifier for sportsperson in the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation database FIBT athlete ID ExternalId 1,127
P2992 software quality assurance quality assurance process in place for a particular software QA, Software QA WikibaseItem 448
P2993 partition coefficient water/octanol logarithm of the partition coefficient (n-octanol/water) Quantity 38
P2997 age of majority threshold of adulthood as recognized or declared in law. Use qualifiers "statement is subject of" (P805) to link to item for articles with more detail. Use "start time" (P580) or "point in time" (P585) for historic data Quantity 147
P2998 age of candidacy minimum age at which a person can legally qualify to hold certain elected government offices minimum age of candidacy Quantity 176
P2999 age of consent youngest age at which a person can legally consent to sexual activity consent age Quantity 25
P3000 marriageable age minimum age at which a person is generally allowed by law to marry. Use qualifier "applies to part" (P518), to specify if it applies only to males (Q6581097), females (Q6581072) or both genders (Q27177113) marriage age, minimum age for marriage Quantity 297
P3001 retirement age the age at which most people normally retire from work Quantity 81
P3002 Untappd brewery ID numerical identifier for a brewery, in the Untappd database ExternalId 212
P3003 abandoned objects ID identifier of abandoned objects from ID ExternalId 3,007
P3004 Galiciana work ID identifier of a work in Galiciana ExternalId 259
P3005 valid in place place where a statement is valid applies to location, applies to place, country, true in, valid in location, valid in territory WikibaseItem 176
P3006 Marine Regions Geographic ID identifier for marine geographic objects, in the database MRG ID, MRGID ExternalId 455
P3007 Cadw Monument ID identifier for a scheduled monument in Wales scheduled monument ID Wales, Wales scheduled monument ID, Welsh scheduled monument ID ExternalId 765
P3008 Australian Heritage Database Place ID identifier "Place ID" on the Australian Heritage Database AHD ID, AHDP ID ExternalId 674
P3009 Conservatoire du littoral ID identifier on the Conservatoire du littoral website ExternalId 125
P3010 World Archery Federation ID identifier for sportsperson in the World Archery Federation database World Archery athlete ID, World Archery ID ExternalId 682
P3012 Statistics Canada Geographic code system by Statistics Canada for categorizing and enumerating the census geographic units of Canada Standard Geographical Classification code, SCG code ExternalId 3,226
P3013 surface tension physical property of liquid Quantity 44
P3014 laws applied the constitutional and statutory provisions that were the primary basis for a decision or law law applied, legal base, applied law WikibaseItem 208
P3015 backup or reserve team or crew team or crew that is kept ready to act as reserve backup crew, backup team, reserve crew, reserve team WikibaseItem 229
P3016 French national research structure identifier identifier in the French national research structure repertory national research structure identifier (France), RNSR ID ExternalId 3,629
P3017 Rolling Stone artist ID identifier for an artist (person or group) in Rolling Stone magazine's website Rolling Stone ID ExternalId 1,871
P3018 located in protected area protected area where a place or geographical feature is physically located located in bioreserve, located in biosphere reserve, located in conservation area, located in ecological protection area, located in national park, located in natural reserve, located in nature conservation area, located in nature preserve, located in nature reserve, located in provincial park, located in state park, located in territorial park, located in wildlife refuge, located in wildlife sanctuary, national park location, protected area location, provincial park location, state park location WikibaseItem 40,306
P3019 railway signalling system type of signalling used on this railway line signalling system, signalling type, type of signalling WikibaseItem 121
P3020 residence time of water residence time of water in a lake or sea retention time, lake retention time, lake residence time, water residence time, water retention time Quantity 284
P3021 Iranica ID identifier of an article, on Encyclopædia Iranica ExternalId 1,012
P3022 flag bearer person who carries the national flag of their country at an opening or closing ceremony WikibaseItem 4,229
P3023 Legacies of British Slave-ownership person ID identifier of a person, in University College London's 'Legacies of British Slave-ownership' project British Slave-ownership person ID, LBS ID, LBS person ID, slave ownership ID ExternalId 1,610
P3024 ITU letter code identifier for member countries of the International Telecommunication Union radiocommunication division ExternalId 192
P3025 open days days in the week subject item is open within the opening season days open, open on days, opening days WikibaseItem 4,290
P3026 closed on exceptions to open days (P3025), usually special dates except, closed days, days not open WikibaseItem 386
P3027 open period from qualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days apply start of opening season, start opening season, opening month, opening season, opening day of the year WikibaseItem 18
P3028 open period to qualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days apply end of opening season, end opening season, open until WikibaseItem 14
P3029 UK National Archives ID identifier for a person, family or organisation, in the UK's National Archives database TNA, PRO, The National Archives, Public Record Office, National Archives ID, UK, NRA ID, TNA ID, UKNA ID ExternalId 53,895
P3030 sheet music media file containing the musical score (sheet music) for this item musical score CommonsMedia 959
P3031 EPPO Code identifier for a taxon in the EPPO Global Database Bayer code ExternalId 69,071
P3032 adjacent building building adjacent to the item located next to, neighboring building, next to, adjoining building WikibaseItem 27,867
P3033 package management system package management system used to publish the software software package WikibaseItem 193
P3034 Indonesian ethnicity code code for ethnic groups in Indonesia, defined in Ensiklopedi Suku Bangsa di Indonesia ethnicity code (Indonesia) ExternalId 120
P3035 ISBN publisher prefix part of an ISBN(-13) specific to a publisher ISBN prefix, ISBN root, ISBN registrant element, isbnre ExternalId 5,620
P3036 precipitation height maximum height of snow or rain during an event or space of time amount of precipitation, amount of rain, amount of snow, precipitation amount, rain amount, snow accumulation, snow amount, snow height Quantity 57
P3037 spatial reference system frame of reference used to produce a map coordinate reference system, CRS, SRS WikibaseItem 3
P3038 IWM memorial ID identifier for a war memorial, in the UK Imperial War Museum's War Memorials Register ExternalId 5,697
P3039 wheelbase distance between centers of front wheel and rear wheel Quantity 3,778
P3040 SoundCloud ID identifier for a person, band, radio station or other entity, on SoundCloud SC ID ExternalId 23,381
P3041 luminous intensity measure of the emitted light intensity intensity of light, light intenstiy Quantity 231
P3042 CageMatch wrestling stable ID identifier for a professional wrestling stable at CageMatch wrestling stable identifier ExternalId 104
P3044 College Football HoF ID identifier for American football players in the College Football Hall of Fame ExternalId 1,199
P3045 HanCinema person ID identifier for a person in the HanCinema database ExternalId 2,689
P3046 ForaDeJogo player ID (archived) identifier for an association football (soccer) player Fora De Jogo player ID ExternalId 4,401
P3047 player ID identifier for an association football player at (formerly Footballzz player ID, TheFinalBall player ID, Zerozero player ID ExternalId 16,262
P3048 Racing-Reference driver ID identifier of a driver, in the database driver ID, racing-reference driver identifier, driver identifier ExternalId 1,645
P3049 Scottish Football Association player ID identifier of a player in the records of the Scottish Football Association Scottish FA player ID ExternalId 777
P3050 FACR player ID identifier for an association football player at, website of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR: Fotbalová asociace České republiky), formerly the Bohemian-Moravian Football Union (ČMFS: Českomoravský fotbalový svaz) CMFS player ID, Czech footballer ID ExternalId 822
P3051 Kindred Britain ID identifier of an article on Kindred Britain ExternalId 29,945
P3052 Bloomberg person ID identifier for a business person, at Bloomberg ExternalId 736
P3053 K League player ID identifier for a player at website of K League, South Korea's professional association football (soccer) league ExternalId 2,898
P3054 Ontario MPP ID official identifier for a Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario ID, MPP ID, Provincial Parliament of Ontario ExternalId 1,615
P3055 NAQ elected person ID official identifier of a person elected to the National Assembly of Quebec (NAQ) or one of its predecessors National Assembly of Quebec ID, Quebec MNA ID, ID ExternalId 2,360
P3056 TCM Movie Database person ID identifier for a person (cast or crew member) in the Turner Classic Movies movie database TCM person ID, TCMDb person ID, Turner Classic Movies person ID ExternalId 5,794
P3057 Charity Commission no. official number of a charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales CCEW Charity number, CCEW number, Charity Commission no, Charity Commission number, charity ID, charity no, charity number, registered charity ID, registered charity no, registered charity number ExternalId 3,072
P3058 Architectuurgids architect ID identifier for an architect in the Dutch database ExternalId 883
P3059 Architectuurgids building ID unique identifier for a building in the Dutch database ExternalId 712
P3060 ButMoth ID identifier for a butterfly or moth genus in the UK Natural History Museum's 'Butterflies and Moths of the World' database ExternalId 21,388
P3061 Basisregistratie Instellingen number register number, issued by the Dutch ministry of Education, given to schools BRIN identifier, BRIN number ExternalId 6,441
P3063 gestation period amount of time needed for gestation for this animal taxon Quantity 566
P3064 LepIndex ID identifier for a Lepidoptera taxon, in the UK Natural History Museum's 'Global Lepidoptera Names Index' ExternalId 242,341
P3065 RERO ID identifier in the Library network of Western Switzerland's RERO database RERO (Library network of Western Switzerland), Reseau Romand ID, Réseau Romand ID, Romand Network ID ExternalId 106,749
P3066 GLAM Identifier unique identifier for heritage institutions as they have been used in the context of the OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey GLAM ID ExternalId 1,652
P3067 GS1 country code GS1 Prefix, the first three digits, usually identifying the national GS1 Member Organization to which the manufacturer is registered (not necessarily where the product is actually made) UCC, Unique Country Code prefix String 151
P3068 WIPO ST.3 World Intellectual Property Organization standard for the two-letter codes of countries and certain organizations ExternalId 230
P3069 UN document symbol unique number assigned to United Nations documents United Nations Document Codes ExternalId 2,725
P3070 dynamic viscosity viscosity of a substance, with phase of matter (P515) and temperature (P2076) as qualifiers Quantity 80
P3071 standard molar entropy entropy content of one mole of substance under standard conditions (25°C, 1 bar) Quantity 70
P3072 Storting person ID identifier for a Norwegian parliamentarian in the official Storting database ExternalId 3,015
P3073 CosIng number Number for a chemical substance in the European CosIng database ExternalId 5,235
P3074 Grace's Guide ID identifier of a person or organisation on Grace's Guide Grace ID, Grace's ID, Graces Guide ID, Graces ID ExternalId 9,500
P3075 official religion official religion in this administrative entity established religion, state religion WikibaseItem 901
P3076 Open Beauty Facts category ID category on the Open Beauty Facts website Open Beauty Facts ID (category), OpenBeautyFacts category ID, OpenBeautyFacts ID (category) ExternalId 5
P3077 Cineplex Germany film ID identifier for films in the Cineplex database Cineplex ID, Cineplex movie ID ExternalId 11,806
P3078 standard enthalpy of formation change of enthalpy during the formation of 1 mole of the compound from its constituent elements, with all substances in their standard states at 1 bar and 25°C standard heat of formation Quantity 265
P3080 game artist game artist(s) that produced art assets for a role-playing games, collectible card games, video game, etc. video game artist, game artwork by, video game artwork by WikibaseItem 183
P3081 damaged physical items damaged by this event structures damaged WikibaseItem 99
P3082 destroyed physical items destroyed by this event structures destroyed, were destroyed WikibaseItem 307
P3083 SIMBAD ID identifier for an astronomical object, in the University of Strasbourg's SIMBAD database SIMBAD ExternalId 8,152,575
P3085 qualifies for event this event qualifies for that event league this event qualifies for WikibaseItem 3,014
P3086 speed limit maximum speed allowed on a transport route or in a certain area operating speed, maximum speed Quantity 2,417
P3087 fiscal/tax revenue fiscal revenue of a public entity (not for private entities) Quantity 1,739
P3088 Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID identifier (name code) for a taxon in the Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID of Catalogue of Life in Taiwan, ID of TaiBNET, TaiBNET Name Code ExternalId 48,128
P3089 Flags of the World ID identifier for a flag in the Flags of the World database FOTW ID ExternalId 938
P3090 flight number identifier for a specific flight String 289
P3091 mount creature ridden by the subject, for instance a horse horse, steed WikibaseItem 791
P3092 film crew member member of the crew creating an audiovisual work, used for miscellaneous roles qualified with the job title when no specific property exists. Don't use if such a property is available: notably for cast member (P161), director (P57), etc. WikibaseItem 5,303
P3093 recovered by person, organisation or vehicle that recovered the item. Use the most specific value known. recovery group, recovery vehicle WikibaseItem 64
P3094 develops from this class of items develops from another class of items (biology) antecedent anatomical structure, developed from, evolved from, evolves from WikibaseItem 140
P3095 practiced by type of agents that study this subject or work in this profession associated with, done by, has practitioner, has proponent, implemented by, implementor, occupation of this field, practioner, proponent, studied by, practitioners WikibaseItem 5,270
