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And above all: enjoy public art, document it on Wikimedia projects, take photos, upload them to Wikimedia Commons (if that's OK - do check if the country has Freedom of Panorama!) and create and edit Wikidata items for your favorite works!

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On Wikidata, public artworks—works of art that are placed (somewhat permanently) in public space—are described with the statement genre (P136)public art (Q557141).

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✍️ Do you want to do some public art editing, or help in any other way? The Things to do page lists many suggestions of open tasks.

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📝 How should public artworks be described on Wikidata? The Data model page collects best practices.

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📚 The Sources page lists databases, websites and other sources of information about public art around the world. Add your favorite database as well!

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📈 What's the status of public art on Wikidata? The Reports page collects overviews of statistics and other insights in our data about public art.

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Add your favorite examples too!

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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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This list collects blog posts, articles, websites, and other online initiatives that mention, or use, public art on Wikidata. Feel free to add more!

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