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Why do you perform education-related work on Wikidata? What products would you love to see built from this data? Who benefits? Add your thoughts below.

  • structured data from sister WikiProject Education (Q8486648) on other wikis
  • an international college guide. No longer do third-party organizations have to spend so much of their time data-gathering and cleaning. They're free to focus on personalizing the search for each student and family.
  • social media guide: instantly follow all liberal arts colleges...Division 3 football presidents...universities founded before 1850.
  • deep inference support. Since we can know where academics work, and what they publish, and what awards they win, we can support college search that is truly indicative of academic strengths. Not just university public relations materials.
    • think also about college similarity calculation using co-attended metrics with people's alma maters. Or questions like "which colleges send graduates to study marine biology? Or at UCLA graduate programs?"

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Overview at Wikidata:WikiProject Education/education by country or region

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