P3096 KML file item with sitelinks to wikimedia page containing text of a relevant KML file KML, Keyhole Markup Language file WikibaseItem 11,160
P3097 ISBN identifier group ISBN prefix for countries or languages ExternalId 36
P3098 ID identifier in the database identifier, NCT ID, NCT Number, NCTID ExternalId 393,348
P3099 Internet Bird Collection species ID identifier for a species of bird, in the Internet Bird Collection database IBC ID ExternalId 812
P3100 Flora of Australia ID (old) identifier for a plant taxon, in the Flora of Australia Online Flora of Australia ID ExternalId 393
P3101 FloraBase ID identifier for a plant taxon, in the Government of Western Australia's FloraBase database ExternalId 17,602
P3102 Plantarium ID identifier for a plant taxon, in the Plantarium database ExternalId 1,489
P3103 has tense grammatical category expressing time reference of the language. To include a sample, use qualifier "quote" (P1683), sample: "He writes". If an activity before is needed "He sees". If an activity afterwards is needed: "He reads". grammatical tense, has grammatical tense WikibaseItem 183
P3104 Gares & Connexions ID ID for a railway station on the official website for French railway stations Gare & Connexions ID, Gare et Connexions ID, Gares en mouvement, Gares et Connexions ID ExternalId 1,644
P3105 Tela Botanica ID identifier for a plant taxon in Tela Botanica's 'base des trachéophytes de France métropolitaine' - BDTFX - (Metropolitan France Tracheophyte Database) Tela-botanica ID (Metropolitan France), Tela-metro ID ExternalId 33,422
P3106 Guardian topic ID identifier for a topic at the Guardian newspaper website Guardian, The Guardian topic, The Guardian topic ID ExternalId 1,959
P3107 LdiF ID identifier of a film (movie) in the Lexikon des Internationalen Films (Lexicon of International Films) LdiF film-id, LdIF ID, Lexikon des internationalen Films ExternalId 39,633
P3108 Yelp ID identifier of a place, in Yelp identifier, ID ExternalId 2,899
P3109 Peakbagger mountain ID identifier for a mountain, on the website Peakbagger ID, Peakbagger peak ID ExternalId 6,069
P3110 ISzDb film ID identifier of a film in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database) ExternalId 1,959
P3111 FEI athlete ID identifier of athlete at the FEI website Fédération Équestre Internationale, FEI ID, FEI person ID ExternalId 676
P3112 DistroWatch ID identifier for an operating system at ExternalId 136
P3113 does not have part expected part that the item does not have (for qualities, use P6477) missing, does not include, doesn't have, has part missing, lacks WikibaseItem 570
P3114 ISzDb person ID identifier of a person in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database) ExternalId 5,568
P3115 ISzDb company ID identifier of a company in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database) ExternalId 23
P3116 ISzDb dub ID identifier of a dub version for a film in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database) ExternalId 3
P3117 DSSTox substance ID DSSTox substance identifier (DTXSID) used in the Environmental Protection Agency CompTox Dashboard DTXSID, DTXSID ID ExternalId 850,656
P3118 OpenDomesday settlement ID Identifier for a British settlement, in the OpenDomesday digitisation of the Domesday Book Domesday Book ID ExternalId 13,121
P3119 Code for China Reservoir Name identifier for Chinese reservoirs ExternalId 538
P3120 TOID TOpographic IDentifier assigned by the Ordnance Survey to identify a feature in Great Britain Ordnance Survey Topographic Identifier, OS TOID, OS Topographic Identifier, Topographic Identifier ExternalId 59,306
P3121 Epguides ID identifier for a television programme or series, at ExternalId 5,166
P3122 OpenDomesday person ID Identifier for a person, in the OpenDomesday digitisation of the Domesday Book ExternalId 18
P3123 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ID identifier of a topic in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy SEP ID, ExternalId 1,101
P3124 Polish scientist ID identifier for a scientist, in the Polish Government's Information Processing Centre database Polish Science scientist ID ExternalId 33,113
P3125 EDRPOU code Ukrainian state registry legal entity identifier ExternalId 651
P3126 ALCUIN philosopher ID identifier of a philosopher in the ALCUIN Infothek der Scholastik ExternalId 567
P3127 Latindex ID identifier of a journal in Latindex ExternalId 615
P3128 CiNetMag film ID identifier for a movie at the Iranian movie database CiNetMag ExternalId 14
P3129 film ID identifier for a movie at the Greek movie database ExternalId 17,860
P3130 NSW Flora ID identifier for a plant taxon, in the NSW Flora Online ExternalId 6,552
P3131 Redalyc journal ID identifier of a journal in Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal (Redalyc) ExternalId 93
P3132 last line last line (excipit) of a poem, last sentence of a novel, etc. ending, excipit, closing line, final line, final sentence, last sentence Monolingualtext 15,228
P3133 NSZL name authority ID ID of a person or organisation in the "Integral Information System of the National Library" (NEKTÁR) in Hungary NEKTÁR ExternalId 12,966
P3134 TripAdvisor ID identifier of a place (region, hotel, restaurant, attraction), in TripAdvisor Trip Advisor ID ExternalId 23,525
P3135 elCinema film ID identifier for a movie at elCinema ExternalId 13,962
P3136 elCinema person ID identifier for a person at elCinema elCinema ID, elCinema identifier ExternalId 7,803
P3137 parent peak parent is the peak whose territory this peak resides in, based on the contour of the lowest col Island parent, parent mountain WikibaseItem 3,274
P3138 OFDb film ID identifier for a film (movie) in the German Online-Filmdatenbank website OFDb movie ID, Online-Filmdatenbank film ID ExternalId 126,397
P3139 SourehCinema film ID identifier for a movie at the Iranian movie database SourehCinema ExternalId 3,152
P3140 SourehCinema person ID identifier for a person at the Iranian movie database SourehCinema SourehCinema ID ExternalId 1,785
P3141 EDb film ID identifier for a movie at the Israeli movie database EDb EDb ID ExternalId 10,451
P3142 EDb person ID identifier for a person at the Israeli movie database EDb person ID ExternalId 5,475
P3143 elFilm film ID identifier for a movie at the Arabic movie database elFilm elFilm, elFilm ID ExternalId 127,155
P3144 elFilm person ID identifier for a person at the Egypt movie database elFilm ExternalId 10,052
P3145 Sratim ID identifier for a movie or person at the Israeli movie database Sratim ( YouTheater ID ExternalId 7,245
P3146 CiNetMag person ID identifier for a person at the Iranian movie database CiNetMag ExternalId 5
P3147 United States Reports ID ID for US Supreme Court Opinions on OpenJurist website OpenJurist report ID, US Reports ID ExternalId 3,507
P3148 repeals this document or act repeals that other document or act cancels, invalidates, revokes WikibaseItem 29,290
P3149 molecule conformation qualifier to be used with property "electric dipole moment" (P2201) conformations of molecule WikibaseItem 0
P3150 birthday item for day and month on which the subject was born. Used when full "date of birth" (P569) isn't known. birth day, bday, b-day WikibaseItem 3,467
P3151 iNaturalist taxon ID identifier in iNaturalist ExternalId 829,975
P3152 Findsmiley ID identifier for Danish companies serving food ExternalId 146
P3153 Crossref funder ID identifier for an organisation that funds research, in the Crossref registry funder ID, FundRef ID ExternalId 16,602
P3154 Runeberg author ID identifier for an author in the Runeberg digital library Project Runeberg ID, Runeberg ID ExternalId 18,622
P3155 Runeberg book ID identifier for book item in the Runeberg digital library collection ExternalId 5,305
P3156 Australian Classification content rating of an audiovisual work or video game in the Australian Classification system ACB, ACB rating WikibaseItem 692
P3157 event distance distance over which a race or other event is conducted or was achieved race distance, stage distance Quantity 28,062
P3158 enclosure the type of structure enclosing another structure WikibaseItem 2,202
P3159 UGentMemorialis professor ID identifier for a professor at the Ghent University UGent Memorialis ID, UGentMemorialis ID ExternalId 1,957
P3160 Minnesota legislator ID official identifier for a Minnesota legislator ExternalId 5,355
P3161 has grammatical mood language has this grammatical mood/mode for signaling modality grammatical mode, grammatical mood, mode, mood, has grammatical mode WikibaseItem 116
P3162 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ID identifier for an inductee (individual or group), in the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Rock Hall of Fame ID, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ID ExternalId 346
P3163 Scottish Charity number official number of a charity registered with the Scottish Charity Regulator charity number, charity number (Scotland), OSCR ID ExternalId 108
P3165 Horsetelex ID identifier for a horse on Horsetelex database ExternalId 2,373
P3166 Webpedigrees ID identifier for a horse on Webpedigrees database ExternalId 71
P3167 Allbreedpedigree ID identifier for a horse on Allbreedpedigree database ExternalId 764
P3168 Sporthorse data ID identifier for a horse on Sporthorse data database ExternalId 5,058
P3169 Infochevaux ID identifier for a horse on the official French Infochevaux database ExternalId 896
P3170 Cultural Heritage Armenia ID identifier for a cultural object in Armenia Armenian Cultural Heritage ID ExternalId 21,980
P3171 athlete ID (archived) identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a former website of the International Olympic Committee ID ExternalId 30,001
P3172 World Bridge Federation ID identifier for a bridge player, issued by the World Bridge Federation WBF ID ExternalId 1,418
P3173 offers view on things, places this place offers views on has view of, has views of, offers view of, sights, view of, view to, views of, views to WikibaseItem 1,137
P3174 art director person credited as the art director/artistic director of this work; manages the process of making the visuals, which is done by concept artists, graphic designers, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers; See also P8938 for organizations artistic director WikibaseItem 1,342
P3175 Statoids ID identifier for a place in the Statoids wiki ExternalId 250
P3176 uses property Wikidata property used, discussed, or otherwise analyzed in this work (not the meaning of the property itself) analyzes property, analyzes Wikidata property, discusses property, discusses Wikidata property, property used, property Wikidata used, selfie property WikibaseProperty 323
P3177 Patrimonio Web JCyL ID identifier of a building or site in Patrimonio Web of Junta de Castilla y León ExternalId 925
P3178 Zaragoza monument ID ID of a monument catalogued in ID ExternalId 239
P3179 territory overlaps part or all of the area associated with (this) entity overlaps part or all of the area associated with that entity partially coincident with, overlaps, partially overlaps, partially contains territorial extent, partially located in territorial entity, partly located in territorial entity, partly coincident with, partly overlaps WikibaseItem 8,710
P3180 Visual Novel Database ID identifier at the Visual Novel Database VNDB ID ExternalId 3,290
P3181 OpenCitations bibliographic resource ID identifier for an article or publication, in the OpenCitations Corpus OpenCitations resource ID ExternalId 247,500
P3182 FANTOIR code unique identifier for streets and public squares in France and Monaco; format: 10 digits/characters RIVOLI code, RIVOLI ID, street identifier (France), street identifier (Monaco) ExternalId 50,349
P3183 Wall Street Journal topic ID identifier for a topic, at the Wall Street Journal website WSJ ID, WSJ topic ID ExternalId 105
P3184 Czech National Bibliography ID identifier for a book or periodical at the Czech National Library cnb, čČNB ExternalId 2,202
P3185 VK ID identifier for a person or organization in VKontakte VK username,, VKontakte username ExternalId 9,970
P3186 TAXREF ID identifier for a biological taxon in TAXREF, the national taxonomic reference for fauna, flora and Fungi of metropolitan France and overseas developed by the National Museum of Natural History Biodiv'Écrins ID, CD_NOM ExternalId 197,213
P3187 Marburger Professorenkatalog ID identifier for a professor, in the Marburger Professorenkatalog of professors at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany ExternalId 880
P3189 innervated by nerves which innervate this anatomical structure WikibaseItem 323
P3190 innervates anatomical structures innervated by this nerve WikibaseItem 319
P3191 IMIS person ID identifier for a person in IMIS, database of Flanders Marine Institute ExternalId 570
P3192 ID identifier for an artist, group or work, on Lastfm ID, LastFM music ID ExternalId 35,928
P3193 GS1 Company Prefix codes for a company or organisation, used in GS1 identifiers: GTIN, GLN, GRAI, etc (barcodes and RFID) GS1 Manufacturer code ExternalId 31
P3194 INA video ID identifier of a video on the INA website ExternalId 53
P3195 league points system point system of an e.g. sports league points system WikibaseItem 449
P3196 USGS earthquake ID identifier for an earthquake or other seismic event, in the United States Geological Survey database ANSS, USGS Advanced National Seismic System, USGS-ANSS, USGS-ANSS event page ExternalId 1,389
P3197 Federal Heritage Buildings ID (Canada) identifier of a building designated by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office of Canada Federal Heritage Buildings ID ExternalId 706
P3198 JewishGen Locality ID identifier of a town in The JewishGen Communities Database JewishGen ID ExternalId 294
P3199 charity number (Isle of Man) Charity number of a charity or charitable organisation registered on the Isle of Man Isle of Man charity number, Manx charity number ExternalId 3
P3200 Northern Ireland charity number official number of a charity registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland charity number (NI), charity number (Northern Ireland), NI charity ID, NI charity number ExternalId 5
P3201 Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities ID identifier in the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities MEDDRA ID ExternalId 9
P3202 UAI code official identifier of a French educational establishment RNE, UAI ID ExternalId 995
P3203 Ciné-Ressources film ID page of a movie on the website "Ciné-Ressources" Bifi film ID, Ciné-Ressources movie ID ExternalId 14,899
P3204 Ciné-Ressources person ID page of a person on the website "Ciné-Ressources" Bifi person ID, person ID, Cine person ID, Ciné-Ressources person identifier, Bifi person identifier, person identifier, Cine person identifier ExternalId 1,649
P3205 patient of was treated or studied as a patient by this person WikibaseItem 79
