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This page is a translated version of the page Wikidata:Property creation and the translation is 35% complete.

This page documents the agreed procedure for creating properties.

속성 생성의 요건

Properties can only be created by a property creator when all the following conditions are met:

  1. A formal property proposal has been made via WD:PP.
  2. 속성 생성 제안은 속성 생성자가 아닌 사용자가 제안합니다.
  3. 생성을 찬성하는 총의가 있어야 합니다. 총의여부를 판단하는 것은 속성 생성자가 맡지만, 일반적으로 다음과 같습니다.
    • All opposing points of discussion should be addressed before creation occurs. If there is still disagreement, it is up to the property creator to consider the thoughtfulness and logic behind points of discussion (i.e., an opposing voice with no thought behind it should not block creation, but a single reasonable opposing voice against many supporters may do so).
    • 속성 생성자 자신 또한 참여의 책임이 있다는 것을 염두에 두어야 합니다. 만약 속성 생성자가 찬성 또는 반대의 총의에 반대할 경우, 속성 생성자는 판단을 하기보다 먼저 토론에 참여하여야 합니다.
  4. 제안되고 일주일이 지나야 합니다.

If all conditions above are completed, the status of the proposal can be updated to ready. Updating the status can be done by anyone and is a signal for property creators that the property is ready for their assessment and generally creation.

Create the property

  1. Create the property with Special:NewProperty including the label, description and datatype from the proposal. Polish them if needed, and add any labels and descriptions in additional languages from the proposal, or in which you are fluent. As the initial version is likely to be translated in many languages, try to be thorough.
  2. 다음을 포함하여 새 속성에 적절한 서술을 추가하세요.
  3. Copy the {{Property proposal}} from the proposal page to the talk page of the new property, rename it to {{Property documentation}}, and clean it up. The |status=, |description=, |datatype= |formatter URL=, |example=, |allowed values=, and |source= parameters (and any empty lines) should be removed from the template once the corresponding values have been added to the property and its statements and constraints; the template will pull them from there. Example: Property talk:P409.

Properties can be completed by copying from existing properties using moveClaim (Q110793966) or wikibase-cli (Q87194660).

Update the proposal page

  1. On the proposal page, add the number of the property in the |status= field of {{Property proposal}}. Add a discussion closure comment if needed.
  2. Notify people who want to use the new property. Generally that would be the user who first proposed it and maybe some of the other participants in the discussion. Use the {{Ping}} template below the property discussion.

Update example items

Add the new property to the example items specified in the proposal. If there were no examples in the proposal, try to find at least two, because of multi-value constraint (Q21510857).

Update navbox template(s)

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