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Best regards! Liuxinyu970226 (talk) 04:33, 19 September 2017 (UTC)

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A special barnstar for youEdit

  Swami Vivekananda Wikidata Barnstar
Hello Krishna Chaitanya Velaga,
Many thanks for your excellent contribution during the 155th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Wikidata edit-a-thon on 11 and 12 January 2018. As a sincere token of appreciation, we award you this barnstar. Thanks again for your participation and enthusiasm. We wish you a happy and successful time ahead. Best regards,   09:56, 16 January 2018 (UTC)

--Titodutta (talk) 09:56, 16 January 2018 (UTC)

Thank youEdit

Hello, Thanks for your barnstar. I want to know that when the amazon book voucher will be distributed to IMLD-ODD winners ? Once again thank you. --Gazal world (talk) 17:52, 30 March 2018 (UTC)

@Gazal world: Thanks for message. Yes, the Amazon India vouchers, alongwith the certificate and some Wikidata swag, will be sent to your postal address by the end of April. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga (talk) 02:36, 31 March 2018 (UTC)
Thank you very much for your reply. --Gazal world (talk) 11:45, 31 March 2018 (UTC)

Havoc caused by editors from VVIT and elsewhereEdit

In the last week there have been multiple complaints in multiple forums about the quality of edits of a group of Telugu speakers: Wikidata:Project_chat#New_editor's_edits, Wikidata:Project_chat#Erratic_edits,Wikidata:Administrators'_noticeboard#Another_rogue_Telugu-speaker?. Would you be able to help us monitor their edits and explain to them in Telugu (in person, perhaps, since you are also on this list) what the problems with them are if their English isn't that great? Mahir256 (talk) 14:23, 26 July 2018 (UTC)

@Mahir256: Hi Mahir, I was out of the country for past couple of weeks to attend Wikimania, and so I am a bit unaware of the activities going on in college. Give me a couple of days, I'll find out if there is any workshop or any group training. In that case, I'll be able to provide you with a list of users. KCVelaga (talk) 14:32, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
Ah, yes, hope that Wikimania went well for you! You can see more reactions to this havoc as well on User talk:Madhumitha Velampalli, User talk:Muppavarapu Navya, and User talk:G V N Rupa. Mahir256 (talk) 14:36, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
In general there are some editors doing useful edits, some editors who've made very questionable edits (two blocked so far), and some users with a mixture. There are persistent problems like not understanding the data structure, bad English, lack of talk page response, inability to distinguish different items with the same label, inability to distinguish different SI units (e.g. a 4 m2 village and a 15 km3 car, of which I've fixed the latter), and citing Google Maps and items' Wikipedia articles. Jc86035 (talk) 14:42, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
@Jc86035, Mahir256: This should be considered seriously. Please give a couple of days, I'll get back to you both on this issue. KCVelaga (talk) 14:47, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
If there is any sort of central discussion for this group of editors with respect to their Wikimedia activities (even on Facebook), you may wish to add me to it. I cannot help them out if I cannot communicate with them. Mahir256 (talk) 14:52, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
@Mahir256: A workshop was conducted last week, the link is here. Since they're new editors, they might not be understanding the importance of talk page, which they've been ignoring. If you can specify the users with erratic/nonconstructive edits, I'll connect them to you. KCVelaga (talk) 15:08, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
Ok, thank you for letting me know about that editathon. It would have been rather helpful to know about this editathon before it happened; I have the same feelings about a Nepali Wikidata editathon back in January whose results still need to be handled in full and regarding which little cooperation from those associated with that editathon has been received. To you and @Saisumanth Javvaji:, please let any other Indian Wikimedians know that if they want to have any sort of Wikidata editathon in the future, they should inform me first so I can monitor their edits and (I hope) prevent such outrage from happening again. As I am at present the only admin here who speaks a South Asian language, and being as much interested in the expansion and refinement of the coverage of Indian topics on Wikidata, I would like to help out those who wish to improve them, but this is impossible if no communication can occur. Mahir256 (talk) 15:24, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
@Mahir256: Thanks for offering the support. We'll make sure to inform you on prior hand. Yes, I agree with you. Unless they respond, nothing can be done. KCVelaga (talk) 15:33, 26 July 2018 (UTC)
@Mahir256: Surely we'll inform you on prior hand. Saisumanth Javvaji (talk) 09:47, 28 July 2018 (UTC)

Indian Independence 2018 Wikidata Edit-a-thonEdit

Hello, we are heading towards the 72nd Indian Independence Day (Q56106)     . A Wikidata edit-a-thon has been planned on 14–17 August to improve Wikidata content-related to India. Please join the edit-a-thon here. You may also suggest tasks (the final task list will be ready by 13 August). If you have questions, you may ask on Wikidata India noticeboard.