P3206 organisation ID identifier of an organization on the French national open-data platform ExternalId 1,296
P3207 Vine user ID ID of the Vine account of a person or organisation Vine, Vine account ExternalId 113
P3208 New General Catalogue ID identifier for an astronomical object, on the New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars, or its supplements NGC ID, NGC number ExternalId 7,726
P3209 Heritage Railway Station of Canada ID identifier of the Heritage Railway Station designated by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada ExternalId 164
P3211 Heritage Lighthouse of Canada ID identifier of the Heritage Lighthouse designated by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada ExternalId 109
P3212 ISAN unique identifier for audiovisual works and related versions, similar to ISBN for books International Standard Audiovisual Number, ISAN identifier ExternalId 30,459
P3213 Indian census area code (2001) code used for an area for calculations in the 2001 census of India Census 2001 Code, PLCN code ExternalId 41,197
P3215 SIRET number number of a French establishment or company SIRET, Système d'identification du répertoire des établissements ExternalId 11,500
P3216 ClassInd rating rating of an audiovisual work, video game or RPG in the Brazilian Advisory Rating System (ClassInd) BARS WikibaseItem 4,693
P3217 Dictionary of Swedish National Biography ID entry in the Dictionary of Swedish National Biography SBL ID, SBLID, Svenskt biografiskt lexikon ExternalId 7,720
P3218 Auñamendi ID identifier of an item in Auñamendi Encyclopaedia Auñamendi Eusko Entziklopedia ID, Aunamendi ID, Aunamendi identifier, Auñamendi identifier ExternalId 8,508
P3219 Encyclopædia Universalis ID identifier for an article in the online version of Encyclopædia Universalis Encyclopaedia Universalis Online ID, Universalis ID, Universalis online ID ExternalId 34,166
P3220 KvK company ID identifier of a company in the Dutch KvK Business Register Dutch Organization Number, Netherlands Organization Number ExternalId 2,099
P3221 New York Times topic ID identifier for a topic, at the New York Times' website NY Times topic ID, NYT topic ID, NYTimes topic ID ExternalId 2,531
P3222 ID ID of article on the Swedish Nationalencyklopedin ( site Nationalencyklopedin ID, Nationalencyklopedin Online ID, NE ID, ExternalId 44,847
P3223 Online List of Lights ID identifier in the Online List of Lights database List of Lights id ExternalId 3,596
P3224 NAICS code classification in the North American Industry Classification System ExternalId 92
P3225 Corporate Number (Japan) identifier assigned to companies and other organizations by the National Tax Agency of Japan hōjin bangō ExternalId 44,375
P3226 HAS member ID ID of the data-sheet of members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences MTA member ID ExternalId 1,240
P3227 Cultural Heritage Kosovo ID identifier for a cultural object in Kosovo ExternalId 1,415
P3228 Schläfli symbol notation that defines regular polytopes and tessellations String 264
P3229 South Dakota legislator ID official identifier for a South Dakota legislator SD legislator ID, South Dakota historical legislator identifier ExternalId 3,852
P3230 SCAR Composite Gazetteer place ID identifier in the international composite gazetteer for Antarctica run by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research SCAR GAZ Place ID ExternalId 19,356
P3232 PhilPapers author ID identifier for authors of papers on PhilPapers ExternalId 474
P3233 PhilPeople profile an identifier for user profiles on PhilPeople ExternalId 2,259
P3234 Code List for Cultural Heritage Organizations codes for cultural heritage organizations issued by the Library of Congress MARC Code List for Organizations, Library of Congress Cultural Heritage Organizations code, Cultural Heritage Organizations ID ExternalId 124
P3235 PhilPapers topic identifier for topics on PhilPapers ExternalId 828
P3236 PhilPapers publication ID an identifier for publications (journals) on PhilPapers ExternalId 431
P3237 KU Leuven person ID identifier for a person in the Who's Who database of the Catholic University of Leuven KU Leuven who's who ExternalId 183
P3238 trunk prefix a digit or digits to be dialled before a telephone number to initiate a telephone call for the purpose of selecting an appropriate telecommunications circuit by which the call is to be routed String 127
P3240 NBN System Key identifier of a taxon in the National Biodiversity Network (UK) ExternalId 107,489
P3241 Catholic Encyclopedia ID page of an article on cathen ExternalId 9,428
P3242 SIC code U.S. Standard Industrial Classification number for industries and economic activities Standard Industrial Classification code ExternalId 28
P3243 OKVED 1.1 code of the economic activity economic activity code according to Russian classification ОК 029-2007 ОK 029-2007 (NACE 1.1) code of the economic activity, ОK 029-2007 code of the economic activity, ОК 029-2007 (NACE 1.1) code of the economic activity, ОК 029-2007 code of the economic activity ExternalId 29
P3245 OKPD code of the good or service product code in the Russian classification "OKPD" ОК 034-2007 (КПЕС 2002) ExternalId 196
P3246 OKVED 2 code of the economic activity economic activity code according to Russian classification ОК 029-2014 ExternalId 12
P3248 OKP ID of the good or service numeric ID of this group or kind of goods according to OK 005-93 "Russian classification of products" OK 005-93 ID, OKP Code, OKP ID ExternalId 111
P3250 OKPD2 code of the good or service product code in the Russian classification "OKPD2" ОК 034-2014 (КПЕС 2008) ExternalId 183
P3251 minimum viable temperature lowest operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity occurs Quantity 1
P3252 maximum viable temperature highest operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity occurs Quantity 1
P3253 optimum viable temperature operating temperature where the culturing of micro-organisms and/or enzyme activity thrives best Quantity 7
P3254 property proposal discussion URL of the page (or page section) on which the creation of the property was discussed proposal, discussion, property discussion, Wikidata property proposal Url 10,521
P3256 Cave E-Cadastre ID ID in the Cave E-Cadastre of Slovenia ExternalId 72
P3257 Queensland place ID identifier of place, in the official Queensland Government gazetteer ExternalId 4,150
P3258 LiveJournal ID username of a person or organisation, on LiveJournal LiveJournal username ExternalId 2,046
P3259 intangible cultural heritage status status of an item that is designated as intangible heritage WikibaseItem 1,805
P3260 points awarded points awarded to the winning person, team or work for a win, draw, tie or loss. If no points are awarded for some category of finish (e.g. loss) use value 0 not no value. points for Quantity 49
P3261 anatomical branch of main stem of this blood vessel, lymphatic vessel or nerve WikibaseItem 622
P3262 has anatomical branch branches of this blood vessel, lymphatic vessel or nerve WikibaseItem 524
P3263 base configuration of a polytop vertices around the symmetry axis WikibaseItem 118
P3264 radix number of distinct digits in a positional numeral system WikibaseItem 58
P3265 Myspace ID identifier for a person or organisation, at Myspace Myspace, MySpace ID ExternalId 35,024
P3266 Library of Congress Format Description Document ID identifier for file formats in the Library of Congress database FDD ID, Library of Congress FDD ID, LocFDD ID ExternalId 496
P3267 Flickr user ID identifier for a person or organisation, with an account at Flickr NSID, Flickr, Flickr account, Flickr ID, Flickr username, Flickr NSID ExternalId 2,297
P3268 PORT organization URL URL of an organization (venue, band, etc.) in the PORT-network database Url 6
P3269 ID identifier for a photographer, in the Dutch database ExternalId 1,859
P3270 compulsory education (minimum age) minimum age for children when compulsory education starts. Qualifiers: "subject of" to link to more detail. If applicable, use qualifier P31 with value "varies by state/province" (Q27145860). Use "start time" or "point in time" for historic data. Quantity 63
P3271 compulsory education (maximum age) maximum age for children when compulsory education ends. Qualifiers: "subject of" to link to more detail. If applicable, use qualifier P31 with value "varies by state/province" (Q27145860). Use "start time" or "point in time" for historic data. school leaving age, minimum dropout age Quantity 102
P3272 Zeri image ID number in the Zeriimages database ExternalId 367
P3273 Actorenregister ID unique identifier in the Dutch Actorenregister database ExternalId 390
P3274 content deliverer third party service (e.g. Google Books, Internet Archive, etc.) that made the content available where it was accessed WikibaseItem 7
P3275 storyboard artist person credited as the storyboard artist of this work story artist, visualizer WikibaseItem 713
P3276 Angel List ID profile of a person or organisation on Angel List AngelList ID, ID ExternalId 222
P3277 KANTL member ID identifier for a member of the Royal Academy of Dutch language and literature ExternalId 365
P3279 statistical leader leader of a sports tournament in one of statistical qualities (points, assists, rebounds etc.). Don't use for overall winner. Use a qualifier to link to the item about the quality. MVP, most valuable player, record setter, statistical leader WikibaseItem 2,899
P3280 BAnQ author ID identifier for an author or subject heading in the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) B2Q author ID, B2Q subject ID, BanQ ID ExternalId 14,327
P3281 French National Assembly Lobbyist ID identifier of an individual lobbyist or lobbying organisation, at the French National Assembly ExternalId 209
P3283 Bandcamp ID identifier for an artist (person or group) or record label, in the Bandcamp database Bandcamp artist ID, Bandcamp band ID, Bandcamp group ID, Bandcamp label ID, Bandcamp person ID, bc ExternalId 14,446
P3284 Yahoo! Japan Talent Database ID Identifier of person in Yahoo! Japan Talent database ExternalId 11,415
P3285 Mathematics Subject Classification ID identifier of the same topic in the Mathematics Subject Classification (2010) MSC ID, MSC2010 ExternalId 382
P3286 Squash Info player ID identifier on the website Squash Info ID ExternalId 1,378
P3288 World Spider Catalog ID identifier of a taxon in the World Spider Catalog WSC ID ExternalId 54,944
P3289 Cellosaurus ID Cellosaurus cell line identifier ExternalId 141,884
P3290 biography at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern link to the biography pages at the Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Landtag of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ID, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Landtag ID ExternalId 75
P3291 DocCheck Flexikon En ID identifier for an article in the English section of DocCheck Flexikon wiki DocCheck En ID ExternalId 3
P3292 DocCheck Flexikon De ID identifier for an article in the German section of the DocCheck wiki DocCheck De ID ExternalId 75
P3293 BALaT object ID identifier for creative works in the Photo Library database of BALaT (Belgian Art Links & Tools), maintained by KIK-IRPA, Belgium's Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage BALaT artwork ID ExternalId 1,697
P3294 encoding encoding according to which a code is to be interpreted (use only as a qualifier) WikibaseItem 4
P3295 code code used to represent a specific concept in a given encoding String 46,472
P3296 DRÚSOP ID identifier used to format links in a database of Czech protected areas and trees DRÚSOP code ExternalId 5,391
P3297 Flemish Parliament person ID identifier for a person on the website of the Flemish Parliament ExternalId 923
P3298 Belgian Senate person ID identifier for a person on the website of the Belgian Senate ExternalId 373
P3299 student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1640 - 1852) ID in the online student register of the University of Helsinki 1640 - 1852. Format: numbers below ca. 20000, see P3325 for higher numbers University of Helsinki ID(1640 - 1852), Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1640 - 1852 -tunniste ExternalId 766
P3300 musical conductor the person who directs a musical group, orchestra or chorus music director, musical director, conductor, choir director, principal conductor WikibaseItem 3,740
P3301 broadcast by channel, network, website or service that broadcast this item over radio, TV or the Internet radio station, TV channel, radio network, TV station, radio channel, broadcaster, broadcast on, TV network, streamed by WikibaseItem 8,851
P3302 Open Media Database film ID identifier for a movie at the Open Movie Database OMDB film ID, Open Media Database film identifier, OMDB film identifier ExternalId 41,708
P3303 third-party formatter URL URI template from which "$1" can be automatically replaced with the effective property value on items; for sites other than the primary issuing body of the identifier concerned 3rd party formatter URL, 3rd-party formatter URL, formatter URL for third-party site, third party formatter URL String 744
P3304 NGS pumping station ID identifier for a pumping station described on the website of the Nederlandse Gemalen Stichting ExternalId 93
P3305 KINENOTE person ID identifier of a person in the KINENOTE movie database ExternalId 11,107
P3306 ICAA rating rating in the Spanish motion picture content rating system WikibaseItem 4,389
P3307 Galiciana authority ID identifier of an author in Galiciana Galiciana ID author ExternalId 500
P3308 ID ID for 'Things' (review subjects) on ExternalId 220
P3309 SummitPost ID identifier of a mountain or other location on SummitPost SummitPost mountain ID ExternalId 1,308
P3310 muscle action action a muscle engages in WikibaseItem 258
P3311 image of design plans image representing the plan of a building or place floor plan, airport diagram, architectural plan image, blue print, plan image, plan view, plan view image CommonsMedia 2,546
P3314 player ID identifier for players at 365chess player ID, 365Chess player ID, player ID ExternalId 17,059
P3315 player ID identifier for chess players at Chess Tempo player ID, player ID ExternalId 17,980
P3316 ICCF player ID identifier for a chess player, at ExternalId 3,075
P3318 Guía Digital del Patrimonio Cultural de Andalucía identifier identifier for a cultural heritage item in the Patrimonio Inmueble de Andalucía database (BDI) IAPH Id, IAPH identifier, patrimonio histórico de Andalucía ID ExternalId 26,944
P3320 board member member(s) of the board for the organization member of the board of directors WikibaseItem 5,884
P3321 male form of label male form of name or title male form of label (string), male gender sense, masculine form of label Monolingualtext 19,850
P3322 Vlinderstichting-ID identifier for lepidoptera species in the vlinderstichting database Vlindernet ID ExternalId 960
