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This project aims to improve items related to Ancient Rome.

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Labels generally used for Romans by language:

  • as Latin: en, de, fr, nl, sv
  • language specific: ca, es, it, pl, pt

Sample: Q359810 uses the label "Lucius Caecilius Metellus" in la, en, de, fr, nl, sv.

See Wikidata:Database reports/Complex constraint violations/P2358 for checks.

Latin sometimes includes the abbreviated name of the father. This is not(?) included in labels for Latin based labels.

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Onomastics edit

Roman names follow a standard pattern. Taking the example Julius Caesar (Q1048), his full identity was C. Iulius C. f. C. n. Fab. Caesar, with

With this in mind, a few caveats:

  • Cognomen isn't mandatory ; some figures i.e. families did not had one.
  • The use of the praenomen slowly wane and by Late Antiquity we only find it attested for the old aristocratic families of Rome.
  • During the Empire, it became common to agregate names as part of heritage. Some figures can boast of several praenomina, nomina and cognomina, like Marcus Calpurnius Longus (Q12286091).
  • Julius Caesar (Q1048) is an exceptionnaly well known individual for Antiquity standards. For most other figures, one or more of the above-listed element are unknown to us.

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Items related to Ancient Rome would generally have time period (P2348) with value Roman Republic (Q17167) or Roman Empire (Q2277).

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