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Wikidata Schemas are formally described expectations on a set of Wikidata entities. Subsets of Wikidata can be tested to see whether or not they conform to a specific schema. Schemas are stored on a dedicated namespace and expressed in the Shape Expressions language (ShEx), using ShExC syntax. An alternative approach to schemas are property constraints. For a less technical explanation of schemas and to propose new schemas please see Wikidata:Schemas.


A WikidataCon 2017 session on Shape Expressions (ShEx)

Shape Expressions (Q29377880) is a concise, formal modeling and validation language for RDF structures. ShEx can be used to define shapes within the RDF graph. In the case of Wikidata, this would be sets of properties, qualifiers and references that describe the domain being modeled.

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  • WikiShape — a Shape Expressions playground customized for Wikidata; allows validating items against a Shape Expression and extracting a schema from a Wikidata entity
  • Wikidata Shape Expressions Inference — automatically infer ShEx schemas from a set of exemplary Wikidata items selected by a SPARQL query (WARNING: this is a research project which creates long and complicated schemas)
  • Shexer — a similar tool (Website down as of December 2022)
  • User:Teester/CheckShex.js — allows selecting an EntitySchema and validating the current item against the schema directly from the Wikidata interface
  • User:Zvpunry/EntitySchemaHighlighter.js
  • Cradle — tool to create new items with a form containing relevant fields, with experimental support for ShEx
  • YASHE (Yet Another ShEx Editor)
  • ShExStatements — generate shape expressions from simple CSV statements and files: Online demo
  • Shape Designer — Java-based GUI tool to create ShEx schemas (video demo)
  • ProWD — not yet integrated with ShEx, but enables to visualize completion Wikidata items given a profile of properties. (Website down as of December 2022.)
  • EntitySchema Generator — GUI for creating EntitySchemas for Wikidata

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