P3323 opponent during disputation participant in the defense of a doctoral thesis adversariorum partes suscipient, external examiner WikibaseItem 1
P3324 ID ExternalId 2,258
P3325 student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1853–1899) ID in the online student register of the University of Helsinki 1853–1899. Format: numbers above ca. 20000, see P3299 for lower numbers University of Helsinki ID (1853–1899), Ylioppilasmatrikkeli 1853–1899 ID ExternalId 1,681
P3326 World Waterfall Database ID Waterfall ID in the World Waterfall Database ExternalId 607
P3327 Réserves naturelles de France ID ExternalId 363
P3328 measure ID concept in the Ontology of units of Measure and related concepts (OM) 1.8 of OM 1.8 measure ID, unit of measure in, ID, measure, unit of measure ExternalId 641
P3329 CIViC variant ID identifier used in the CIViC database to identify specific variant ExternalId 2,012
P3330 ID ID of a fashion model on the website ExternalId 498
P3331 HGVS nomenclature Sequence Variant Nomenclature from the Human Genome Variation Society (HGVS) ExternalId 2,884
P3332 ACM Digital Library citation ID unique identifier for a bibliographic record in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Digital Library ACM DL ID, ACM Digital Library citation identifier, ACM DL citation ID ExternalId 588
P3333 ACM Digital Library event ID unique identifier of an event or conference series of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) ACM Digital Library event identifier, ACM DL event ID, ACM DL ID ExternalId 20
P3335 associated hazard hazards implicit in the subject item: that a sign warns of; that one may encounter in this place, on this thoroughfare; that are inherent properties of the subject; etc. hazard on site, hazardousness WikibaseItem 107
P3337 generation time average time from one generation to another within the same population Quantity 2
P3338 Encyclopedia of Surfing ID ID for a person, a surfing spot, a subject in the Encyclopedia of Surfing ExternalId 338
P3339 World Surf League ID identifier for a surfer on the World Surf League website ExternalId 246
P3340 Kvikmyndir film ID identifier of a film (movie) in the Icelandic film database ExternalId 3,299
P3341 Kvikmyndir person ID identifier of a person in the Icelandic film database ExternalId 688
P3342 significant person person linked to the item in any possible way friend, friends, associated people, associated person, key people, key person, notable people, notable person, person associated with the subject, sign. person, significant people, employee, relevant people, relevant person, important people, important person WikibaseItem 21,980
P3343 ID identifier of this legislation on the website legislation gov uk ID ExternalId 129,288
P3344 Vote Smart ID identifies candidates in US elections for national and state government within Project Vote Smart's database Project Vote Smart ID, VoteSmart ID ExternalId 4,154
P3345 RxNorm ID identifier for the normalized clinical drug dictionary of the Unified Medical Language System RxCui, RXCUI, RxNorm CUI ExternalId 9,289
P3346 HKMDB person ID identifier for a person at the HKMDB (Hong Kong Movie Database) website HKMDb ID, HKMDb identifier, HKMDb person ID, HKMDb person identifier, Hong Kong Movie Database ID ExternalId 3,196
P3347 PermID identifier for an entity or concept, in Thomson Reuters Open PermID Open Perm ID, Open PermID, OpenPermID, Perm ID, Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier, TR permid ExternalId 5,799
P3348 National Library of Greece ID authority ID from the National Library of Greece Authority Records EBE ID, GRATEVE ID, NLG ID ExternalId 38,917
P3349 designed to carry what the vehicle or class of vehicles is or was designed to carry cargo, carries, design payload, intended cargo, intended payload, intended to carry WikibaseItem 186
P3350 World Health Organisation international non-proprietary name numeric ID a numeric ID for the WHO international non-proprietary drug names collection INN ID, International Nonproprietary Name ID, WHO international non-proprietary name numeric ID ExternalId 362
P3351 Adult Film Database actor ID ID for an actor in the Adult Film Database Adult Film Database performer ID, AFD ID, AFDB actor ID, AFDB performer ID ExternalId 4,008
P3352 musipedia tune ID identification of tune in musipedia database ExternalId 6
P3353 National Recreation Trails Database ID identifier for a trail in the United States' National Recreation Trails Database NRT ID ExternalId 806
P3354 positive therapeutic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to predict response to a treatment positive therapeutic predictor WikibaseItem 1,291
P3355 negative therapeutic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to predict no response or resistance to a treatment negative therapeutic predictor WikibaseItem 987
P3356 positive diagnostic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to diagnose the presence of disease, used as inclusion criteria positive diagnostic predictor WikibaseItem 171
P3357 negative diagnostic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to diagnose the absence of disease, used as exclusion criteria negative diagnostic predictor WikibaseItem 9
P3358 positive prognostic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to prognose good outcome for the disease positive prognostic predictor WikibaseItem 99
P3359 negative prognostic predictor for the presence of the genetic variant helps to prognose poor outcome for the disease negative prognostic predictor WikibaseItem 306
P3360 Nobel Prize People Nomination ID identifier for a person who nominated someone, or who was nominated, for a Nobel Prize ExternalId 4,162
P3361 PictoRight ID code code to identify members of the Dutch collective rights management organisation PictoRight and sister organisations worldwide ExternalId 3,366
P3362 operating income private entity operating income earnings before interest and taxes, EBIT, operating profit Quantity 3,355
P3363 Tennis Hall of Fame player ID International Tennis Hall of Fame International Tennis Hall of Fame ID, Tennis HoF player ID ExternalId 261
P3364 stereoisomer of target item is a stereoisomer of this item WikibaseItem 2,060
P3365 Treccani ID identifier for the Treccani website Treccani, Enciclopedia Treccani, Enciclopedie online ID, Encyclopedia Treccani ExternalId 27,861
P3366 GECD person ID identifier of a person in the German Early Cinema Database ExternalId 210
P3367 GECD film ID identifier of a film (movie) in the German Early Cinema Database GECD ID ExternalId 931
P3368 Prabook ID identifier of a person in the Prabook database ExternalId 471,548
P3370 Géopatronyme ID identifier of a family name in the Géopatronyme database Geopatronyme ID ExternalId 191,725
P3371 Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux ID ID for religious buildings on the OPR website OPR ID ExternalId 30,585
P3372 Auckland Art Gallery artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand AAG artist ID ExternalId 3,135
P3373 sibling the subject and the object have at least one common parent (brother, sister, etc. including half-siblings); use "relative" (P1038) for siblings-in-law (brother-in-law, sister-in-law, etc.) and step-siblings (step-brothers, step-sisters, etc.) sister, brother, sib, half-brother, half-sibling, half-sister, bro, brothers, siblings, sisters, brother or sister, brothers and sisters, has brother, has sibling, has sister, is brother of, is sibling of, is sister of, is the brother of, is the sibling of, is the sister of, sis, sister or brother, sisters and brothers, sibling of WikibaseItem 426,614
P3374 endianness order of the bytes that compose a digital word in computer memory WikibaseItem 109
P3375 GECD Firmen-ID identifier of a film company in the German Early Cinema Database ExternalId 2
P3376 Enterprise number (Belgium) Identifier from Crossroads Bank for Belgian Enterprises Belgian enterprise number, CBE number, Enterprise number, Crossroad Bank of Enterprises ID ExternalId 887
P3377 Bloomberg company ID identifier for a company, in the Bloomberg database ExternalId 1,424
P3378 Merck Index reaction ID identifier for a chemical reaction, in the Merck Index Merck Index reaction, Merck Index reaction identifier ExternalId 13
P3379 Model Manual ID identifier for a fashion model in the 'New York' magazine database New York magazine fashion model ID ExternalId 566
P3380 FAO 2007 genetic resource ID (constructed) ID of a domestic animal species or breed in the FAO Animal Genetic resources report 2007 breed ExternalId 284
P3381 File Format Wiki page ID identifier on the "Just Solve the File Format Problem"/File Format(s) wiki FFW ID ExternalId 2,937
P3382 GeneDB ID gene identifier in GeneDB GeneDB ExternalId 884,216
P3383 film poster poster used to promote and advertise this film (if file is available on Commons). Use P154 for logos, P18 for movie stills and related images. Items about film posters can be linked with the qualifier "subject of" (P805). movie poster, poster of film CommonsMedia 2,087
P3385 Japan Sumo Association ID identifier of a person in the Japan Sumo Association database Goo Sumo ID, Grand Sumo ID ExternalId 488
P3386 French Sculpture Census work ID identifier of a sculpture in the French Sculpture Census ExternalId 1
P3387 minimum frequency of audible sound minimum frequency of audible sound for this species Quantity 14
P3388 LittleSis people ID entry in the LittleSis who-knows-who of government and business database LittleSis people identifier ExternalId 4,273
P3389 Royal Swedish Academy of Letters member ID identifier in the list of members of the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities Vitterhetsakademien ID ExternalId 1,384
P3390 NLB authority ID Belarus library catalog code Consolidated code of the electronic catalog of libraries of Belarus, National Library of Belarus authority ID ExternalId 995
P3391 Verkhovna Rada MP ID identifier for a member of Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine) on the official website ExternalId 826
P3392 Surman ID identifier of a record, in the Surman Index of British nonconformist ministers Surman index id, The Surman Index Online ID ExternalId 1,458
P3393 LittleSis organization ID organisation in the LittleSis who-knows-who of government and business database LittleSis organisation ID, LittleSis organisation identifier, LittleSis organization identifier ExternalId 3,597
P3394 Finnish Lake ID ID for a lake in the Järviwiki database of Finnish lakes over 1 ha in extent. Järviwiki, Järviwiki ID, Lake ID (Finland) ExternalId 15,034
P3395 heart rate speed of the heartbeat measured by the number of contractions of the heart per minute (bpm) heart pulse Quantity 26
P3396 French Catholic Church structure ID identifier of a structure in the guide of the French Catholic Church, edited by the Bishops' Conference of France Guide of the French Church structure ID ExternalId 117
P3397 Guide of the French Church person ID identifier of a person in the guide of the French Catholic Church, edited by the Bishops' Conference of France ExternalId 128
P3398 Butterflies and Moths of North America ID identifier for taxa in the "Butterflies and Moths of North America" database BaMoNA ID, BAMONA ID ExternalId 7,379
P3399 JTWC tropical cyclone ID identifier for a tropical cyclone, issued by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center ExternalId 2
P3400 CORDIS Project ID unique identifier in the CORDIS database for research projects funded by the European Commission EU PID, EU project ID ExternalId 1,864
P3401 Wilderness Connect ID identifier for an American wilderness area in the Wilderness Connect database ID ExternalId 772
P3402 CNC film rating (Romania) rating of a movie in the Romanian content rating system CNC rating, CNC film rating, CNC movie rating WikibaseItem 2,888
P3403 coextensive with this item has the same boundary as the target item; area associated with (this) entity is identical with the area associated with that entity coterminous with, same territory as, territory identical with WikibaseItem 5,554
P3404 The Vogue List ID identifier for an actor of the fashion scene in the database maintained by Vogue Paris Vogue Paris ID ExternalId 446
P3405 Nederlands Soortenregister ID identifier for a taxon in the Nederlands Soortenregister, a database of taxa in the Netherlands by Naturalis Biodiversity Center ExternalId 65,597
P3406 Saccharomyces Genome Database ID identifier for a genetic element in the Saccharomyces Genome Database ExternalId 12,366
P3407 Klosterdatenbank ID entry in the Germania Sacra Klosterdatenbank ExternalId 4,921
P3408 FINA athlete ID numerical identifier for an athlete on the International Swimming Federation website International Swimming Federation athlete ID ExternalId 4,562
P3409 Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis ID biographical entry in the University of Leipzig catalog of professors CPL ID, Professorenkatalog der Universität Leipzig ID, Catalogus Professorum Lipsiensis identifier, CPL identifier, Professorenkatalog der Universität Leipzig identifier ExternalId 1,751
P3410 Clergy of the Church of England database ID identifier for people in the Church of England database, covering English clergy from 1540–1835 CCEd person ID, The Clergy database ID, theclergydatabase ID ExternalId 2,054
P3411 Saxon Academy of Sciences member ID identifier in the members' database of the Saxon Academy of Sciences Saxon Academy of Sciences member identifier, Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften ID, Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften identifier, SAW ID, SAW identifier ExternalId 928
P3412 Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators ID (Protected areas) identifier of a protected area of Canada used by the Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators Protected areas of Canada ID ExternalId 1,239
P3413 Leopoldina member ID (superseded) identifier in the members' database of the Leopoldina – German Academy of Sciences ExternalId 5,994
P3414 Yle Areena item ID program or series ID in Yle Areena service Areena ID, Yle Areena ID ExternalId 3,096
P3415 start period initial period in which the statement is valid (including the period-value) since period WikibaseItem 42
P3416 end period last period in which the statement is still valid (including the period-value) until period WikibaseItem 15
P3417 Quora topic ID identifier for a topic on Quora (English language version) ExternalId 190,996
P3418 Google Play Store app ID package name of an app registered on Google Play Android app ID, Google Play, Google Play ID, Google Play identifier, Google Play Store, Google Play Store ID, Google Play Store identifier, Google Play Store package, GooglePlay, package, Google Play Store, Play Store, Play Store ID, Play Store identifier,, PlayStore ExternalId 3,485
P3419 Basic Unit of Settlement code (Czech) code given to each basic unit of settlement (smallest administrative entity, below municipality) in the Czech Republic ExternalId 513
