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Welcome! We're very happy to have you here!

Wikidata is a multilingual knowledge base of structured data that anyone can edit. The project relies on the efforts of people — just like you! — from all around the world who work together to collect and maintain data in more than 200 languages.

There are many opportunities for contributing to Wikidata, from improving and translating documentation to planning and proposing new properties in support of data. If you're looking for ways to get involved, please see below for an overview of the different roles and activities available, and browse the suggested and open tasks available.

If the roles listed below are not a good fit for you, or you're having a hard time deciding where your interests lie, please talk to someone on the Wikidata team (specifically Lydia).


Podètz modificar dirèctament las paginas de donadas, vejatz Help:Modification. Pasmens, i a fòrça biaisses mai de contribuir a aqueste projècte. Per vos informar, podètz per exemple seguir nòstra lista de difusion o nòstre canal IRC. Totas las possibilitats son listadas sus la pagina d’acuèlh.

Add statements, qualifiers and sources to enrich the Wikidata knowledge base. Help with migrating language links to support centralized access for all Wikimedia Foundation projects.

To learn how to get started, see Help:Items to learn how to add or edit items, or follow an interactive tutorial at Wikidata:Tours.

Updating Help pages and improving documentation, for example by adding examples and screenshots, is another great way you can support the Wikidata community.


En tant que desvolopaire, podètz contribuir a Wikibase, l’extension que propulsa Wikidata, dirèctament o escriure a son prepaus.

Se volètz desvolopar de robòts que trabalhant sus Wikidata, mercé de consultar la pagina Robòts.


En tant que sosten, podètz difusar las informacions sus Wikidata e respondre a las questions de vòstres interlocutors. Podètz, per exemple, ne parlar sus la Wikipèdia que frequentatz o balhar de conferéncias sul subjècte. Lydia vos pòt provesir de diapositivas per vòstras presentacions, de prospectus o tot material mai que vos serà utile. Tanben podètz rejónher nòstra lista de difusion e nòstre canal IRC e i prepausar vòstra ajuda.

If you are interested in giving a talk at a meet-up or conference or organizing a Wikidata event, Lydia Pintscher (WMDE) can provide you with slides, flyers and other material you might find useful.

Membres del projècte

En tant que contributor, podètz balhar de vejaires precioses a prepaus de las nombrosas decisions que devon èsser presas al cors del desvolopament. Los elements suls quals podètz balhar vòstre vejaires son listats sus la pagina principala de desvolopament.

As a contributor to Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, or any other one of Wikidata's sister projects, you can give valuable input on a lot of decisions that have to be made during development and deployment. To join in planning and discussions, or to help with integration of Wikidata on sister projects, navigate to sister projects.


En tant que traductor, podètz tradusir Wikibase, l’extension que propulsa Wikidata, sus Amai, podètz ajudar a tradusir de paginas a prepaus de Wikidata aicí meteis e sus Mèta.

In addition you can help by translating documentation and information pages about Wikidata here and also on Meta.

For more information for Wikidata translators, see the translators' noticeboard.

Proprietaris de donadas

En tant que persona que dispausa de donadas que volètz apondre a Wikidata, mercé de vos apondre a Wikidata:Data collaborators. Aquò permet a la comunautat de veire çò qu'existís e de decidir çò que deu èsser apondut.

Es possible d’entrar de donadas dins Wikidata a la man o en utilizant un robòt via una interfàcia de programacion. Per aquesta solucion, mercé de consultar las paginas que concernisson l’API e los robòts.