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This is Wikidata's WikiProject Filming Locations. The WikiProject covers an aspect of WikiProject Movies.

A "filming location" (Q1045481) is "a place where some or all of a film or television series is produced, in addition to or instead of using sets constructed on a movie studio backlot or soundstage. In filmmaking, a location is any place where a film crew will be filming actors and recording their dialog." [1]
There are two main types of locations.
  • Location shooting is the practice of filming in an actual setting
  • Studio shoots in either a sound stage or backlot [2]

Items for films can state the location with filming location (P915). It's not to be confused with the location the narrative is set. This aspect can be mentioned with narrative location (P840).


  • Improve and define the structure for information about filming locations on Wikidata
  • Import some of the relevant data from Wikipedia categories
  • Import the relevant data from Freebase




All filming locationsEdit

# Wikidata Map of Filming Locations
# by Jura1, rev. 2016-10-28, excludes countries
	?film ?title ?filmLabel ?filmDescription 
	?filminglocation ?filminglocationLabel ?coor
	?film wdt:P31 wd:Q11424 .
  	?film wdt:P915 ?filminglocation .
  	?filminglocation wdt:P625 ?coor .
  	OPTIONAL { ?film wdt:P1476 ?title } .
  	FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?filminglocation wdt:P17 ?filminglocation }
	SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en,en" }

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Popular filming locationsEdit

# Popular filming locations
# Source:
SELECT ?location ?locationLabel ?coords ?count ?layer WHERE {
    SELECT ?location (SAMPLE(?coordinates) AS ?coords) (COUNT(DISTINCT ?film) AS ?count) WHERE {
      ?film wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q11424;
            wdt:P915 ?location.
      ?location wdt:P625 ?coordinates.
    GROUP BY ?location
    HAVING(?count >= 10)
    IF(?count < 20, "<20", ?_),
    IF(?count < 50, "<50", ?_),
    IF(?count < 100, "<100", ?_),
    IF(?count < 200, "<200", ?_),
    IF(?count < 500, "<500", ?_),
    IF(?count < 1000, "<1000", ?_),
    ) AS ?layer).
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en". }

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Filming locations of James Bond filmsEdit

# Wikidata map of James Bond filming locations
# SPARQL by Jura1, 2016-11-05
SELECT 	?film (CONCAT(str(?actorLabel), " /in/ ", str(?filmLabel), " -- the ", str(?filmDescription)) as ?layer) 
		?enwiki_article	?coor	
		?filminglocation	?filminglocationLabel
{	SELECT DISTINCT ?film	?filmLabel ?filmDescription 	?enwiki_article	?coor	?filminglocation	?filminglocationLabel ?actorLabel ?propertyLabel 
  	?statement pq:P453 wd:Q2009573 .
  	?film p:P161 ?statement . ?statement ps:P161 ?actor .
  	?film wdt:P31/wdt:P279* wd:Q11424 .
  	?film wdt:P915 ?filminglocation .
  	?filminglocation wdt:P625 ?coor . 
    filter not exists { ?filminglocation wdt:P17 ?filminglocation }  
	OPTIONAL { ?enwiki_article schema:about ?film ; schema:isPartOf <> }
	SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" . 
                            ?film rdfs:label ?filmLabel . ?film schema:description ?filmDescription . 
                            ?filminglocation rdfs:label ?filminglocationLabel . ?actor rdfs:label ?actorLabel  }

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Examples : FilmEdit

Item Batman (Q116852)     

Examples: CategoryEdit

Item Category:Films shot in Amsterdam (Q10217113)      Category:Films set in Amsterdam (Q8457557)     
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Examples : ListEdit

Item list of films shot in Iceland (Q6620107)     

Examples : LocationEdit

Item Amsterdam (Q727)       

Import from WikipediaEdit

Source: Category:Films by shooting location (Q55348)

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