P3420 Calflora ID identifier for a taxon in Calflora ExternalId 10,756
P3421 Belvedere artist ID identifier assigned to an artist by the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna ExternalId 1,715
P3422 INSEE countries and foreign territories code French identifier for countries and foreign territories ExternalId 263
P3423 INSEE arrondissement code number sequence for identification of departmental arrondissements in France ExternalId 353
P3424 Polish cultural heritage register number reference in a Polish cultural heritage register String 69,702
P3425 Natura 2000 site ID identifier for protected areas within the Natura 2000 network of the European Union N2K, Natura2000 ExternalId 10,164
P3426 ArbetSam ID identifier in Working Life Museums Co-operation Council's and the Museum of Work's database of working-life museums in Sweden (Arbetslivsmuseer) ExternalId 1,423
P3427 athlete ID identifier for an athlete on Diario AS athlete ID ExternalId 13,002
P3428 INCAA film rating rating of a movie in the Argentinian content rating system CAEC film rating WikibaseItem 477
P3429 Electronic Enlightenment ID identifier in the Electronic Enlightenment database EE ID, Electronic Enlightenment person ID ExternalId 4,921
P3430 SNAC ARK ID identifier for items in the Social Networks and Archival Context system snac ark id, SNAC Ark ID, SNAC ID (misnomer), snaccooperative id, Social Networks and Archival Context Ark ID ExternalId 139,808
P3431 Publons publication ID identifier for the defunct/merged Publons website; URL redirects to Web of Science's P8372 (WOSID) ExternalId 250
P3432 parent cell line closest parent cell line of the cell line in question WikibaseItem 49,636
P3433 biological variant of a variant of a physical biological entity (e.g., gene sequence, protein sequence, epigenetic mark) WikibaseItem 2,128
P3434 ERIH PLUS ID identifier of a journal in ERIH PLUS ExternalId 215
P3435 VGMdb artist ID identifier for a musician or group in the Video Game Music database ExternalId 11,021
P3436 AELG ID identifier for a writer in the Galician Writers Association website ExternalId 587
P3437 type of passengers/cargo the type of passengers or cargo a vehicle actually carries/carried payload, cargo carried, cargo transported, passengers transported, people or cargo transported, type of cargo, type of passengers or cargo WikibaseItem 250
P3438 vehicle normally used vehicle the subject normally uses automobile used, cars normally used, drives this car, motorcycle driven by subject, trains normally used WikibaseItem 3,084
P3439 angular resolution angular resolution of an optical or pointing instrument Quantity 42
P3440 time signature specification of beats in a musical bar or measure measure signature, meter signature, metre signature WikibaseItem 90
P3441 FIFA country code three-letter country code assigned by FIFA String 1,710
P3442 Debian stable package name of the official Debian stable package Debian package, package, Debian stable ExternalId 3,713
P3443 Victorian Heritage Database ID identifier for a heritage location, in Australia's Victorian Heritage Database VHD ID ExternalId 2,415
P3444 eBird taxon ID identifier for a species or subspecies, in the eBird database eBird ID ExternalId 13,271
P3445 Cinema of Israel ID Identifier number in "Cinema of Israel" website CoI ID ExternalId 1,725
P3446 Italian Athletics Federation athlete ID identifier for athletes in the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL) database and website FIDAL athlete ID ExternalId 820
P3447 mirrors data from the website automatically crawls or mirrors another website as its data source WikibaseItem 8
P3448 stepparent subject has the object as their stepparent step father, step-father, stepfather, step mother, step-mother, stepmother, step parent, step-parent WikibaseItem 5,786
P3449 NSW Heritage database ID identifier for a place with recognised heritage value, in Australia's NSW heritage database ExternalId 1,944
P3450 sports season of league or competition property that shows the competition of which the item is a season. Use P5138 for "season of club or team". sport season, is a season of, is season of, season of, season of sports competition, season of sports league, season of sports tournament, seasons of WikibaseItem 84,175
P3451 nighttime view image at night or in twilight image at night, image of the subject at night, or at least in twilight, night image, night time view, night view, view at night, night photo, image of the subject at night or in twilight CommonsMedia 6,496
P3452 inferred from Wikidata item statement added based on related statement found on the following item, not the entity described by the item (to be used in a reference field) implied by WikibaseItem 2
P3453 IPI base code the international code for a legal entity or artist for copyright administration around Interested Parties Information ExternalId 986
P3454 Arch Linux package name of the official Arch Linux package Arch package, archlinux package, package, Arch Linux ExternalId 2,886
P3455 CircleID writer ID identifier for writers at CircleID ExternalId 31
P3456 ATP tennis tournament ID ExternalId 555
P3457 case fatality rate proportion of patients who die of a particular medical condition out of all who have this condition within a given time frame CFR, case fatality ratio, case fatality, case fatality risk, fatality rate Quantity 2,570
P3458 CNC authorization number authorization number to operate a movie theater in France ExternalId 1,864
P3459 Euring number identifier for a species or subspecies, in the Euring database ExternalId 2,955
P3460 colonel-in-chief ceremonial position in a military regiment WikibaseItem 156
P3461 designated as terrorist by country or organization that has officially designated a given group as a terrorist organization (e.g. for India, listed on ) designated as terrorist group by, designated as terrorist organization by WikibaseItem 251
P3462 FAMA work ID identifier for written work in medieval Latin ExternalId 146
P3463 Fedora package name of the official Fedora package package, Fedora ExternalId 1,379
P3464 medicine marketing authorization medicinal product's marketing authorization status medicine marketing authorisation WikibaseItem 1
P3465 maximum frequency of audible sound maximum frequency of audible sound for this species Quantity 14
P3466 Israeli CBS municipal ID The Israeli municipal code (Hebrew סמל) is an outline encoding used by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics to finely fine-tune their statistics. It's a unique identifier given to each municipality in Israel. ExternalId 1,340
P3467 Inventario Sculture - Polo Museale Fiorentino identifier of an artwork in the inventory of sculptures of Florentine museums ExternalId 4
P3468 National Inventors Hall of Fame ID identifier for an inductee in the United States National Inventors Hall of Fame ExternalId 877
P3469 WTA tennis tournament ID Identifier for tennis tournaments in the database of the Women’s Tennis Association ExternalId 344
P3470 Woodland Trust wood ID identifier for a wood recorded by the Woodland Trust ExternalId 16
P3471 WikiSkripta ID numeric identifier of a page on WS ID ExternalId 2,803
P3472 VICNAMES Place ID identifier for a place in Victoria, Australia, in the VICNAMES database ExternalId 9,466
P3473 Ubuntu package name of the official Ubuntu package package, Ubuntu ExternalId 2,168
P3475 SANU member ID identifier for a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts ExternalId 1,213
P3476 PSA World Tour player ID number (archived) Former numeric identifier for a squash player at the PSA World Tour website Professional Squash Association ID, PSA World Tour ID, PSA World Tour player ID ExternalId 540
P3477 Nihon Tarento Meikan ID identifier of person in Nihon Tarento Meikan VIP Times ID ExternalId 11,733
P3478 Songkick artist ID identifier for an artist on Songkick Song Kick artist ID, Songkick ID (artist) ExternalId 68,066
P3479 Omni topic ID identifier for a topic, used by Omni and Aftonbladet Omni ID ExternalId 1,037
P3480 base Mémoire reference reference in the base Mémoire for a French iconographic heritage element ExternalId 20
P3481 Parks & Gardens UK record ID identifier for an open space, in the Parks & Gardens UK database Parks and Gardens UK record ID, PGUK ID ExternalId 1,145
P3482 Europeana Fashion creator ID identifier for a creator on Europeana Fashion ExternalId 533
P3483 VGMdb album ID identifier for a single or album in the Video Game Music database ExternalId 167
P3485 bite force quotient regression of the quotient of an animal's bite force in newtons divided by its body mass in kilogrammes Quantity 36
P3486 normal respiratory rate normal number of respiratory cycles (inspiration and exhalation) per minute, measured in an individual Quantity 2
P3487 maximal incubation period in humans maximal time between an infection and the onset of disease symptoms in infected humans Quantity 118
P3488 minimal incubation period in humans minimal time between an infection and the onset of disease symptoms in infected humans Quantity 120
P3489 pregnancy category official categorisation of safety of medicine in pregnancy WikibaseItem 1,546
P3490 muscle origin the anatomic entity to which the beginning of a muscle is anchored WikibaseItem 213
P3491 muscle insertion the anatomic entity to which the end of a muscle is anchored WikibaseItem 143
P3492 basic reproduction number number of infections caused by one infection within an uninfected population R0 Quantity 9
P3493 legal status (medicine) legal status for pharmaceutical drugs, e.g. general sales list for paracetamol in the UK WikibaseItem 21
P3494 points classification classification established according to points scored by runners WikibaseItem 28,105
P3495 ID identifier for person, film (movie), or TV series, in the database filmpolski ID ExternalId 10,012
P3496 teams classification by points teams classification by points WikibaseItem 1,046
P3497 teams classification by time teams classification by time WikibaseItem 12,130
P3498 ZNIEFF ID identifier for a 'Zone naturelle d'intérêt écologique' on the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle's official website ExternalId 473
P3499 Gentoo package name of the official Gentoo package of this application package, Gentoo ExternalId 4,284
P3500 Ringgold ID identifier for organisations in the publishing industry supply chain RIN, Ringgold identifier ExternalId 100,004
P3501 Christian liturgical rite Christian liturgical rite associated with this item Christian rite, Catholic liturgical rite, Catholic rite WikibaseItem 15,620
P3502 Ameblo username this item's username on Ameblo Ameba Blog ID, Ameba Blog username, Ameba ID, Ameblo ID ExternalId 15,088
P3503 LombardiaBeniCulturali building ID identifier of a historical building in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of Italy ExternalId 17,820
P3504 Florentine Inventario Palatina art ID identifier of an artwork in the inventory of the Palatine Gallery, Palazzo Pitti of Florentine museums ExternalId 51
P3505 BoardGameGeek designer ID ID for a game designer at BoardGameGeek BGG designer ID ExternalId 246
P3506 Luding designer ID identifier for a game designer at the Luding database Luding designer identifier ExternalId 473
P3507 mountain ID identifier of a North American mountain, at Bivouac Mountain Encyclopedia mountain ID ExternalId 1,039
P3509 Dagens Nyheter topic ID identifier for a topic, used by the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter DN topic ID, topic ID ExternalId 1,486
P3511 VGMDb organization ID identifier for a record label, game developer, or other organization in the Video Game Music database VGMDb label ID ExternalId 247
P3512 means of locomotion method that the subject uses to move from one place to another locomotion, locomotion method WikibaseItem 109
P3513 peakware mountain ID identifier for a mountain at ExternalId 2,137
P3514 U.S. National Geodetic Survey ID Identifier for a place by the U.S. National Geodetic Survey National Geodetic Survey ID, NGS ID ExternalId 139
P3515 NPCA ID identifier for a protected area on the US National Parks Conservation Association's website National Parks Conservation Association ID ExternalId 436
P3516 National Park Foundation ID identifier for a protected area on the US National Park Foundation's website NPF ID ExternalId 428
P3517 Geographical Names Board of NSW ID historical identifier of a geographical feature on a retired Geographical Names Board of New South Wales website Geographical Name Register, Geographical Name Register of New South Wales, Geographical Names Board of New South Wales ID, GNB ID, GNB NSW ID, GNR of NSW, NSW GNR ExternalId 21,745
P3518 Smithsonian trinomial unique identifier assigned to an archaeological site in one of many states in the United States ExternalId 730
P3519 Pfam ID identifier in the Pfam database of protein families ExternalId 572
P3520 athlete ID (archived) identifier for an Olympic athlete (sportsperson) at athlete ID, ID ExternalId 6,928
P3521 European Tour golf player ID identifier for a golf player, in the European Tour database EuroTour golf player ID, EuroTour ID ExternalId 1,042
P3522 player ID identifier for an ice hockey player at ID, NHL player ID ExternalId 6,538
P3523 Rfam ID identifier in the database of non-coding RNA (ncRNA) families and other structured RNA elements ExternalId 940
P3524 Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool ID identifier for a protein domain in the SMART database SMART ID ExternalId 6
P3525 player ID ID for a basketball player at ID ExternalId 2,309
P3526 ID ID for a cricket player at ExternalId 98
P3527 player ID ID for a basketball player at identifier, ID ExternalId 17,315
P3528 Luding game ID identifier for a game at the Luding database Luding game identifier ExternalId 995
P3529 median income median household income in a place median household income Quantity 50
P3530 par predetermined number of strokes a 0-handicap golfer should require to complete a hole, a round or a tournament golf par Quantity 283
P3531 AZBilliards ID identifier of a person at AZBilliards ExternalId 452
P3532 player ID ID for an American football player in ID ExternalId 3,528
P3533 DraftExpress ID identifier for a basketball player at ID ExternalId 1,089
P3534 Australian Government Organisations Register ID identifier of an Australian government organisation within the now discontinued Australian Government Organisations Register ExternalId 173
P3535 Japan Golf Tour player ID identifier for a golf player, in the Japan Golf Tour database JapanTour golf player ID, JapanTour ID ExternalId 709
P3536 player ID identifier for a basketball player at ID ExternalId 2,788
P3537 player ID identifier for a association football player at ID ExternalId 39,706
P3538 player ID identifier at, a German language website which predominantly collects comprehensive statistics on the top five tiers of German football ID ExternalId 9,868
