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On Wikidata, property creators are users who have the technical ability to create properties through the Special:NewProperty interface. This user right was created after the community decided that only a selected number of users should have the technical ability to create properties. In addition, administrators have this right by default. However, these flags are not needed to edit existing properties.

Property creators are expected to strictly follow the procedures and guidance outlined at Wikidata:Property creation.

Users creating properties are expected to reply promptly and civilly to concerns about their actions. Repeated failure to do so may result in removal of the right, subject to the usual procedures.

Steps when creating properties


Please see Wikidata:Property creation.

Current list of users


A list of users with this flag can be found at Special:ListUsers/propertycreator. There are currently 51 property creators. Most will appear in Category:Wikidata property creators.

Administrators can also create properties. See Special:ListUsers/sysop. There are currently 71 administrators.

Requesting this right


Property creator rights may be requested at Wikidata:Requests for permissions. Users may self-nominate, or nominate one another; however, users should not be given this right if they do not want it, and non-self-nomination requests should be put on hold until the nominee comments accepting the nomination. The request must be open for at least 48 hours, except in the case of regranting of the right to former property creators and administrators where the reason for removal was uncontroversial or due to inactivity.

Administrators may add the property creator flag to the accounts of users who:

  • are generally trusted members of the community, preferably with at least some history in working with properties, and
  • have shown a satisfactory understanding of how Wikidata works, especially regarding the property namespace, datatypes, and related concepts.

Users should generally not be made property creators solely or primarily based on their work on other projects; property creator is currently the only right unique to Wikidata, and this should be taken into consideration when requesting or granting it.

Responsibility to participate


Property creators are allowed to create any property when considering that there is a reasonable consensus. This right comes together with the responsibility to participate, understood as creating, commenting on property proposals, or responding to property requests. The participation or lack thereof is self-assessed on request of any community member. If the property creator considers that they neglected their responsibilities in the last year or that they have lost interest in the role, that implies losing their right.

Respond to property requests


Property creators and admins (who can also create properties) who are willing to be responsive to property-related requests to contribute to Property Proposal discussions, close discussions which have reached consensus, and create properties can join the WikiProject Properties. The participants of this WikiProject can be contacted by any member of the community who notes that any of these activities are being neglected on a property proposal. This WikiProject is fully voluntary, and if one is no longer actively responsive to requests, they may be removed from said WikiProject. Removal from the WikiProject would not otherwise affect one's holding of property creator rights.

List of property creators


Admins also can create properties:

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