You received this message as you are a participant of WikiProject India. If you do not want to receive future message(s), please remove your name from here. --MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 11:17, 11 August 2018 (UTC)

India Independence Day 2018 - Label-a-thon startedEdit

Hello KCVelaga,

Happy Independence Day. 😃 Many thanks for joining the label-a-thon. The event started today 12:00 midnight. This label-a-thon will continue till 19 August 2018 23:59 pm IST. You may visit the event page here.

This is a special moment. We would be really grateful if you kindly contribute to this event and add labels and descriptions in your language. In first 12 hours we have seen more than 780 edits from communities like Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Telugu.

If you need help or have question, please feel free to contact here. I (Tito) will be available on Facebook and mobile also most of the time, if you need quick help, please contact. You may also ask questions at Wikidata Facebook chat group. Thanking you. 👧 -- User:Mahir256 and User:Titodutta using MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 06:52, 15 August 2018 (UTC)

Note: A live tracker is available here and a fork is here (in case the first one is not updated)

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Indian Independence Label-a-thon ends on 19 August 23:59 o'clockEdit

An offline label-a-thon at Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology, Guntur, India 16 August 2018.

Hello, first of all many many thanks for participating in the India Independence Day 2018 - Label-a-thon . The collaborative work and enthusiasm we have been seeing during this label-a-thon are the best outputs of the event. To mention a little about statistics: 72 Wikimedians have signed up so far, and more than 12,000 labels/descritions/aliases have been added in different Indian languages in 3 days.

New items added

New items on Sahitya Akademi winning authors and works (Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and several other languages) have been added. You can see and work on these items.

Event ends on 19 August 2018 23:59 o'clock

Kndly note, this label-a-thon ends on 19 August 2018 (Sunday) 23:59 o'clock. We would be delighted to see great contribution in the next 36 hours. We together can make this event a bigger success.

Many thanks.  -- Mahir256 and Tito using MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 08:03, 18 August 2018 (UTC)

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Ref on Zagreb destroyerEdit


I see you used the same reference several time on Yugoslav destroyer Zagreb (Q1275570) (which is quite impressive by the way, good job!) so I created an item about this reference : Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships, 1922–1946 (Q64612351) (with a more correctly formed ISBN). I replaced the first reference to used this item: Special:Diff/962386711. Is everything ok? If so, I will do the same for all references and if not, please do tell me.

Cdlt, VIGNERON (talk) 15:37, 14 June 2019 (UTC)

@VIGNERON: Oh yes, this is great. This looks simple and neat. Please go ahead with replacing all the refs. Also I did this for several items that I've worked, and I follow this example. Thanks for bringing this up! KCVelaga (talk) 05:29, 15 June 2019 (UTC)
Yes, when the same source is used several, it is way easier like that (especially as I came first to correct the ISBN formatting, that way I put the correct format once on the book item instead on each references). I did the replacing, again please check that I didn't do any mistake (it can be quite tricky). Cheers, VIGNERON (talk) 12:20, 15 June 2019 (UTC)
@VIGNERON: All the edits look good to me. Thanks a lot again, for bringing this up. KCVelaga (talk) 13:03, 15 June 2019 (UTC)

Indian independence data-thon 2019 starts 15 AugustEdit

We have exciting news to share 😃. During the Independence Day 2019  , a Wikidata-thon is planned on 15–22 August 2019. The objective is to improve India-related Wikidata items.
Please see the event page here: Wikidata:WikiProject India/Events/Indian Independence Day 2019 and the task list.
  If you are interested please join as a participant by adding your name here (and contributing after that). -- Wikidata WikiProject India using MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 14:25, 13 August 2019 (UTC)

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Wikidata WikiProject Newsletter is live!Edit


You are receiving this notification as you are one of the participants in WikiProject India in Wikidata. We are very happy to announce that we have started a quarterly newsletter featuring news, updates and plans related to Wikidata activities in India. You can find our first issue here. If you do not want to receive this kind of notification further, you can remove your username from here.

Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K) (talk) Sent through  --MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 07:21, 1 October 2019 (UTC)
(on behalf of WikiProject India.)

Wikidata Seventh Birthday data-thon (India) starts tomorrow 31 October 2019Edit

A Wikidata data-thon (India) will be conducted between 31 October 2019 and 3 November 2019 to celebrate the Seventh Birthday of the project. Please have a look at the event page and please consider joining if you are interested. Regards.

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WikiProject India Newsletter #2Edit

Hi KCVelaga,

Happy New Year for those who are living in UTC+05:30 (Q6828) (in advance or belated for the rest!). You are receiving this message as you are one of the participants of WikiProject India on Wikidata and/or a subscriber of the Wikidata India newsletter. You can find our second issue of the quarterly newsletter here, where you can get a quick overview of the Wikidata activities related to India over the last 3 months. If you do not want to receive this kind of notification further, you can remove your username from here.

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