P3539 ID (former scheme) numeric identifier for American football players at National Football League player ID, NFL ID, NFL identifier ExternalId 18,038
P3541 player ID identifier for a Major League Baseball player Major League Baseball ID, Major League Baseball player ID, player ID, Minor League Baseball ID, Minor League Baseball player ID, MLB ID ExternalId 9,269
P3542 FIBA player ID identifier for a basketball player at FIBA ID, FIBA identifier ExternalId 14,449
P3544 Te Papa agent ID identifier assigned to a person or organisation by the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa Museum of New Zealand person ID, Te Papa artist ID ExternalId 6,487
P3545 Theoi Project ID identifier for an entity in Greek mythology, at the Theoi Project ExternalId 627
P3546 player ID identifier for an Australian rules footballer at the website ID ExternalId 13,964
P3547 AFL Tables player ID ID for a VFL/AFL player at AFL Tables ID, AflRleague ID, afltables ID, ID ExternalId 12,978
P3548 Australian Business Number unique identifier for a business entity registered in Australia ABN ExternalId 589
P3549 Australian Company Number unique identifier for a company registered in Australia ACN ExternalId 194
P3550 Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ID identifier of a medicine or medical device listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG ID ExternalId 170
P3551 Australian Registered Body Number unique identifier for an organisation body (often a foreign business enterprise) registered in Australia ARBN ExternalId 20
P3552 Australian Registered Scheme Number unique identifier for a managed investment scheme registered in Australia ARSN ExternalId 82
P3553 Zhihu topic ID numeric id of topics (tags) of questions on Zhihu, a Chinese question-and-answer website, Zhihu question tag ID, Zhihu tag ID ExternalId 15,097
P3554 World Series of Poker ID ID of a poker player in World Series of Poker ExternalId 571
P3555 World Guide to Covered Bridges ID identifier for a covered bridge, in the World Guide to Covered Bridges ExternalId 16
P3556 CurlingZone player ID ID on the CurlingZone database CurlingZone ID, CZ ID ExternalId 2,486
P3557 World Curling Federation ID ID for a person in the World Curling Federation database WCF ID ExternalId 3,133
P3558 USCF player ID identifier for a chess player issued by the US Chess Federation USCF ID, US Chess Federation ID, US Chess Federation player ID ExternalId 1,713
P3559 maximum size or capacity maximum allowed/supported/usable (data) size file size limit, maximum file size, maximum volume size, size limit Quantity 282
P3560 College Football Data Warehouse ID ID at College Football Data Warehouse CFDWH ID ExternalId 3,530
P3561 player ID identifier for American football players at PFR ID, Pro Football Reference player ID, pro-football-reference ID ExternalId 26,434
P3562 Admiralty number identifier of lighthouses by United Kingdom Hydrographic Office ExternalId 6,747
P3563 NGA lighthouse ID identifier of a lighthouse in the USA's National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency database NGA id ExternalId 5,097
P3564 Global Poker Index ID ID for a poker player in Global Poker Index ExternalId 460
P3565 J.League player ID identifier for a player at website of J.League, Japan's professional association football (soccer) league J. League ID, J. League player ID, J.League ID ExternalId 6,334
P3566 Just Sports Stats player ID ID for American or Canadian football player in Just Sports Stats ID ExternalId 2,760
P3567 NHL player ID identifier of an NHL ice hockey player at the Hockey Hall of Fame website ( Hockey Hall of Fame NHL player ID, Legends of Hockey ID ExternalId 3,631
P3568 Official World Golf Ranking player ID identifier for a golf player, in the Official World Golf Ranking database OWGR golf player ID, OWGR ID ExternalId 1,675
P3569 Cultureel Woordenboek ID identifier for a concept in the Dutch Cultureel Woordenboek ('Cultural Dictionary') Cultureel Woordenboek identifier ExternalId 5,556
P3570 European Case Law ID identifier for case law in Europe ECLI, European Case Law Identifier ExternalId 87
P3571 MLB player ID ID for a Major League Baseball player at ESPN MLB player ID ExternalId 7,165
P3572 ESPNcricinfo playing ground ID ID of cricket ground at ESPNcricinfo playing ground ID, Cricinfo ground ID ExternalId 7
P3573 European Handball Federation player ID id for players at, the website of the European Handball Federation (EHF) EHF player ID, Eurohandball player ID ExternalId 4,253
P3574 FanGraphs player ID ID for a baseball player in Fangraphs ID ExternalId 9,094
P3575 data size size of a software, dataset, neural network, or individual file file size, bits, neural network weight, number of parameters, params, bytes Quantity 1,722
P3576 TLG author ID author identifier in the TLG Canon of Greek Authors and Works (third edition) Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, TLG ID, TLG identifier ExternalId 2,047
P3577 Croatian Football Federation player ID ID of player at Croatian Football Federation website ExternalId 516
P3578 autologous cell line cell line originating from the same individual sister cell line WikibaseItem 29,670
P3579 Sina Weibo user ID Sina Weibo user's identifier Sina Weibo ID, Sinaweibo, Weibo ID, Weibo user ID ExternalId 7,919
P3580 SIPCA code identifier of an item in Sistema de Información del Patrimonio Cultural Aragonés (SIPCA) ExternalId 1,397
P3581 Pro Football Hall of Fame ID (old) identifier for American football players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame ExternalId 286
P3582 Sunshine Tour golf player ID identifier for a golf player, in the Sunshine Tour database SunshineTour golf player ID, SunshineTour ID ExternalId 126
P3583 Surfline ID identifier of a topic at ExternalId 20
P3584 ITRA runner ID identifier for a runner on the International Trail-Running Association's website ExternalId 653
P3585 UltraSignup runner ID identifier for a runner on UltraSignup's website Ultra Signup runner ID ExternalId 216
P3586 CricketArchive playing ground ID identifier of a cricket ground at CricketArchive ExternalId 4
P3587 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures ID identifier of an information security vulnerability CVE ID ExternalId 632
P3588 WNBA player ID identifier for a player on the Women's National Basketball Association's website ExternalId 1,038
P3589 GCD series ID identifier of a comic book series in the Grand Comics Database (GCD) series ID, GCD series, Grand Comics Database series ID ExternalId 1,552
P3590 Relations Ontology ID ID in the Relations Ontology Relation Ontology ID, RO ID ExternalId 28
P3591 WCSPF ID identifier of a plant taxon, in the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families World Checklist of Selected Plant Families ID ExternalId 180,565
P3592 Saros cycle of eclipse WikibaseItem 537
P3593 AFI Catalog of Feature Films ID identifier of a film (movie) in the American Film Institute Catalog of Feature Film ExternalId 25,304
P3594 Araneae Spider ID identifier for a taxon in ExternalId 4,391
P3595 Biografiskt Lexikon för Finland ID identifier in the Biografiskt Lexikon för Finland released by Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland BLF article ID ExternalId 1,638
P3596 Danish ancient monument ID identifier for protected ancient monument site in Denmark, assigned by Heritage Agency of Denmark ExternalId 31,488
P3597 F-Droid package Android package in the F-Droid official repository Android app ID, FDroid package, package, F-Droid, package, FDroid ExternalId 156
P3598 player ID identifier for ice hockey players at Hockey-reference player ID ExternalId 7,808
P3599 archival creator authority record at the Archives nationales identifier of the Archives Nationales (French National Archives) Archives nationales ID ExternalId 886
P3600 protected heritage site in Brussels ID identifier of a protected heritage site in Brussels, Belgium ExternalId 1,186
P3601 MarineTraffic Lighthouse ID identifier of a lighthouse or light beacon in the MarineTraffic database Lighthouse ID ExternalId 2,455
P3602 candidacy in election election where the subject is a candidate candidate in election, candidate in, election candidacy, ran in election, running in election WikibaseItem 165,016
P3603 Minneapolis Institute of Art constituent ID identifier assigned to a person or organization by the Minneapolis Institute of Art ExternalId 4,913
P3604 World Triathlon triathlete ID identifier for a triathlete on the International Triathlon Union's website ITU triathlete ID, World Triathlon athlete ID ExternalId 1,309
P3605 90minut player ID ID in the 90minut website for a football/soccer player ExternalId 6,499
P3606 BOLD Systems taxon ID identifier for a taxon in Bar Code of Life Data Systems ExternalId 181,724
P3607 hotel ID identifier for a hotel on the website Booking hotel ID, hotel identifier, Booking hotel identifier ExternalId 845
P3608 EU VAT number VAT number assigned in the EU VAT ID, VAT identification number, VAT number ExternalId 10,827
P3609 gateway ID identifier for a gateway on the website ExternalId 2,632
P3610 fare zone fare zone that the station is in zone WikibaseItem 5,171
P3611 Borden Code unique identifier of a archeological site in Canada ExternalId 67
P3612 Le Monde diplomatique subject ID identifier for a topic in the French newspaper Le Monde diplomatique ExternalId 672
P3613 Naturvårdsregistret ID identifier for an area protected under the Environmental Code of Sweden NVRID ExternalId 6,596
P3614 DigDag ID identifier of a place, in the Digital Atlas of Denmark's historical-administrative geography ExternalId 4,853
P3615 Vision of Britain unit ID identifier of an administrative unit in the University of Portsmouth's Vision of Britain database VoB unit ExternalId 14,645
P3616 Vision of Britain place ID identifier of a place in the University of Portsmouth's Vision of Britain database ExternalId 19,036
P3618 base salary gross salary of a position or a person (not including bonuses or other forms of remuneration) salary, gross wage, wage, gross salary Quantity 388
P3619 Ski-DB skier ID ID for a ski racer at Ski-DB Alpine Ski Database Alpine Ski Database skier ID, SKI-DB skier ID, skier ID, Ski-DB ID, ID ExternalId 1,969
P3620 player ID identifier of a player by Badminton World Federation, at BWF2 ID ExternalId 9,175
P3621 Darts Database player ID identifier of a player at Darts Database ExternalId 821
P3622 Russian Bandy Federation player ID identifier of a bandy player at, the official website of the Russian Bandy Federation rusbandy player ID ExternalId 306
P3623 BadmintonLink player ID identifier of a badminton player at Badminton Link ID ExternalId 0
P3624 CWE ID identifier of a software weakness type identified in the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) list Common Weakness Enumeration ID ExternalId 48
P3625 Kirshenbaum code Kirshenbaum symbol for a IPA phoneme String 150
P3626 Australian Antarctic Gazetteer ID identifier of a place, in the Australian Antarctic Gazetteer AADC Gazetteer ID, AAG ID, Australian Antarctic Data Center ExternalId 2,683
P3627 Survey of English Place-Names ID identifier for a place in the Survey of English Place-Names website Historical Gazetteer of England's Place Names ID, EPNS ID ExternalId 12,265
P3628 British History Online VCH ID identifier of a place, in the British History Online digitisation of the Victoria County History VCH ExternalId 6,693
P3629 age at event the age of the subject according to the cited source at the time of an event. Used as a qualifier of significant event property age at event, Aetatis Quantity 37
P3630 Babelio author ID identifier for an author on the literature website Babelio ExternalId 46,236
P3631 Babelio work ID identifier for a book on the literature website Babelio ExternalId 789
P3632 British Museum thesaurus ID identifier in the British Museum thesaurus British Museum thesauri ExternalId 42
P3633 British Museum place ID identifier for a place in the British Museum thesaurus ExternalId 160
P3634 The Met object ID object identifier for artworks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Met ID, Met object ID, MetID, Metropolitan Museum of Art object ID ExternalId 22,698
P3635 Peakbagger area ID identifier for a mountain range or an area, on the website Peakbagger range ID ExternalId 279
P3636 PDB ligand ID identifier for small molecules and ligands in the Protein Data Bank (PDB) PDB ID ExternalId 22,342
P3637 European Medicines Agency product number identifier issued by the European Medicines Agency for treatments approved in the European Union EMA ID, EMA product number, EMEA ID ExternalId 1,071
P3638 Oorlogsmonument ID identifier for a war memorial in the database maintained by the Dutch Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei 4 and 5 May ID ExternalId 682
P3639 KEPN ID identifier for a place on the KEPN site Key to English Place-Names ID ExternalId 10,267
P3640 National Drug Code pharmaceutical code issued by the Food and Drug Administration for every drug product (formulation) on the U.S. market. Includes a labeler code, product code and package code, unique for every drug product. NDC ExternalId 272
P3641 Uniform Type Identifier identifier used on software provided by Apple Inc. to uniquely identify a given class or type of item UTI, Apple Uniform Type Identifier ExternalId 154
P3642 ARCHON code unique number used to identify archival collection locations within the UK and key global repositories holding collections relating to British history ExternalId 2,762
P3643 significant environmental impact types of environmental issues determined to have a significant impact on the object WikibaseItem 13,096
P3644 FFR player ID identifier for a rugby union player on the French Rugby Federation website Fédération française de rugby ID ExternalId 776
P3645 All Blacks player ID identifier for a men's rugby union player on the New Zealand Rugby Union website ExternalId 1,106
P3646 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ID identifier on the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame website ExternalId 403
P3647 player ID identifier for a basketball player on the National Basketball Association's website ExternalId 4,695
P3648 NatureServe conservation status conservation status assigned by NatureServe WikibaseItem 39
P3650 JMK film rating rating of a film in the Austrian film rating system WikibaseItem 2,289
P3651 American Hockey League player ID ID of a player at AHL ID, AHL player ID ExternalId 101
P3652 Kontinental Hockey League player ID ID of a player at KHL player ID ExternalId 1,629
P3653 ARRS runner ID ID of player by ARRS (Association of Road Racing Statisticians) ExternalId 1,154
P3654 member ID identifier used with$1 ExternalId 5,257
P3655 BDFutbol player ID ID of a football player at BDFutbol BDFutbol ID, ID, player ID ExternalId 9,926
P3656 Scrabble player ID ID of a Scrabble player at ExternalId 32
P3657 Croatian Football Statistics player ID ID of an association football (soccer) player at, the Croatian Football Statistics (Statistike hrvatskog nogometa) website Croatian Football Statistics ID, ID, Statistike hrvatskog nogometa ExternalId 195
P3658 player ID ID of a football player at ExternalId 278
P3659 Estonian Football Association player ID ID of a player by the Estonian Football Association EFA ID, ID ExternalId 283
P3660 player ID ID for a football player at ExternalId 24,292
P3661 ForaDeJogo manager ID identifier for an association football (soccer) manager Fora De Jogo manager ID ExternalId 253
P3662 Ukrainian Association of Football player ID ID of a player by Ukrainian Association of Football ExternalId 4,251
P3663 Fotbal DNES player ID ID for a football player at Fotbal DNES, player ID ExternalId 1,386
P3664 Futsal Planet player ID ID for a football player at Futsal Planet Fut5al Planet player ID, player ID ExternalId 10
P3665 L'Équipe football player ID ID of a football player by L'Équipe football player ID ExternalId 5,237
P3666 EPCR player ID identifier for a rugby player on the European Professional Club Rugby website European Professional Club Rugby ID ExternalId 5,023
P3667 IWF athlete ID ID of an athlete by International Weightlifting Federation IWF weightlifter ID, International Weightlifting Federation athlete ID, International Weightlifting Federation weightlifter ID, IWF athlete identifier, IWF weightlifter identifier, International Weightlifting Federation athlete identifier, International Weightlifting Federation weightlifter identifier ExternalId 1,427
P3668 Sambafoot player ID ID of a football player at Sambafoot ExternalId 1,521
P3669 Swimming Australia swimmer ID alphabetical identifier for a swimmer at Swimming Australia ExternalId 101
P3670 Tennis Archives player ID ID of a tennis player at the Tennis Archives ExternalId 344
P3671 USA Gymnastics athlete ID ID for an athlete at USA Gymnastics ExternalId 208
P3672 IOF athlete ID identifier for an athlete by the International Orienteering Federation International Orienteering Federation athlete ID ExternalId 175
P3673 film ID identifier of a film (movie) in the French database ExternalId 2,502
P3674 Mutopia composer ID identifier for a composer at Mutopia Project ExternalId 123
P3675 Hans Christian Andersen Centre work ID Identifier for a work by Hans Christian Andersen in the Digterens danske Værker catalogue Hans Christian Andersen Centre's work ID ExternalId 80
P3676 National Bridge Inventory Number identifier of a bridge, in the USA's National Bridge Inventory (for other countries, use P9759) NBI number ExternalId 2,295
P3677 Wereld van Oranje player ID ID of a football player at Wereld van Oranje Wereld van Oranje ID, ID, player ID ExternalId 124
P3678 SA Rugby player ID identifier for a rugby player on the South African Rugby Union website ExternalId 564
P3679 stock market index stock market indexes for companies traded on this stock exchange WikibaseItem 87
P3680 statement supported by entity that supports a given statement according to, claimed by, per, stated by, statement is supported by, supported by WikibaseItem 61
P3681 player ID identifier for an association football (soccer) player at ESPN FC player ID ExternalId 3,678
P3682 Australian Olympic Committee athlete ID identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a website of the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) AOC athlete ID ExternalId 3,543
P3683 LFP player ID (former scheme) identifier for a football player on the Ligue de Football Professionnel website player ID, player ID ExternalId 2,295
P3684 Driver Database driver ID identifier for a driver in the Driver Database Driver Database ID, Driver DB ID, DriverDB iD ExternalId 4,406
P3685 NBA player ID identifier for a National Basketball Association player at ESPN NBA player ID ExternalId 1,017
P3686 NFL player ID identifier for a National Football League player at ESPN NFL player ID ExternalId 930
P3687 NHL player ID identifier for a National Hockey League player at ESPN NHL player ID ExternalId 70
P3689 ICF canoer ID identifier for a canoer on the International Canoe Federation website ICF canoer identifier, International Canoe Federation canoer ID, International Canoe Federation canoer identifier ExternalId 982
P3690 IFSC climber ID identifier for a climber on the International Federation of Sport Climbing website IFSC athlete ID, International Federation of Sport Climbing athlete ID, International Federation of Sport Climbing climber ID ExternalId 504
P3691 International Swimming Hall of Fame honoree ID identifier for an honoree on the International Swimming Hall of Fame website ISHOF honoree ID ExternalId 824
P3692 team ID identifier for an American college sports team on the National Collegiate Athletic Association's website National Collegiate Athletic Association sports team ID, NCAA sports team ID ExternalId 1,146
P3693 ISU short-track speed skater ID identifier for a short track speed skater on the website, based on ISU ID ID ExternalId 590
P3694 speed skater ID identifier for a speed skater on the website speed skater identifier ExternalId 2,402
P3695 SpeedSkatingStats speed skater ID identifier for a speed skater on the website SchaatsStatistieken speed skater ID ExternalId 2,275
P3696 college basketball player ID identifier for a NCAA Division I college men's basketball player on the college basketball website NCAA player ID, NCAA player, Sports Reference college basketball player ID, SR CBB player ID, SRCBB player ID ExternalId 108,525
P3697 college football player ID identifier for a college football player on the Sports Reference college football (SRCFB) website SRCFB player ID ExternalId 1,493
P3698 Tennis Australia player ID identifier for a player on the Tennis Australia website ExternalId 238
P3699 Transfermarkt referee ID identifier for an association football (soccer) referee in the database ExternalId 1,424
P3700 NHF player ID identifier for a player on the Norwegian Handball Federation (NHF) website Norwegian Handball Federation player ID ExternalId 300
P3701 incarnation of incarnation of another religious or supernatural being avatar of, reincarnation of WikibaseItem 96
P3702 Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts ID manuscript identifier in the British Library's Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts BL CIM ID, British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts ID, CIM ID ExternalId 37
P3703 JMDb person or company ID ID of an actor or a company at Japanese Movie Database Japanese Movie Database company ID, Japanese Movie Database person ID, Japanese Movie Database person or company ID, JMDb company ID, JMDb person ID ExternalId 5,342
P3704 KMDb film ID ID of a film at Korean Movie Database Korean movie database film id ExternalId 1,814
P3705 RITVA Program ID Radio and Television Archive Program ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of Finland RTVA Program ID ExternalId 50
P3706 RITVA Person ID Radio and Television Archive Person ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of Finland RTVA Person ID ExternalId 1,633
P3707 Gridabase glacier ID identifier for a glacier on the Glacier Risks Data Base website Glacier Risks Data Base ExternalId 67
P3708 PhDTree person ID ID of a person at PhDTree ExternalId 39
P3709 category for value different from Wikidata item for categories of pages with template parameter value different from Wikidata WikibaseItem 264
P3710 Jewish Encyclopedia Daat ID identifier for an entry at Jewish Encyclopedia Daat JED ID ExternalId 818
P3711 Statues ID identifier for a public sculpture in the Statues – Hither & Thither online database ExternalId 3,182
P3712 has goal desired result or outcome mission, purpose, end, goal, aim, objective, designed for, intention, aim to, desired outcome, desired result, objective of project or action, stated goal, to support, intended for, project of, design goal WikibaseItem 1,988
P3713 category for value not in Wikidata item for categories of pages with template parameter value not as property value in Wikidata WikibaseItem 344
P3714 point of interest ID identifier for a point of interest in an American recreation area on the website ExternalId 288
P3715 NISH Hall of Fame ID (archived) identifier for a Hall of Fame inductee at the Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte (Lower Saxony Institute for Sports History) Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte, NISH Hall of Fame ID ExternalId 13
P3716 social classification social class as recognized in traditional or state law social class, social status WikibaseItem 16,717
P3717 MEROPS enzyme ID ID for a proteolytic enzyme in MEROPS database ExternalId 0
P3718 NCMEC person ID identifier of a missing or unidentified person at the United States' National Center for Missing & Exploited Children ExternalId 52
P3719 regulated by organization that acts as regulator of an activity, financial market, or stock exchange regulator, regulatory authority WikibaseItem 508
P3720 GPnotebook ID ID of a topic, in the British medical database GPnotebook ExternalId 443
P3721 public key fingerprint short sequence of bytes to identify a longer cryptographic public key String 314
P3723 USCG lighthouse ID іdentifier for lighthouses in the USA by the US Coast Guard USCG ID ExternalId 676
P3724 USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia ID identifier in the Holocaust Encyclopedia of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ExternalId 37
P3725 CEV player ID identifier for a player on the European Volleyball Confederation's website ExternalId 3,598
P3726 player ID identifier for an association football player on the website player ID ExternalId 26,347
P3727 Serbia municipality ID identifier of municipalities of Serbia ExternalId 15
P3728 New Zealand Heritage List number list number in the New Zealand Heritage List, issued by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga NZ Heritage List number, NZHPT ID ExternalId 5,892
P3729 next lower rank lower rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead. next lower level, lower level, lower rank WikibaseItem 4,853
P3730 next higher rank higher rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead. higher level, higher rank, next higher level WikibaseItem 5,169
P3731 Serbia cadastral municipality ID identifier of cadastral municipalities of Serbia ExternalId 1
P3732 PhilPapers record identifier for papers on PhilPapers ExternalId 80
P3733 MOOMA artist ID ID of an artist at the Israeli music website MOOMA ExternalId 1,392
P3734 category for value same as Wikidata item for categories of pages with template parameter value same as Wikidata WikibaseItem 390
P3735 Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos ID identifier of a ghetto, or a place containing a ghetto, in the Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos Encyclopedia of the Ghettos ID ExternalId 1,104
P3736 Eurovision Song Contest song ID identifier for a song in the Eurovision Song Contest ESC song ID ExternalId 0
P3737 maximum wavelength of sensitivity maximum wavelength that the item can detect max wavelength, maximum wavelength of electromagnetic sensitivity Quantity 57
P3738 minimum wavelength of sensitivity minimum wavelength that the item can detect min wavelength, minimum wavelength of electromagnetic sensitivity Quantity 58
P3739 inflorescence placement of flowers on the stem of a flower plant WikibaseItem 166
P3740 number of works qualifier on identifiers, e.g. for creators or locations, giving the number of works in the external database associated with the subject of the identifier works, posts, number of posts, post count, posts posted, work count, works posted Quantity 63
P3741 seed dispersal mode used by the item to disperse its seeds WikibaseItem 10
P3742 International Hockey Federation player ID identifier for a field hockey player on the International Hockey Federation website FIH player ID ExternalId 1,185
P3743 ITU/ISO/IEC object identifier unique global identifier standardized by the ITU and ISO/IEC for naming any object, concept, or thing IEC object identifier, IEC OID, ISO object identifier, ISO OID, ITU object identifier, ITU OID, ITU/ISO/IEC OID, object identifier, OID, urn:oid: ExternalId 1,842
P3744 number of subscribers number of subscribers for subscription-based companies, e.g. telecommunication companies, newspapers, pay-TV channels, software, etc. followers, number of followers, follower count, sub count, subs, subscriber count, subscriber number, subscribers, subscriptions, follow count, number of follows, number of subs, number of subscriptions, subscription count Quantity 416
P3745 World Rugby Sevens Series mens player ID identifier for a male rugby sevens player on the World Rugby Sevens Series website World Rugby Sevens Series ID ExternalId 741
P3746 Wildflowers of Israel ID identifier of a taxon in the Wildflowers of Israel database ExternalId 2,737
P3747 SSRN author ID identifier for an author at the Social Science Research Network Social Science Research Network author ID, SSRN ID (author) ExternalId 2,795
P3748 Israel Football Association player ID identifier for a player on the Israel Football Association website IFA player ID ExternalId 1,223
P3749 Google Maps Customer ID in Google Maps, Customer identifier for a place CID (Google Maps), GM CID, GMCID, Google CID (maps), Google Maps CID, Google Maps Place CID ExternalId 48,304
P3750 KMDb documentary film ID ID of a documentary film at Korean Movie Database KMDb documentary ID, KMDb ID ExternalId 10
P3751 Shoftim BeIsrael judge ID database about the judges of Israel ExternalId 33
P3752 worst-case time complexity time complexity of an algorithm at most worst-case time cost, time complexity (worst), time cost (worst) Math 79
P3753 best-case time complexity time complexity of an algorithm at least best-case time cost, time complexity (best), time cost (best) Math 31
P3754 average time complexity time complexity of an algorithm on average average time cost, time complexity (average), time cost (average) Math 42
P3755 worst-case space complexity space complexity of an algorithm at most worst-case space cost, space complexity (worst), space cost (worst) Math 53
P3756 best-case space complexity space complexity of an algorithm at least best-case space cost, space complexity (best), space cost (best) Math 3
P3757 average space complexity space complexity of an algorithm on average average space cost, space complexity (average), space cost (average) Math 15
P3758 DOCOMOMO Ibérico ID identifier of a building, structure or group of buildings in Registros del Movimiento Moderno database, DOCOMOMO Ibérico ExternalId 244
P3759 SAHRA heritage site ID identifier of heritage sites in South Africa, assigned by the South African Heritage Resources Agency ExternalId 164
P3760 Iditarod musher ID identifier for a musher on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race website Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race musher ID ExternalId 907
P3761 IPv4 routing prefix range of IPv4 addresses CIDR, IPv4 CIDR, routing prefix, subnetwork, IPv4 range, IPv4 subnetwork String 2,347
P3762 openMLOL author ID identifier of an author in the openMLOL digital library of cultural resources ExternalId 69,474
P3763 MIMO instrument ID identifier for a musical instrument, on the instrument keyword thesaurus from Musical Instruments Museums Online ExternalId 931
P3764 pole position person, who starts race at first row (leader in the starting grid) WikibaseItem 4,980
P3765 ID (archived) identifier for an athlete on the website ID ExternalId 3,909
P3766 European Athletics ID identifier for an athlete on the European Athletic Association website EAA ID, European Athletic Association ID, European Athletics ID ExternalId 311
P3767 French Athletics Federation athlete ID identifier for an athlete on the French Athletics Federation website Fédération française d'athlétisme athlete ID, FFA athlete ID ExternalId 1,453
P3768 Medieval Libraries of Great Britain ID identifier for books known to have been in British libraries during the Middle Ages MLGB3 ID ExternalId 7
P3769 It's Rugby player ID identifier for a rugby player on the It's Rugby website It's Rugby ID ExternalId 7,058
P3770 PeakFinder ID identifier for a mountain peak on the PeakFinder website ExternalId 51
P3771 activator of protein for which this chemical acts as an activator WikibaseItem 9
P3772 agonist of protein for which this chemical acts as an agonist WikibaseItem 12
P3773 antagonist of protein for which this chemical compound acts as an antagonist WikibaseItem 12
P3774 blocker of protein (e.g. channel/pore protein) for which this chemical compound acts as a blocker WikibaseItem 6
P3775 disrupting agent for protein/protein complex for which this chemical compound acts as a disrupting agent WikibaseItem 0
P3776 inhibitor of protein for which this chemical compound acts as an inhibitor; only specify the inhibited function if the protein has more than one function (qualifier "of") WikibaseItem 102
P3777 antisense inhibitor of protein/gene for which this chemical (e.g. a miRNA/siRNA) acts as an antisense inhibitor WikibaseItem 143
P3778 positive allosteric modulator of protein for which this chemical acts as a positive allosteric modulator WikibaseItem 0
P3779 negative allosteric modulator of protein for which this chemical compound acts as a negative allosteric modulator WikibaseItem 0
P3780 active ingredient in is part of and forms biologically active component. Inverse of "has active ingredient" WikibaseItem 2,538
P3781 has active ingredient has part biologically active component. Inverse of "active ingredient in" active ingredient, contains active ingredient, includes active ingredients WikibaseItem 2,736
P3782 Artnet artist ID identifier of an artist in the Artnet database of auction results ExternalId 85,571
P3783 Christie's object ID identifier for an object offered for sale by Christies Christie's Lotfinder, Christie's work ID ExternalId 1,169
P3784 CiteSeerX article ID identifier string for a scientific article available from CiteSeer CiteSeerX ID ExternalId 102
P3785 danskefilm film ID identifier for a film in Danskefilm database film ID ExternalId 1,413
P3786 Danskefilm person ID identifier for a person in Danskefilm database person ID ExternalId 7,316
P3787 danskefilm silent film ID identifier for a silent film in Dansk film database silent film ID ExternalId 1,497
P3788 BNMM authority ID authority control identifier used at the National Library of Argentina ARBABN ID, BNMM ID ExternalId 7,459
P3789 Telegram username this item's username, channel or group on Telegram Telegram alias, Telegram channel, Telegram group, Telegram ID, TG username ExternalId 4,618
P3790 guest ID identifier for a person or group at ExternalId 2,277
P3791 Art Renewal Center artist ID identifier of an artist at the Art Renewal Center's ARC Museum website ARC artist ID ExternalId 4,304
P3792 rate of fire the frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectiles rof, fire rate, firing rate Quantity 19
P3793 IPv6 routing prefix range of IPv6 addresses CIDR, IPv6 subnetwork, routing prefix, subnetwork, IPv6 CIDR, IPv6 range String 2,752
P3794 Dictionary of Sydney ID identifier in the Dictionary of Sydney Dictionary of Sydney identifier ExternalId 3,419
P3795 Flora of Israel Online plant ID identifier for a plant taxon or cultivar in the Flora of Israel Online database Flora of Israel Online plant identifier ExternalId 2,957
P3796 Bureau of Meteorology station ID identifier of an Australian meteorological station issued by the Bureau of Meteorology BoM station number, Bureau of Meteorology station number, BoM station ID ExternalId 6
P3797 autonomous system number unique identifier for a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operators ASN ExternalId 443
P3798 Star Wars Databank ID identifier of a fictional character and organization at Star Wars Databank ExternalId 232
P3799 Safsal player ID basketball player Id in Safsal website ExternalId 211
P3800 Safsal coach ID basketball coach Id in Safsal website ExternalId 17
P3801 INEGI municipality ID identifier for a municipality in Mexico published by INEGI ExternalId 2,483
P3802 project ID identifier for an official Launchpad repository ("project") for a software application ExternalId 54
P3803 original film format film format used to create a work (aliases: film gauge, film size) film gauge, film format, film size WikibaseItem 6,511
P3804 TV Guide show ID (former scheme) ID of a television program at TV Guide show ID ExternalId 18,043
P3805 Tax-exempt heritage asset ID identifier of an artwork, in the UK government's HMRC database of tax-exempt heritage assets ExternalId 1
P3806 Mapa place ID identifier for a place, in the Mapa database of places in Israel ExternalId 14
P3807 S2A3 Biographical Database ID identifier of a person in the S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science Biographical Database of Southern African Science ID, S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African Science ID, S2A3 ID ExternalId 920
P3808 The Numbers movie ID ID of a film at The Numbers The Numbers film ID ExternalId 10,936
P3809 YerelNET district ID identifier for a district of Turkey, in the YerelNET database ExternalId 3
P3810 ID identifier for an Italian protected area on the website ExternalId 855
P3811 Evidence & Conclusion Ontology ID identifier in the Evidence & Conclusion Ontology for capturing evidence in biological research E&CO ID ExternalId 13
P3812 person ID identifier for a person on the website ExternalId 198
P3813 pass ID identifier of a North American mountain pass, at ExternalId 103
P3814 BoF person ID identifier for a person on the Business of Fashion website Business of Fashion person ID, The Business of Fashion person ID ExternalId 404
P3815 volcano observatory institution that monitors this volcanic landform or phenomenon eruption monitored by, volcano monitored by, monitored by WikibaseItem 598
P3816 film script script version for subject film is described at WikibaseItem 28
P3817 FI WarSampo person ID іdentifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portal ExternalId 18
P3818 KMRB film rating rating of a film in the South Korean film/video rating system WikibaseItem 492
P3819 FI WarSampo army unit ID identifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portal ExternalId 0
P3820 Flanders Arts Institute venue ID identifier of a venue in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing arts ExternalId 2,952
P3821 Bangla Movie Database ID ID of actors or movies at Bangla Movie Database BMDb-id ExternalId 665
P3822 rules for classification the rules for classification of a sports league classification rules WikibaseItem 1,459
P3823 Ethnologue language status language status identifier by using EGIDS scale EGIDS, language status WikibaseItem 7,401
P3824 permanent building number VTJ-PRT Persistent building identifier of the Population Information System in Finland VTJ-PRT building ID ExternalId 6,362
P3825 United States Statutes at Large citation citation of an Act of the United States Congress to the United States Statutes at Large United States Statutes at Large, Stat., Statutes at Large, U.S. Statutes at Large, US Statutes at Large ExternalId 1,643
P3826 Welsh Rugby Union men's player ID identifier for a rugby union player selected with the Wales national team on the Welsh Rugby Union website Welsh Rugby Union player ID ExternalId 3
P3827 JSTOR topic ID identifier for a topic at JSTOR ExternalId 26,441
P3828 wears clothing or accessory worn on subject's body uniform, clothing, garment, accessory, fashion accessories, outfit, wearing, wore WikibaseItem 2,305
P3829 Publons author ID identifier of an author or reviewer, in Publons that redirects, along with P1053, to an ID in Clarivate's Web of Science Publons ID ExternalId 66,306
P3830 CueTracker player ID ID about a specific snooker player at the database CueTracker player identifier ExternalId 653
P3831 object has role (qualifier) role or generic identity of the value of a statement ("object") in the context of that statement; for the role of the item the statement is on ("subject"), use P2868 role, as, circumstances of employment, has role, object has generic identity, object of qualified statement has role, object of statement has role, specifically, value has role, object had role WikibaseItem 75
P3832 Europeana Fashion Vocabulary ID identifier for clothing and fashion terms EFT ID, EFV ID, Europeana Fashion Thesaurus ID ExternalId 1,061
P3833 diaspora diaspora that a cultural group belongs to diaspora of, part of diaspora WikibaseItem 331
P3834 RTC film rating rating of a film in the Mexican film classification system WikibaseItem 2,171
P3835 Mendeley person ID deprecated identifier for an author of scholarly works, at (for numeric ID, see P1153) ExternalId 10,450
P3836 Pinterest username username of the Pinterest account of a person or an organization Pinterest ID, Pinterest user ID ExternalId 5,089
P3837 United States Public Law citation to United States Public Law Public Law, USPL ExternalId 1,777
P3838 Tab4u song ID ID in the Israeli song database "Tab4u" ExternalId 58
P3839 Tab4u artist ID ID in the Israeli artist database "Tab4u" ExternalId 310
P3840 slope rating the slope rating of a golf course is a measure of its difficulty for bogey golfers Quantity 170
P3841 Human Phenotype Ontology ID The Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) is a widely used vocabulary of phenotypic abnormalities encountered in human disease HPO ID ExternalId 1,850
P3842 located in the present-day administrative territorial entity the item was located in the territory of this present-day administrative unit; however the two did not at any point coexist in time located in present day administrative territorial entity, located in present-day administrative territorial entity, located in the current administrative territorial entity, located in the present-day administrative territorial entity, today part of, would today be located in administrative territorial entity, located in the modern-day administrative territorial entity, current administrative territorial entity, current location, present-day administrative territorial entity WikibaseItem 21,901
P3843 DLV athlete ID identifier for an athlete on the German Athletics Association website Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband athlete ID, German Athletics Association athlete ID, DLV athlete identifier, Deutscher Leichtathletik-Verband athlete identifier, German Athletics Association athlete identifier ExternalId 127
P3844 Deutsche Synchronkartei film ID identifier for films in the synchronisation database Deutsche Synchronkartei ExternalId 28,978
P3845 TV Guide person ID (former scheme) ID of a person at ID, person ID ExternalId 2,550
P3846 DBC author ID identifier for authors set by the Danish Bibliographic Centre DBC ExternalId 9,737
P3847 Open Library subject ID identifier for a topic in the Open Library database OL subject ID, OpenLibrary subject ID ExternalId 4,299
P3848 Irish Rugby Football Union men's player ID identifier for a rugby union player selected with Ireland national team on the Irish Rugby Football Union website IRFU ID, Irish Rugby Football Union ID ExternalId 334
P3849 LombardiaBeniCulturali institution ID identifier of a historical institution in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of Italy ExternalId 467
P3850 LombardiaBeniCulturali toponym ID identifier of a historical toponym in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of Italy ExternalId 2,755
P3851 movie ID identifier for a movie at database (from Argentina) ExternalId 3,019
P3852 FlyBase Gene ID Identifier for a gene in the FlyBase database of Drosophila genes and genomes ExternalId 25,200
P3853 Rat Genome Database ID Identifier for a genetic element in the Rat Genome Database ExternalId 53,303
P3854 Soundtrack Collector title ID ID that characterizes a soundtrack at Soundtrack Collector ( ExternalId 889
P3855 LombardiaBeniCulturali artwork ID identifier of an artwork in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of Italy ExternalId 139
P3856 Quebec municipalities geographical code geographical code of the municipalities, indigenous comunauties and unorganized areas in Quebec ExternalId 1,298
P3857 person ID identifier for a person at database (from Argentina) ExternalId 3,298
P3858 route diagram Wikimedia route diagram template RDT, Wikimedia RDT, route template WikibaseItem 3,704
P3859 Environment Ontology ID ID from OBO Environment Ontology (without prefix) OBO Environment Ontology ID ExternalId 255
P3860 Wormbase Gene ID Identifier for a genetic element in Wormbase ExternalId 20,450
P3861 App Store app ID identifier for a mobile application in App Store iTunes ID, Apple app ID, Apple App Store app ID, Apple ID, iOS app ID, iPad app ID, iPhone app ID, iTunes app ID, iTunes package, package, iTunes, App Store app identifier ExternalId 4,263
P3862 MyDramaList name ID identifier for a person in the MyDramaList database My Drama List name ID, MDL name ID ExternalId 1,479
P3863 Italian Navy Lighthouses and Beacons ID identifier of a lighthouse or beacon in "Fari e Segnalamenti" list of the Italian Navy Marina Militare, EF ID ExternalId 178
P3864 suicide rate amount of suicides per 100,000 people in the place or group Quantity 301
P3865 type of reference used to specify the type of a reference record type, reference type, type of record WikibaseItem 0
P3866 LAWA waterbody ID identifier for bodies of water in Germany according to the Bund/Länder-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser (LAWA) ExternalId 4,592
P3867 Israel Chess Federation player ID identifier for a chess player from the Israel Chess Federation ICF ID ExternalId 117
P3868 MyDramaList title ID identifier f